Saturday, November 5, 2016

TENZI - The Jet Set Review

Mica and I love playing TENZI.

We like it so much that TENZI sent us another dice set to review. It's played the same way as the original game, but has different colors of dice. This set is called The Jet Set.

This is the set that will go in Isaak's stalking. He loves sparkly shimmer shiny gold. I have to use all those descriptive words to tell anyone what his favorite color is. 

How to Play TENZI:

1. Dump out all the dice.

2. Pick your color. Two to four players can play. This set comes with gold and black dots, white with gold dots, black with silver dots, and silver with black dots. Isaak will choose the gold with black dot every time. 

3. All the players roll at the same time. They go with number that they rolled the most of by setting them aside. Then they keep rolling to get that same number. When one player has all of one number they yell out, "TENZI!" and win the game. 

Easy enough. There are many other ways to play the game! 

Other Special Sets:
  • I received Jet Set to review. 
  • Awesome 80s has highlight colors.
  • Camo Colors is great for people that enjoy hunting.
  • Smiley Set will make you happy to play. It has happy faces on the case, and bright colors for the dice.
  • Stars and Strips are patriotic with it's red, white and blue. 
  • Sweet Set would make a great Valentines gift.
  • Triopi-Colors may make you want to go on vacation to a tropical island. 
All the special sets are $19.95, except for Awesome 80s, which is $24.99.

Mica loves that this is a fast pace game. He doesn't have the attention span for longer games for some reason. 

What's your favorite dice game? 

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Disclaimer: I received TENZI and 77 Ways to Play TENZI for the purpose of this review.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. The kid that Isaak was having trouble with at school is giving other kids grief now. I'm glad it's not just our little boy. 

  2. We went to the school district's main building to check out middle schools. This is the 2nd year we've checked them out. We really like one school, but it's in a crappy part of town. Mica would be bussed too. Some middle schools are going though growing pains. They made 6th grade a part of many middle schools last year, but there was no transition/training for the teachers. I kind of want to pick a middle school for Mica that already had 6th grade in the school prior to last year. I never knew that picking out middle schools would be such a pain.

    The school district I went to had 1 middle school and 1 high school. There were no decisions to make.

  3. I wanted to get a photo of the whole pencil, but there were girls climbing on the other side.
  4. Travis chopped his hair (see the photo above). It cracks me up because he has a white spot in the front. It looks like he's bald there. Ha! My hair is very grey, but it's grey all over - evenly. I tell the kids that I have frosted highlights.

  5. Isaak's been Mr. Forgetful. He forgot his homework a few weeks ago. He left it at school. Yesterday he left his jacket on the bench at recess. It was nowhere to be found. He's so hard on himself about forgetting things that I don't make a big deal out of it. I did tell him that if he takes his coat off be needs to run it in to put in his locker. My kids have never lost anything at school. In my mind that's a pretty good track record. 

  6. My students just did fliers for nonprofit organizations. I was really impressed with all of them except for 3. Their job is to bring awareness to the nonprofit, and to get people to donate to it. In the 3 I didn't understand what the nonprofit was about, so they didn't do their job. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

WW: Halloween {Linky}

This is me and one of my students for Halloween:

Mica saw Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks at the grocery store. They were marked down 50%. He said, "Mom can I have a Trump mask. He's scary!" At least that mask looked like who it was supposed to look like. Clinton's didn't. I caved, and let him get it. We're not into politics. We don't really like our choices this time around. 

He was all excited to freak his friends out at a costume party he went to. I guess he was a hit. He was also really excited to wear the suit jacket I got him on the clearance rack for $20! It was originally $180.

He kept saying, "Make Halloween great again!" 

Here's Mica and Isaak on Halloween night:

We went to a house that was all decked out. They always are. They give out a bag of candy + full sized sodas.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Laser Light Green and Blue With Remote Review

My kids are so excited to have lights that are going to beam onto our house this year for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I tired stringing lights in the past. Even on the porch railing it annoyed me big time. One light would go out, and a series of lights would go out. I don't even know how people string them below their roof. It just seems like a pain!

There's something new you can try! Starry Laser Lights Projection puts out Green and Blue lights with a fancy remote! This system works for me!

When I asked my kids if they wanted to help me put out lights they jumped at the opportunity. They were so excited.

There's a manual, but I have to be honest we didn't use it very much.

Everything worked that slick. The only thing we had to refer the manual to was when we have to take the screw off the post, and onto the lighting device.

