Saturday, August 29, 2009

Add That to My Christmas List!

  • Whenever we go shopping, if Mica wants something I tell him, "We'll add it to your Christmas list."
  • We saw a jet flying over us at cousin Evan's soccer game. Mica said, "I want that on my Christmas list Mommy!"
  • I said, "We'll add it, but I think that is way too expensive for even Santa to bring you!"
  • Mica wants everything within his interest this year for Christmas. I think his list will be pages and pages long by the time Christmas comes around.
  • He's already asking when his next birthday will be? A year away! A four year old doesn't understand what a year even means. Even after showing them a calendar. The concept just doesn't click!


  • We went to watch cousin Evan play soccer. Mica wanted to be in on the practice, but soon lost interest when he saw a great playground.
  • Mica told me today, "Mommy I want to play soccer too!"
  • Evan sat out most of the game because he was pouting. He was upset that he couldn't have the ball 100% of the time. Sounds like a 4 year old to me.
  • My sister Terra tried giving him a pep talk. Not so sure it worked.
  • Uncle Tyson is the coach.


  • Grandpa Spiehs helping Mica on the pretend digger.
  • Do you love his hat?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Three's a Crowd

Ooops Mica's Hands Are, On Rachel's Butt!


  • Isaak wasn't paying attention. He was too busy looking at one of the girls. He fell on the ground!
  • There was sand in his mouth, scratches all over his face, a slight amount of blood and of course tears!
  • Poor kid looks like a mess!
  • Although it looks nothing like Mica's messed up face a few years back! That boy really took a spill on the concrete. Travis took him to the doctor's, but no stitches were needed. He did look like Hitler pretty much all winter because above his lip took the longest to heal.


  • Rachel on the left and Claire on the right.
  • It's getting harder for me to tell them apart.
  • It used to be that Claire was always smaller than Rachel, but now she's catching up in size.

Riding Around

  • Mica looks too big for this big wheel.

Going Outside to Play

  • We went to the Gordon's. Sarah is a friend of my since middle school. Her and her husband Brandon have twins (Rachel and Claire).
  • I will soon have the whole high school clan over to my house. I joke that we will need to rent a hall with all the kids and spouses that we have. LOL!

Blink Isaak Blink

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Copy Cat

  • Isaak has been a big copy cat lately.
  • When Mica prances around, so does Isaak. Isaak wants to do everything Mica is doing.
  • He's starting to say more words too! He has a vocabulary of about 13 words. The word I think is so cute that he says is, "Bam Pa", which is "Grandpa". I love when he says, "Bye Bye" and waves backwards.


  • Aunt Angela swept Mica away from my parents house to take him out in the town.
  • They ran errands.
  • Then she took him to see Uncle Eric at the fire station.
  • He loves going to the fire station, but was a little bummed that he didn't have all of his fire man outfit.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I won 2 T-Shirts!

  • I won two t-shirts off the site Pour Some Sugar on Me from the company SnugFits.
  • I'm getting the Live and Let Live shirt in brown and the Punk shirt in black. Mica loves the "Live and Let Die" Paul McCartney song, and we call Isaak a punk all the time. Both shirts only come in baby sizes. So...I got their biggest size possible 18 to 24 month in long sleeve.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brother? No Boyfriend? How About Daddy!

  • We were getting ready for breakfast. Mica told Daddy that he was his bother. When I told him, "He's not your brother!" Mica then said, "Oh ya, you are my boyfriend!"
  • We both just started cracking up and said, "Boyfriend?"
  • How about, "Daddy!"

