Friday, November 5, 2010

This is Unbelievable!

  • We went on a rare trip to Arby's. We had coupons for roast beef sandwiches. I brought green beans and grapes to eat as well. 
  • Mica loves their beef and cheddar sandwich. He saw it on a commercial once. 
  • He was eating his beef and cheddar with a huge smile on his face and said, "This is unbelievable! I mean really!"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Day to Enter a Few Low Entry Giveaway's

  • I have 2 CSN | Stores giveaways that end tonight at 10 pm. They are both for a $35 gift card. You can find them here and here.
  • I have a Snugfits giveaway that also ends tonight at 10 pm. This is to win 2 baby or toddler's tee's. Their choices are awesome! Please enter this giveaway here.
  • This giveaway ends on November 6. It's to win an Energizer smoke alarm and batteries. Right before day light savings hits! You can enter this giveaway here.

Yes Sir!

  • Daddy said something to Isaak in the car ride this morning.
  • His response, "Yes sir!" He kept saying, "Yes sir!" over and over again.

Madison Cargo Bike

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Do you want to win one of these Madison Cargo Bikes?!? Try and win one by going here.

These bikes are not only fun, but look at the cargo room! That little kid in the back is having a blast. Buy one here.


  • My Wee View is hosting a giveaway to Peatoes. They are giving away a $50 gift certificate.
  • I've never seen or heard of this store before. When I first stopped in, the prices were a bit high. I did really like some of their toys. These toys were very reasonable in price. They are also something that Mica and Isaak would totally get into!
Mica would love this toy Magnetic Robots by Mudpuppy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

80's Videos

  • Daddy and I took turns showing the boy's 80's video's last night.
  • They like Michael Jackson's video's and one of their favorites was Sledeghammer by Peter Gabriel. 
  • They love that Peter Gabriel has a train that goes around his head!

Toys "R" Us

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday - My Student's Project

  • Every year I give my college art students this project. They each get a small part of a big picture. They also get different techniques they have to use. 
  • I come up with new pictures every year. These are the images for this year. The end result covers the wall!
  • On both images the left image is the original and the image to the right is the student work. They never know what the picture was going to look like until the end, when it was hung up.



Monday, November 1, 2010

Skipping Buzz

  • During Mica's last preschool conferences his teacher's said that he didn't know how to skip.
  • Mica's always been behind on things like skipping, pedaling a bike and even with walking he had a limp at first. He crawled with one leg tucked under him. Only one leg was used to crawl. Since he was only exercising one leg, he had a limp when he started walking. I've never seen a baby crawl like Mica. I saw a lot of funky crawls in our Baby and Me Group. The crawls I've seen: Army crawl, polar bear crawl and pretty much a scoot across the floor. Mica's was very different then all of those. When I looked his crawl up when he was doing it, I read that a lot of kids that get Autism crawl like that. Of course since Mica was born with a normal side of his tongue and a skinny side, the doctors were concerned of major asymmetric disorders. I was so worried. The boy had such odd things happen to him when he was a baby. I don't even think I could demonstrate what his crawl was like. I wish I had a video of his crawl.
  • Well the boy knows how to skip now! He was a Buzz Lightyear, "To infinity and beyond!" skipper last night!

Here Comes Santa Claus

  • Last night when we were trick or treating Mica said at one house, "Do you know that Thanksgiving is next, then comes Christmas?" The lady said excited, "I know! That's cool! All kinds of holidays one after another!"
  • Mica's been talking about Christmas since his birthday in August. Daddy's been getting pretty annoyed. Daddy said, "I'm sick of I want, I want, I want." As soon as the boys are old enough to stand for awhile we are going to sign up to be bell ringers and GIVE our time. There's been a few times where I've known families in need. We bought gifts to put on their front porch. With medical expenses when the boy's were babies we thought Christmas was going to be hard for us. We made it work though. I think it helps kids to understand what giving is about if you give to a family you know personally.
  • This year I am involving Mica in making Christmas presents for his teachers. We're making chocolate from Glee Gum. Then he'll help me make pumpkin bread too. Both boys love helping in the kitchen.
  • I'm also going to attempt to have Mica help me wrap presents this year. I'll box the present's up. He'll tell everyone what they are getting if I don't box them up. I'm wrapping many gifts in just brown craft paper. Mica will go with me to Hobby Lobby to pick out things we can glue onto the packages. Like foam cut outs, or paper snowflakes. Mica can glue them and stick them on. Mica's not too into crafts yet; we'll see how it goes.
  • Two of my favorite sites Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom are having some Christmas giveaways going on where you can get extra entries by posting their button and tell them that you did. You can also blog about their 2010 Here Comes Santa Claus to get extra entries.
Go Graham Go

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

  • I actually like the photo's I took of the boy's yesterday better then the one's I took today. They were just so smiley yesterday.
  • Here is Buzz Lightyear Mica and Lil' Frankie Isaak.

  • Mica said to everyone, "Do you think my costume is cool?"
  • He also wanted to only go to houses that had decorations outside.

  • Isaak did not want to give up his treat bag. 
  • I kept trying to dump his bag out to make room for more and lighten the weight. 
  • He refused. 
  • This is what he looked like when I dumped it! Total tantrum! I unpacked the packer's bag! How dare I?

  • I heard Isaak cough while in the wagon.  I looked over at him and realized that Isaak was eating the candy out of his bag with the wrapper still on. 
  • First it was a Pixie Stick. Next it was a Tootsie Roll. 
  • Isaak was certainly much more of a candy junkie then Mica!
  • He kept trying to sneak candy out of the bag. He will eat it wrapper and all!

Full Bus

  • This is what most of Isaak's toy's look like. The little toys are packed into bigger toys.
  • He's our packer
  • He has little bags in his room stuffed full of hats, cars and little stuffed animals.


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