Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day

I woke up with a sour stomach. No one else did and we've all had the same food. My stomach has always been on the sensitive side. I have to say that I'm lucky because there was one year I was sick to my stomach over and over again.

I made breakfast anyhow. Green whole wheat waffles, eggs and a banana. The boys were excited about the green waffle.

Mica told me how a leprechaun visited his school and left a green shoe in the classroom.

Then I laid around the rest of the day. I ate nothing, but drank a lot of water. I read to the kids, we played War the card game and we watched a movie.

Later on I saw that a blogger friend put on Facebook green dye in her toilet. I did the same. Mica went in to go potty and said, "Mommy a Leprechaun peed in our toilet!" He wanted to call everyone to tell them. He told Aunt Angela, "If you see any GREEN call me! I'm a Leprechaun hunter you know!" That was pretty funny! I told them both to go potty on top of the green for good luck. We're odd!

Kind of a new part to this post: We got crappy mail today! Daddy got papers in the mail - summoned to be on jury duty. 

So to not end the night with jury duty in our heads I pulled out episodes of The Cosby Show. That's right I bought their best episodes on DVD for super cheep. We all had good laughs. Our boys have never watched The Cosby Show. It's one of the best shows on air I think. Along with that I bought Disney - Swiss Family Robinson. We watched that earlier this week. It took 2 nights to get through it. I'm reading them the book as well.

Swimming - Isaak Sat Out

Last night we wanted to go swimming at the Y. We've been having a lot of problems with Isaak doing what we ask him to do. I think I said, "Take your clothes off!" five times. I even said a motivator, "We're going swimming!" in there. He likes to swim. Well little man sat around and threw his shirt at Mica, played and wouldn't strip down.

Daddy walks over and says in my ear, "Isaak's not going swimming tonight." It was time to leave {this was way later} and Isaak says, "I don't have my swimming suit on." I said, "Well you are not going swimming tonight." He wells up with tears and says, "But you didn't get my swimming suit on!"

We all went swimming and Isaak sat out. He whined and carried on at first. I was thinking I'd need to get out of the pool to take him home. No one else needs to listen to a cranky kid! Daddy took him in the locker room, had a talk and he seemed fine. Then we got a few books out of the swimming bag for him to look at.

How else do we as parents enforce that we are serious? He's almost four and is perfectly capable of striping his clothes off. Even if he would of asked me for help with a button or a zipper, I would have helped him.

We told him all the above. Isaak said, "Mommy I wanted to go swimming!" I said, "Isaak I wanted you to go swimming to!" He looked at me kind of odd. I said, "Next time if you get ready when I ask you, we can both have what we want! I love you and want to spend time with you. I don't want to ask you many times to get ready."

This is the harshest discipline Isaak has gotten. He's had timeouts, gotten sent to the landing to figure out problems with Mica, sent to his room because he won't respect other people, but never something so dear to him taken away. Taking movie time from our kids is no big deal. They don't get to watch a whole lot of TV anyhow. But swimming is dear to him.

I questioned if we were being too hard on the little guy? Daddy said, "No! He wouldn't get ready. He didn't want to go bad enough." I know he's right. Looking at Isaak I see a boy trying to grow up, but I also see a baby still. Maybe I baby him too much.

I wonder if he learned? Is he going to get ready next time? I guess we will see.

Friday, March 16, 2012

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Yesterday I Was Proud

I took a 1/2 hour lunch, so I could leave early to go pick up Mica at Jump Rope for the Heart. He was so excited to do this.

I have to say that I was leery. I was worried because at the Y he couldn't jump rope. He started crying because he was tired and frustrated. Mica doesn't cry often at all!

Mica decided he wanted to participate because there was going to be a big party in the gym with music and snacks! They rope the little tikes in. Advertising is key!

I went to pick him up not knowing if he'd be in tears or all smiles?!

This is what I saw: 

He had a determined look! His teacher was clapping for him! She said, "All Mica will do is jump backwards, but he's jumping!" His hair was so sweaty! I'm so glad Daddy gave him a summer hair cut the night before! He jumped for the full hour! No he wasn't graceful, he missed like 1/2 the jumps, but he figured it out. His teacher handed him a snack of apples. 

