Saturday, May 1, 2010

An End to a Very Odd Few Weeks

  • It started out that I got a call from a preschool Mica's going to next year saying they never received my check to hold his spot. I wrote it a month before, and remember sending it. I drove to the preschool, filled out a new check and gave it to them.
  • Then last Sunday I called to RSVP to a party Mica's going to. I talked to the mom, and even asked what his classmate wanted. Later this week the mom called, asking Daddy if Mica was coming to the party? It was like I never RSVP in the first place.
  • I had a dentist appointment earlier this week, I went and they said I wasn't scheduled for that day. The next day I found the card in my purse that said I was scheduled for the time and day I showed up.
  • Tonight I looked in Mica's t-ball roster and schedules. It's been in my trunk for a week. I'm listed as an assistant coach, and I never knew. The head coaches never said anything to me about being an assistant coach, I never received a t-shirt and hat like the assistant coaches are supposed to. Each practice I've shown up with my almost 2 year old Isaak, so it's not like I was a help. We get money back for volunteer time, and I don't know what to think. I'll be talking to the coaches tomorrow.

Where's Elmo?

  • Isaak gets so incredibly frustrated when one of his Elmo movies has a break from Elmo.
  • He wants Elmo to be on screen! He hasn't been interested in tv/movies up to this point.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  • We got free tickets to go to a ball game tonight through Mica's t-ball. It was fun...but we didn't stay until the end. Mica was asking to go half way through the game.
  • Our boy's are just so used to their 8 pm bed time. It was way past this time before they went to bed tonight.
  • Isaak's been fussy, but he was pretty good. We found out he LOVES cotton candy! He also likes to stomp his feet on the ground when everyone is clapping.
Great Grandpa Kent, Aunt Terra and Uncle Tyson Enjoying the game with us.
Isaak, It's his first ball game. Great Grandpa Kent and Isaak Isaak like Great Grandpa Kent because he handed over the cotton candy.
Cousin Evan and Mica
Mica had to have his helmet on for part of the game.

Cut it Out!

  • Daddy went to pick Mica up from preschool today, and Mica had a big cut out of the tummy of his shirt. He told Daddy it was an accident.
  • I had just cut the tags off of his shirt this morning. That's how new it is.
  • This evening Mica told me, "I cut my shirt because I thought it was funny".
  • He cut it on purpose. Now I've heard of kids cutting their hair, coloring on the walls, but I've never heard of a kid cutting their shirt.
  • I told him that it was a naughty thing to do, how I just bought the shirt and how I didn't want him to do that again. I sure hope that this doesn't happen again!

Baby Blanket CD

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Milking the Issue

  • I've been working off and on on lunch breaks to formulate a new blog.
  • It's called, "Milking the Issue". It's a blog about nursing.
  • I only have a handful of posts, and won't post on it as much as this blog.
  • It's informative and geared to help new mom's.
  • Check it out if you have the time.


  • So...I got to my dentist appointment yesterday. The receptionist said, "We don't have you scheduled for today". I just assumed it was my fault because it's been a busy week.
  • Today I'm going through my purse trying to find the old dentist card. I was in fear that maybe I was supposed to go to my OB doc appointment instead.
  • No...instead I found the card that said I had a dentist appointment at the time I originally thought it was. Man I so wish I would of found the card then and there.
  • I will show it to them when I go in next.
  • I'm not looking to be compensated in any way because we all make mistakes, I just want them to know that I'm not the one that came at the wrong time.
  • At least now I know the correct route to get there. When I went there yesterday, a street was totally tore up, I had to turn around and basically back track.

Mica in Trouble!

  • Mica was pretending that Isaak was a shark, and was trying to knock him off of the swing set!
  • Daddy grabbed Mica off, took him in the house, had a talk with him and gave him like the 2nd spanking in his life. We do not believe in spanking, unless the child is doing something that is in danger to himself or someone else.
  • The other time Mica got spanked was when he ran out in the street when he was told to stay near by.
  • Time outs have proven to be effective in other situations.

New Sunglasses

  • I won a gift certificate to Sunglass Warehouse.
  • I got a pair for Daddy and a pair for me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy Week

  • I have a dentist appointment today.
  • We have t-ball practice tonight. Mica's couches are pretty serious about the game. Cousin Evan's team doesn't have practice at all.
  • I have to stay late at work tomorrow night for Portfolio Review Night. The school I work at gets a bunch of pros to come in to review students portfolio's.
  • Friday Mica has a birthday party to go to after preschool.
  • Friday night we're going to a baseball game. If Mica wears his uniform, they have fun things for him to do on the field. I'm not sure what that will entail.
  • And the list goes on...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Parade Day

  • Mica was in his first parade on Sunday for t-ball.
  • Mica was supposed to wear his t-ball uniform, but it was cold and sprinkling. He had his t-ball uniform on and a fireman rain coat.
  • As you can see he had his marching skills down.
  • Most of the time, this is all we could see. A big crowd of people in front of us.
  • We heard loud drums the whole way to the ball field though. When we walked under the interstate it was indeed LOUD!
  • At the field the boys could finally see the cheerleaders dance. I felt bad for them because of the cold! Just looking at their legs made me shiver.
  • Mica's coaches left when we got down to the ball field because their son had an ear infection, and said he didn't feel good.
  • It was then that I decided to leave too. They had games planned for the kids....but it was cold, sprinkling, nap time, I had to go to the bathroom, Isaak was cranky and Mica was picking on Isaak.
  • I wasn't quite sure how I'd even go to the bathroom with a double stroller.
  • I walked us back. Man both boys in a stroller gets heavy! I was determined to get back to the car! Between that and doing squats all weekend from digging up dandelions, I'm sore.
  • I got the boys home, and gave them a bath to get the pollen out of their hair. I used the blow dryer on them for the first time, and they both thought it was soooooo coooooool!
  • They slipped on over sized t-shirts and went down for a nice nap with no complaints.

Paper Plates

  • I got cousin Evan and Isaak's plates in the mail. They are really cute!
  • I'm making a doggy cake too! That should be fun!
  • Their birthdays are so close to each other, that we decided to have them on one day. It just gets too hectic to have so many events.
  • I got the plates printed at Birthday Express. I love how they have a customer service person pop up to help you! I know Hallmark has plates that you can print on too. I just happened to like the dog print on Birthday Express.
  • In July I'll have to decide what to do for Mica's birthday in August. Neither site had robots or Transformers to print a personal photo on. I even checked out Factory Card Outlet, and they had nothing for Mica's interest. Birthday Express does have cool robot and Transformer things though. I like the robot better, just because I think I could make a cool robot cake. It would be hard trying to make a transformer cake.
  • I may just do invites, thank you's, cake and grab bags with theme of a robot, and get plain colored plates. I'll see when the time comes.

Mom to a Tea

  • Go Graham Go is giving away a $50 gift certificate to
  • I really like the Mom to a Tea set.
  • My Mom (Grandma Spiehs) to the boy's used to give my cousin/her niece a tea cup for every birthday that she had.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mommy Jesus

  • We went past a cemetery yesterday. Isaak said, "It's Mommy, It's Mommy!" He was pointing to a statue of Jesus.
  • I said, "No, Isaak that is Jesus."
  • Isaak said, "It's Mommy Jesus, Mommy Jesus."
  • I said, "No, Isaak it's Jesus."


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