Saturday, February 9, 2013

Toasted Oatmeal Waffles

We don't go all out for breakfast on the week days. On the weekends I do. I say, "I" because Daddy thinks I do too much at breakfast time.

This morning the boys wanted waffles. I made waffles, banana smoothies and we had spinach leaves.

Here's how we made the waffles {Mica sort of helped}:

In a large sauce pan heat one Tablespoon of coconut oil. Once melted, add the oatmeal and stir for eight to ten minutes. Lower the heat, add the water and stir until it has absorbed into the oatmeal. Pour the oatmeal in a mixing bowl. Add all the wet ingredients to the oatmeal. Then add all the dry ingredients.

I hardly ever have buttermilk laying around, so I have to make a substitute. To make buttermilk: 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice and add enough milk or plain yogurt to equal 1 cup. Let stand 5 minutes before using it.

Everyone loved their meal.

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. 

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

The artist I'm covering this week is The Staves.

The musical evolution of The Staves {Emily, Jessica and Camilla} has been a process that has taken awhile.

The Staves are about to embark on their third UK Headline tour, following their UK/EU support shows with Bon Iver.

Please go to for more.

Winter Trees

The Motherload

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yesterday Isaak Went to the Symphony

Isaak and Cousin Elijah's preschool field trip was forgotten yesterday. Not just by me, but by Terra and my parents to. Bad me! They showed up at preschool, and there was no one there.

After going in and talking to the church secretary, they remembered about the symphony.

Grandma and Grandpa took the preschoolers to get a doughnut at Krispy Kreme. The boys loved seeing the doughnuts on the track.  

Then they were off to see the symphony for preschool.

Once it was all done Elijah said, "That was cool!" Isaak said, "That was so long and sweaty!" 

Kids sure do crack me up!


The Little Punk Pooped On Me!

Last weekend I thought to myself, "I want to go see my lil' sister and nephews." I feel like I haven't been able to see them most of the winter because of my sickness or that sickness in our family. Now we are all well. Everything is good except for Isaak's emergency room visit last week. That's not contagious. I called them on Sunday and said, "Can we come over sometime today?" They said, "Yes." At 12 we were off to their house.

The boys played with their cousins. Terra and I hashed out what we were going to do for Isaak and Evan's joint family party. We decided that we're going with the ever popular mustache theme. My Brother In Law works at Oriental Trading Company, so he gets a deal and can pick it up, so we won't have to pay shipping. For the first time in my birthday party history (with my kids anyway) we're making cupcakes instead of cake. I couldn't resist these mustache toppers.

Almost the whole time I was there little Mr. Punk Emerson was sleeping. He hardly sleeps. That's a major problem at their house. I show up, and all he wants to do is sleep.

If you like his shirt, I won it at Snugfits when Isaak was little. They have the best shirts! I have to pump it up, I'm friends with the owner. Truly they wash up so nice though. They say some funny things to!

Finally Emerson woke up. I was holding him and he smelled. I didn't know he pooped. I just smelled a funky smell. I know they bathe him less because A) His skin is sensitive. B) He is going through chemo and under his shirt is all kinds of stuff they have to protect. C) He hates baths. I don't blame him. They literally have to put Saran Wrap on him to give him a bath.

The funk smell was poop. It smells funky because of the meds he's on. Up his diaper it went. I went to hand him off and my coat sleeve dragged into it.

I washed myself off. We had to drive home with the funk still lingering for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then my sister got threw up on and pooped on after I left. I think she took two showers that day.

Emerson is only on light chemo. Imagine what it would be like if he was on the nasty stuff!

"Hurry Up!" and "Slow Down!"

Isaak has been so slow in the mornings. Slow to get dressed, slow to eat breakfast and he has to go to the bathroom when he's eating breakfast. He's slow for his bathroom duties to. We've tried putting him to bed early; to see if that would help him speed up in the morning time. We find ourselves saying, "Hurry up!" all the time with him. Daddy swore this morning that we're going to have to teach Isaak how to tell time now; not wait until first grade. Isaak's indeed our slow poke.

Mica on the other hand is our fast child. He speeds ahead when we shop. He eats too fast. When we go for walks he's always ahead. Even in swimming lessons, he did his swimming strokes too fast. We're always saying, "Slow down!" to him.

Even with life Mica's in a hurry. He says he can't wait to get married, have a house and kids. We're like, "Slow down!" Isaak says he hates girls, and his cars are his girlfriends. He panicked at the fact that he'd one day leave our house. His preschool teacher told him, "Isaak I'm a girl, you don't like me? Your mom's a girl you don't like her?..." He said, "Ok I like those people. I just don't like the girls I don't know."