Mica picked out a prize and got a pick gulf set and an adult t-shirt. I put on the form that he wears a small child's t-shirt. Everyone ended up getting a prize. It wasn't as organized as the form stated. Mica wore the HUGE t-shirt to bed for a pj shirt. He was really happy to be wearing it. The pink gulf kit is going in storage. It will be next years White Elephant gift for my work. 

Jump roping isn't all Mica learned how to do yesterday! Mica can offically snap! He came in my room showing me his trick. Isaak was bummed he couldn't figure it out. I told Isaak, "In due time son. You'll learn that sooner then later."

Car Door

This morning Isaak jumped out of the car, walked away and said, "Mommy look at the pink in the sky!"
Meanwhile, I shut his car door.

He looked at me with raised eyebrows, a stern voice and said, "Mommy I need to do that!" He opens up the car door, just to shut it again. He then proceeded to walk up the steps and said, "THAT'S JUST NOT FAIR!"

I told him, "Well Isaak I'm sorry I shut your door. You did get to shut it though." I apologized because: A) Daddy says I don't apologize enough. B) Because I infringed on Isaak's independence.

Mornings after daylight savings time have been less than desirable. One morning we all woke up late and yesterday Isaak had to go number 2 right when it was time to leave. I know it's not his fault, but it certainly makes for a rocky start. We I was trying to defeat time!

Allergies kicked in extra early here. I feel a little like I have a walking hang over, with none of the joys of drinking the night before. If I had to choose one dwarf from Snow White to categorize myself as in the morning lately it would be Grumpy. I don't mean to be grumpy I swear.

Grumpy - snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs photo
This is what the pollen counts look like here:

A report I get from Nasonex. They send me a weekly count during allergy season. I had to type in my zip code to get the correct counts. Maybe it's better not knowing. Ignorance can sometimes be bliss.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Math Night

Last night Mica's school had a math night event.

It started with pizza in the gym. I chopped up celery and clementines to take with. Then they had salad to boot. It was mostly iceberg lettuce. I've gotten in the habit of taking extra veggies and fruit when we go to school events and sometimes even out to eat. Isaak ate all his pizza, which he usually doesn't.

Everyone working at the event had a number on their shirt. If Mica asked them what their number meant, he got both an explanation of the number and a slip of paper. He then could write his name on the slip and turn it into a table full of prizes. He was pretty shy about asking anyone about their number at first. I had to push him a little. He's no where near as shy as I was at that age!

After that we had some choices to make. Many rooms were filled with different activities. Mica chose art first. Isaak really got into a tub of mosaic wooden shapes. The art teacher printed out coloring sheets, laminated them and the kids could fill them with mosaic patterns. They looked like this:
 Melissa and Doug makes a fancier one like this:
It's a birthday idea for Isaak. I never know if I should go for the cheaper item (since he had fun with it anyhow), or go more expensive? Melissa and Doug's version is around $30 as to where the other generic one is $10.

We had a good talk with Mica's art teacher. She seems VERY NICE!!! As Daddy says, "Not teachery!" To him some teachers seem stuck up, like they know more then most. They have a high pitch, looking down at you kind of voice. Luckily Mica's teachers seem down to earth and not "teachery!"

Mica drew a picture of Batman and Spider-man, while Isaak did his mosaic.

Next we went into the Science room. They had bins of colored marshmallows and tooth picks. The whole idea was to put 3D shapes together. Mica build a 3D triangle and then a bridge that went from one desk to another. Isaak sat around talking about how he wanted to eat the marshmallows. We kept telling him, "NO!" because people's hands were touching them all evening.

Next we went to the food room. In there they got to count how many teaspoons of dried rice and sugar filled up a cup. Isaak really loved that! Then they got to measure different things to make a trail mix to take home. Both boys LOVED that. One thing our boys do well is EAT!

They called Mica's name off 3 times to win things on the intercom. That was fun for him! I know he picked a checkerboard, Toy Story card games and I can't remember the other thing. Mica was so excited he was running around telling everyone, "I won three things!" Daddy got after him because it's bragging. I know that wasn't his intent. He was really just excited. It appears as bragging to others.

It was a fun night.


I used to be a major game player, board games that is. That was before I had kids. After having them it became hard to play. I'd run into them wanting to throw the pieces, fight over pieces and end up loosing pieces.

