Saturday, June 6, 2009

Isaak Went Potty

  • We haven't put Isaak on for awhile because he was screaming when we put him on the toilet.
  • We started Mica at an early age, just sitting him on the toilet to get comfortable with the idea. We didn't really even have training in mind. It just sort of happened. Mica ended up training really early.
  • I decided I'd try putting Isaak on because it's been awhile. It's a good time to read stories and just get comfortable with the idea. No crying this time. Wham...he peed! We clapped and took a picture. He was clapping for himself.

Get Better Aunt Becky!

  • We made up a song for Aunt Becky who is sick in the hospital with pneumonia.
  • It's to the same theme of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. It goes:
I wish you to get better. I wish you to get better. I wish you to get better. I love you Aunt Becky!

Strutting His Stuff

I couldn't resist! He's just too cute walking naked. He's now walking alone, across the floor, but still on his own terms.

Friday, June 5, 2009

"I'm Getting You Back For all That Hair Pulling Earlier!"

  • It was indeed Elijah's turn to pick on Isaak.

Garst Nerds

  • We have these silly 3D movie glasses.
  • I was trying to get a shot of all the boys wearing them, but I only could get my nephew's to put them on. Isaak kept taking them off, and Mica went down for a nap before I had a chance of shooting him with them on.

Busted Lip

  • It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
  • Daddy took a step back, and Mica tripped over his heel. Now Mica has a busted lip. It's not as bad as Isaak's was, but it is busted.
  • At least he didn't cry too long.

Favorite Animals of the Day

  • We went and saw things at the zoo we normally don't see.
  • I know Mica's favorite is the peacock, but I never got out of Evan what his favorite is.
Mica's Favorite
Mom's Favorite of the Day
Dad's Favorite of the Day


  • We visted the zoo this morning. It was a nice day to go. All the boys are sleep this afternoon including Travis.
  • It's a lot of work going with four boys as young as they are.
  • We pushed the toddler's in our double tandem stroller. Isaak kept putting his shoes up on Elijah, and pulled his hair. I kept having to get after him. Later on I switched them around, so Isaak was in front and Elijah was in the back.
  • We took them on a train ride since trains are what the older boys talk about a lot.
Train Ride
Mica and Evan Looking at a Gorilla
Mica and Evan Sitting on a Gorilla
No Pulling Hair Isaak
Both Tot's


  • Last night when I took Mica and Isaak to Target, Mica said something embarrassing.
  • We were standing in line. He was eyeing the magazine rack. He said, "Mommy I really like these bra's, do you?" Of course they were skimpy little bras on hot chicks. I just pretended to ignore him.
  • He now calls them "bras". When he was younger he called them "bottles".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

  • Mica asked me tonight after dinner, "Can we buy tickets to see Dancing with the Stars?"
  • He is so funny!

Baby Food and Mommy Milk

  • I wanted to show these to any new mom looking at this blog. They are just ice cube trays. What I loved about them is that they kept milk and homemade baby food fresh. I bought two different colors, so when I put things in them I'd know which one was the most fresh. The colors are: Raspberry, orange, blue and white.
  • They have silicon bottoms, so I'd just run the bottom of the trays under hot water. It's so cool that they have lids too. I just popped the milk, or food cubes out into the lid.
  • After that the food or milk went into sandwich bags, dated with a Sharpie, and stored in the deep freezer.
  • When Isaak needed milk, the cubes fit nicely in the drop in bottle liners. They have Target band liners that are the least expensive. We heated up a glass two cup measurer of water and plopped the bottle in. It took a lot less time to thaw then the milk storage bags. With Travis having two babies and two preschoolers, he had no time to waste. Plus there was no leaking! Often times the milk storage bags busted at the seems.
  • With food, we just put the cubes in a small bowl, mircowaved until the cube started to loose shape (it still was cold), mash it with a spoon, and there was his food.
  • I often did one cube of homemade pinto beans and baby food carrots or sweet potato. Isaak and Mica liked beans more then meat. Or I'd do a couple cubes of pear or apple, and add baby food cereal. It worked so nice.

Teething Meds

  • My sister interduced me to NatraBio Teething Relief liquid. This can be found on She told me that in all teething meds she found in stores, there's a narcodic ingredient. She's a nurse, so I trust her. I want my baby to be relieved, but not knocked out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


  • Mica came out of the back bedroom at my parent's house this morning holding a plastic container that had kid tools in it.
  • He said, "This is my portfolio". Funny kid.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mommy with the Boys

Mommy and Her Boys
Isaak Loves to Pull Mommy's Hair!
Mica Being Adorable

Daddy with the Boys

So Big
What's Up?
Daddy and Mica
Daddy and Isaak

The Boys Outside

Mica Laying in the Grass
Crazy Boys (Mica 3 1/2 years, Isaak 1 year)
  • These outdoor photo's took a little longer to shoot then I thought they would.
  • Mica was bouncing around per usual, and Isaak was crawling all over in the grass.

Mean Face

  • Isaak has been making this mean face. He really does it when he's frustrated with something, when something is taken away, or when he is through with eating.

Ferris Wheel

  • Travis took Mica on the Ferris wheel.
  • Isaak and I waited. Isaak freaked out whenever the Ferris wheel took off. I got a lot of hugs from Isaak, while Mica and Daddy were up on the ride.

Playing With the Camera

  • I hardly ever have shots on here of me. I am.
  • The last one looks like I'm about to shoot someone, but I assure you the only thing I'm shooting is myself with the camera.

Watch Your Mouth!

