Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teething? Cold?

  • Everyone thinks Isaak's had a cold. Other people in my family got one. But...he keeps being snotty, gets better, then is snotty again.
  • Today was a snotty day! I just wipe his nose with a spit up rag, so it's not as hard on his nose as a tissue. I use saline spray, and suck out his nose too.
  • He was also gnawing on his fingers. He puts them way back in his mouth, and chews on them.
  • We've kept him on Motrin and give him a natural teething medicine.
  • Mica used to do the same thing when he cut teeth. We wondered always if he had a cold or if he was cutting teeth? Both of my kids were never really drool buckets. Instead snot buckets.

Starting to Walk

  • Isaak is starting to walk. He walked 4 steps today. Five minutes went by, and he did it again. Only on his own accord. He won't do it if we try and hold his hand.
  • He's no pro yet that's for sure.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Want Shots too Mommy

  • Mica saw Isaak's Scobby Doo bandaids from Isaak's 3 shots. He asked me why Isaak had those bandaids on his legs? I told him that he got shots at the doctor's office. Mica told me that he wanted shots too, so he could get bandaids like the ones Isaak has. What kid asks for shots? Mica does.


  • Isaak had his 1 year appointment today. It was the first time in Dr. Harrison's new office. Luckily we haven't had any sick visits since his last well appointment!
  • He was close to 80% in height, and close to 6% in weight. He weighs 19 pounds. We have string bean kids. His head cir. is good. His and Mica's head's are both small. I don't remember his head cir. is, but they are not worried about him. No long term meningitis effects. Harrison says it's good he says more then a few words. That shows his hearing isn't being effected by scar tissue too. He said that if he continues to develop with talking, that Isaak won't have to get his hearing checked again!


  • Mica and Evan did well with their song for the preschool graduation. Actions and all. It was a song about Jack and Jill.
  • The sanctuary was full of people.
  • The graduate even got to keep a graduation hat made out of a thick paper (railroad or poster board it what we called it in college.)
  • There was cake and punch afterward.
  • Both boys got a little restless at the end. It was for different classes, so not just Mica's class.
  • I never knew a preschool graduation was going to be so elaborate!


  • I went into Mica's room, and there were a bunch of Isaak's toys stashed away. I think it's funny that Mica doesn't want his little brother to play with his toys, but he hoards Isaak's toys.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toys R Us

  • We went last night to Toys R Us. The kids along with me really had fun looking at all the toys.
  • Mica loves playing with the Thomas train table! I pointed him in the direction to Team Geotrax, which he likes too. They put a whole display behind plexi glass. Mica asked me, "Mommy could we maybe get a store person to get the trains out, so that I can play with them?" Smart kid. I felt a little bad for him not being able to play with them.
  • When we got up to the cash registar, he asked the store clerk, "Could you let me play with the Team Geotrax and I could take them home with me?" She didn't even know Mica was talking to her. I knew a melt down was going to happen anytime, so I sent him to play with the cars, the kind you stick quarter's in to ride. Luckily I could still see him up there.
  • He was satisfied.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaak!

  • He's one today!
  • We got him a hooded ducky towel, Little People Blocks and dinosaur plate, silverware and snack holder.
  • Aunt Laura sent him a gift certificate to Walmart. Thank you Aunt Laura!
  • Grandma and Grandpa Apel sent him some money, so we're going to pick out a toy at Toys R Us. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!
  • He gets the rest of his presents on Memorial day for his party!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Off With the Bib!

  • Isaak now tears his velcro and snap bib's off and throws them on the floor.


  • I never would of guessed before I had kids, that going to the grocery store can be a really eventful experience. Although I do miss the drivers license bureau in the grocery store's. They had it that way in the south.
  • I was getting some envelopes, filling out addresses to mail things off and Mica was dancing around. I kept telling him to stay close to the cart; then he'd pull on the cart while I was writing.
  • An older lady went by us. Mica started holding onto her cart, walking along besides her. I said, "Mica where are you going?" He looked up at the lady confused, and came back to me. The lady said, "He can come with me if he wants to". He obviously thought she was me.
  • Then we saw a clown in the store. When the clown approached Mica, he told her he didn't like clowns. Soon, he changed his mind when he saw she had a cart full of balloon animals. He was all excited, and talked about it most of the weekend.

My Instrument

  • Mica was busy showing off his toys to Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs. We bought him a toy gun awhile back from Cabella's. I have my own rules about guns: Never point a gun at someone's face and I'll never buy one that looks like the real thing.
  • Mica enjoys the pop gun, Nerf gun, and we have some water guns. I guess water guns can be pointed at people, but not at their face.
  • The pop gun is what he was showing Grandma and Grandpa. He had it in-between his legs, and said "This is my instrument". A Freudian slip. We had a good laugh. He had no idea what we were laughing at.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Both Boys

  • They did such a good job getting them both to smile.
  • Mica is not good with picture taking these days, and Isaak didn't nap very well all day.
  • We got the top one.

Isaak's Photo's

  • He's wearing the t-shirt I designed.
  • We got the last one in this grouping.

First Birthday Photo's

  • We just got these pictures last night.
  • Ya poor planning on my part because I just sent Travis' parents and sister previous pictures. Now I have these. I wanted to get birthday invitations to them in the mail.
  • I haven't been as good at getting Isaak's picture taken as I was with Mica for two reasons. First, it is hard to plan around both kid's naps. Second, the place I took Mica to all the time closed down before Isaak was born.
  • We got the second one down.

First Cake

  • Isaak got his first cake this weekend. Picture People have vinyl drop cloths, so I took a cake in.
  • Isaak touched the cake, and started crying. Then he crawled towards me, and got his whole leg in the cake. After that, Isaak had a melt down. We hit the sink, more of the melt down. We hit the changing table, even more of a melt down.


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