Saturday, April 8, 2017

Just One More Chapter

When I saw the t-shirt that said, "just one more chapter" I knew I had to get it for Mica. He's a bookworm for sure!

He's rereading 3 books for Read to Succeed at school. His team members will also read 3 books each. Together they will go later this month to answer questions about what they've read. They already won the first match! Go team go!

At home Mica's into reading about ghosts, aliens, and space ships right now. 

What are your favorite topics to read about? 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. I went to the store with Isaak. As we were leaving I said, "Hummm I wonder where we parked? I think it was over that way." Isaak said, "All we have to do is look for a blue car with bird poop on it." I had to chuckle. It's so true! Parking under the neighbor's tree in the driveway makes my car covered in bird poop much of the time. Boo! 

  2. At the same store we went to Isaak was begging me for Peeps. I've never bought Peeps. I know they are one of those things that you either love them, or hate them. Readers do you love Peeps, or hate them? Isaak apparently loves them. I don't love, or hate them. I'm kind of a middle man with Peeps. I did tell Isaak that they are fun to put in the microwave, to watch them grow. Isaak was all excited. I told him that I wouldn't get them, then turned around without him and got them. He can't have jelly beans because of his spacer retainer, so Peeps it is. Hopefully their stickiness won't be a no no. Ekkk...I didn't think about that until now.

  3. We have a student that doesn't shower, brush his teeth, and wears the same clothes over and over again. After listening to his roommates complain, and now I can smell him I turned him in to the Education Director to talk to. I should mention that his grades are suffering, he sleeps in class, and his attendance is poor. Go to find out he's addicted to playing games. I've never met someone with that bad of an addiction before. 

  4. Well I have 2 classes pretty much ready for the fall. I've been plowing through, since I don't know what will happen with my surgery. 

  5. Boss man had the same surgery I'm about to have. When I told him I'd be out for two weeks his mouth just about dropped. He said, "I was only out a day or 2." Then a student that had it done said he was out for a month. Boss man must of been so stoned on pain meds that he doesn't remember how long he was out. He needs to break down, and understand that my problems are worse than his were. Each doctor keeps telling me that I'm a special case. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Did the World Begin?

The other day we were talking about how the world began during breakfast. 

For some reason this is our big talking time. I'm usually the one that says, "Come on...just eat.", or "Hurry up...stop talking." Travis is like, "Why are you trying to hurry us up?" I'm like, "Because I have to go to work!" He's like, "That has nothing to do with us." I'm like, "Ya it does. When you guys talk about all kinds of stuff it makes me move slower. Usually I try and take care of dishes before I go. I can't if you're still eating." He's like, "Take care of you." Sigh! The dishes sit on the counter waiting for me when I get home from work.

Things will have to change for Mr. Mica. He has to get up earlier to take the bus for middle school next year. I already yell out, "Mica your bus is here!" when I hear it going by our house.

Our conversation the other day:

Mica, "I think maybe our skin changes color when we move to different places." Travis, "It wouldn't happen that fast, if that happens." Me, "I think what he means to say is, "Skin color changes over time. If I moved to Africa my skin wouldn't change color. It may for my great, great, great grandchildren." Travis, "That's an interesting thought." Me, "I don't think it works that way, but I agree that it's an interesting thought."

Me, "Some of us have wisdom teeth. Some of us don't. Did we need them at one point in time because we used to be more hunters and gatherers than we are now?" Travis, "We're still hunters and gatherers." Me, "I suppose so, but not as much as we were. I'm sure back in the day they needed those teeth to eat raw meat. Possibly our skin adapts to areas where there's more sun too. But that doesn't explain our features."

Isaak, "What do you mean features?" Me, "We all have characteristics that make up who we are. In general people from different areas tend to have certain features that make up who they are. Those differences are what is so interesting. It's not like all from one area look alike. Sometimes you can sort of tell where someone may possibly be from, from their long legs, flat wide nose, and so on. Those are characteristics."

Me, "If there is such a thing as creationism Adam and Eve were caucasians according to all the stories I've heard. Wouldn't God have to put other nationalities on the Earth to have them?" Travis, "I think a lot of incest would have happened." Mica, "What's incest?" Travis, "Where brothers and sisters have sex. How else would more people populate our planet?" Mica, "True, but gross."

Me, "I don't think Adam and Eve could be white if no other nationalities existed. If I mix up paint it's easier to go from dark to light, but nearly impossible to go from light to dark. That is if they were the only ones that started our population." Mica, "I can see what you mean."

This is why breakfast takes so long in our house.

How do you think the world began? Do you think one day we won't be able to tell where someone came from at all? Like in this article.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WW: Sports {Linky}

Isaak has been in basketball this whole year, and loves it! He usually takes the ball down the court.

Mica asked to play two sports: Soccer at the Y and Volleyball at school. He's never asked to play a ball sport. He was in t-ball when he was in preschool, and martial arts when he was in Kindergarten to about the beginning of 4th grade. Kind of late in the game, since he's in 5th grade. We're willing to let him try the sports.

Since I've never been a soccer mom, and Travis has never been a soccer dad we had no idea what to expect. We got him soccer shorts, then showed up, and all the boys had on basketball type shorts.

They both lost their games that week. Mica never did get to a practice due to rain and a communication mishap between the Y and the coach. Mica in particular was beat! He's a classic bookworm. 

I got him this outfit for Easter, so I gave it to him early. The shorts are a bit longer. Then I returned the $25 soccer shorts. 

We also wen to the boy's Leadership Camp, and played Dodgeball. It's pretty fun! We play parents against kids. There's only a handful of parents, but loads of kids! I always throw the ball too high, and someone catches it. I only got photos of Mica because Isaak was across the gym. 

Were you into sports? Are your kids, or grandkids into sports? 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Fossil On! Science Kit Giveaway

I was super excited to review and giveaway Fossil On! The Geology Game of Brains and Sheer Determination. It's a game with fossils, rocks and minerals. Your youth can explore the earth's wonderful treasures. 

Everything fits in it. I do have to say that It takes some moving around to get everything to fit just right to get it shut and locked. I'm not sure that kids will be able to do this on their own.

Gift-wrap is available, so this set would make a perfect gift!

What the Set Includes:
  • A Fun Learning Game that's similar to BINGO
  • A Fossil Collection That Includes: 15 specimens of mosasaur, shark, dinosaur, etc. identification guide
  • 60+ Small Polished Rocks and Mineral Pieces
  • Cards with Fun Facts on Fossils and Rocks
  • A Hard Plastic Carry Case
Rock Collection:

Fossil Collection:


The Game

The boys love games. The game reminded me of bingo.

There are 5 levels for up to 6 players. The game is educational. It's filled with science. It would be a great game for the classroom! It's meant for elementary ages, and beyond. You just match the fossil up with what it looks like on the sheet. Whoever has a line of fossils first wins the game.

This makes learning fun! It's an educational, science game kit offers STEM-based, hands-on learning while exploring Earth’s paleontology treasures.

If you don't care for games, it's just cool to look through the rocks and minerals.


It's $29.95 on Prime. It's rated really high on Amazon.

Win It:

One of my readers is going to win Fossil On! The giveaway is open to residents of the US, 18+, and will run through 4/17/17. Winner will have 24 hours to respond to the email before a new winner is selected.

Open to the US.

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