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boy's and Their Trains

Daddy helped Isaak set up the Team GeoTrax track. Then he attached his new GoPro camera on the train. It has a padded box that the camera fits inside.

When the train had some problems because a dinosaur was in the way Isaak said, "You bastard." Daddy had to correct him.

Little plastic babies are in one of the trains. Other toys were incorporated in the madness.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

WW: Nebraska State Capitol {Linky}

We went to have fun at Morrial Hall this last weekend. Afterwards I wanted the boys to see our state capitol. I just love the building and art. They seemed to love it as well.

They loved that their little voices that are so loud echoed throughout the building. It's a good thing hardly anybody was there!

Like I said the art is pretty cool to look at!

Here's the outside and a sweet door on the inside.

So pretty!

Even the shadows are cool!

What seems like endless hallways!

This is the floor!

This is the ceiling!

Have you ever visited your state capitol?

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Morrill Hall

We went to Morrill Hall this last Saturday. They have dinosaurs, fossils and all kinds of other science related things. This weekend there were a lot of kid related activities. The boys had so much fun!

First we got to see this big elephant. The boys laughed at the elephant's butt.

 We got to see this big bird to! It reminded me of the bird from Up! The one Russel named Kevin.

They dug for dinosaur bones to.

Right after someone from a booth gave them each a Jolly Rancher this character came up to them. It's probably my favorite photo from the place; except they have chipmunk checks.

They also loved the booth where they got to go rubbings. Isaak was pretty quiet the whole time, but not at this booth. He said, "I love doing wubbings! I do them at preschool all the time!" Mica did one rubbing. He colored on top of it. Isaak did about 5 wubbings.

The dinosaur room was fun! They not only has full models in there, but they had an activity for kids. Kids put on a tail and walked in the sand to see how their footprints looked with a big tail dragging behind them.

Mica dressed in clothes that are worn where it's really cold!

Guess who wants a pet? They both do. Isaak talks about wanting a frog. That I can do. I've told Mica, "Nothing furry, I'm allergic to all things furry." I was advised to not even have a hairless dog or cat. My allergies are that bad. Mica got this idea he wants a bird pet. No to that to! I told him he could possibly have a lizard, frog, fish, turtle, or a naked mole rat. Now he wants a naked mole rat. Gross! But what are our options with me who is allergic to everything? Here's Mica with his pretend pet bird. I wish I could just keep pets as pretend. Sorry I'm not a animal person. It's probably because I've always been allergic to all other people's pets. For a long time I've been pushing them away, so I can breathe. I hate when my lungs close up.

We did a lot of other things that day! The boys loved the room about tornadoes! We even got a Science Fair project idea!

Mica got to be a weather man! It's funny to see where he stumbled and he was obviously reading the whole time. ;)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Aussie Bites

We tried Aussie Bites at Costco. They were in between muffins and cookies.

I decided to look online to see if I could find a recipe for them. I found one here. I made them last night. The boys and I liked them. Daddy said, "You're turning into some granola girl." He said they were ok though.

Set you oven to 350 degrees. Mix the dry ingredients together. Mix the wet ingredients together. Mix everything together. Spray little muffin cups and put them in them. The recipe I found said to cook them for 12 minutes. I found that they needed to be cooked for 20 minutes.  I also replaced in the original recipe some butter with coconut oil.

I had three on my plate for a late breakfast. I was actually pretty satisfied with two. They are pretty filling, even though they are small.

They made 37!

Black History Month or Valentines Day?

Mica said to me this morning: Mom I'm going to decorate my Valentines box with pretty much all black hearts. It's black history month. Did you know that?

I said: You do realize the box is for Valentines Day? 

Mica said: Ya but black history is all month. Valentines Day is just one day.

It's All About Mica

Mica said to me: Mom let's talk about Me.

Laughing I said: Let's talk about sometime besides you. He's been all about himself lately.

Mica said: Ok, so list all the things you like about me.

I said: Mica I like so much about you. Can we talk about something else though? What about the sign over there?

It was an orange guy with a mohawk.

Mica said: Ya I don't like mohawks. The don't make anyone look handsome.

I said: Mica one of your friends had a mohawk.

He said: Ya.

I said: Did girls like him when he had a mohawk?

Mica said: Mom I can't talk about romance stuff!


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