Saturday, February 7, 2015

Garbage Warrior

The other night we watched a wonderful documentary. It's called Garbage Warrior. It's all about a guy who makes self sustaining houses out of recycled materials. He's an architect in New Mexico. He had to jump through hoops for years to build his structures. For awhile he lost his license. He actually traveled to other countries to help them make structures, but couldn't help people in the US after Hurricane Katrina. Why? Because he lost his license.

It''s a wonderful watch. It's free, but it is just like watching a movie.

Dad really wants to build a studio in our backyard that's self sustaining. An addition would be a studio cat. Because of me; he can't have one in the house. 


Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday is all about me discovering something that is different. I don't want to post things that you and I have more than likely heard before. I want to find something different. It could be from another country, someone singing from the streets of NY, and more.

Have you heard of Twenty One Pilots? They are an American band out of Columbus, Ohio.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun - have earned widespread applause for their energetic live sets and distinctive fusion of piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift.
Holding Onto You

Guns for Hands

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. My Dad, not my husband (just to be clear) is having heart surgery today. Please send positive vibes towards our family.
    I'm nervous because it was supposed to be easier than the last ablation he had. Through scans they found out it's worse. I'm just thankful for modern medicine and procedures today.

  2. Speaking of my Dad...a long time ago he supposedly put up in the attic Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls she made. For years we couldn't find them. We still can't. My Mom blamed him for purposely losing them, or taking the wrong bag to the Goodwill.
    I saw this week that the two dolls were originally made as a symbol as an anti-vaccination. My Mom had Polio a few years before the vaccination came out. She's totally pro vaccinations. This week I told her that must be why Dad lost the dolls she made.

  3. Source

  4. I sometimes feel guilty not leaving comments on blogs I used to leave comments on.

    Then I think about why I don't leave comments on their blog any more. The reason...because they stopped, or never did leave comments on mine. It's too bad because in all cases there was something I enjoyed about their blog. It's not that I always have to have something in return all the time, but sometimes I need a little you scratch my back...and I'll scratch yours to keep going.

    It's kind of like having a boyfriend that never wants to see you. Eventually a relationship like that is going to die.

    Do you ever feel that way about friends, blogs, or even family?

  5. My mind has been busy this week. I've been thinking about the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - Boston Bomber, James Holmes - Batman theater shooter, and Dr. Anthony Garcia who traveled to Omaha to kill 3 people he had issues with in firing him.

    I wonder why some trials take so long to go through; when other trials go pretty fast? It seems like the media drops them as fast as they brought them up.

    I wonder what messes people up so much that they do heinous acts of crime? Do you blame our lack of help for mental illness?

  6. In 2007 we had a mall shooting here in Omaha. Robert Hawkins opened fire to kill as many people as he could. There were 8 victims, 5 were wounded, and he killed himself. One of the victim's was my sister's friend's mom.

    I remember thinking Why? I was pregnant with Isaak at the time. Here I was bringing a child into this world of violence, and crime.

    Once I heard a podcast on Robert Hawkins, and saw his mom on the Dr Phil show I knew why. He was in and out of foster homes during his life, his mom did drugs in front of him, with him, and possibly while she was pregnant with him. He was on and off psychiatric drugs for depression and ADHD. He was an unwanted child.

    Anyone that is brought up with no love in their life can and will do unthinkable things.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why Do People Read So Much Into Things?

I should learn to totally not state my opinion when it comes to people asking for an opinion on FB. 

The question that got me in trouble was...

One of our Moms needs your advice: "My toddler wants pink athletic shoes. He saw a - girls - pair at Target and keeps asking if he can get them. He does need new shoes but I'm worried he'll be teased for wearing 'girly' shoes. Any advice??"

Many people weighed in saying, "Get them." "Color doesn't matter." "Let him choose what he wants to wear." "Real men wear pink." and so on. 

I said,  "I wouldn't mind if my boys wore pink, but my husband would mind. I'd ask the dad what he thinks first. If it bothers him, then tell your son that you'd like to pick out shoes that goes with more things he has. Don't make it about the color. My son has a thing for gold, and glitter. I got him a bling tooth brush, tape dispenser, and stapler for Christmas. He loves them!"

The next thing I know I got these comments back...

"I don't ask my husband for permission to buy things for my son. Thank goodness my husband will let my son wear what he wants to wear regardless of color or style." and the worst was..."The dad has to give permission? What decade/country are we in???"

I'm pretty sure what I was saying was taken out of context. 

I said back..."The Dad in our house doesn't have to give "permission" to buy anything. I just ask if it's something I'm questioning. The mom is questioning if she should get pink shoes for her son. Trust me, I buy most the stuff in our house. Why can't the Dad be part of the shopping experience, since it is 2015?

