Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disguised Cookies

I had left over Christmas cookies. They sit downstairs in the deep freezer. Mica gets 2 little ones or 1 medium sized one in his lunch. He's told to eat all his other things first.

Mica told me last night, "Mommy everyone at my table wants my cookies! I'm kind of sick of them wanting my cookies." Instead of him saying that he wanted me to stop putting cookies in his lunch he said, "Maybe you can disguise my cookies to look like one of my other foods. No one would want them then."

I thought this was pretty funny and creative for a 6 year old. That is until I told Daddy about Mica saying this. Daddy said, "Did he tell you to disguise them to look like his other foods?" I'm like, "Ya." He said, "That was my idea. I told him to tell you that."

I have two boys trying to play me.

New Years Resolution

Mica has been telling us all month that his New Year Resolution was/is to be stronger.

Is it bad that I use this resolution to my benefit? I don't use it to my benefit all the time.

I have caught myself saying things like:

Mica if you want to get stronger, you need to eat more veggies.
Mica if you want to get stronger, you should use your muscles to pick up your toys.
Mica in order to get stronger, you should do some push-ups and sit-ups.

So far it's working most of the time.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Scooted Across the Gym Floor

The other day we had open gym class at the Y. We had to scoot on scooters across the gym floor. First it was on our butts, then it was on our tummies. I tell ya it was hard after I got to the middle of the gym floor.

Mica moves way faster than I do!

I sometimes have trouble with Isaak participating because some things are above his age level. This time he loved it! I was worried he'd catch his fingers, but as you can see the scooter has handles.

After awhile Isaak loved standing in font of Mica, while Mica was trying to scoot. Then Isaak also chased Mica on foot down the gym floor. BROTHERS!


Me, "Guess what Isaak? I love you!"

Isaak, "Guess what Mommy? I need a drink!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday Isaak was sitting down for a snack or lunch. Daddy was in the living room. Daddy said that Isaak was really quiet. He asked Isaak, "How are things going?" Isaak was silent. Daddy walked into the kitchen and noticed Isaak was again being quiet.

In Isaak's glass of milk was a little bit of hair. He had decided to use my craft scissors on his hair. Daddy ran his fingers through Isaak's hair and a bigger tuff of hair fell off. The damage was done within his hair. It's not very noticeable. I'm thinking maybe we'll just leave his hair as is. It's pretty cold to buzz it short!

Mica's never cut his hair. He did take a brand new shirt and cut a big hole in it when he was in preschool one year.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WW - Birthdays {Linky}

We got together to celebrate Cousin Kailey, Ethan and Uncle Tyson's birthdays this last weekend.

I think it's funny that they always have a parade of kids watching them! :) Isaak's the middle one watching.

Last year I got comments from my niece and nephew saying, "How come you didn't use the comics to wrap our packages?" I went back to doing that. It's better for the environment to reuse paper.
Ethan got a bonsai tree kit from us.
Again a parade of kids watching Kailey open packages. :) Pay no attention to Isaak picking or scratching his nose!

Kailey got the Whatever Clock from Uncommon Goods. It has numbers all on the bottom and says, "Whatever" on it.
Mica thought Great Grandpa Kent's lap was a better idea than parading around the gift openers.

Cousin Emerson sat on my lap. He could care less about watching people open gifts. Little man is 6 1/2 months old, is a chunk (over 19 pounds!) and goes in on Feb. 2 for Mandibular distraction surgery. Send good thoughts his way. Pretty soon he doesn't have to wear those special shoes during the day time. Woo Hoo! That will make him easier to hold. He will have to wear them at night for a long time.

I can't leave out the other birthday boy. Here's Uncle Tyson with a big smile on his face:

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I'm excited to say that Isaak has been dry at night for a week. When he has a growth spurt he does have accidents more often. He drinks and eats way more; that liquid has to come out somehow.

I do have to say potty training and bedtime sleeping was always easier with Mica. Mica trained easily. Isaak is a little lazy with going potty. He knows how, he just doesn't care if he's wet.

Check out these Underdoodles Natural Mama is giving away:

Mica had no excuses at bedtime. We just said, "Mica it's time to go to sleep." That was it. Off to dreamy land he went. Isaak tries to use excuses. Even with the excuses we have it pretty easy with him. I hear horror stories from some parents and have watched some pretty disturbing Super Nanny episodes; where kids would not go to sleep. Isaak's most crazy excuses were, "Mommy my foot itches!" Oh and I heard, "Mommy my butt itches!" Pretty funny and crazy.

Each kid is different. Isaak's way easier with toys and entertaining himself than Mica every has been. One kid will be a breeze with one thing, while the other is a breeze with something else.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What to Do?

I have my nephews coming up for one weekend. I'll get them Friday night on the 3rd and will have them until the 5th, 6th or 7th. I'm not entirely sure how long they will be with us. I do know that Cousin Elijah is sort of open to sleeping over with us, but not as open with other houses. Cousin Emerson has Mandibular Distraction Surgery, basically it's lower jaw surgery.

Here are my plans so far:

On Friday we'll take the boys swimming at the Y. We get to take guests 3 times a year. I can't think of a better time than when we have extra boys on our plate to take guests.

It will be Isaak and Cousin Elijah's turn to camp out in the living room. Last time Mica and Cousin Evan got to sleep in the tent. Two at a time I think is fair and enough chaos.

On Saturday I'll work with them on creating their Valentines for school. The older boys will be pretty self sufficient. It's the younger boys that will need help. I might buy stuff to make Valentine decorations. Possibly I'll figure out some kind of craft or Valentine themed snack that we can make. Ideas are welcome.

If it snows good then  they can go sledding or we can make a snowman. If not, that plan is out. If it's nice, we'll go for a walk to the park.

Any other ideas? I like to do things that build memories with them. I assure you it won't all be play. Since I will have extra souls around, there will be extra help to get things done to.

Here's a look back at what we did this summer when little Emerson was born:

We had a Scavenger Hunt. All they were hunting for were clues to get their special snack, but they loved it.

We went to the park a few times.

Those little ones have GROWN since July!
We went faux camping. That was a big hit and we're going to do that again.

Aunt Angela and I took them to Cars 2.

Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs went with me to take the boys to the Children's Museum.

Some other time I made sock puppets with them. That only kept Cousin Evan's attention.

If anyone has any ideas on what to do with 4 crazy boys drop me a comment.


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