Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plastic Babies

  • I volunteered to put some games together for my cousin's baby shower a few weeks ago. 
  • The boy's have had fun playing with the plastic babies.
  • I've stepped on a few and broke their arms. Poor babies! The few I stepped on got thrown in the trash. :(
Today I walked in the living room, and found the plastic babies looking like this:

A Bad Habit to Break

  • Isaak's odd/new bad habit. I say this because he had the habit of spitting a long while ago; it stopped. Now this habit is back again.
  • I gave Mica and him a bath. Isaak spit. I warned him to not spit, and told him that if he did it again he would have to get out of the bath. Well he did it again.
  • I quickly rinsed him, and took him out of the tub, dried him off, set him in the time-out chair, got down to his level and told him why he was there. He was screaming, crying and not happy.
  • After sitting their for 2 1/2 minutes, I asked him why he was there? He told me why. He apologized and we hugged. 
  • While I was getting him dressed, he spit again! 
  • Off to the time-out chair he went. 
  • Only this time he wouldn't have it. He kept getting up out of the time-out chair laughing like it was a game. 
  • I attempting five times; then resorted to sitting in the corner with his face against the wall. He actually stayed there.
What do you do for discipline?

Friday, March 11, 2011


  • I heard Mica say, "OMG!" a few times tonight. I know that he didn't know that, "OMG" is the abbreviation for "Oh My God!" 
  • I'm pretty sure he got this one from Daddy. I've heard him saying "OMG" a few times lately. 
  • A separate note: Isaak now runs like heck when shopping. It used to be Mica that ran. Now Mica stays with me, and Isaak BOLTS. He laughs just like Mica used to do. "Punk" is what I call Isaak. 
  • If there's a clothing rack, Isaak will hide in it.
  • Isaak ran from me, and straight into the men's dressing room. That kid runs FAST too! 
  • Mica ran after Isaak after I told Isaak to come back to me. Isaak laughed, then started screaming because Mica was trying to get him. Mica say's, "OMG Isaak, get over here!"
Update: Mica told me this morning that he got "OMG" from the movie, Monsters vs. Aliens.

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Rough Morning

    Yes, it was a rough morning!
    • I made the mistake of setting Mica's nice clothes out to go to the symphony today; but not his shoes. He came out of his room dressed nice with Spider-Man tennis shoes on. He got super upset when we told him, "No! Those don't match. Go change!"
    • Then Isaak wigged out because he wanted his shoes on before his pants. I literally had to shove his pants on, while he scream cried in my ear. 
    • Isaak wouldn't go potty. I had to trust that he'd hold it until Grandma and Grandpa's house. He did! ;)
    • We had an extra thing to do: Mica breathing in the nebulizer. In the morning extra things really bite! I remember the days of pumping. I would pump and eat breakfast at the same time; because otherwise I'd run out of time. Mica of course doesn't like breathing into the nebulizer. We have to remind him to breath right throughout the duration of him using it.
    • Mica was super slow about eating breakfast. I don't blame him because he doesn't feel well, but his yogurt was something I really wanted him to finish since he's on antibiotics! 
    • Mica's eye's were all puffy yesterday! I was hoping they'd clear up by today because he was going to the symphony for preschool. He's missed school all week. His eyes are still puffy, but better. It concerned me because he had a pretty bad reaction to Penicillin when he was 7 months. He's not on Penicillin, but could have a reaction to something else. 
    • I'm the queen of being allergic to Sulfa! I broke out in college. My face went from skinny to round. I had hives everywhere! I went to the allergy clinic, and they acted like they had never seen someone so bad. The nurse brought in other nurses to see me. It was an allergy clinic! I wanted to say, "Come on people, I'm not on display!" I got a shot of steroids, and was hung up on the couch for awhile! I looked like a junky; shaking with the steroids, puffy and red speckles all over me!

    My Boy's Love Trains!

