Saturday, February 5, 2011

Milking the Issue Has a New Sponsor!

I started the blog: Milking the Issue because I wanted to help support Mother's with breastfeeding and discuss new products for babies and young children.

I personally had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding when it came to both of my children. Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue, which made his tongue misshaped. Then Mica got a life threatening staph infection in his neck at 7 months; I nursed him to health.

I thought Isaak would be a breeze since Mica was so difficult. Isaak wouldn't latch right. I had to supplement with formula. Then Isaak got meningitis at 2 months. Both boy's have no long term effects from their major illnesses!!!! ;) I succeeded in nursing them into early toddlerhood  and worked full-time.

It is my goal to help new Mother's through Milking the Issue. I want to continue to support them even though my two boy's have grown past babyhood.

I'm excited to say that Cora Carolina is Milking the Issue's new sponsor! 

Cora Carolina is Our New Sponsor!

Their sale items for Cora Carolina are going to be donated to Save a Child's Heart foundation. Their mission is to focus on improving the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children from developing countries who suffer from heart disease and to create centers of competence in these countries. They are dedicated to the idea that every child deserves the best medical treatment available.

Cora Carolina is a woman owned and operated business that cares about the safety of children. I encourage you to also check out their blog!

A few positive things they like to enforce:
  • Imagination
  • Exploration 
  • Creation
Green Living: All products on Cora Carolina are healthy and safe for your home.

Dolls and Plush: These high quality dolls are made to increase creativity.
Toys: Toys that are meant to last, heighten creativity, joy, diversity and family interaction.

Mommy and Me: Products that are safe to use on babies, children and grown-ups.

 There are a lot more products that fill the imagination at  Cora Carolina! Please like them on Facebook!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Things Mica Says!

  • Mica told me, "Mommy you won't have your boyfriend today, which is me of course and I'm sick." A run on sentence, but that's how he said it. 
  • He also told me, "Mommy I can't leave the couch! I have a curse to stay here." 
  • I kept mentioning to Mica that how he felt today was how Isaak and Mommy felt on Monday. 
  • That's why on Monday we weren't up for playing with him. 
  • He shook his head like he understood.

    Sick Mica, Well Isaak

    • It happened, Mica is sick with the stomach flu now too. 
    • Around 5 this morning he ran for the toilet. He hit most of the toilet, and missed a little bit. I clean him up, and wanted Daddy no where near it. Daddy hasn't gotten it yet.
    • I feel bad because Aunt Terra {who is pregnant} has kept her boy's away from mine for two days; yesterday she brought them over. Isaak and I haven't been sick since Monday, so we thought we were in the clear.
    • With snow days and being sick, Mica's missed preschool all week.
    • I'm glad we've had a few snow days at my work this week, so I can easily stay home without getting too far behind.

    I made a bed for Mica on the couch this morning.
    He looks awful! Just not his smiley self.

      Isaak went to his room and drug out his blanket and pillow to lay on the opposite couch.
      He looks the opposite of Mica. He's happy and giddy because he has a blanket and pillow just like his brother.

        Tuesday, February 1, 2011

        Right on the Walls Review

        • Shortly after Christmas things started to fall apart. My Grandma Kent that has Alzheimer's disease ran away while my Grandpa Kent was in the shower.
        • She was found three miles from their home on the ground. Her hand was broken, she was wearing my Grandpa's shoe on one foot, a slipper on the other foot and had no coat on.
        • I tried thinking right away of things I could do to help her to not run away. A company called Right on the Walls really helped out!
        • They custom made a faux shelf that was made to fit on their door to camouflage it.
        • I was so happy that they were able to do this for my Grandma! I had looked for awhile to find one company that would put something like this together.
        •  Right on the Walls made this for me in a very timely fashion! 
        • A few other things happened with Grandma, and she had to move into a special home. It was getting to the point where we were worried about the safety of Grandma and Grandpa.
        • I still wanted to give my Grandma the shelf that was made specially for her.

