Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kid Art

I let the boy's color on my feet once. Isaak asked to do this again. Thank Crayola for making washable markers! Although he didn't want me to wash my foot/leg.

He was allowed my foot as his canvas. Soon marker was on my lower leg too! Again, it's washable.

Mica drew this on Wednesday! Pretty good for an almost 6 year old! I have no clue what the rocket says. I do see his name in the small rocket on the side.

Day at the Park

Yesterday I volunteered to take my two nephew's Evan and Elijah off my sister's hands. We went to a near by park.

Right away the kid's shouted out, "Isaak's the monster!" Isaak was running around making monster noises at the other kids. I can't stand that they do this! I told all the kids that we're not going to have a "Bad Guy" or "Monster" today! I then took Isaak to a swing to get his mind off of being a monster.

While I was pushing Isaak on the swing, and watching the other boy's play, they quickly had nominated Cousin Evan to be the tornado! He had an orange ribbon thing he had gotten from VBS, and was swinging it around like a tornado. The other kids were running in what they called "The basement," which was the lower level of the play area. There always seems to be a "Bad Guy" in the group. I suppose it's not any different then playing tag and saying, "You're it!" No one wants to be "It". Isaak always is picked to be the "Monster" or "Bad Guy" in this group of 4 boy's. I don't like it one bit!

Here's Evan and his version of a tornado. At least it's more creative then "Bad Guy" or "Monster!" I'm sure this was really great for Mica's fear of storms. Knowing him, it was probably his idea.

I let them run off lots of energy! That's kind of the goal in taking these boy's out of the house! Mica and Cousin Evan are in the grass. Isaak and Cousin Elijah are on the man made ground.

Then we went for a walk to see ducks and went across a bridge. Whenever I see boy's on a bridge playing, no matter what age they are I think of the movie Stand By Me.

Mica kept running back and forth. The other boy's found and branch, broke it apart to push it through the fence. They had fun!

Then we went to a near by learning store. Mainly we talked about what we had at home already and what they'd like to have. It started to sprinkle, so we went back to Aunt Terra's house.

The boy's played good. I think they miss each other. Cousin Ethan showed up (he's in 6th grade) and belongs to Aunt Angela. He gives Cousin Evan and Mica hammy down toys. They were both ecstatic to get a new to them Transformer!

That evening we turned around and went for a walk to yet another park; where Mica will be going to school. They just got all new equipment. The boy's were really excited to play! It was fun to watch.

Friday, July 29, 2011

He Got Punched in the Nose!

Mica woke up this morning with dried blood on his nose. He had gotten up in the middle of the night to take care of a bloody nose himself. We never budged because he never woke us up.

He told me that he had a bad dream about a thunderstorm and punched himself in the nose to get the bad dream out of his head. Then his nose started bleeding. Disturbing to say the least! I told him not to punch himself in the nose, or anywhere else for that matter. Then I mentioned that he can wake us up to talk about his bad dreams!

I knew something was bothering him. Yesterday evening we had nasty looking clouds hovering above. Everyone wanted it really quiet at Aunt Terra's house, so they could listen to the meteorologist on the TV. Mica was really quiet and cuddly after that.

He has told me before that he doesn't want to travel anywhere where there are hurricanes and he hates when there are thunderstorms. I mentioned that all places have disasters that happen. I also told him that it's normal to be afraid of storms and such. He just needs to talk to us about his fears.

Even though he's scared of storms, he is intrigued by them as well. As humans I think it's natural to want to know more about things we find dangerous. Then when we know too much we're scared of what we've learned.

I'm not glad Mica is scared of storms, but I am glad that he is scared of something. He has always been that kid that seemed fearless. He's rode on rides and had no fear. Bugs and snakes do not scare him. He's always loved water dumped over his head at bath time. He climbs things pretty fearless.

As far as the punching himself in the face to remove a thought; that's not good! It concerns me. I want him to feel comfortable to talk to us. He seemed to understand that it's not cool to punch yourself in the face. I hope that was a one time thing.

I know I've done silly things like that before. Someone told me once that rubbing a pencil on your skin in the same area long and hard enough would leave a forever mark. When I was about 8 years old I did that; not long enough for it to be permanent though. I also tried to dig in the sand at recess time with my friends when I was 5 years old. We were trying to get to China. That never happened.

Pump it Up

Yesterday I went to Pump it Up for the first time. Daddy has taken them there before. They've always liked it!

