Saturday, May 16, 2009

Messy Eating

  • You can't tell too much from these photo's, but Isaak likes to eat black berries, and he gets messy! I learned my lesson and take his shirt off before he eats.
  • He gets so excited if I just hand the plate over to him. Usually I limit what I give him. A little at a time. This morning he did really well.

As Fast as I Can

  • Instead of practicing putting things away, Isaak likes to practice taking things out of containers as fast as he can. I think he does this because usually Mica is right behind him telling him, "No Isaak" and pushes him out of the way.

Throw the Ball!

  • Isaak learned this week how to throw and how to say "Ball".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is it a Hat? No!

  • Mica's been a little sneeky lately! He keeps wanting Kleenex's to supposedly blow his nose. I bought into this the first few days because it is allergy season, and I know he's stuffy. Well he's been putting the tissues on his head, saying "Look at my hat Mommy".
  • Then he's been shutting the bathroom door to have privacy from Isaak, who has this desire to crawl in the bathroom. I found nothing wrong with this, but now he keeps unrolling the toilet paper. "At least he rolls it back up" I told Travis.

Winner of a CD!

  • I won this CD off of
  • The boys love to dance, so I'm sure they will enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sleeping Soundly

  • A rare occasion, both boys sleeping in their car seats.

My Boys


Mica and Cousin Evan


  • A few picts of the boys at the zoo.

Baby Eczema

  • Isaak seems to be growing out of his baby eczema. I haven't had to give him probiotics in a long while. Those are the only thing that seemed to help his poor little head. That, and greasing him down with lotion. He looked a little funny with lotion in his hair though.
  • I started treating Isaak's symptoms with a topical steroid. I'm so glad I stopped using that when I found that it only worked for a limited time.
  • I still am torn between my boys getting eczema from all the antibiotics pumped down them, it being genetic, or possibly something I was eating since I was breast feeding? I'm not sure.
  • On one of my mommy blogs, they had a site that was all about eczema for adults and children. I encourage any one with eczema to read:
  • I learned that topical steroid's can cause diabetes if used too much. I also learned that breast milk can contain less Zinc then the baby needs. All the mom needs to do is just add Zinc into their diet. There are diet changes on this site, and products to help with the condition that are indeed safe to use.
  • One of my favorite blogs is having a Softress giveaway. Just click on Softress and it will take you to the giveaway.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Grandma Spiehs and Isaak

  • I was a little bumed - I got some cute photo's of Isaak with my mom, and they all turned out blurry.
  • I'm still learning about my new camera.

Sick or Teething?

  • This is how Isaak looked this morning. His eye's looked sick and were matted down. He was coughing like an old man and he had a major snotty nose.
  • My sister Terra watched him today; she said he slept 6 hours straight. He didn't get his lunch until 3:30 pm. Not like Isaak.
  • He's had his fingers in the back of his mouth, gnawing away. This indicated teething. He acted like this 2 weeks ago too.


  • I think it's funny that Mica is going down the slide with this big root that Travis dug up.
  • He's all boy.


  • I had Travis take Mica outside to get some photos of him.
  • I had him wear a birthday shirt for a reason. I'm having my students create a birthday card invitation for a four year old boy. It will be part of their final.
  • I'll give them these photo's to work with.


  • Allergies are in full swing.
  • I was outside sucking up helicopter's and pulling weeds. Now I'm sleepy, coughing and stuffy.
  • Isaak is coughing and snotty. I had to suck out his nose this morning a few times. I'm hoping it's another tooth he's cutting instead of allergies.
  • Mica seems to have allergies, but not as bad as me. He sleeps a lot, and wakes up with the allergy looking eyes.
  • If there would be one thing I could change about myself, it would be to get rid of my allergies. I'd pick that over plastic surgery of any kind. My second thing I'd change is to fix my deviated septum.

The Trendy Tadpole

  • If you are ever looking for a trendy baby onesis, or t-shirt The Trendy Tadpole is your place.
  • They have Johnny Cash shirts, AB/CD to look like "AC/DC" shirts, B.Y.O.B. "Bring your own bottle", King of the Playground and more...
  • It's a very fun, yet an affordable site. They also have a lot of sizes, which is sweet!
  • All of their designs belong to: Copyright, 2008. All rights reserved. hip web design and graphics by quirky bird.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

  • I want to wish my parents and Travis' parents Happy Mother's Day!
  • Everyone else that reads this, Happy Mother's Day to you too!


  • I made a t-shirt for Isaak's first birthday. Hopefully I'll have it in time. I didn't really think of it until the other day.
  • If can be worn still all year.
  • I made it on It cost $12, but I spent $15 because I added the extra type on the back. This is just a model; I don't actually have the shirt yet.


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