I want to get into playing them again. Now they are at the age where they are better about all the above.

Mica especially is fun to play with! They vary in ages, so it still can be a challenge to play.

I like Rummy Cube and Scrabble. I'm good at Rummy Cube, and always loose when I play Scrabble. I still like to play because I find it challenging.

Go Graham Go! is giving away 5 games on her site by Bananagram!

Bananagram looks a lot like Scrabble and I want to try it out!

I love the look on their site as well! It's both creepy and fun!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WW: Planet of the Gorillas {Linky}

We went to the zoo with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  We were celebrating Grandpa Spiehs' birthday.

I tried getting a shot with the older cousins in the picture, but those shots didn't really turn out. Here are the younger ones:

From left to right: Cousin Elijah, Isaak, Cousin Evan and Mica

You Can Follow Me Here:

The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel'sThe Apel's

Finding Their Way

I know my kids would love this:

Mica got a safari set from Aunt Becky last year. They both fight over the compass. Fun Family Fritz is giving away this cool looking compass from Uncle Milton.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Preschool Conference

I went to Isaak's preschool conference, while Daddy took the kids to swim lessons.

His teachers told me that Isaak is a typical three year old. He knows most of his colors. I say, "Most" because according to Isaak the color silver is always white. I know this because he has silver shoes.

They said Isaak can count to 35 and he knows some of the sequence after that, but skips numbers.

They were impressed that he can bounce a ball. He loves bouncing basket balls at the Y.

Isaak plays well with others and by himself. His teachers said that the young boys play so well together. The 3 year olds demand less attention then the older 4 year old girls do. He also stands up for his cousin. When they were at their other campus Cousin Elijah got picked on by an older kid. The older kid wanted Elijah's toy and said, "I can be mean!" Elijah said, "I can be mean to!" Isaak stood up and put his hands on his hips, raised his eyebrows and said, "I can be really mean!" Then that kid backed away.

Mrs L said that she was role playing, pretending to be a clown. She toppled to the ground (on purpose) and Isaak jumped up on top of her. He loves to wrestle.

Isaak did this collage today:

Meet Jonah the hippo who vomited out Jesus. This is what Isaak told Daddy the image was about.

I told Isaak's teachers about him being wet when he came home one day. Daddy asked him, "Didn't your teachers take you potty?" Isaak said, "No! They were too busy praying." That still cracks me up. It made his teachers laugh as well.

He's really a typical three year old boy. He loves to color, but still scribbles. He knows how his name looks, can't write it yet, but does allow us to steer his hand to form letters. 

Fake Sleepers

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today We Went to the Zoo...

and saw a lot of animals.

It is Grandpa Spiehs' birthday. Happy Birthday Grandpa! We had a wonderful brunch. The boy's wondered why we didn't have cake. Well we had coffee cake.

Grandpa unwrapped gifts. Mica made him a card, a picture of George Washington {not his best} and a picture of himself {pretty good}. Then off to the zoo {as a family} we went.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. It is hard to stay together though. Mica and Isaak are punks about running ahead. Isaak runs ahead and then cries because he can't see me. Mica runs ahead and doesn't look back until he's called.

I kept talking to Mica about being kidnapped. Here's what was said:

Me: Mica I worry about someone grabbing you and kidnapping you!
Mica: I'll just kick them and get away Mom.
Me: Mica adults that want to kidnap children are more powerful than you. Sometimes they put their hands over your mouth, so you can't scream or say anything.
Mica: I'll just lick their hand, they'll get grossed out, wipe my spit away and then I'll run away. I'm fast Mom!
Me: Mica, just stay with me, or I'll force you to hold my hand the rest of the time.

That sort of worked. Then we had additional conversations about kidnapping both in the car and at home.

Regardless of the running off,  everyone had fun. The boy's loved playing with the chains that is the entrance in the aviary. Yep they could of cared less about seeing the birds. They were only interested in the chains. That is until Elijah went through and one popped Isaak in the head. Then of course it was Elijah that hurt Isaak - according to Isaak that is. See for yourself:

On another note: Isaak woke up three times tonight crying for me. He kept dreaming that monkey's were splashing his eyes with water. Sort of funny, but must of been scary for him.


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