My husband likes to do things like choose the color of paint on our walls, pick out furniture, and yes I do most of the boys clothes shopping by myself. I know that some styles my husband doesn't like, so most of the time I don't get them. He doesn't prefer Polo's, and my nephews wear them all the time. Mica has had a Polo shirt, and Dad said, "He looks like he's going golfing, or to a Catholic school." So...I don't get the boys Polo's. I did get the boys bow ties. My husband hates bow ties. My mom doesn't like them either. I got them anyhow because the boys love them.
The point is, is that everyone is entitled to an opinion. I'm not in a marriage where I make all the choices. If that were the case I might as well be single with kids.

My boys have never asked to wear pink. If they did, and I felt the need to ask for advice on FB, I'd first ask my husband before I would a bunch of strangers. 

My husband and I have had this conversation before about painting Isaak's nails. He doesn't like it. He just feel like he'll get picked on at school. He's ok with Isaak getting his nails painted for the weekend, so I've painted them during that time. 

I would never buy pink shoes for either of my sons. Not because of the color, but because both of my sons would have zero to wear with them. I'm a matchy, matchy kind of person. Mica has red shoes, blue shoes, brown boots, and dressy black shoes. His shoes match what he's wearing every day. 

If I did buy them pink shoes I'd expect comments from others. I obviously don't care that my boys have girly things. Think about what I bought Isaak for Christmas. 

Apparently on the thread I seemed like I was in the Stone Ages with my comment. 

Would you buy pink shoes for a little boy? Why? Why not? I'm certainly not here to judge your answer. I hate when people slap the judgement on me.  

Roller Skating!

In the past we've always been busy on the nights the boy's school has their roller skating parties. Mica never wanted to go to skate. He only wanted to go to play in their play area. 

I used to have fun skating. I remember skating to Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and more.

The last time I went skating was in 6th grade. We went skating for my Dad's work. A student of his bumped into the back of him. He fell forward, and landed on his front part of his arms. He broke both his elbows. Instead of calling someone for help, he decided to drive home. I helped turn corners while he yelled cuss words because it hurt so bad. From that point on I heard about how dangerous skating was.

When Mica and Isaak wanted to go to their skate party this year I was hesitant. I didn't want them to fall, and break something. *At that time we still didn't have our cards for health insurance. I also didn't want Mica going off to play, while Isaak wanted to skate. 

I said upfront that Mica was not going to play that night. He played the last 2 times he's gone there for birthday parties. skating it was. 

They both looked like fawns that were just learning to walk.

They were both so excited. Isaak said, "I got this Mom." Even though he couldn't stay standing up on his skates. By the end of the night they both were skating in the big circle. Still not graceful, but they were doing it. 

Mica said, "I'm a pro now." Shaking my head - no he's not a pro. 

Dad and I watched. I guess Dad was an ok skater. I wasn't bad, but I also have a weak ankle. I didn't know if it was wise of me to go. Dad said, "Oh it will strengthen your ankle." I'm not so sure about that. My ankle thing is genetic. I have a few family members with the same issue as me. Maybe one day I'll skate again, or not.

What song do you remember from skating when you were a kid?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Joslyn Art Museum

This weekend we went to Joslyn Art Museum. Omaha really does have a nice art museum. On a warm day you can walk around their sculpture garden outside.

Dale Chihuly's glass blown art. Except I know for a fact that he instructs people on what he wants, and only touches the glass when the instillation goes up. Sometimes I question if art really belongs to the artist's name that's on the piece.

We didn't go to see Chihuly's work. Although I do love all the color in glass blown art.

We went because they have junior graphic novels on display right now. I wrote down a ton of graphic novel names for future gift ideas. Mica likes Big Nate. For a long time he wouldn't give Nate a chance. Then he finally read it, and loved it.

That's snow in Mica's hair, not dandruff.
I really liked the Babymouse books By Jennifer Holm and Mathew Holm. I've never seen them before.
Mica thought they were more for girls because of the pink. Whatever!

On the balcony - Isaak was with me on the other side.

Below the balcony is a fountain with a wishing well. They have party's and receptions down there.

They have all types of artwork. Then there is a children's spot.
There are children's art books, computers, and laptops with art games on them. The one I like is a Vincent VanGogh Starry night. You touch your hands to the screen, and the impressionistic strokes move.

Does the town you live have a good art museum?

Snow Days

We've had one late, and one day of no school for the students. I still have to be at work. Imagine that. I never paid much attention, but if you listen to school closings they often say, "______ school is out. Faculty report."

Monday didn't effect affect me. I get those 2 words mixed up seriously. Wednesday really did make an impact! I was supposed to hand students their portfolio's back. Lots of critiquing time is gone.

Needless to say my kids have gone to work twice this week with Daddy. He has a much more open boss than I do. I feel guilty leaving them with my parents because my own Dad (AKA Grandpa) has heart surgery on Friday. He had to go off his meds today. 