        • I finally had a chance to visit my grandma this past weekend. I was sick for two weeks, and did not want to pass what I had to her!
        • Her room is cute. Her door is wide open for her to roam free inside the place. Putting her faux shelf on her door has lost its meaning.
        • Her bathroom was bare, so I decided that would be a great spot for her shelf from Right on the Walls.

        • I'm really glad my Dad joined me to help put the shelf up. It would have been hard to put the shelf up myself. The process was definitely a two person job.
        • I love that Right on the Walls included a scraper to help work the bubbles out of the print when putting it up. We still ended up with some small bubbles. The adhesive was pretty sticky, so it was good to work fast.
        • The shelf looks 3 dimensional, which is great for my original intent of camouflaging a door. 
        • I love that it won't damage the wall surface. 
        • Although my Grandma can not express what she likes the same way she used to, she nods and has a twinkle in her eye when she likes something. She seemed to like her shelf. 
        • Thank you Right on the Walls.

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        Wordless Wednesday - A Tent in Our Living Room

        • I came home from work to a full size camping tent in our living room.
        • It's camping weather inside, and freezing outside.

        Being Sick Isn't Fun!

        • I had two weeks of having a horrible cold. It was so bad that I went to the doctor, which is unlike me.
        • Mica had the cold as well.
        • Two nights ago Isaak threw up in his bed. The first time I didn't even know because he didn't tell me. I picked up my crying tot, and had throw up on my shoulder. YUCK! He threw up one more time. 
        • The next morning {yesterday} was a fresh day. I decided that I would be the one that stayed home with the sick kid. I was making breakfast for Mica and it hit me. I too threw up. YUCK!
        • It was a very cuddly day with Isaak and I on one couch and Mica on the other. Mica was fine; he asked me over and over again to play with him. To be honest, I wanted him as far away from us {sickies} as possible! I didn't want Mica to get it to! 
        • Today we're better.

        Sunday, January 30, 2011

        A Herve of Penguins

        • Mica told me tonight that he wants me to take him to the zoo next weekend, so that he can see a herve of penguins.
        • Daddy and I were both like, "A herve?!"
        • I realized that he was trying to say, "A herd of penguins."
        • Daddy said, "Mica a whole bunch of penguins are a flock, not a herd. Just like a bunch of fish are a school of fish. A bunch of cows are a heard."
        • As it turns out they are both wrong. Many penguins are a colony. I had to look it up.

        Mica Dancing to Cherry Poppin' Daddies

        Entertainment for Today

        • Mica wanted to watch a movie after lunch. It was too close to nap time, so we watched these small Wall•E clips. 
        • Mica was cracking up with laughter.

        Trip to Walmart

        • I usually shop at Target, Costco and I have my picks of grocery stores. 
        • I went to Walmart today just because I still had a gift card from my boss that I got at Christmas time. It wasn't too busy, but I hate shopping when I don't know where everything is at!
        • Isaak was asked every 10 minutes if he had to go potty?!?!?! I took him before we left.
        • Two minutes after I asked him and he said, "No Mommy!" pee was running from the cart onto the floor. 
        • It was a mad rush to the bathroom. I was pretty calm about it. It's bound to happen. I did however say time and time again that he needed to tell Mommy before he has to go. 
        • The boy doesn't like going in public because there is no step stool, he's stubborn, two years old and many restrooms have the automatic flushers. He's scared to death of automatic flushers. Talk about water wasters too!!! 
        • Mica asked if he could have something down each isle we went down, but accepted my, "No." He was surprised when I said, "Yes" to hot dogs. I had a coupon, and they were the angus beef ones. Something we just don't usually get.

        King Kong or Ping Pong?

        • Yesterday we went to visit Great Grandma Kent in her new home and Great Grandpa Kent in his home.
        • Great Grandpa Kent pulled out a puzzle for Mica to work on. He loves puzzles, but this one was a little over his head. It was even hard for the adults to put together.
        • We all worked on it.
        • It was a puzzle of King Kong. Mica kept calling him, "Ping Pong," which made me giggle. ;)
        • I thought he was original, but I found this image on the net HERE:


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