Mica's sexy pose I guess!

 Mica squished his face against the net. He looked funny! Not so sexy!

They were in a pit that had gloves. Isaak wasn't as prepared as Mica was. Mica was coming at him, so Isaak put his little fist's up. Ready to fight!

Can you believe that I went through the obstacle course to? I had to see what the boy's experienced! Squeezing through was interesting!

The slide was amazing! Super fast!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 5th Week Birthday to Emerson

Cousin Emerson turned 5 week this week. I'm not sure how much we'll be able to keep up the weekly parties once school starts. Tonight Aunt Angela brought sorbet and berries. The boy's had ice cream sandwiches. Isaak at the end of the night thought we needed cake because we sang Happy Birthday to the Emerson Babe.

I got my hair cut. I've needed it for a long time. My hair dresser moved forever away a long time ago, and I don't know who to go to that's close. Boo! We didn't want to go all the way home, so we showed up early to Aunt Terra's. This was great because I got to hold the little man, while Uncle Tyson took a nap and Aunt Terra was assisting the older 2 with cleaning up.

I took these photo's myself. 
I tried getting Mica and Isaak to shoot them; they all were blurry! With Isaak I wasn't even in the shot.

Isaak loves baby's! In fact he calls "Baby Ermasen" and Baby Alex his best friend's. Baby Alex is my cousin's 4 month old. 

Emerson is a snorer! Terra thinks he caught Elijah's cold. She's been getting a lot of mucus sucked out since Great Aunt Sam changed his feeding tube. It only took her one time to change it versus the 5 or 6 times it took Hospice. Then they found out that there was something wrong with the O2 tank. They changed something and it wasn't working right. Now it's fixed. He wasn't getting any extra O2. He was snotty and struggling to breathe. They didn't realize. They thought it was just the changing of the feeding tube and maybe his big brother Elijah's cold. It's ok now.

Haircut story:

I got my haircut today after going seriously to the clear other side of the city I live in. It took forever to get there. I ran into major construction! Boo! I feared I'd be late, but was right on time!

The boy's watched a DVD, while I got my hair cut. Usually they are glued to the TV, but were really jumpy, fighty today! I took them to Pump it Up this morning, so I would of thought that they would have gotten the bouncing around out of their systems! I had snacks and everything. No wonder why I never get my haircut! It's hard to since Daddy and I never have an off working day together!

Isaak went potty. Door open and all! Boys! The hairdresser did not care one bit. Then Isaak says, "I can't get my pants up Mommy!" I said, "Mica please go help your brother!" Mica say's, "Mommy Isaak's penis is caught in his underwear!" The hairdresser is laughing. Thank God I've gone to him for forever, no one else was there and he has boys of his own!

My Boy Loves Rocks

Isaak was flirting with the waitress last night at dinner. He said, "I like you!" in a uber-nice voice. Then he said, "I have something to show you." I was thinking, "Oh no! What is my son going to show her!" As a parent, sometimes I find myself scared when my kid is going to show someone something. Isaak reached into his pocket and pulled out 3 rocks to show the waitress. She acted amazed. He thought he was cool for having rocks in his pockets.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Professional Pictures

Parodys of Songs

Do you ever make up songs to sing to your kids? I do all the time! Lately my own parody's have been getting stuck in my head!

I've been singing, "This is the dawning of the age of asparagus, age of a-spar-a-gu-uh-uss." This is off the song, Aquarius by The Fifth Dimension.

And this one, "Oh Scooby Doo baby I love you. Scooby Doo. I like the way you walk..." This is off the song, Suzie Q by CCR. One of Daddy's favorite bands!

I taught both of our boy's how to spell his name with the song, BINGO. "There was a farmer that had a dog and Mica was his name-o. MICA, MICA, MICA and Mica was his name-o." Then the same for ISAAK. I know I was calling them dogs, but it worked. They learned how to spell their names early on.

Do you make up songs to sing? If you like parodies for kids check out Juice Box Heroes. Aunt Terra and I both have their first album and like it! Their website has clips of their songs.

The only crazy thing is that when the real song plays on the radio, our kids are like, "Hey that's not how it goes!" HA

Monday, July 25, 2011

What Daddy Did With the Boy's Today

Last Night We Went to Borders

I am completely saddened by Borders closing their doors. I'm sad not only because they are a great store, but also that technology is taking over, it worries me with the future of our kids and all their employee's that will lose their job's in this crappy economy.

