Friday, February 7, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I decided to email Isaak's Councilor at school, in regards to his Math teacher not being there. The change of substitute teachers everyday has been having a toll on him.

    She called me back. Of course I was in class, and didn't get the call. We managed to connect a call right before I started afternoon lecture.

    She couldn't answer me in regards to when his teacher would be back. She's on Administrative Leave. She of course couldn't tell me what caused the leave. I don't know that it matters. Her suggestion: Let Isaak switch classes.

    There are three problems with this: 1. The other classes are full. That's why Isaak's Math teacher had a sixth grade class, when she has always taught seventh grade. 2. The teacher he switches to may be in a different spot in Math. Currently all the substitute teachers are going off his previous teacher's lesson plans. 3. A few of Isaak's friends were in that Math class.

    I agreed to talk it over with Isaak. Isaak said really fast that he wanted to switch classes! I brought up all the cons, and he didn't seem to care. He still wanted to switch. 

  2. Isaak's councilor also told me that she was so excited Isaak won an award for his Piano class, two quarters ago. She said his face just lit up!

    Once a week Isaak goes to Piano lessons. Everything is going well, except that Isaak lost one of his Piano books. We have no clue what happened to it. We're going to check to see if he left it at the house, he takes lessons at before I buy it again.

    Their dog always lays there, and listens to Isaak pound away on the piano. He probably does that because allergic me doesn't give it any attention. Sorry doggie!

  3. I have a class on Monday and Friday in first year. I hate teaching both those days. One of those days is totally fine. It's just that the students slack in showing up Mondays and Fridays.

  4. I called a student out, for not being in class, and relying on others to help her through things. All handouts, videos of lectures, and PowerPoints are on the server. She'll listen to someone else talk about the assignment wrong, do it wrong, and blame them. Now I'm the bad guy, for calling her out. She's been complaining to other instructors and students about me.

  5. In my other class students were talking about what was on the TV the night before (Trump). I reminded them that there are two sides, but that it was good they were discussing current events. A girl went to administration said they were pissed there was a heated discussion about politics in the classroom. It's not elementary, middle or high school. I was not sharing my opinion(s). Regardless I'm typically in the middle. One person may have over reacted by tearing someone's speech up, one other person runs at the mouth way too much. I am not a happy camper about that. What is something that has upset you lately?

Thursday, February 6, 2020

How to Plan a Honeymoon in LA

There are many reasons to plan your honeymoon in Loa Angeles, it has everything from art and culture, amazing cuisines and cocktails and some of the best views in the world. There are some of the most gorgeous beaches in America and there’s Hollywood and Universal Studios too. Here is a guide to planning the best honeymoon in Los Angeles.

I've never been to Los Angeles, but it looks like a great place to go. Have you been?

Best Time for a Honeymoon in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is blessed with good weather for most of the year. However, it is suggested that you travel the windows between March-May and September-November for a better trip. This is because the crowds are smaller, and the weather is also amazing if you want to explore the out-doors. It is best to avoid the busier summer months as the rates are more expensive and it is difficult to have quiet romantic moments when there are huge crowds of people.

Ideal Duration

For a relaxed and fun-filled honeymoon, it is suggested that you have a 10-15-day break in Los Angeles. Not only does it give you enough time to relax and explore the full extent of what Los Angeles have to offer, it also gives you enough time to take a one- or two-day trip to another destination that is close by.

Best Honeymoon Experiences

The honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to wind down after the stress of organizing a wed-ding. The honeymoon gives you a chance to be together and a generous dose of culture. There are lots of places in Los Angeles that will suit anyone and everyone.
  1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

    This is the venue to go to if you want to watch some American sport in an outdoor stadium. It is home to the USC Trojans and the Los Angeles Rams. Even if you are not interested in sports, it is definitely something you must experience when you go to Los Angeles and can be the perfect surprise for your new husband. Go to for tickets.

  2. Griffith Observatory

    This is situated on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood and makes for a romantic and magical experience. It is one of the best honeymoon spots in Los Angeles. You can go in the late afternoon to experience a beautiful sunset, followed by an incredible view of the starry night sky using the public telescope. There is a café and a bookstore so you can spend some quiet moments amongst the beautiful scenery.