  • I know three other little boys Mica's age (3 1/2 to 4 years old).
  • I don't know about one of them, but the others including Mica are going through a new phase. The mouthy one. They seem to know everything, and express it. They get really bad when they are tired. I hear about my sister complain about Evan (4 years); I understand her!
  • Mica wants to do a lot of things himself. He does not want help, yet he's not able to do everything himself.
  • He also has this new form of goofiness that is pretty annoying. Travis tells him, "Stop acting like a baby Mica, or I will put you in diapers". He actually got him on the changing table one time. When time-outs don't seem to work; you have to try new tactics I guess. The diaper thing worked. He stopped acting crazy when Travis got out a diaper.
  • I know he gets his craziness from me. I acted that way a lot when I was little. I antagonized my siblings.
  • The crazy thing, is Isaak thinks it's funny when Mica acts this way. When the rest of us are annoyed.
  • After Mica acts this way, he'll turn around and say something, or do something so cute! I'm never annoyed for too long.

Throwing Food

  • Isaak is officially in the throwing food stage! I remember when Mica went through this. Now Mica gets after Isaak for doing it.
  • I'm not sure if kids do this when they just are not hungry, because they are bored, or because they learned how and are practicing their new skill?

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Won Again!

  • I just found out I won this from
  • Their button is on my side bar.
  • This is my lucky week!

Let's Hear it For My Man!

  • There's a contest for $345 of merch on
  • I had to type an essay about why my husband deserves this award.
  • I filled up all 1,000 words.

Tactful Breastfeeding Ads

  • I was cleaning up my computer and found these ads.
  • One year ago, I had my senior students in the spring semester design an ad for something that was embarrassing to them. They had to complete the ad without making it look tacky. If it was offensive, they failed the assignment. This did not have to do with breast feeding, but seeing these ads gave me the assignment idea. They did fairly well with the assignment. It was unlike anything they had ever done, and it pushed them to think outside the box.
  • I'm an advocate for breastfeeding if it feels right to you. It's a natural thing, but it's not for everyone.
  • I made it work for my babies. It was not easy at first! Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue, making one side of his tongue under developed. When I think about the struggles I went through; I'm amazed we got it to work out. Isaak went way under weight. I thought I had it all figured out with nursing Mica. Another kid, new struggles. Then of course I worked full time. Now Isaak and I are in the weaning faze. I knocked out early morning, and late in the day pumping. I'm only pumping at lunch now.
  • I know breastfeeding is better for the baby. But...I'm the queen of allergies, and had many ear infections as a kid. My mom nursed me. I personally feel that a lot of it is about genetics. But...I may of been sicker if she hadn't nursed me.
  • There must be something to it, if hospital's refer to it as "Liquid Gold". Plus when Isaak was in the hospital with his meningitis; I was able to get free meals because I was helping my baby get better by giving him anti bodies. It does build a bond between the mom and child.
  • My biggest hope about this subject: Is that more people become supportive towards it. It's hard work! I have to calculate my hours of pumping at work. It equals about a week of vacation. That's a lot of time!
Ad says: Breastfeed for 6 months. Help reduce your child's risk for ear infections. Ad says: Breastfeed for 6 months. You may help reduce your child's risk for childhood obesity. Ad says: Breastfeed for 6 months. Help reduce your child's risk for respiratory illness.

I Won a Blanket

  • I won this stroller blanket off of:
  • Their button is on my side bar.
  • The blanket comes from:
  • I got to choose the fabric. Travis helped me pick this one. It has kind of a Frida Kahlo look to it. We're both artist's, so it's very fitting.
  • I'll get it in the mail in a few weeks.
  • Side note: If you haven't seen the movie Frida, watch it, it's a great movie! I was so sad when Salma Hayek didn't get an award for it. She did a great job! The director Julie Taymor also directs Lion King on Broadway and Across the Universe. You do not have to like art to enjoy the movie.

You Don't Have to Tuck Me in

  • Mica also has been telling me for two weeks, "Mommy you don't have to tuck me in. I can do it myself!" Sometimes he even tells me it's time to go to bed. He's always been so good about going to sleep for us. He is cuddly both before bed and in the morning. Mica loves to read books before going to sleep.
  • Isaak is entirely the opposite. He cries and cries when I lay him down. My niece hates this part of babysitting. Sometimes, I vacuum at this time just to not hear him. Trust me I give him cuddle, nurse, read book's, and brush teeth time. I give him his cute little glow worm that lights up and plays music. He wiggles with book reading. Isaak screams with brushing teeth. Lately when he sees his tooth brush, he'll clamp his mouth shut, and nuzzle his face into me. He does this to avoid contact. Maybe it hurts to get his teeth brushed with cutting teeth. He's quite the opposite child about going to bed compared to Mica.

I Am Potty Trained

  • This weekend I reminded Mica to go potty before bed. I aways do this just as a precausion. He doesn't wet the bed very often, but it does happen on a rare occation.
  • He told me, "Mommy I am already potty trained. You don't have to tell me to go potty!"
  • Sorry Mica, it's just a mother's duty I guess.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


  • Travis had a surprise in store for Mica. He came home for lunch, then took him to see Up.
  • Travis said that it was in fact the best kids movie he's ever seen. He welled up three times with tears. I should of sent a box of tissues with them.
  • I asked Mica, "So, what was a the movie about?" He said, "I don't know." Then I asked, "Was it about flying?" He said, "No, it was called Up." Then I asked, "Was it about jumping?" He said, "No, it was called Up."
  • Sometimes he's so smart with talking, other times, not so much.

Ticket to Ride

  • I've been working on Mica's invitation's for his birthday.
  • I have no idea on the date and time. What is on there for that is made up. Part of having nurses in the family is the difficultly to schedule events. But...I love them. Plus his birthday is far from now.
  • Mica is very excited about his ticket.
  • I need to get a perforator for them.
  • Note how it says, "Seat 4" and "Row 4". He'll be 4.


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