I'm for technology. Here I have a blog, I have the latest, greatest laptop and I have a good camera. At the same time technology has hurt bookstores and killed Borders! It reminds me of the book Farenheit 451, where people burned books instead of buying them. Ok, so we're not there, but bookstores and probably publishing companies are hurting.

Illustrator's and photographer's have been hurting the last two decades do to Stock Houses. Why buy original artwork, when you can get cheaper, reproduced pieces online?

Then there's the music industry. I feel for them to! Why buy a CD if you can download the song you want for free or cheap?

The movie industry is hurting too. Hummm...shall I say Blockbuster.

Did you know that they are taking cursive writing out of most schools because they want to push typing?

Yep technology is our best friend and our worst enemy!

Last night I lined up to look through books that were marked down. Many were only 10% off, and others were 40% off.

I called up Aunt Terra to see if she wanted me to get her boy's anything? I got Elijah Usborne's Illustrated Stories for Boy's and a similar book for my own boys.

Mica spotted this comic book (images found here):

Their Christmas stuff was marked down pretty good, so we picked out a few Christmas classic stories. Daddy and I got a few books as well. I also got the original Karate Kid movie.

Other random bits: 

Mica pulled out his comic book to look at first thing when he woke up!

Isaak asked to look in the mirror last night and this morning just to make sure his eye looked normal. It does, but that was scary!

I'm pretty sure I've developed an allergy to latex like Aunt Terra and Grandma Spiehs. I have a burn that I got while making cookies. It is healing, but it also started peeling because my arm rubs against my shirt. When I carry things, it rubs the burn as well. I've put on Neosporin and a Band-Aid. Well I can't stand it because the Band-Aid itches my skin like CRAZY! Band-Aids have itched before, but nothing like now!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

White Crayon on White Paper

Isaak's been trying to color on white paper with a white crayon for a week now. He was telling us that his crayon wouldn't work! Today he grabbed a yellow piece of paper and said, "This white crayon works on this paper Mommy!" :)

It's so hard to explain the concept of contrast with a 3 year old.

Yesterday I Lied to My Children

We went to the grocery store. They had many samples because it was Saturday. I told my children that I didn't think that they give away cookies because it was sample day.

In truth I really didn't want them to spoil their lunch.

The question I have for you is: Do you lie to your children?

I do for things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and my latest lie about the cookies. Then I joke with them about their snack being mine. They know I'm joking of course.

Eye Update

If you read about Isaak's sluggish eye and my concerns, he woke up and his eye was back to normal!

This is what it did look like.

That was super strange! I have no clue what happened to his eye. I've seen eyes get swollen because of an allergy or bug bite. I've never seen an eye get sluggish like that.

Last night I looked online a little. There was one site that talked about Trichiasis, it's where an eyelash grows abnormally and scratches the cornea. I thought it could possibly. That usually happens in elderly people, but can happen in younger folks. Isaak has super long, beautiful lashes that I'm jealous of.

Now that everything is ok, I guess I should stop thinking about it. I'm one of those people that want to understand the human body, and why it does what it does.

Another Note: Cousin Elijah almost had to go to the ER last night as well. He woke up wheezing, coughing, crying like crazy! I sure hope he doesn't have asthma! I had it when I was little. It comes back with cold/exercise. I also had a few attacks when I lived in Savannah, GA. The pollen was so bad there that you could see yellow powder all over the cars! Cats can put me in a fight to breathe as well. Fighting to breath is scary! Fingers crossed that Elijah just had a bad dream and he had allergy issues from playing outside! That family doesn't need another thing to worry about!

I'll Take What He Wants!

Most mornings I ask the kids, "What do you want, yogurt or cottage cheese?" Isaak used to say what he truly wants. Now he says, "Well, what is Mica having?" Mica usually picks yogurt. We have plain yogurt with cut of fruit added. It's sour, but it's better for you and the boy's seem fine with it. Isaak says, "I'll take yogurt then."

Then when it comes time to eat his yogurt he doesn't want it.

Last night when we headed off to Great Aunt Marsha's house, the boy's asked what we were having for dinner? I told them, "Pizza." Mica said, "I love pizza!" Isaak said, "I love pizza too!" Isaak doesn't like pizza! I can't get him to eat it.


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