Saturday, July 6, 2019

Silverware Set Review

I got this Silverware Set to review. I was excited to review it because our silverware is looking kind of old. I don't know that I love the design of our old set.

The new design is really pretty cool! I like the thin handles. It just looks different. 

What it Comes With:

1 steak knife
1 spoon,
1 pasta fork
1 coffee spoon

I’d love it if there was just 2 spoons or 2 forks, and not a coffee spoon. It’s so small. I don’t know if we’ll use it. Travis handed Isaak the coffee spoon to eat his Potato Salad. That's not really what it's meant for, but he said, "What is this a baby spoon?" LOL!

When I first read the review I saw that it is a 4-piece set. I read that as it having 4 knives, 4 spoons, and 4 forks. You can imagine how I was surprised that it had only 4 things in the set. I'd have it be a little more money, and add more duplicated to the set.


$11.74 on Amazon Prime


It's made out of stainless steel. It washes safe in the dishwasher. I did notice that you have to put it in upside down to prevent the handles falling through the mesh dishwasher cubby. Black tableware surface mirror polished, no dirt, easy to oxidize, easy to clean. Every detail of the head is carefully treated and the smooth edges won't hurt your mouth. The forked cut is specially polished.


I made brats, potato salad, cut up radishes and peaches.

Are you happy with your silverware? 

Friday, July 5, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. This little bug was inside my work. I just couldn't kill it, and didn't want to deal with getting something to put it on to put it back outside. I just took a photo of it instead.

  2. One of my best students is so nosey. She asked me about another student. Did so and so graduate? Did she just walk, for graduation? Did she have to take a summer class? Is she really joining us to get her BFA? Just reading what I just wrote makes me tired. I responded back with, So and so did graduate. If you have other questions talk with so and so. I also mentioned that people do in fact change, and to give this girl another chance. Hopefully I handled that well. 

  3. I have this horrible habit of freezing when I'm unable to do what I set out to do. Facebook and Instagram wouldn't upload my pictures for a review. Most people would move on. I told myself to move on. Instead I kept trying, and practically froze up with getting anything else done. It would be horrible, for me if the whole internet crashed. Not that I wouldn't find something else to do, it's just that I'd keep trying to see if I could hop on the internet over and over again knowing full well it doesn't work. 

  4. Fresh Farms - formally The Fruit Truck was in town delivering peaches and cherries. I told my family about it (mistake number 1).

    My younger sister went out of town. She said, "Can you pick up a small box of cherries and peaches for me?" I didn't mind, and did. I said to Travis, "Since she was out of town, she'll probably want me to deliver the fruit to her house. Heck she may even want me to process it for her. I didn't think this through. I already hauled my ass out of bed, stood in line, paid for them, and hauled the heavy boxes around for her."

    He said, "She wouldn't want you to do all that." I texted her how much it was, and asked, "When are you going to come get them?" She responded with, "Saturday. If they ripen before then can you wash them, and put them in my freezer?" I didn't respond back. Usually I'm a Yes Yes person, and I'm trying to change that. My husband thinks I say, Yes too much! It's not a big deal in one sense, but in another it happens all the time. If her kid left something at my house - she wants me to drop it off. If my kid left something at her house - I have to go get it, or it will be lost for forever.

    Are you a Yes Yes person?

  5. We had a Lemonade Sale last weekend. The boys made $30 each, totally $60! Not bad! Travis had a bunch of frozen strawberries in a cooler, to make more Strawberry Lemonade. He forgot about them. Many bags busted open, so they were all sticky. We ended up making Strawberry Jam, so we didn't have to throw them out. It took most of the evening, but we now have 25 jars of Strawberry Jam.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Gooseberry Falls State Park @mndnr

One of our favorite stops in Minnesota was Gooseberry Falls State Park.

From Their Site:

Gooseberry Falls is the gateway to the North Shore. It is known for its spectacular waterfalls, river gorge, Lake Superior shoreline, Civilian Conservation Corps log and stone structures, and north woods wildlife.

Listen to the thunderous roar of the Upper, Middle and Lower Falls of the Gooseberry River as it plummets through a rocky gorge. Watch for waves, ships, or the moon rise on Lake Superior from an ancient lava flow known as the Picnic Flow.

Hike or ski to see the Fifth Falls through a forest of evergreens, aspen, and birch, and enjoy camping in modern campsites, picnicking, and relaxing along the Lake Superior shoreline or the Gooseberry River.

To get the most out of your visit, stop by the Joseph N. Alexander Visitor Center where you can find park information, interpretive displays, a park video, Nature Store, and more. Don't miss the Gateway Plaza for outdoor interpretive signs on area resources and history.


3206 Highway 61 East
Two Harbors, MN 55616


8-10 Daily



Do be prepared to hike! It doesn't take long to get to waterfalls. There are a lot of steps.

They get bigger and bigger.

What I liked just as much as the waterfalls is the tree trunks. They twist and turn.

The kids loved exploring down below.

My one selfie:


And the boys bonded.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I got no compensation, for writing this post. All opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

4WD Climber #diy #car

I like sets where kids, tweens and teens put everything together themselves! 

Recently Isaak got a 4WD Climber by Mefashion. 


I love to hang on to kits like this for Christmas, Birthdays and Easter. I don't like to give the boys toys all year round. Then they expect it. Of course he had to put it together for the review.


Isaak needs to work on his skills of putting kits together. Summer break is a great time to do that.


It's for ages 6 and up. I think a 6 year old could play with it, but I don't think anyone under the age of 10 could put it together. Isaak's 12, and he needed help a lot. I do think Mica would have been able to build this easier. Mica's more like Travis - a take it apart, and put it together person. Isaak's more like me - a creative builder, but not good with step-by-step instructions.


This is what it looked like once all the pieces were out of the box. A few additional tools were needed, but they were standard. He also needed a battery.


They did have instructions in the box. Many were unclear, some Travis was like, "What do they mean?" I think the instructions could have been a lot better. Someone from China tried to translate them to English. It just didn't work out, where they are understandable.

Put it Together:

Isaak had to have help off and on. If the instructions were better, maybe he would have had an easier time.

Left Overs:

They didn't have a lot of left over trash.

End Result:

I have to admit when I get something like this to review I'm nervous it's not going to work. Then what? It worked! Yay! Isaak wishes it was faster. He thought he could put it on high gear, but there isn't anything like that. It runs as it's supposed to.


You can get it on Amazon for $18.99. The same brand has an orange model marked from $28 down to $9.99, but it's not on Prime like the one I reviewed. There's a $5.99 shipping cost added to the orange model. I do feel a little jipped when I see that companies mark down the price a lot for consumers, when I spent some of my own money to buy it for reviewing. 

Do you like do it yourself kits?

Disclaimer: I got this product at a discounted price to help with this review. All words in the review are written by me. They are my opinions.


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