Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chicken and Dumplings

  • I got started on dinner too late for what I was making. I felt bad for the kids.
  • We had Chicken and Dumplings. I thought it would be good since Mica didn't feel good.
  • Isaak was a major punk at the table!
  • It started out with Isaak putting dumplings in his mouth, chewing them up, spitting them out, then rubbing it in his hair and face.
  • Then it happened. Isaak got mischievous, and started throwing food.
  • Daddy gave him a toddler time out by removing him from the situation.
  • You can see his arm winding up to throw some more food that he found off to the side of his chair.
    • We're all not too happy with him.
    • He knows it.
    • Poor Mica only eats his apple sauce.
    • His temp is 102. He complained that his body aches all over!
    • His brother won't stop bothering him.

    Typical Boy Photo, But Not Feeling Too Good

    • I think Mica might be a little under the weather today. He is acting very tired. As you can see he fell asleep on the couch.
    • He also didn't eat lunch really all that well. He kept saying that his tummy hurt and that he tasted yucky eggs. Sulfury burps, I get those too. They are awful! I wish I knew what caused them. The only thing I've been able to link them to is stress. There is nothing too stressful on his end lately. Just fun.
    • We went to the store to get some apple sauce and a few other things. He wasn't his crazy self as usual. He was really mellow and wanted to sit in the cart.


    • Yesterday my sister Terra said that Isaak and her son Elijah (about the same age) had a contest.
    • A contest to see who could say, "Ball" the loudest!
    • Isaak certainly doesn't talk as much as Mica did at his age. But...he does makes a lot of sounds with syllables and sound effects.
    • His latest sounds are the the sounds that "S" and "T" make.


    • Team GeoTrax and Thomas has taken over Mica's bedroom.
    • Daddy has been playing with Team GeoTrax in the evening with Mica. Mica said last night, "Daddy I love playing with you." Too cute!
    • This morning I built Mica this Thomas train tack.
    • He has a HUGE train village now!
    • He loves them both!

    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Tough Summer For the Kent's

    • It's been a rough year for my Grandparents.
    • My Grandpa fell this week on the cement.
    • He's ok, but he did have to go to the hospital via ambulance. His glasses were shattered, so my mom took him to get new glasses.
    • His wrist is in pain, and as you can see in the photo's his eye is sore!
    • In the photo is my Grandparent's with my cousin's daughter Kensley.

    Tough Names

    • I think it might be difficult in the classroom this year. I have 2 Hannah's, 1 Henna, 1 Jenna and 1 Brenna.
    • The most interesting names this year go out to Wanda (I've just never heard the name for their generation) and Sion, which is actually pronounced Sean (not so strange said). Sion's real name is Gareth, but he's one of those students that goes by his middle name.

    Thursday, August 13, 2009

    Shopping Last Night

    • We went shopping last night at Kohl's. I really like that store! I ended up getting two shirts, a few bras and Travis got 1 shirt. It's been awhile since we've bought something for ourselves and not the kids.
    • I lucked out and found a peacock shirt. I thought Mica would like seeing the peacock feathers on me, since that is his favorite animal. Plus I just plain liked the shirt.
    • We went into the bra area. That's always pretty interesting with boys. Mica stopped and stared at a photo of a lady in lingerie and said, "Hey look at that, that looks like Daisy Duke!" We all started laughing, including a lady standing near by.
    • Mica used to say, "Bottle's" when we walked in this section. That's what I called my breast's while he was nursing, so he wouldn't ask for anything else in public. He's given up the term, "Bottle's" and now calls bra's "Bra's". I was beginning to think that he was going to hold onto the term "Bottle's" for breast's and bra's clear into adulthood. LOL
    • Isaak stayed with me and Mica with Travis. In the dressing room Isaak was babbling rather loud! There were kids, a little older then him with their Mom in the dressing room besides me. They would talk loud, Isaak would follow. This went on for at least 5 min. Their mom and I both thought it was funny. A little conversation among toddlers.

    Tuesday, August 11, 2009

    A Great Boy's Clothing Store

    • So at last I found a great boy's clothing store that isn't super expensive! Of course it's online, but that's fine.
    • It's: The Boy's Store.
    • There is a giveaway for a gift certificate: $25 for the store at: Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous.
    • I'm hoping I win this won. But I want you to have the opportunity to win as well.

    Help I Need Somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help!

    Please donate to help find a cure for leukemia, lymphoma and melanoma by clicking on this link: My sister has to raise $4,000 and is running a race to help find a cure. All the money goes to the leukemia and lymphoma society, not directly to my sister. The money is 100% tax deductible.

    Just a Brat!

    • We went to ShopKo tonight. I had the boys with me. Daddy was at home.
    • We were in a line where the cashier kept having to call managers and departments to have questions answered, and no one would call her back. Ya, it was annoying. Seems to happen to me all the time. Especially when it's close to the boy's bedtime, if I'm in a hurry, or if I only have a few items and think it's going to be quick.
    • Mica was acting silly in line, and Isaak was being extra cute. Isaak waved at the people behind us, kept giving me hugs and kisses.
    • I asked Mica, "Are you being silly?" He said, "No Mommy I'm just being a brat!"
    • The people behind us and I had a good laugh.

    Blow Out!

    • This morning I saw Isaak walking around with a wet spot on his butt.
    • I told Travis to check him because I had to go to work.
    • It was a massive poop blow out! It took him 5 wipes to clean him up. The changing pad and all his clothing went in the wash.
    • I felt bad leaving Travis with all that clean up. It's nice to have someone else there to help.

