Friday, May 14, 2010


  • Here's Isaak in the act of saying his favorite word, "NO!"
  • Such a little punk!

Hair Cut

  • Isaak got another hair cut last night.
  • We've changed the look we want for him for now.
  • The back is a lot longer then the front, and it's in a bunch of layers. We left the back of Isaak's hair longer, and added a bunch of layers.
  • His bangs grow fast, and are a lot shorter then the rest of the hair on model below.
  • It will take a long time before it gets like the J Crew model below.

Puppy Cake

  • Here's one of the puppy cakes I decorated last night.
  • It's for Isaak's birthday.

Zooni, Winner's Choice

  • One lucky winner from My Wee View is going to receive an item of their choice from Zooni.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Win a $20 Visa Gift Card.

  • C & H Sugar is the presenting sponsor for Share our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale to help fight childhood hunger.
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  • In honor of this Mommy Mandy is giving away a $20 Visa Gift Card.
  • All you have to do is go to Mommy Mandy and make a comment about what your favorite bake good item is.


  • Could you imagine your son getting up in a sixth grade festival, and sounding like this?
  • WOW...he can sing!
  • I loved watching the girl's in the audience the moment he opens his mouth to sing!
  • Then the smile on this face in the end is great. He knew he rocked the house!


  • Isaak's been really possessive of me lately.
  • I gave him a shower. Mica was no where in sight and Isaak yelled out, "Mica...she's my Mommy!"
  • If I'm cuddling with the boys in the morning. Isaak will push Mica's hand away and say, " Mommy!"
  • I correct Isaak, and he gives us both an evil eye.

Where's Mica?

  • "Mica, where are you?" I along with other people have been hearing from Isaak.
  • I took just Isaak to the grocery store and he kept yelling out, "Mica...Daddy where are you?"
  • Then when Mica was at preschool yesterday Isaak kept walking around Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house saying, "Mica where are you?"

Yummy, Chilli's!

  • Jolly Mom is giving away a $50 gift card to Chilli's.
  • Their Southwestern Quesadillas sound yummy to me!


  • I love frogs! I'm thinking I like them because I was always allergic to all the furry things, so frogs, toads, fish and turtles I always found interesting.
  • I loved when I was little the idea that frogs, toads and butterflies transformed from something totally different.
  • Grandpa Spiehs (Dad to me) took me out to a river and we'd collect rocks, I'd collected toads and one time we found an arrowhead.
  • I choose to do Mica's nursery in frogs, and had a dream that I gave birth to a bullfrog.
  • Two of a Kind is giving away a Wild Creations Classic Kit - All In One Package.
  • The kit includes the Classic Water Garden, 2 Frogs, Food and Care Pack, and choice of base. The frogs come in that bag with just a little water and tiny brown pellet food.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday - Traveling No Where

  • I have a lot more pictures on a couple posts down, but thought this would make a great Wordless Wednesday.
  • Isaak's been traveling in our house like this lately. Two hats, two bags, a stuffed animal and an Elmo backpack.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do You Like My Woody?

  • I remembered something so very funny that happened yesterday that I forgot about until just now!
  • Mica was changing into his pj's over at Great Aunt Marsha's house. Great Grandma Kent walks in and Mica says, "Do you like my Woody?"
  • Grandma doesn't say anything.
  • Mica points at his butt that has Woody from Toy Story on it, and says again, "Do you like my Woody underwear?"
  • I think she said, "Yes".

Cool Business Idea's

  • So I always liked the idea of having a bakery/gallery. Baked goods that are artistic in nature. Walls lined with art.
  • Today I thought of another idea, Car Wash Eatery. You would go in your car, order your food just like any other fast food joint. Then...instead of sitting in line doing nothing, you'd be getting a car wash. At the end of your car wash you pay for your food and car wash, grab your food and go. I like anything that enables you to get more then one thing done at a time.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

  • I woke up, and the boy's each had a present for me. I have to step up for Father's Day now. I never expect anything on Mother's Day. I kind of feel like we have too many holidays with birthday's and Christmas in the mix. But...Mica gets excited to give, so I should be excited to receive.
  • Mica gave me train cookie cutters he picked out at The Durham Western Heritage Museum.
  • Isaak gave me a pj set.
  • We've been wanting to go out for breakfast, so we went to Village Inn. The boys always eat well there it seems.
  • Our waitress gave Mica a flower to give to me.
  • Then Daddy went to work, and I took the boys home.
  • I cuddled with Isaak, he was cranky most of the weekend! He's still trying to get over a cold.
  • Mica and I made Pudding Cups. Click on "Pudding Cups" to see how we made them. The whole process is on my Cookie Art blog.
  • While the boy's went down for a nap, it was clean up time for me.
  • Then we went to Great Aunt Marsha's house for a big family get together. Mica kept saying, "I'm so excited Mommy!" He loves going to Great Aunt Marsha's. The boy's were great over there! The Pudding Cups and Potato Salad we brought seemed to be a big hit.
  • Mica had a Pudding Cup earlier, so he didn't get one. Isaak and I got to share one.
  • Great Grandma Kent has Alzheimer's disease. She had a hard time understanding that she could eat the chocolate bowl the pudding was sitting in. I tore some off for her, and told her to eat it. She had a look of surprise in her eyes just like Isaak did. ;)


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