Friday, November 15, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Boy have I been busy. I had like 3 big projects all due this week. Along with grading, I have to shoot photos, put them on the staff server, label them, and critique them.

  2. I went on Instagram, and poof there's an account for Mica. He didn't ask us if he could have an account. Our first kid has a social media account. I could actually see Isaak getting into it more. Isaak's always liked art, taking photos and creative things. Mica could be creative, but cares less to be.
  3. One of my past students passed away. I really will miss her. She was kind, creative, and had a son the same as as Mica. She had type 1 diabetes. After she left her husband, she went into a coma for a few months. In that time her ex took their kids. It was almost impossible, for her to get them back with her health, and depression, and no money. She tried her hardest to stay positive.

    At her (Sam's) celebration of live I saw other past students. One asked me to be friends with them on FB soon after. I accepted, but hesitated. She was one of those students that had one teacher do half her work, and another teacher do the other half her work. When they'd grade, they'd find out she didn't do anything. Since I'm an admin for the school's FB page; I see everything on it. She reviewed the school horribly. Basically she's mad that she has to pay, for student loans. She opted not to touch art, or design, since she's left. Somehow all that is the school's fault.

    She started messaging me right away how she didn't like the school I work for. She wanted to friend me because it's something Sam (girl that passed away) would have done. I didn't respond. I just sent her an image that said, "Peace Love Forgiveness". She later wanted a list of lots of students that went to school with her. I did that. It took awhile. She responded that she didn't remember some of those names. Not my problem. She bashed the school again to me on messenger. I blocked her just on there. It was bothering me too much to have negativity right away with someone that befriended me to be like the positive girl I loved so much. I started thinking about how she probably took the names I gave her, and are saying mean things about me to each and every one of them. It bothered me all week. Next thing I knew she unfriended me entirely. I never did/said anything to her. Travis said I should just let it go. I've had a hard time doing that. She must think I get all that student loan money she's spending. I'm sure she has no understanding that loan companies, and interest rates are much of the problem. She's that slow, that probably is what she's thinking. For the record I had a lot of student loan debt. This girl knows nothing about me.

    Have you ever pissed someone off, and you didn't even know how you did?

  4. I never posted my blow up project, for this year on here. I chose to do Harry Potter and Matilda. They both have magic that happens in them, and there was an argument that they were made on the same set. Yes there were some off parts, but it was a fun theme this year.

    My favorite ones:

  5. I took Isaak to see a school play. His carpool boy wanted to meet up with us, so I could take him home. He didn't know it cost money, we offered to pay, but we were already in the theater. He kept calling Isaak when the show already started. Isaak I could tell was on edge about this. He kept saying, "Read your texts that I sent you!"

    For a school play it was good. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

@Ripleys Believe It Or Not! Beyond The Bizarre #Giveaway #christmas

As soon as Mica was in about 4th grade he's was into fact books. Now he's in Quiz Bowl at school, so it makes sense why he enjoys books with lots of information. Isaak on the other hand loves art, and the bizarre. 

Ripley's Believe It or Not! have perfect books, for my boys. 

Welcome to Ripley's Believe It or Not! Beyond the Bizarre!

About the book:
  • It has foil on the cover 
  • It's hard bound
  • Book Size: 9 x 11
  • 256 pages
  • Recommend reading age is 10+
  • Cost: $28.95, and on sale for $20.99   
  • Intro - This isn't in the contents, but there is an intro about Robert Ripley, the Hollywood Christmas Parade in 2018, and them being on TV.
  • Believe it - Bog Bodies, Log Cabin Worms, Close Shave, Cove of Wonders, Lucifer's Fingers, Reading Machine, Shedding Skin, Orange Snow, Cicada Cyborg, Volcano on the Green, Screwed on Right, Dirty Cakes, The Chained, and more! 
  • World - Enter the Dragon, Arctic Soccer, Burning Cathedral, Net Works, Technicolor Temple, Clown Church, Natural Divers, The Roaring 20s, Slippery Slope, Tooth-Filing Ceremony, Stone Currency, Bear Parade, Hand Bridge, Hooked, Fire Fetus, Beating Ghosts, and more!
  • Animals - Frog Butt, Warty Giraffe, Eel Seal, Smile Crocodile, Bleeding Hearts, Flying Frog, Spider Beach, Glow Home, Balloon Dog, The Last Straw,  A Mother's Embrace, Badgered Antelope, Otter Fishing, Monkeying Around, Huge Hornet, Tied Up Tummy, Lion Around, and more!
  • Pop Culture - Total Tree-Call, If Looks Could Kill, Digital Ink, Loose Lips, Princess Etch, Penny Painter, Rubik's Cubism, Between the Lines, Uncommon Threads, All Dolled up, Horse Vs. Horsepower, As Sweet as Pie, Crochet Costumes, Watery Cosplay, Barbie Couture, A Butter Idea, Mini Minty Masterpieces, Spider-Man Skydiver, and more!
  • People - Double Header, Mr. Sand Man, Sideshow Opera, Woeful Whiskers, Hairy Pillows, Foiled Again, Living on the Edge, Armed and Armless, Tons of Tumors, Breaking Tattoo Taboo, Flying Wallendas, Bid Words, Downhill From Here, Lord of the Rings, Baby Blues, and more! 
  • Beyond Belief - Dearly Departed, Masquerade, Avatar Acrobats, Bucket Heads, Stand Out, Piano Bed, Sky Art, Garden Labyrinth, No Yolk, Glass Glow, Tractor Wheelies, Motorball, Freeze Beard, The Smile Experiment, Dancing House, Can-Do, Yikes Spikes, and more!
  • Index
I'm not sure what chapter is my favorite. I like them all! These are a few pages that stood out to me. 

