Friday, May 15, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Today is my last day of classes. It's the boy's last day as well. Kind of odd feeling!

  2. It took me for...ever to write my final exams! Getting used to google forms wasn't that big of a deal. Except I kept forgetting to make questions mandatory. Why do they even have that feature? If you didn't want them mandatory, just don't assign points to those particular questions!

    I wrote about 300 questions in total, 100 or so for each of my 3 classes. Of course I've changed things being all online, so it really was new everything.

  3. I decided to go to get my allergy shots yesterday. I was in a rush because shhh I was supposed to be working. Hey some nights I've been working in the evenings writing tests.

    Off I went. On the way I realized the main street that takes me to the clinic was closed, due to construction. I'm not complaining about them working on the street. I just don't know the area well, or what way to turn. Off I went into a neighborhood  I was hoping would take me to the clinic. Instead I got lost. Finally I got out. I decided to use Waze to take me to the clinic. There were a lot of roundabouts the way it took me. I finally got there.

    Afterwards I got home, and was all wheezy. This is the third time I got like that after shots.

  4. The boys are getting a fresh coat of paint, for their birthdays. Isaak's getting triangles. Much like this image. Except he's getting an undercoat of cream, and red-orange and blue-green triangles.

  5. Now I'm being all indecisive on his bedding. I have so many in my shopping cart, just sitting there. I don't know that I want to give him new bedding now, maybe for Christmas.

    I think this is my favorite! BUT I'd have to get a duvet. It's just a cover. It looks like Isaak, considering he loves to draw.

    These are at Target:

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

WW: Repurposed {Linky}

I've had the idea to turn a trunk we have into an ottoman, for quite some time.

I have nothing against CHEEZ-IT GROOVES, but just didn't know that I wanted a trunk that said that in our living room forever. I really liked the red, and the storage space. We needed an ottoman, so why not repurpose ?

My husband cut a board bigger than the trunk top:

He used stuffing from a loveseat we took apart, and lots of pulling, and staples:

I got the idea to cover buttons from my Grandma, who gave me a tin of buttons. The fabric was too thick, so we went with a scrap of red we had from something else. 

The fabric was left over from a chair he designed. 

He put screws up through the bottom of the lid, and into the wood he cut. Poof we had an ottoman! I wish I had one more. 

I didn't help as much as I thought I would, but the idea was mine. 


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