Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trains, Trains and More Trains

  • Both of our boys seem to love trains! Mica can't get enough of Team Geotrax right now.
  • He also plays with Thomas and The Little People Fisher Price Train too. Mica likes all the books on Thomas, The Little Engine That Could and the Little Golden Book: Tootle.
  • He likes any little kid train movie.
  • We watched train movies on You Tube this afternoon.
  • First we watched The Little Engine That Could.
  • Second we watched Little Golden Book Land. Tootle was the main interest.
  • Third we watched Thomas.
  • Fourth we watched Team GeoTrax.
  • Fifth we watched the new one: Chuggington - Wake Up Wilson.

Date Night

  • Daddy and I went on a date last night. It's so nice to be able to have a conversation in the car without being interrupted by sound effects from one boy or another.
  • We went to a dinner and movie place. We saw The Book of Eli, which we liked.
  • They were late on our food, so we got a free entree.
  • My niece said the kids were both good. I was happy about that. She usually doesn't have a problem with them, except for the first time she watched Isaak. He wouldn't go to sleep for her, he used to be a bare about going to sleep at night time. Now we have no problems getting him down. It's him waking up in the middle of the night from teething that can be a problem!

The Body Shop

Friday, January 22, 2010

Eden Home Giveaway

  • Jolly Mom is giving away the gift set on the top of this post from Eden Home Giveaway.
  • The set includes: An organic top and pant set, eye mask, and Pangea organic hand & body lotion.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


  • Isaak went number 2 this morning and yesterday morning! We are so proud of him for it!
  • He claps when he's done.
  • Yesterday I just knew he was going to do his duty, so we put him on. It took awhile, but he did go.
  • This morning we just put him on, and he went both number 1 and number 2.
  • A helpful site on potty training is can be clicked on here.

Lack of Sleep

  • I've blogged about this before...both of my kids were always slow in the cutting teeth department.
  • They both cut like one or two at a time. I remember with Mica, we had to grind up his meat even after he turned a year old. It seemed like that kid was going to eat baby food for the rest of his life. He was poor at using his spoon too! I couldn't tell if he was into baby food still because of having less teeth then the average kid, or if his funky tongue was the culprit. But...he eventually ate big kid food.
  • Isaak's not as bad as Mica was, he ate big kid food before he hit a year and has no problem using his spoon. But...he is a kid that cuts two teeth nearly all the time.
  • Isaak goes to bed easily, but lately he's been waking up 2 or 3 times at night. When he's not cutting teeth, he sleeps sound, all night.
  • Last night he barely ate his dinner too. So maybe he was hungry. We gave him Motrin, and a few crackers.
  • I'm just ready for the teething to end!

BabyKakesink Tee or Onesie

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Isaak Getting Mica


  • Isaak kept wanting Woody, and it's Mica's toy. We heard Isaak's new word, "Mine" a few times tonight.
  • Mica kept trying to steel his toy back.
  • Of course the night ended with Woody alone on the floor. Neither kid could care less to play with him. They only want what each other has.

Isaak and Duplo's

  • Isaak likes to get out the Duplo's, and throw them. When he plays with them he doesn't build anything. He just sticks them together, then apart and together again.
  • He does drive the Thomas Train Duplo's around.

Run Isaak Run

  • Mica telling Isaak that he needs to run.
  • Stupid e blogger won't play any of my video's. It will come up eventually. It shows that it's fully uploaded.

New Words

  • I heard Isaak say two new words.
  • The first word is not cute at all! He now says, "Mine!"
  • The second word is cute. He says, "Lie la", which is Elijah (his cousin).

Daddy After He's Watched Four Boys All Day

  • I walked in the house after work yesterday, and could feel the stress.
  • Cousin's Elijah and Evan were just fine.
  • It was our kid's turn to test the waters.
  • Daddy's hair was a mess! He just was annoyed with Isaak that was so fussy and Mica who has to have someone play trains with him 8 hours a day. I'm exaggerating about the 8 hours, but I hear all the time, "I need someone to play Team GeoTrax with me!"

Eden Home Giveaway

Lavish and Lime

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Washer Issues

  • I went to run a load of laundry this morning and the load stopped right in the middle.
  • I tried running it again, and it stopped once again.
  • The dang thing wouldn't drain.
  • We now are members of ServiceOne. They came out and fixed a switch that was broken on the thing.
  • They'll fix anything else that is an appliance too.

Pink Cast

  • Grandma Spiehs went in to get her cast today.
  • Everything thing went fine.
  • She chose to have a bright pink cast. My reaction was, "Pink?" She said, "Ya, I like pink! If I have to sit around the house for awhile, I'm going to wear a color I like".
  • I was unaware of the fact that she'll have to go back in to get another cast, and maybe another one after that.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Babies First Phone Call

  • There are new things out all the time, or should I say things I didn't know about?
  • My Organized Chaos is giving away a $50 package to Baby's First Phone Call.
  • How does this work you might be asking? The Mom or Dad makes one phone call to this company, leaves a message, then they call everyone on your list with your recorded message.
  • I would have loved this. My sister Terra and I had a deal. I emailed all her friends and family when she delivered and she emailed all mine when I had my kiddo's.
  • I had to have c-sections with both of my kids, so I was in a recovery room for awhile before I even got to hold my own babies. Then when I got to see them, I wanted to be with them, not inform people of them. One phone call does it all!
  • I have a friend that has twins and is expecting in June. I will give this to her if I win.

Chicken Bitki for the Soul

  • I made Chicken Bitki for my parents last night. It's a Polish dish. Grandma Spiehs asked for Chicken Binki.
  • I made all the Chicken Bitki and put a couple of Isaak's binki's on the plate. It was a joke, since Grandma called it Chicken Binki.
  • For the record, Isaak hasn't had a binki for a long time. I think he was 5 or 6 months when he stopped sucking on a binki. We took them away because he kept throwing them out of his crib. We figured that if he didn't want it in his mouth, it was a sign that he didn't need it anymore. I kept them for some reason. Actually I think I kept them because of me dressing up as a baby for Halloween.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

  • My Mom (Grandma Spiehs to the boy's) loves Chicken Soup for the Soul.
  • Go Graham Go is giving away, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women.
  • If I win guess who I'm giving my prize to? My Mom of course. This would be a perfect thing for her considering that she is laying around on the couch for awhile from having surgery on her ankle and foot. You can win to just by entering at Go Graham Go.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Morning Cuddle Time

  • Instead of the boys jumping all over me this morning, I had them cuddle with each other.
  • It didn't last too long.
  • Isaak's starting to look like a giant kid to me. He probably looks this way because Mica is under the blanket.
  • They were holding Elmo's because I put in Elmo's Potty Time movie. A great movie for potty training. It's too bad Mica paid more attention to the movie then Isaak did.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Giveaway

  • My Wee View is giving away an Earthlust stainless steel water bottle.
  • I of course love the peacock water bottle; since Mica loves peacocks.

The Best Thing Since Underoos


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