  3. Universal Studios Hollywood

    This is somewhere that you must experience when in Los Angeles. You cannot miss the chance to go behind the scenes of your favorite movies. There are also rides such as The Simpsons and Harry Potter ride which can be really fun too and will add a dose of adrenaline to your honeymoon. You can also visit Disneyland where you will meet Mickey & Minnie, fairytale princesses and also get a chance to witness the parade and the fireworks. It will add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your honeymoon as you meet the characters that shaped your childhood.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

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The Perks of Loose Leaf Tea

Not all Teas are Equal 

It would be great if all teas were equal, but they are not. Matcha and loose leaf tea are far superior to bagged tea.

Bagged teas are heavily mass produced. They are typically made from broken leaves; that have been around for a long extended amount of time. Occasionally there’s dust in the bottom of a tea box. The lowest grade of teas are called “dust” or “fannings”. Farmer’s rake up the dropped leaves, and that is what goes into your bagged tea. Drinking dropped, or damaged leaves doesn’t seem appealing.

Think of it like this, if you have a box of crackers you eat them with enjoyment. You gobble them up to the point where there’s a bunch of crumbs that are on the bottom of the bag. At times there are crumbs beyond the bag that have made into the box. Those crumbs are similar to the “fannings” or “dust” in tea bags.

Loose leaf tea are the crackers, not the crumbs. Freshly picked, unbroken leaves, and leaf buds are used in loose leaf tea. It’s not made from the broken leaves on the ground.

It is all in the Flavor

Bagged tea does have a consistent flavor. It’s measured out, the instructions are clear on the box. It’s convenient to travel with something that is packaged and contained.

With loose leaf tea there are no rules. If you want your tea strong, you add more in, and let it steep for longer. Everyone has a preference for how they like their coffee. With tea, it should be the same way.

There’s something great about making your own of anything. With tea there’s no exception. Measuring out loose leaf tea isn’t a lot of work. It is pretty equal to the task of getting out a tea bag. If you want to mix a few varieties, than go for it! It should be a rewarding ritual.

Is Loose Leaf Tea Really Expensive?

Loose leaf tea is more expensive than bagged tea. If you are a tea drinker, it is time to splurge! Think of the money that coffee drinkers spend on their preferred drink. Loose leaf tea doesn’t even compare to the price of a cup of joe.

Brewing Methods

There are many tea diffusers you can buy. You have to find the right one that interests you.

They make a whimsical, medical grade, silicone tea diffusers. It is a fun conversation topic when ever someone is spotted using a mantatee.

It should be called a mantatea diffuser. There are other fun animal diffusers to buy.

There is a fancy wire strainer diffuser. This diffuser unclips, so the loose tea fits in, and then it is clasped back up. It can be slightly tricky to clean out. If you open it up, dump the tea in the compost, the diffuser can be swirled in soapy water, rinsed, and it is good to go!

There are compostable tea bags. They are similar to a coffee filter. When you are done, you can pitch the filter, and loose leaf tea in the compost to break down.

There is also a no filter method. Use a tall glass. Heat the water up, put the desired tea in, and drink it. For some, they can not get over the pulp. For others, the pulp doesn’t bother them. It sinks to the bottom of the glass. Very little tea pulp is actually consumed.

Much Love for Matcha

If you’ve ever had matcha tea, it’s ground up loose leaf tea. It is meant to drink whole. The pulp in loose leaf tea, and powder in matcha are really healthy for you.

Perks of Matcha

It is packed with powerful antioxidants
It lowers blood sugar
It lowers bad cholesterol
It helps prevent some diseases
It boots your metabolism
It detoxifies your system
It helps with concentration
Common colds are minimized because it contains zinc, vitamin C, and magnesium

Matcha is just like any other tea, where it calms the body. Pair it with yoga and meditation, and you’ll be a relaxed and peaceful person.

Tea Should Be Part of Your Everyday

If you love tea, choose wisely, and make it part of your daily routine. They have many varieties to choose from. If brewed longer, your tea will get stronger, for your morning kick off. If you need to wind down at the end of the day, there are tea options for that too.

Need an energy boost try Yerba Mate
When you are sick or allergic try Ginger Tea
After a morning workout try Matcha
To boost your metabolism try Green Tea
To reduce bad cholesterol try Black Tea

Best of all, enjoy all the variety of flavors when it is tea time!

Tea Two Pg Spread by AlissaSpiehs-Apel on Scribd


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