    • Our boy's have gotten into Thomas, Team GeoTrax, The Little Engine That Could, Tootle, but they haven't gotten into Chuggington. It's not because they wouldn't like it, it's because we don't have cable.

    • Go Graham Go is hosting a great giveaway that I know my boy's would love. 
    • Chuggington, Let's Ride the Rails DVD is being given away!

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    Wordless Wednesday - Dentist and Doctor

    It was Isaak's first trip to the dentist. We read books about going to the dentist and role played to get him prepared. He was scared at first! He got teary eyed. He certainly warmed up after she showed him the dentist tools. He even sat still enough to get x-rays.

    Mica went to the dentist too. I called them to ask if he could go? He went to the doctor this morning, and we found he has an ear infection and bronchitis. They wear a mask and gloves, so it wasn't a concern for them. As long as he was up for it. He was excited to go to the dentist.

    By the way Mica's informed us that kids have 20 teeth and adults have 200.

    Then there was the doctor this morning. Isaak had an ear infection last week. Since Mica's cough was so bad, the doctor put him on a nebulizer and both kids are on antibiotics.

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

    We dug out Mica's old tux that was for second cousin Stacy's wedding. It was a little short on Isaak, but we still wanted to get a few photo's.

    We put the rug on the table in hopes that he'd stand on it. He was too scared to stand on the table.

    Mica saw that their was another tie in the package that he wanted to put on. Of course he wanted me to take pictures of him to. ;) He looks a little silly, but it's all for fun anyhow.

    Mica is Sick!

    • Isaak had an ear infection last week.
    • Mica went in today. He woke up a lot last night, and complained this morning of his ears being in pain. 
    • He has an ear infection and bronchitis! 
    • I called the doctor while Daddy took him in. I wanted him to get a basic eye exam while he was there. He was complaining that his eye's were blurry. His eyes are fine. One good thing! 
    • Poor Mica's sick.

    The Little Engine That Could DVD Giveaway!

    Jolly Mom is giving away 2 copies of The Little Engine That Could on DVD! Both Mica and Isaak would be in heaven if we win!

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    What's in a Box?

    A whole lot of fun! That's what's in a box.
    • Go Graham Go is hosting a giveaway to win a cool box Fire Station, Beauty Salon, House or Club House from Box-O-Mania
    • The cool things about these box houses, is that they are collapsible and affordable $27.95!

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Mommy's Invention, The Cheese Grater

    • Mica helped me make a lasagna.  We haven't had one in a LONG time!
    • When we started grating cheese and he said, "WOW that's cool! That's the best idea you've come up with Mommy! It has different sizes of holes too! I love your invention!" 
    • I said, "Sorry Mica, it is cool, but Mommy didn't invent the cheese grater."

    $25 Visa Gift Card by Cora Carolina Ends Tomorrow at 10 PM

    Cora Carolina was kind enough to have a $25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway. You can enter here. Anyone can enter.

    By the way, do you like their new ad? I put it together. It was so much fun with all the cool toys and handmade products they have!

    Cora Carolina is Our New Sponsor!

    Art Theft

    • The gallery where Daddy's sculptures sit got robbed on Friday. Daddy didn't get anything robbed from him. If his jewelry was in there, he more then likely would have gotten that stolen.
    • My heart sunk for the jewelry artist who got most of her inventory taken! She has a big show coming up in a few months. The theft could have ripped apart her pieces, to sell off everything for money. :( 
    • The only good thing that came of it, was that the gallery was exposed on the news. Some people do not know where it is.
    • Mica must have been listening to us talk about this. He said in the car, "I'm thinking that the person who took that artwork was bad. If I had to guess, the robber was a bad cop." 
    • Daddy and I were doing our best not to laugh. Mica sounded so grown up talking. He made up a whole scenario in his mind as to how the robbery went down.

    • Natural Momma is hosting a $50 gift certificate to Novica. I love this store! 
    • Everything is artist made. I like most places that support artists, and handmade items!


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