Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Night

  • We had my side of the family over tonight. 
  • I cleaned all day. I have to admit that since I work full time, blog a lot, cook most of our meals with Daddy, have 2 young kids, Daddy babysits 2 more sometimes and Daddy and I have opposite work schedules, I'm not the best house keeper. I think that was a run on sentence. ;)
  • I found tons of Duplo's, balls and other random toys under the couch. The boy's got out things as fast as I put things away. Isaak stepped in my dirt pile three times. I stepped in it once. I got distracted because Isaak wanted milk.
  • Everyone came over. Chips got all over the floor and dishes filled the dishwasher. It was time to clean again. Now it's done. 
  • We had fun! The food was great. Everyone brought something, which was great!
  • Isaak wigged out though. I'm not sure why. He just started bawling, and only wanted Mommy and Daddy. He did go to Uncle Tyson for awhile. We thought that maybe he didn't feel good. Later tonight he was dancing and jumping around. I'm wondering if maybe he just got overwhelmed with all the people? Who knows. Two year old's can be odd sometimes.
  • It was good seeing everybody. I don't get to see Aunt Angela's family a lot. Daddy and Aunt Terra babysit Mica, Cousin Evan, Isaak and Elijah; I don't. It's nice to see the youngest kid's play together! I was happy Great Grandpa Kent came over as well. Great Grandma Kent just went into a home, so I know he has to be lonely. I love everyone else too!

Kung Fu Fighting

I was cracking up earlier this week. I just couldn't stop laughing at Mica and Cousin Evan's conversation. 

It went like this:
  • Mica was jumping around kicking and punching in the air all through this conversation.
  • Evan said, "Mica what are you doing?"
  • Mica said, "I'm Kung Fu Fighting!"
  • Evan said, "No you're not Mica! You can't learn to Kung Fu fight until you're six years old!"
  • Mica said, "I'm a Kung Fu Master!"
  • Evan said, "Whatever Mica! You don't know real Kung Fu!"
  • Mica said, "I learned true Kung Fu from Kung Fu Panda!"
Later on I asked Aunt Terra where Evan got the six years old bit? She said, "You have to be six to sign up to learn Kung Fu at the community center {cousin} Ethan learned at."

Evan and Mica are three months apart. Isaak and cousin Elijah {Evan's brother} are 2 months apart.

Here are a few of my favorite photo's of Evan and Mica together:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Field Trip to Valentino's

  • We went to Valentino's Pizza for a field trip.
  • Mica and I learned how to make pizza.
  • We watched a video, and then made our personal pan pizza's.

Then we ate our yummy pizza!

Drummer Boy

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordfull Wednesday - Little People Line Up

We have a lot of Fisher Price Little People! Mica LOVED them when he was Isaak's age. Isaak doesn't get into them as much.

I decided to get the boy's involved with lining the Little People up. It was my idea. They showed interest right away. Isaak lined up the animals, while Mica helped me line up the people.

  • Yes we have two Maggie's, three Sarah Lynn's, five Eddie's and two Farmer Jed's. At least they are different versions!
  • Can you tell that Mica really got into them? I know all their names!

  • Of course with everything that you build or put together, there has to be an act of destruction! 
  • Here they are fighting over who gets to knock the Little People down like Domino's. 
  • I should have stepped in and said, "Ok! Enough! I get to knock them down because it was my idea boy's!" I didn't dare! 
  • Isaak got to knock them down because it's his room after all. They came to an agreement.

Except they didn't knock down like Domio's. ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

At HuHot With My Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day readers!!!!!!!!!
  • We usually don't do too much for the occasion, but this year is a little different. 
  • Over the weekend I got the boy's a few new shirts at Crazy 8
  • Isaak of course loves puppies, so I got him the shirt below.
  • Mica picked out the white shirt with the tie. I was hesitant because it's white, but it was his top pick. Mica's never picked out his own clothes up to this point. If it gets dirty, oh well. 
  • The shirts were set out along with a mini box of chocolates. I put BabyLegs on Isaak's arms for this morning.
  • I put Daddy's box of chocolates in his boxer drawer. He found them after his shower.