    Monday, August 10, 2009


    • Travis knocked a few pumpkin's off their vine.
    • He doesn't look too happy in the 2nd photo.
    • Isaak kept calling the pumpkin he was caring a "Ba", which is "Ball".
    • Mica said, "We're having pumpkin pie!"


    • Mica got a T-Ball set from Grandma and Grandpa Apel.
    • Mica got a Frisbee from us.
    • Mica got a Sir Topham Hat car from Isaak.

    Red Lobster

    • I thought the kids did pretty well for dinner.
    • Mica gets a little crazy, and we have to tell him to tone it down a bit every once in awhile.
    • Mica got pop corn shrimp. He ate every one of them.
    • They came and sang Happy Birthday to Mica, he put his hands over his eyes.

    Happy Birthday Mica!

    • Today is Mica's offical 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Mica!
    • We had his party in advance with school starting, a family reunion, and work schedules, it just worked out to have it on the 1st.
    • This time 4 years ago all the c-section stuff was happening. I was nervous and ready to have Mica Zachary Apel join us in the world.
    • Tonight we're going out to dinner. We had a toss up of The Outback and Red Lobster. We have a free meal card for The Outback, and I found a coupon for Red Lobster in last weeks paper! Mica always talks about wanting to go to Red Lobster. He loves their food on their commercial. So...Red Lobster it is. I've never been there, but I do like seafood.
    • Then we'll have cake I froze from his party, and open Grandma and Grandpa Apel's gift, Isaak's gift, Frisbee from us (we already gave him a big Team GeoTrax gift), and he'll open a few cards.

    Foggy This Morning!

    • Driving to work this morning reminded me of Savannah, GA.
    • It was foggy there a lot of the time. Between the fog and the history, it's no wonder why Savannah is considered to have many ghost's.
    • I was irritated this morning by the number of drivers that did not have their lights on!
    • In some areas I couldn't see 1/2 a block ahead of me.

    Sunday, August 9, 2009

    Whiny Kid!

    • Travis wanted a glass of wine tonight.
    • He had it sitting on a little table. I didn't know it was there.
    • Then it happened. Isaak took it down to try and drink it. It spilled all over him, the floor, and sides of our chair and love seat.
    • Daddy was cursing, Isaak was crying, and I was laughing on the inside. I cleaned up Isaak, Travis cleaned up the mess on our furniture.
    • Daddy blamed me for not watching Isaak. I blamed him for putting his full glass in Isaak's reach and not telling me it was there. Who's really to blame? Isaak of course! LOL
    • I'm just glad it all got cleaned up!

    Car Ride Home

    • Mica fell asleep pretty much right away. He doesn't look too safe in the position he's in. Car seats are so uncomfortable.
    • The annoying one on the way home...was Isaak. He gets the ribbon for annoying Daddy the driver!
    • He kept wanting food, so I kept giving it to him to keep him quiet. He got really messy!
    • The sky looked pretty bad during part of our trip! We even saw lighting. But not a drop of rain on our car.
    • Then something magical happen on our 3 hour trip back to Omaha...Isaak fell asleep 20 min before we got home.
    • Ever since Isaak started cutting these molar's he's been snoring! You can hear it in the video. Sometimes it sounds much worse then this video. I don't know if it's bad that he's snoring or not? He has a doctor appointment in September; I plan on asking doctor Harrison about it.
    • We got everything and everyone out of the car. Of course the kids didn't stay asleep. Isaak had a majorly poopy diaper. I used 3 wipes, and it stank! Nice ending note.

    Family Reunion

  • Here's Travis saying, "You take too many photo's".
  • Some of the family.
  • Where did Isaak go? Surprise Mommy's watching him through the camera.
    • I have to admit I was a little worried about how the reunion would go. Isaak wouldn't take a nap all morning in the hotel. Isaak gets cranky when he's tired, and Mica gets crazy. But...they did good.
    • We ate right off the bat.
    • I snuck a photo of my sister Angela while the intro was going on. She never wants her photo taken.
    • I snuck a photo of my Grandpa while intro was going on too.
    • This photo is in the feeding line. Megan, my cousin is about the same age as Kailey, my niece.
    • My dad was off talking to someone. This is how he usually looks. Here he's bragging about his camera, and probably telling the relative about how he can't see the camera screen outside. I'm only guessing by the way, because I was across the room when taking this.
    • The food was good. Isaak ate really well on Daddy's lap. Mica didn't eat much.
    • My nephew Elijah sitting on the table waiting for his grub.
    • Right after we ate I took the bigger boys for a walk. Colton is my cousin Brad's kid, Evan is my nephew and Mica. In each photo one kid is looking away. None of them look really all that excited to be on the playground equipment. I think they were a little bummed that there wasn't a slide. I called these photo's Boy's in the Hood.
    • We walked pretty far, I gave them a work out!
    • When they slowed down I told the bigger boys that I was a Wicked Witch of the West, and Colton was my flying monkey. "I'm going to get you my little pretty's" is what I said. That sped Evan and Mica up!
    • When we got back from our walk, Isaak was being passed around by strangers as far as he was concerned. He didn't know any of my extended family. I was surprised because he was ok with it. I let him be until he passed out in someone's arms. Then I went to take him away to hold him. I can't remember the last time he fell asleep in my arms. He must of been really tired!
    • This is my Aunt Becky playing with Kensley who is also my cousin Brad's kid. We haven't had a girl born in our family since Megan and Kailey, so Kensley will get a lot of attention from our side. She's cute!
    • The day was over time to go home.
    • It looks like Travis is thinking "Hum, is it time to leave yet?"
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