Friday, June 3, 2016

Inspiration of the Week

I hope this post doesn't come off as sounding negative. I really want the opposite. Four posts back I talked about going to Memorial Park.

I mentioned that we got to watch parachuters jump out of jets, listened to speakers, had a picnic...

What I didn't mention is that we had one of Isaak's friends with us. 

As soon as we got to the park Isaak's friend said, 

  • "I'm thirsty...I'm hungry!" We popped a blanket on the ground, and I got out water for everyone. 
  • Then it was, "When is this going to start?" 
  • Then it was, "I had $20, and my Dad spent it on beer. I could have bought video games with that money." Who knows who's money the $20 actually belonged to.
  • As we stood up for an American song the kid said, "When can I sit down?" 
  • I handed him a snack, "I hate this! Do I have to eat this?" At first Travis said, "Yes you have to eat that. You're hungry." After his friend repeated the question 5 times, and we had the same answer 5 times I said, "You know what no you don't have to eat that!" I looked at Travis and said, "He's not going to spoil my time. His hands have sticky stuff all over them because he won't eat what he has. I'm not disciplining someone else's kid. He can go hungry." 
  • Then is was, "When is this going to be over?" I leaned over to Travis and said, "Take the boys to the playground. Mica and I will be there when this is over." I have to admit that the speeches were a little boring. I was more interested in the parachuters. It was, "Thank this person, and thank that person." for an hour. 
  • When it was time to eat lunch he didn't like PBJ. What kid doesn't like PBJ? This one apparently. I checked to make sure he didn't have any food allergies prior to the event. We had apples and carrots to.
  • He didn't want to play frisbee, ball, or on the playground because he wanted to go home to play Minecraft. 
You know what? I was thankful. 

I was thankful because my kids aren't like that.

Mica turned to me and said, "Isaak's friend is spoiled! He gets to eat whatever he wants, which is lots of sugar. He gets to play Minecraft whenever he wants. It's turned him into a brat Mom."

I said, "Mica remember this situation when I tell you to get off your Kindle to do other things."

Mica said, "Thanks for making us do other things, and eat different things.

Later Isaak said, "My friend is picky with food, and all he ever wants to play is Minecraft."

I was so thankful that the boys get it! 

I was thankful that Travis is the Dad that plays with them. I was thankful that I do things with them.

Then I got on Facebook and saw that my nephew Emerson that they didn't think could ever walk walked 1.25 miles by himself with a little prompting with direction! I was thankful for that!

What were you thankful for this week?

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings 'Paradise'

Guess who's birthday is coming up? Mine is. It's the first day of summer. I told Travis I want some pretty earrings. I love different earrings, and necklaces. I could do without bracelets because I'm always working on art, doing dishes, or typing.

I just reviewed .925 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings called 'Paradise' from one of my favorite companies: Novica. I said, "Travis wrap them up for me please." 

It drives Travis nuts when I get items to review, and want them as gifts. Really, I promise they are pretty! He agreed that they are. He make jewelry himself, so he knows quality and good design.

I like Novica so much because they are artist friendly. Yes I like things made in the US to support our workers, but I also like the fact that Novica brings different cultures into their products. They don't hold back that they work from artists around the world. You know how I like different types of music? I like different types of art and jewelry to. They are associated with National Geographic. They believe in global happiness. This world is large, yet small place. We need to work with one another. There's something special about getting a drum from Africa, a set of earrings from Bali, a necklace from Thailand, and so on.

The opulent hoop earrings I got are finely crafted showcase Balinese design. They are made by the artist Sriasih. I'm in love with them.

Like all of Novica's products the earrings come in a bag, which makes them fun to give.

Each item also comes with a little book that gives a description of the earrings, and the artist. Some items have a hand written note from the artist to. This one didn't, but I love when I get handwritten notes from someone afar.

I found the earrings easy to put on. Some I struggle with, and I have to have Travis or Isaak help me. Isaak loves putting jewelry on me. He's very gentle with that.

These are .925 sterling arabesques swirl amid silver petals and granules in contemporary heirloom earrings.

Measurements: 0.9" L x 0.7" W x 0.5" D

Retail Price: $45.99 Discounted Price: $11.50.

What kind of jewelry do you like to wear?

Disclaimer: I received a discount on this product purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. I got a new shirt that I ordered around Mother's Day. I kind of wish it just said, Mother of Boys instead of Mothers of Boys, bust it has a logo on the bottom MOB Society. As if Mothers of Boys are in a society. Ha! 