  • Mica found his box of chocolates right away! He was super excited to get it because it had a rocket on it. 
  • In the car both boy's made their box of chocolates blast off a dozen times. 
  • I gave it to them early because we gave cousins Evan and Elijah each a box as well. Plus we won't be home in the evening. 
  • Of course Aunt Terra called me at work and asked, "What's with the rocket? Mica wants to take some rocket to preschool." It was his box of chocolates. He has to wait until after lunch to eat them.
  • After having breakfast at cousin Evan's school, we set off to work.
  • I had a very special delivery at work.
  • Daddy bought me flowers! 
  • They are very pretty!
  • At first I didn't know if my friend Mark sent them or Daddy. Mark works at the flower shop they came from. 
  • Thank you Daddy! He said they are from Mica and Isaak too.
  • For dinner we are heading out to HuHot Mongolian Grill
  • Daddy and I have been wanting to go.
  • I wonder if the kids will like it? I guess we're going to find out.

Pancake Man

  • We went to a fund-raiser this morning at cousin Evan's school. 
  • It was for breakfast.
  • The kids did not know what to think when we left the house without breakfast in our tummies!
  • They loved watching the Pancake Man flip the pancakes fast, the batter spill out of a machine onto the griddle and the Pancake Man throw pancakes onto people's plates!
  • Aunt Terra couldn't believe how many pancakes our boy's ate. Her boy's only ate one each. Our boy's ate three pancakes each! 
  • I even told the Pancake Man to only give them two. He still flipped out 3 for each. Oh well! 
  • Daddy said he used eat a plate full of pancakes when he was a kid too. 
  • Our boys are skinny. ;)

Field Trip to the Car Wash

  • I mentioned the words, "Car wash" this weekend.
  • All the sudden both boys were like, "When are we going to the car wash Mommy? I want to go now!" 
  • Every time I drove anywhere the car just got dirtier and dirtier. 
  • It was so nice outside that I decided to wash it myself. Then it would stay cleaner for longer. 
  • On Sunday I forgot to wash our other vehicle. 
  • Daddy got home from work, and I sent him and the boys on a field trip to get the Honda Pilot washed
  • The boys were so excited. It was like they were going to a toy or candy store. 
  • Isaak usually wakes up from his nap grumpy. He did, but as soon as I said the words "Car wash" his grump frown :( turned into a ecstatic smile :).
  • I made dinner while they were out on their field trip to get the car washed.
  • They came home happy. Mica said, "Man that was pretty scary." Isaak said, "Dat {that} was cool!" 
  • I love when kids get happy about something so simple.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Basket o' Books Review

I was fortunate enough to receive a basket of my choice from Basket o' Books!
They have many baskets to choose from. I wanted something that we could enjoy as a family. Their Movie Night Basket is perfect!

What's great is that Basket o' Books is much more personal then most companies. I emailed them with movie ideas and candy we like. They then put it all together.
    Mica and Isaak were both super excited to get the Movie Night Basket in the mail!

    There was enough in the basket for our family to have about four movie nights.

    Movie Theater Candy: Reese's Pieces, Milk Duds, Skittles and Junior Mints.

    Goldfish Pizza flavored crackers. Isaak has been sneaking handfuls of crackers. LOL

    Cracker Jack and microwave Popcorn. What the people at Basket o' Books didn't know is that I proposed to Daddy first by putting a plastic ring with a loop of paper popping the question in a box of Cracker Jack. Later that proposal night Daddy popped the question with a real ring that he designed and made himself. Cracker Jack is special to us.

    The boy's favorite surprise: How to Train Your Dragon. I've been wanting to see it. It's a really great film that we all could enjoy! Isaak cuddled with me and Mica cuddled with Daddy through the whole movie.

    Basket o' Books can incorporate anything non-perishable you can imagine including:

    • DVDs and Videos
    • Coffiees and Teas
    • Gourmet Sweets
    • Stationery Items
    • Books on Tape/CDs
    • Picture Frames
    • Silk Flowers
    • Toys/Games
    • Office Supplies
    • Home Accessories
    • Gift Certificates
    They truly think out of the basket!

    Disclaimer: The opinions on this post are my personal take on the products. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out. If you have questions about this post please contact me at:

    Messy Face

    • Our boy's are usually pretty clean when they eat.
    • In fact there was a contest going on Facebook last week to win an EcoFresh Baby cleaning product if you entered a photo of your messy faced toddler or baby. I really didn't have a photo that I could think of. 
    • Then this happened a few days ago.

    I Washed My Car

    • It's been so nice the past few days! 
    • I washed my car in my own driveway yesterday!
    • Very unlike February weather in Omaha, Nebraska!

    All Charged Up!


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