The remote came with batteries, which was nice! They are not a main brand of batteries, so I don't know how long they'll hold up. The only thing this kit didn't come with was an extention cord. No kit comes with that. 

The boys figured out the remote right away! We're talking before it even got dark outside.

We wanted to A) Try it out. and B) Have it a little too close to the house so that the trick or treaters can walk through the lights tonight.

Starring into the light:


You can have it just blue, just green, or blue and green. You can make it so that the lights blink, or stand still. It can all be controled with the remote. The remote even works from inside the house.


It has a timmer as well. If you know you're going to be out of town, or gone for an evening you can set it to go on at a certain time. Set a timing mode using the remote control and the light will turn on the same time every day or night and turn off again either 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours later.


The laser lights can cover up to 3900 square feet from a distance of 25 feet and can be set to flashing / twinkle, or simply stationary. It's perfect for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, and anything else you can think of like for Trick or Treaters.

If we back it up a bit our whole house will be lit up.

Energy Saving:

These lights use 99% less energy than regular string lights. I love that you can change how it looks too.

You'll save money in the long run too! This set only costs: $75.99. If it seems like a lot think about the time you save by not having to string lights. The energy alone is a huge savings. You won't have to keep buying new lights because one bulb goes out.

The set is weather proof too. If it snows, no worries.

Do you light up your house with Christmas lights? If the laser lights aren't for you, but you still want an easy yet effective Christmas light solution, you could opt for a custom neon light.

Disclaimer: I received this Laser Light set for a discount for the purpose of this review.

Sports Tactical Full Face Mask Review

This Sports Tactical Full Face Mask really does cover my face. 

I originally got this mask for Mica. He's in safety patrol all year. They don't switch kids to give him a break. Winter is right around the corner he needs something to keep him ultra warm. This winter is supposed to be super cold according to The Farmers Almanac.

I like it so much I may keep it for me. Mica can borrow it, or I may just buy another one in a different color. As soon as I step outside to go for a brisk walk, or hiking my asthma acts up. I just wheeze like crazy. I'd love to not have allergies and asthma. If I could have one wish it would be to breathe normally all the time. This mask helps! It blocks the cold air from going into my nose and mouth, yet I still can breathe.

  • I got it in Brown.
  • Navy
  • Rose Red (Hot Pink)
  • Wine Red 
All the colors are about the same price. The brown mask was $29.99 and on sale for $9.85. That's a 67% savings! It is on Prime, so if you're a Prime member you'll get shipping for free.

Full Coverage: 

This mask is nice in the fact that it keeps anyone wearing it warm. It's fleece, which will keep you toasty, and the material will wash up well. My only problem is when I go to pull it tighter. My head size is small like a kid's. I just have trouble seeing. It really does cover my whole face once that cord is pulled.

It's meant to fit all sizes, but I almost with they had 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Small. Of course the fabric gives a lot.

If you have a coat that has no hood this is perfect on a cold day! You won't even need a scarf. My neck was fully covered.

  • You heard my uses: For Asthma Sufferers and older kids on Safety Patrol
  • Snowboarding
  • Hiking (We do like to go hiking)
  • Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Survival Game
  • Tactical Mission 
  • Camping 

Do you have a favorite winter hat? 

Disclaimer: I received this Sports Tactical Full Face Mask for a discount for the purpose of this review.

Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

I love my new Anti-Fatigue Mat! It's so plush. It feels wonderful to stand on. If you've never had an Anti-Fatigue Mat I strongly recommend getting one. 

Who should have an Anti-Fatigue Mat?
  • They are great for someone like me that has weak ankles.
  • They are awesome for people like my mom that had Polio.
  • People like my Aunt Becky that have had full knee replacements would love an Anti-Fatigue Mat.
  • They rock for people like my husband that has a bad back. 
  • Anyone that's in the kitchen a lot like I am could use a mat like this. 
  • People that have standing jobs; where they are in the same position for long periods of times should use a mat like this.

    Some examples include: A baker, a bank teller, a factory worker, a metalsmith, a hair dresser, and a framer. There are many more jobs like this. 
  • It reduces pressure on your feet and knees by up to 40%. This helps with body fatigue.
  • It has a thick foam that is high-grade that feels wonderful to stand on with or without shoes. Just don't wear high heels on it. High heels aren't good on these mats. They dig into them.

