Friday, January 2, 2009

The Cheese Cake Factory

  • A friend of mine from work, husband sold us a Life Insurance policy and Health Insurance. For our business, they gave us gift certificates to The Cheese Cake Factory. It was pretty good, lots of food! They don't have a children's menu, so we ordered Mica an adult platter, knowing we'd have leftovers for lunches. Mica had chicken and biscuits (lots of vegies too), Travis had fish and chips, and I had something really good which I don't remember what it was called. Isaak had homemade baby food, which we brought. The kids were pretty well behaved. Mica got to pick out a piece of cheese cake at the end of eating, he of course wanted chocolate (we all shared). It was nice getting out.

Two Teeth

  • Isaak hasn't cut any teeth yet, but Travis did see two white teeth just under the gums. They'll probably pop in the next couple weeks. Then I have to watch out for biting. I'm still nursing him, and if he's anything like his brother I'll get bit a few times. He's already into pinching with his fingers. I've had to tell him sternly, "NO!" and taken him off eating. He looks at me like he's thinking, "What in the hell did I do Mom!" The first stages of discipline are always fun, not really, but it has to be done.
  • Mica tries disciplining Isaak. When Isaak is kicking on my lap, Mica says, "Isaak don't kick Mommy". I hear it with pulling hair too. I just have to remind Mica that Isaak is just a baby, and that he doesn't know any better. Eventually he will know better.

New Year's Eve

  • When Mica heard that it was New Year's Eve, he thought it was going to be another Christmas Eve. He asked when we were going to open up presents? Then on New Year's day, Mica was really let down when we packed up the Christmas decorations. He didn't have a melt down or anything, he just looked disappointed.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


  • I thought I'd write this in here, it's kind of past tense, but I forgot about it and now remembered. On Christmas Eve Mica kept telling my Grandpa, his Great Grandpa to go downstairs with him. Mica was very persistent about my Grandpa needing to go downstairs with him. Finally about about the 5th time of asking, my Grandpa said, "Why do you want to go downstairs Mica?" Mica said, "To get some chocolate Grandpa Kent." The reason why it's so funny is because right in the next room there was a whole table full of cookies and chocolate set out for anyone to have.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nakid Guitar

  • I was getting the boys ready for bath's last night. I had to run in to get Isaak's PJ's, and when I came back Mica had Isaak playing a guitar (I swear it wasn't staged). It was rather funny seeing a naked baby playing a guitar. In one he looks like he's singing and in another he's in motion. Mica looks like he's part of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's band.

Off to Work We Go!

  • This is what it looks like when it's time for us to go in the mornings. So much to remember! I run through a check list in my mind (Travis doesn't remember much). The list is: Diaper bag, pump bag, computer bag, daddy's lunch/water, mommy's lunch/water, mommy's purse, fresh milk for Isaak and Mica, baby food for Isaak and if needed diapers and milk cubes. Then it's the two crazy kids we have to pack into the car seats.

Mica Wanted to Play in the Snow

  • Mica wanted to play in the snow. He lasted 20 min. We just got him some snow boots, so he was excited to wear them.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Apel Side

  • We got these taken in the fall. I didn't post them because they were Travis' parent's Christmas present. Payton is Travis' sister (Laura's) son. Isaak is 4 months, Mica is 3 years and Payton is 4 years almost 5 years. There's about 1 1/2 years apart from Payton and Mica. They seem to play pretty well together.
  • Isaak was tired when we went to take the photo's, so I just got him to go to sleep.
  • They are at such hard ages to get a good photo. I think they turned out well.

The Apel Family

  • It's not the best photo of us, but it's not bad either. It's so hard getting both boys to smile. Isaak is 7 months and Mica turned 3 in Aug.

Christmas Magic

  • Mica's favorite gift received was what he got from my mom and dad (Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs). The Polar Express train that fits with all his Thomas stuff. He was so excited! He got it Christmas Eve, and woke up at 2:30 AM crying, saying, "I want to play with my Polar Express train Daddy".
  • Days before Mica found a ShopKo card (credit card size), and was caring it around saying that it was his magic ticket to get on the Polar Express train. He kept giving it to Travis to punch, and wanted to put it in his shoe for safe keeping. I went ahead and made him a "real looking" ticket. I realise that "Believe" wouldn't look like that backwards, but hay he's just a kid and won't know the difference.
  • Christmas morning Mica was surprised the cookie we left for Santa was gone, the fire place doors were left ajar and the top of the tree lights were fixed. He was overwhelmed with all the presents!
  • Mica is playing mostly with Isaak's gifts. They light up and have many sounds. He also plays with them a lot because many of them are left in the living room, and Mica's toys are kept in his room. I don't want Isaak putting small piece's in his mouth.
  • It's funny that Mica tattles on Isaak for playing with his toys, but it's perfectly fine for Mica to play with Isaak's toys. Hummm...something wrong with that picture.
  • Mica was scared of his peacock puppet at first, but now likes it. I thought that may be the case. That's how most kids are with puppets. Some of them look so real-and this one does!
  • Isaak of course liked the tissue paper in the mouth. He does like sitting up and playing with toys too. The boy is rocking back and forth on all 4's. Soon he'll be crawling. I give it another month, then he really be into his toys. He rolls around to get to another location.

Christmas Blues

  • Christmas went well, except that many more family members got Mica's stomach flew (Including Isaak and me). Daddy had it 3 or 4 days prior. I didn't eat as much junk as usual, which is good.
  • Isaak had many poops up the back that smelled like B.O. He had a head cold on top of the tummy issues. He was pretty fussy. I felt for him.
  • He's back to waking up a few times at night, but for good reason.


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