Friday, March 5, 2021

Random Tid Bits

  1. Mica is 6' 1". Considering that he's 15, he'll probably grow more.  If his back was straight, he might be taller yet. He has an appointment coming up to see a specialist about his scoliosis in a few months. I thought may be had it because he grew so fast, but apparently that's not how it works. He was more than likely born with it, but it doesn't show up until their early teens. 

  2. The boys have to switch their main doctor out. I'm kind of sad about this. I have zero ideas on who to switch to. I don't even like my regular doctor. Errr

  3. Considering that Mica's tall and lanky, I need to buy him new tops. He's not fat, but some of his sleeves are 3" from his wrist. Have you ever bought clothing from Tall stores? Boy are they borings styles! If some stores actually do have talls, online they are slim pickings, once I do find something it's super expensive. 

  4. Mica's tall, but such a scaredy cat. If a bug flies in his direction, he screams, and runs away. Often times I don't know what's up with him. It's a surprise to me to. Like...why is my child screaming? 

  5. My niece Margaret is cute. She tests to be like a 4 month old, when she's 6 months old. It's higher than Emerson, her brother with Trisomy 18. 

    I said to Travis, "Isn't she cute?" He responded with, "Ya she's cute. But she'd be cuter if she didn't have that stupid bow on her head." I laughed about that off and on for a whole afternoon. Especially since I just got done telling my boss that I want them to be up font with me. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Times are a Changin'

I feel bad because online learning hasn't been Isaak's jam for awhile. He used to be an A, B student, but his 5th grade teacher was all kinds of difficult. I've never encountered a teacher that isn't a good teacher throughout my boy's education except for her. In 6th grade he was new to middle school. Lots of emotions went with that. He only struggled grade wise at the quarter marks. 7th grade hit, emotions were better, but the pandemic is here to stay for awhile. He followed in Mica's footsteps, and stayed home. The poor boy struggled big time with online learning. He was sad because he doesn't have any friendships, and he was confused on different levels with each teacher. I felt bad for him. His report card came in and he had 1 C, 1 F and all the rest D's. 

Off to school he went. I really wanted to get vaccinated before this happened, but what choice do I have? It's depression and a child that isn't exceeding in school, or more success in his academic endeavors with the possibility of picking up this asshole of a virus.  

Isaak went back to school on Monday. Schedules had to change. I am worried about picking up covid. Isaak has managed to pull up his grades just in 3 days. He now has 1 B, 1 F, 2 C's, and one D. 

I wish parenting came with a direct handbook, for your specific child. Like - Oh you have an empath artistic child much like yourself, this is what you should do... Except I did my homework always. I didn't test well, so I did all my homework to compensate for that. He must get his lack of wanting to do his homework from his father. 

Here I thought less distractions from other kids would help him to focus. No chance of getting into middle school drama when a child is at home. Skip over that awkward voice changing time. Teachers and school rule. 

He went to school on his first day back with this hoodie on. It says, "You Can"! I do believe he can.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

WW: Trees {Linky}

I had to do a ton of photo retouching for work. 

I presented to them some images that have homemade brush I made in Photoshop. It took them awhile for them to decide what they wanted to run with. We shall see. 

How to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home? I think we'll stay in our home until one of the boys moves out. While you will typically zone in on your house's internal aspects, ensuring everything from the kitchen to the living room is visually appealing and functional, it is vital you do not overlook how the property looks on the outside from the garden to the sidings, it all adds to the first impression.

Curb appeal is imperative if you want to not only capture the attention of potential buyers but to ultimately sell your home. The good news is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel to create an excellent first impression for passers-by and those scrolling through property websites looking for a new house.

As proof, here are a few tips to implement when improving your home's curb appeal.

The design of the house

Before you start looking at the garden and other areas, you should focus on the house's actual design. For instance, the color of the external walls can play an important role in your property's overall aesthetic.

The roof is another area that requires consideration. Even if the roof is structurally sound, you could decide to go with a roof design that features more attractive tiling. When considering changing the roof, ensure you consult a professional like Signature Roofing. The last thing you want to do is try and attempt to do the work on your own.

Manicure the garden

The front garden is obviously a key aspect of your home's curb appeal. If the grass is unkempt or plants are overgrown, this is going to create a bad initial impression. As a result, you must manicure the garden regularly to stay on top of such issues.

Aside from manicuring what you have, look at ways to improve your garden's overall quality. Could you install a water feature? Perhaps go with a more vibrant selection of flowers? Maybe bespoke screening for your bins would work?

Front door revamp

Your front door is a statement maker, one that represents your entire house. When it is impressively designed and well-maintained, it will create a welcoming impression – ideal when selling to prospective buyers.

As you would expect, it is relatively easy to improve your front door situation. A fresh coat of paint can add extra character and color to your door. If it is suffering from weather-beaten wood, rejuvenate with a quick refinishing. Alternatively, you could simply replace your current door with a new one. Travis made our door out of a scrap door that someone was throwing out. It's so cool! I love it!

Keep it clean

The good news is that not a lot of work is required to keep everything clean and organized. Ensure your windows are kept spotlessly clean, and your pathways are free from any rubbish or stains. Regarding the latter, a power wash can help to provide your pathways with a pristine appearance.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Random Tid Bits

It’s been a really LONG time, since I’ve done a Random Tid Bits post. Here goes:

  1. Isaak said, “Mom are you in the middle of a work meeting?” I said, “No.” He said, “Oh good! I get to go to the bathroom with the door open!” 

  2. Mica had an assignment to make a vlog. He made one about taking care of a gecko. We had to shoot it so many times. Now it's so big he can't get it uploaded onto Canvas - what his school uses.

  3. Whenever we do anything as a family, if the clock strikes 9 pm, Mica wants to go to bed. I don’t know that many 15 year olds that are bound by a routine as much as he is, nor do I know any that go to bed that early on the weekend. 

  4. I wanted to get vaccinated before either of my boys went back to school full time. Our state along with many is super slow in this process. I was going to be up with high risk asthma. Teachers complained, as they should, and snuck in there. I’m like, I’m a teacher, I’ll get in that way. Nope! Schools with teacher unions are getting in, and I teach college.

    Isaak goes back on Monday. His grades were horrible. It’s a mix of depression, lack of drive comes with that, and confusion from being online. I hope that going in person helps.

    Mica’s getting A’s for the most part, so he’ll stay home with me. I’m thinking about having him sign up for a college course, for the summer, to see if he likes it. 

  5. With work I have my most excellent days, and frustrating ones. The frustrating days are typically because I can't get ahold of anyone that's associated with a task I need to get done.  Which brings me to tears. I think a lot of it is the change I’m going through. I don't get hot flashes, but I do get anxious and tears just flow. I like to stay busy, get things done, and do a good job.

    I try to compensate the frustration with positivity. 

    What frustrates you at work? 


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