Product Details:
  • It's made by Cushable. 
  • This mat is 24" x 36".
  • It's 3/4" thick.
  • It's waterproof and easy to clean. 
  • Each mat is a solid one piece with no laminate to ensure it to last long! I've had other mats that were laminated, and started to break apart. I'm super excited that this mat is one piece!
  • It's non-slip and non-toxic. It moves if I move it. It won't move if you're stepping onto it, dancing on it, or standing there. 
  • It is tapered on the edges, so people like my Mom that had Polio doesn't trip. Having a mat like this scared my mom. That is until she saw the edges, and how they taper off. Now I know what to get her for Christmas. 
  • The antique brown mat that I got to review costs: $89.99 and is on sale for $39.99.
  • They also have a black mat that costs: $74.99 and is on sale for $35.99.
  • Both color options can be shipped with Amazon Prime. Free shipping!
  • It came in a big box, and was wrapped in plastic to ensure nothing happened to it during shipment. 
It is nice that it comes in two color options for each person's decor. I suppose they could add a few colors to the mix to have even more variety. If they had a red one I'd buy it. I could also see a mustard yellow color in my kitchen.

I happen to really like the brown because I think it shows less dirt than the black might. I do find that I have to clean my mats often.

I use my mat all the time, but here are some key times that I really appreciate using it:
  • When I'm canning. It's a 1/2 day to all day event. 
  • When I'm making holiday cookies. I make a lot to take to work, and sell at the boy's holiday concert for school. 
  • When I'm hand washing a sink full of dishes. Usually I've been in the kitchen for awhile cooking, or baking. When it comes to doing the dishes I'm kind of done with standing. 
  • When I'm over a hot stove for a long length of time. 

Do you have an Anti-Fatigue Mat in your house? 

Have you ever worked a job where you had to stand in one place for long periods of time?

Disclaimer: I received this Anti-Fatigue Mat for a discount for the purpose of this review.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

TENZI Review

I love games! I'm not into video games as much as I am card games, board games, and games with dice. I'm so glad my kids like them as well. I just got TENZI to review. It's so much fun! 

Usually Isaak's more of my game player. He loves any game really. Isaak's going to get TENZI in his stocking. Mica's more into video games. He got into playing TENZI because it's a fast paced game.

How to Play:
  1. It's simple really. Two to four players can play this. 
  2. Each player starts playing at the same time by rolling their set/color of dice. 
  3. The objective is to get all the same number. 
  4. Let's just say that I rolled two, 4s, and the rest of the numbers were all different. I pick up everything, but the 4s, to roll again to try and get more 4s. I keep collecting 4s. The other player keeps trying to roll what they had the most of.
  5. The first player to get all of one number shouts out, "TENZI!" and wins the game. 

Mica kept wanting to play it again, and again. We were playing it before Isaak came in from outside, since he's getting it for Christmas in his stocking. It would also be a great game to give for a birthday present.

This is a wonderful game to play anytime, and most anywhere. Some ideas of where and when to play this game:

  • A perfect game to add to the list of things to do for Christmas break coming up.
  • Super for rainy, or snowy days.
  • A game to take to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the day. 
  • On a trip. It can't be played in the car, but we could have used this game during the summer when we went to Aunt Linda's house. She didn't have anything for the kids to do. 
  • A quick game before school to get the mind excited about learning. 
  • A fast game after school to get the mind ready for homework. 
  • For parties. This game is easy to teach, so it's great for newbies to learn. Again it's fast. If someone wants to do something else for a bit they can. We're having a New Years Eve party, so the kids can play this game then. I could see it played at a work party as well. In fact it was first invented for a work party. 

This set came with 4 colors:
  • Red
  • Black
  • Teal
  • Orange

They have other sets with other colors. I'm seriously thinking about buying more sets. Isaak loves gold, and glittery colors, so I might buy their set called: Snazzy.

TENZI also gave us a card set called 77 Ways to Play TENZI.

All the cards are just other variations to play TENZI, but some are more of a challenge than others. No card is difficult to understand. 

Mica and I played a few other ways, but we haven't gotten to all 77 ways to play.

You can get TENZI and 77 Ways to Play TENZI on Amazon for $23.90. Just the dice game alone is $14.95. You can also look for TENI in many retail toy stores.

There's a new TENZI app for free, which is available on iPhone, iPads, and Androids.

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Do you like dice games?

Disclaimer: I received TENZI and 77 Ways to Play TENZI for the purpose of this review. 


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