  2. On the day I got the shirt I decided we'd go out for breakfast. Jimmy's Egg is pretty good! When we went there on Mother's Day they gave me a coupon for a free meal, so that's why we went there again. Where is your favorite breakfast spot? I have too many to choose from.

  3. It took me awhile to get out of my parents when they want me to take time off. I said, "I'll take it off whenever you want." My Dad's heart medicine is still messing with him. He doesn't feel up to long trips.

    We decided on two weeks in July. I think it will be good. The boy's are in camps the weeks I took off, but one of them is pretty far. It's their outdoor camp. It will be nice that I do the driving with these messy kids of mine. The other camp is near us, but a free one. If the boys hate it, I'll pull them from the camp to hang with them at home.

  4. Isaak pointed out to me that I bought crappy toilet paper. He said, "Mom that's the stuff the school has, and I really hate it!" I hate single ply toilet paper as well. I don't think anyone saves up when they buy it. Everyone doubles up on it anyhow. I made this face when I realized what I bought. 

  5. I didn't have any summer classes, but now I have 1. It's only a completion course. Meaning the student didn't show up to enough credit hours to get credit for the class. I have to teach him for 5 days. It's not my class, so I hope I do alright. The student is one smart cookie, but just doesn't show up.

    I'm not a Woody Allen fan, but I do love this quote by him. 

  6. Source

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Activities

The boys have 2 weeks with no camps planned. To prevent them from saying, "I'm bored!" I've given them plenty to do. Each child has a backpack stocked with activity books, pencils, snacks, fiction and non fiction book, their kindles, and a portable DVD player with a few movies. They each have a schedule that includes brainwork like writing, math, reading comprehension, and just plain reading.

They read a fiction book one day, and a non-fiction, or something close to it the next.

Isaak now reads chapter books! Right now I'm pushing for Isaak to read The Magic Treehouse series. I want him to be excited about reading. Mica loved the series so much that we have most of the books. I'm also starting him off with the Who Was... series.

Mica's trying to get through A Series of Unfortunate Events. He's read all, but 3 this year. The movie is on hold at the library. Travis got him a children's book on government and another on economics. Exciting I know, but things he should learn about.

I pick the pages in their activity books, and go through how to do what they need to do. Mica has a reading comprehension workbook. I got it for Isaak, but it was too hard for him. Mica also has a standard workbook, and a history workbook. Isaak has math sheets his teacher gave to him, a critical and creative thinking workbook, and a standard workbook. I was finding that Isaak and Mica would just plain skip their work if they didn't understand the instructions. I happen to love the one below, but the boys think it's hard because it does make them think. That's one I go over.

I learned that Mica rushes through his work to play on his Kindle, which is supposed to be their end of the day activity. Travis started checking their work more carefully. That's when we found out that Mica was rushing. He'd give short answers instead of backing himself up. *Sounds like something my students would do. Isaak - the one I envisioned being the rusher actually wants to follow the schedule. Then he gets flustered because his big brother is playing away on his Kindle. I think part of that is their ages. Mica's entering the preteen years.

I also informed them that the whole summer isn't going to be like school.

The boys have outdoor time as part of their schedule. Mica basically needs to be kicked told to play outside. Isaak on the other hand loves to be outdoors.

What are some things you do/have done to keep your kids busy? My husband and I don't remember our parents giving us much we just loved playing. I played with Barbies and dolls, and read. My husband hung around outdoors for hours on end. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel like this generation seems like they need things to do, and get bored really easily. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WW: Memorial Day {Linky}

We have a park here in Omaha, Nebraska called Memorial Park. Naturally on Memorial Day there's a ceremony that goes on every year.

We haven't been to the event in a few years. It just so happens that we usually have a family gathering during that day, but didn't this year.

On our way there my husband spotted a kite in the trees. Can you see it?

Someone lost a lion kite.

Here's a detail of a few trees we passed by:

A little mossy spot in a tree. I pictured fairies to live inside it.

My husband the tree hugger.

We had to wait awhile for speeches to begin. We brought a few blankets, and played a Spanish game on an American holiday.

The flag was pretty flying above us.


A jet flew by. Parachuter's jumped in honor of our Veterans.

Police officers and Firefighters were there in honor of our Veterans to.

We listened to a lot of speeches that day. I sent my husband away to go play with the kids. It was just too long for them to sit still. They stayed for most of it though.

While other parents pushed their kids on the swings, my husband swung with them.

I was thankful for men and women that died protecting our country. I was also thankful for family. 

Do you do anything special for Memorial Day? 



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