I pack up lunches, and snacks. Dad and the boys pack up the DVD player, audio books, books, workbooks, pencils, crayons, and paper. It's like going on vacation, and having stuff to do in the car.

My boys are odd, and actually like school. Imagine that. 
We had today off because it melted yesterday, froze overnight, and snowed on top of that. All the snow came down during rush hour.

I know many of you are sick of the white stuff. Noelle at 'Jumpin Beans' asked me to post pictures. She lives in Atlanta where they don't get a lot of snow. When they do the whole town shuts down. I know I used to live there.

Our first snow this week was thick. It was perfect for sled riding if the wind wasn't so cold.

It was so thick that Dad had to shake the snow off our tree to save them. There were broken limbs all over the neighborhood. 

The boys did go sled riding, but it didn't last long. We used to go sled riding in our backyard. Dad deemed this as dangerous because the boys weren't jumping out early enough. They'd hit a poll, or our house. I say, "Buck up, and learn to fall off the sled before that happens." He says, "No way!" I grew up sledding right on the street. Ya probably a bad idea. No one stood guard for upcoming traffic.

They went to a local school hill that tapered off. No traffic, and no fence to get hung up on.

Does that thing look familiar on Mica's mouth? It's his sweat band. Ok, so he found another use for it. I guess I need to get him a scarf next year.

This is sort of my view by work. I technically do not have a window view at all. If I walk to the door, it's what I see.

Do you like the white stuff? I do when it first hits. After that I'm over it. Really it turns into blackish muck pretty fast.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WW: Little Bear {Linky}

Catching snowflakes:

Showing his paws:

Laying down for a rest:

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band at The Rose Theater Review

Isaak's been anti smiley in photos lately.
We love going to The Rose Theater! It was fun taking a trip back in time to see Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band.

About the Play:

Buffalo Bill was an adventurer, a cowboy, a buffalo hunter, a Pony Express rider, and a showman. At the turn of the 20th century, thanks to his outrageous Wild West traveling shows, he was the most famous man on earth. He was a man so famous that he had a city named after him: Cody, Wyoming. He tells stories about fighting along side people, and staring death in the face.

And in the center of that town was a hotel named after one of the people he loved most in the world:

His daughter Irma. One week, on a long train trip from Omaha, where his Wild West show started, to the Irma Hotel, Buffalo Bill looks out on a West very different than the one from his childhood, and he tells his daughter his story.

The Set:

The set design was a little more simple on this show. It took place on a train. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but there was no photography on this show.


 By Max Sparber
  • Buffalo Bill: Matthew Pyle
  • Irma: Stephanie Jacobson
  • Conductor: Bill Grennan*
  • Girl Cowboy: Sarah Carlson-Brown
  • Boy Cowboy: Robby Stone
They actors had a lot of lines, and did a great job remembering them.

Tickets Please:

Best for ages 6 and up. Isaak loved it, and he's close to 7. Mica liked it as well. He's 9.

This was a show more for little kids I felt. I'm just not a cowgirl at heart. I did love all the old footage that they showed throughout the show on a big screen.

Time: 70 minutes with no intermission. Go to the bathroom before you head into the show.

Call The Rose Theater for tickets 402.345.4849

Friday, Feb. 67 pm
Saturday, Feb. 72 pm
Saturday, Feb. 75 pm
Sunday, Feb. 82 pm

Prior to each Sunday performance, University of Nebraska at Omaha history professor Elaine Marie Nelson will share a pre-show presentation on William Cody and how his exhibition changed America, affecting us to this very day.

After the shows they have a question answer time with the cast. Isaak's had his hand up every time to ask a question, but there are a lot of kids there to ask questions. This time he wanted to know how they made the sound of the gun going off? I should email the question, but The Rose Theater is good about getting back to kids with answers! They even mention to email them.

I think any show that The Rose Theater has is great for kids. My boys just love going there! 

Disclaimer: I got tickets free of charge from The Rose Theater.

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Bulu Box Review

I do like healthy monthly box subscriptions. Bulu Box was one I told you about awhile ago. This post is a follow up from that.

The perfect partner in the pursuit of a healthier you, Bulu Box is like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist as a best friend. 
If you go and buy all these things in the store it will be over the cost to get a Bulu Box. I love the variety. I like trying things I just haven't tried before.

Here's what my box came with:

I was hoping there would be a little more in the box.

It also came with a promotional Bulu Box magnet, that has words on it to break off and make sentences. My boys have been having fun making sentences. Then they've been arguing when their sentence gets messed up. When they argue over something I know it's because they love it.

Each month, a box of healthy discoveries is shipped right to your door for just $10! 

  • You learn about that month's 4-5 premium samples, try each one and see what fits into your individual healthy lifestyle. 
Disclaimer: I'm writing this in connection to USFamilyGuide. I will get a sample of Bulu Box. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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