Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Squirt

  • I was squirting my frizzy hair down this morning (it gets frizzier the more kids I have and the older I am). Mica comes trotting into the bathroom and wanted me to squirt his back, so his peacock feathers would grow. He is obsessed with peacocks, and it keeps getting stranger. I guess it's not any stranger than having an imaginary friend. I had to laugh because it was pretty funny! I simply play along. I like to encourage his imagination.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Turkey Baby

  • Now that it's November I can put him in this cute outfit. My mom is with him on the bottom photo.

Fun Times

  • Fun times in the ExerSaucer.


  • Isaak at his Baby and Me Group. You can barely see him, he's all the way on the left on the couch, cousin Elijah is next to him (he was a dinosaur), and my sister Terra is above them.

Happy Halloween

  • Both the boys on Halloween. Mica's shirt says "Peeka" on the front and "Boo" on the back, Isaak's says "I love my mummy". They sure do look like brothers.

Isaak Red Hot Chili Pepper

  • Here's Isaak as a red hot chili pepper. He has those scary eyes in a lot of his pictures.

Mica Dino

  • Mica was a dino for Halloween. He kept telling everyone he was going to be a witch. I've had to hide his candy with all his stomach problems.


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