Preschool Family Fun Night

Mica Hanging Out at a Preschool Event
Mica Drawing With Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk Chalk - Doesn't Entertain Mica Too Long
Some of the Preschool Class
Mica With One of His Teachers
Nephew Evan on Monster Feet
  • We had family fun night at Mica's preschool last night.
  • It was totally not what Daddy was expecting. He wasn't too into the fun little games outside.
  • I thought it went just fine. Mica and his cousin Evan had fun, and that's what matters.
  • The only thing that my sister and I were a little disappointed with was that we found out that Mica and Evan are going to be the ONLY boys in there class. I think this will be worse for Evan then Mica. Mica likes to play with the girls, or by himself.
  • I do like that Mica and Evan tend to go their separate ways in preschool. They are around each other so much outside of school. They act more like brothers then cousins. They have different personalities. I like that they are close, but it's good that they make other friends too.
Mica Going Through a Chain of Adult Legs These are the games Daddy didn't get into.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Get That Kid in a Car Seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So a few days ago I was driving down 72nd street during a busy rush hour time.
  • To busy to stop, pull over, or get out my cell phone to make a 911 call.
  • We were at a stop light, and there's this kid in the back seat of a car jumping around besides us. I couldn't see their licence plate number.
  • The mom didn't have a care in the world. She was just looking ahead.
  • I just don't even understand why any kid would not be in a car seat now a days. I would think there is a nonprofit org out there somewhere that helps people with poor income if the family can't afford one. The mom didn't even have the child buckled up. Too me it's less about money, and more about irresponsibility. It would be different if we were back in time, when people didn't know any better, but we're not.
  • Mica started asking me, "Mommy what is that kid doing?" I just responded, "Mica that kid is supposed to be in a car seat and he is not."
  • Safety is so important. I just don't understand why some people act like they do not have a care in the world when it comes to the safety of their children. It makes me sad for the kid because it's not like the child can go out and buy a car seat for themselves.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flute Player

  • Isaak now is able to play the flute. He knows how to blow and make tunes come out.
  • Mica learned this fairly young as well.
  • I just have to watch him because he tries to walk around playing the flute. I do not want him to fall, that could be really bad!
  • It is pretty funny watching a toddler play a flute!

Southern Brand

  • Southern Brand is a cool store. I lived in the south (Savannah, GA then Atlanta, GA) for awhile, so I like some of their T-Shirts. This store has a great blog as well!
  • Two things about the south besides the hot weather that I miss, is the music and the beauty. I miss the big magnolia tress with the beautiful blooms! Oh...I'm adding a third thing I miss, the history. So much in the south is historical, which is inspiring.
  • One thing I do not miss is the allergy problems I had!
  • My favorite t-shirt is the one featured above.
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me is giving away a T-Shirt of your choice. That is only if you enter and win! If I win, I'm getting Mica the Baptized In Muddy Waters T-Shirt to wear to Grandma Spiehs' house in particular.

Writing Like a Girl

  • I hate to say this, but Mica writes like a sissy girl throws a ball (that sissy ball throwing is me that I'm talking about). I was working with him today on writing. Each time I work with him it's like it's the first time he's ever written. Then he holds onto the writing utensil very weak. It's almost as if he has no muscle in his hand at all.
  • I kept telling him to, "Hold it like a man." Then I'd grunt afterwords. Mica thought it was funny, so I emphasized the grunt. He'd hold it well for about two seconds, then went back to the weak hold.
  • He draws and writes really light. So I gave him a washable marker this time. Then he was so concerned that he got marker on his hand.
  • He gets really impatient fast, and wants to stop to go play. He gets sloppier as he goes too.
  • Then there is Isaak over at the other end of the table drawing really freely and filling up the page.
  • What do I do? Mica's preschool teachers are going to think we didn't work with him at all during the summer. We tried.
  • Any advice I'll take it. I think this is one of the most frustrating learning curves we've gone through as parent's this far.

Off With the Rug!

  • Once everything was vacuumed, I folded up our area rug. It's coming up for awhile.
  • That way Isaak can walk around free with underware on. He can pee and it really won't matter too much because we can just wipe it up. That's how they learn anyhow, by feeling that they are wet. One of the great things about wood floors, messes are easy to clean up!
  • Isaak's getting to be a pain with diaper changing! He's also tapping on his diaper a lot when he is wet. I'd like to get him trained. He's going on the potty (pee) once every other day it seems. It will take some time to train him.

Vacuum Hoses

  • Mica acted like the vacuum hoses were guns and swards today.
  • All was good until he hit Isaak with one.
  • Usually I vacuum when the boys are down for their nap, but not today.

Guitar Vacuuming

  • You may not want your volume turned up on this one.
  • Isaak was vacuuming with Mica's guitar.
  • Every time I would stop vacuuming, Isaak would stop running the guitar across the floor.
  • I thought it was pretty creative of him.


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