Wednesday, October 28, 2020

WW: Isaak's Closet {Linky}


It's spray cool whip, and three sparkling water cans.

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Keeping #Warm With Mozy

We have now had our first snow this fall in Omaha, Nebraska a few days ago. Has it snowed where you live? 

When snow happens, it means it's time to bundle up! 

The day before it snowed was colder than the day it snowed. That's when I took the boys out for a photo shoot. Bur...what was I thinking?! 

I pulled out our new Mozy. At first I thought I'd give this to Mica, but we've been sharing it. 

What is a Mozy? You might be asking. It's like a thick warm blanket for the lower part of your body.

You can use a Mozy whenever you feel like it, but I have specific uses in mind. 

  • You can use a Mozy for soccer, football, and other games. I know sports are limited right now, but there are some going on. If you are sitting in the stands, mask on, freezing your butt off, a Mozy will help. I've always hated how they make many coats for your upper torso, but no coat for your lower body. Snow pants are hard to put on, and take off because they have to go on before your big heavy shoes or boots do. 

  • You can use a Mozy for a bonfire, or drum circle. I just added the drum circle in there because we used to have one often at Kansas City Art Institute. Maybe it's an artist thing. My friend that just moved to Florida said they have them often right down the street from where she lives. 

  • You can use a Mozy for fishing, or hunting. With fishing there's a lot of sitting around, so a Mozy would be helpful. I think it would be great with deer hunting as well. 

  • Elementary teachers or Aids can use a Mozy at recess time, or when they are waiting for caregivers to pick up their children at the end of the day. They even have pockets in the front for hand sanitizer, pens, pencils, and more.

  • Leave a Mozy in the car for trips, or if you get stranded. I typically have a blanket in the car for just in case needs. Having a Mozy stay in the car would be equally, or better than a blanket to have. 

  • People can use a Mozy for the bus stop. They can wear them around their legs, and turn around and use them like a blanket inside the bus. Mica has a ways to walk to get to the bus stop. Knock on wood he's had very little waiting time. I was worried about bus communication with 3 days in school, and 2 days off. 

  • People can use a Mozy in the morning, for the car. In the mornings Isaak's always cold. He hates taking a coat, that he has to lug around school. They can't use lockers right now, with COVID on the scene. Instead of a coat I encouraged him to grab the Mozy. Isaak's been dressing in layers on his top. He thought he invented dressing in layers. I said, "No son. People have been dressing in layers, for years!" It's harder to dress in layers, for the lower part of your body. Mozy makes layering easy!
They say on their site that a Mozy is easy to walk in. I found it feeling a bit like my legs were hugged. It's not as easy to walk in as I thought it would be. 

How to use a Mozy:

They have a fun diagram on how to use one on the box. I love it, because I'm a visual person. It was much easier to put on then snow pants! 

Easy peasy to put on!

Get it on too tight? It's adjustable.

Unlike snow pants, you can take a Mozy off and put it back on with ease! It's not heavy to carry around. The inside is a heavy fleece, and the outside is a waterproof material. 

  • Mozy Mini (small) 16" - 26"
  • Mozy Mid (medium) 27" - 45"
  • Mozy More (large) 46"


When you buy a Mozy they have a patch on it. Ever since I was in Girl Scouts, and then again when my boys attended Lowe's Clinic I dig patches! They will ofter more patches. It looks like they are working on that, on their site.

You can get the Mozy here:, or on Amazon. Their site uses google pay, shop pay, and PayPal. The cost for a Mozy is $99. Think of it as a cost similar to a warm coat. 

It would be great to get someone for Christmas!

If you had a Mozy what would you use it for?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free, in exchange of my honest opinion. Mozy did not tell me what to say. 

@Ripleys #BelieveItorNot #MindBlown #giveaway

It's always a fun surprise to open the door, and see a Ripley's Believe It or Not! book waiting, for us to open it. 

My boys were arguing about who was going to get the book, for Christmas. Ha! I said, "Neither one of you is getting it. I'm going to hold off, and give it to your cousin Edison. He doesn't have one yet. In the meantime look at it, and take it all in."

I'm glad to know at 12 and 15 years old they still love Ripley's Believe It or Not! Who am I kidding?! Even I like to look at their books, and go to their museums. They are wild, fun, historic, and captivating.

About Mind Blown!
  • It has 256 pages
  • It has 1,200 stories that are new and around the world
  • It's packed full with colorful pictures, and great typography

This gives you a quick view of what's inside this fun read:

If my coffee table was clear, this would be the book I'd put on it. Sorry/not sorry, but it's filled with garden produce right now. 

I like to learn about crazy art, funky animals, and odd places to visit.

Who wouldn't want a folded fire breathing dragon, or a turtle that has a heart showing through his/her shell? 

I'd rather go to a Radish Festival, Carnival of Yetis, Urban Waterfall building, or a Cartoon Cafe more than most concerts or any rally.

Ripley's Believe It or Not! has all kinds of crazy events to share.

I think it would be spooky cool to go to Ouija Zilla. As a kid every adult told me to stay away from an Ouija Board. Playing with one seemed much more appealing because it was the forbidden game. 

I'm ok with bugs, but I don't know that I could have them crawling all over my face. A food beard would be ok though. 

True story...when I went to Kansas City Art Institute I had a whole class on making clothing out of paper. Some of the sculptures in this book remind me of that. 

I love sculptures where it all comes together at a certain view point!

I never knew how I felt about animals being messed with, but these pets look pretty happy.

It's giveaway time! One US reader will win Ripley's Believe It or Not! Mind Blown! If you want to buy a copy you can get it here, for $17.49.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this post are my own. Ripley's Believe It or Not! sent me a free book to help with this review.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Lately Isaak's a singing, noise making, beatboxing machine. I swear the kid switches preferred art forms just when you think you know his favorite. Paper art, nope, violin, nope, drawing, nope, piano, nope, beatboxing, maybe. 

    What's worse, is that he'll find a really annoying song to repeat, and repeat.  This is something I would totally do. He gets it from me. Here's the song he keeps singing...and when I sing it, and make up lyrics to it he gets really annoyed.

  2. Isaak's grades were less than desirable. Mostly because he doesn't do certain things. I said, "You know there'd be less confusion if you just did your work, for when it's due. It's really confusing on your part to know what you do and don't have in, confusing to your teacher to." He said, "You're right." We'll see if he pulls those grades up. Truth it takes him three times as long to do anything, compared to Mica. I feel for him in that regard.

    How do you make a turtle into a hare? Isaak's always been slow with eating, getting dressed and doing homework.

  3. Mica thought it was wise to lift weights, then put the weight on Isaak's ipad cord, that's the school's. Thank goodness it was ok. 

  4. Isaak was flipping through stations. He saw that we have ET. He paused and said, "I thought this was E.T. meaning Extra Terrestrial." Poor boy looked so disappointed.

    This is what he was hoping for:

    This is something like what he got...

  5. Signing up for conferences was literally crazy. Each teacher wanted a Teams meeting. When Travis started signing up for a few they'd said, "That spot is already full." At the time of sign up I didn't know if or when I was going to be working. So we did just a few. It's sad because Isaak in particular I really would have liked to of talked to his teachers. I don't blame the staff. It just wasn't going to work for us. A simple phone call would have been better. 


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