I found it crazy that tooth-filing is the thing!

Ripleys Believe It Or Not! sent this cool magazine that will go in one of my boy's stockings.

Win Ripley's Believe It or Not! Beyond The Bizarre! 


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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

WW: Rice Rice Baby {Linky}

We have a new store in our neighborhood that sells rice, for super cheap. We picked some up. When we got home, Isaak put the rice against his torso and said, "Mom I'm pregnant." He had a rice, rice baby!

When was the last wedding that you went to? 

FeelinGirls #blackfriday #shopping #sponsoredpost

This is the time of year to shop! I shop for now, and for future gifts. I'm getting closer to being done, with my holiday shopping. 

Black Friday Deals Happen Earlier and Earlier!

I really love that Black Friday deals happen, so early. We (as families) need to spend time with each other on Thanksgiving. We (as families) also need to save money on the things we shop for.

Stores like FeelinGirls make holiday shopping easier!

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When I shop it's not just for the boys. I need something(s), for me. I'm in love with FeelinGirls Waist Trainer Belt!

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Bodysuit Addiction:

I had a bodysuit addiction when I was in high school. I haven't felt like I could wear one again.

Possibly now is the time. These cheap bodysuits for women are slim fitting. They make anyone feel sexy, while working out.

FeelinGirls has 18 bodysuits to choose from. All of them are rated high!


I have to admit that I don't have any workout leggings. Now might be the time to get some. FeelinGirls has 12 to choose from. They have classy plain ones, and others that are fun with a pattern.

Questions for You:

Have you started shopping from the holidays?

Do you buy yourself something, when you are online? 

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Princess Emmy DVD #Giveaway

Princess Emmy is perfect, for any little girl's stocking. It's a movie that goes back to classic animation.

Princess Emmy of the Kingdom of Kandis has a secret talent, she can speak to horses. I wish I had that talent. The young princess uses her gift to help maintain peace in the land when her scheming cousin attempts to cause trouble.

Win a Copy of Princess Emmy! 

This is a giveaway for people within the US. No P.O. Boxes please. You must be over the age of 18 to enter. You will have 48 hours to get back to me if you have in fact won. If you don't get back to me, I sadly have to pick another winner. 

Disclaimer: I did not get this to review. I was not asked to promote this in any way.

Snow in the Heartland

Many people were wearing shorts on Saturday. It was a beautiful day! I wish we could have spent the whole day outside. Instead Mica had Quiz Bowl, Isaak had a basketball game, and I had a lunch date with my mom and sisters. It was all good things; just not outside. 

Isaak happened upon a caterpillar. The myth is...if the caterpillar has more black than brown we're supposed to have a long winter, if the caterpillar has more brown than black we're supposed to have a short winter.

This one had more brown than black, which would make it seem as thought our winter will be short. That's certainly not what The Farmer's Almanac states. I pass it all off as just fun stories. The weather is going to do what the weather is going to do. As much as I'd love to believe the Groundhog doesn't see his shadow, and the caterpillar has more brown than black...I don't put too much stalk into that. 

What about you? Do you believe old predictions? I suppose there's some truth to old medicines/practices. 

Two days after I saw this caterpillar it snowed. I'm thinking The Farmer's Almanac will be right on this upcoming winter. 

At least a heart traveled along with me all the way to work. 


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