Saturday, August 22, 2020

Living in Their Robes


I don’t know why I bothered to buy clothes this year. Both boys have mostly lived in their robes. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 degrees outside; they’ll still be in their robes. Travis has to beg them to get dressed at times. 

Mica’s shorts are looking a bit too short, but they still fit around the waist. He’s so tall! Isaak’s going to be tall to!

I was shocked on the first day of school..,I was ready to spot the boys still in their robes. They got dressed + did their hair!

Do you even bother to get dressed in actual clothes, when you’re at home day in and day out?  

Random Tid bits

  1. This week my sister had her baby girl. What I thought would be a really positive experience has flipped into being difficult. Margaret (my niece) was breech. They got her flipped, so my sister was induced. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her legs and arms. Off to an emergency C-Section she went. My sister lost a lot of blood.  

    They took Margaret, and put her in the NICU. She was having mini seizures, so she got put on a cooling mat. I thought in the photos she looked more like her brother Emerson that has Trisomy 18, than her other brothers. 

  2. When my sister was pregnant she got a blood test. All results showed that Margaret is normal. We now know she does have Trisomy 18 like Emerson does. 

  3. I've been feeling excited with a new baby about to happen, sad that she had to be taken via c-section, angry that her brothers that have no chromosome problems will have even more attention taken from them, and not knowing how to feel. I love my nephew Emerson,  but he's a lot of of work. He has had tons of medical issues. He’ll never know what it’s like to live without pain. 

  4. If someone taught a Psychology family that has at least 3 carriers of Trisomy 18 would be a great topic. Should someone that wants to have kids, have them if they carry this to pass on? So much could be brought up: God, Life, Quality of Life, Medical Needs, Late Term Abortion, and so on. Late term abortion would have never been an option, for my sister, but it’s a topic that would be brought up. It's hard to know how to feel and talk about. We put other animals down that are in pain, but we don't with humans. I'm not saying we should. I just don't know how I feel about it all. 

  5. To make this random, online learning is going to work...I think. We've had our bumps. I took Isaak in twice, for tech support. I thought it was his account. Turns out he was using Teams in the browser, and not the downloaded app. Errors occur with that. He's good now. What's really wonderful is that he got a new ipad on Friday. It will work so much better than the old PC they gave him. Isaak likes that he can hear the teacher! No random kids talking. Homework is all put in one place.

    The district has made adjustments along the way. Kindergarten, first and second graders now have 1/2 days, with bigger breaks. I think that's a smart move.

    What do you think about online learning? Is it working where you live?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

#WW Tomatoes {Linky}

Processing tomatoes is almost an everyday thing. I'm pretty sure we go through the longest way to process them. 

  1. Pick Them
  2. Sun Bathe Them in the Windows
  3. Slice Them
  4. Boil Them
  5. Put Them in an Ice Water Bath
  6. Peel Them
  7. Deseed Them
  8. Put Them in a Big ZipLoc Bag
  9. Deep Freeze Them
  10. Can Them When the Deep Freezer is Full
I'd skip the deseeding part, but I'm an ultra allergy sufferer. I've read that the seeds are what bother many with allergies. They get stomach aches, and don't even know why. Tomatoes were on the list of foods to avoid - from my allergy | asthma doctor. I only am supposed to avoid them during the season, when they grow. The same goes with squash. 

If you are ever frustrated with - LIFE, just go through the whole process. Read my captions, and you'll understand. 

The Attack of the Killer Tomato

The Sacrifice

Bobbing for Tomatoes

Peeling Some Skin

Naked Tomato Nest

Squeezing Some Guts

Are you growing anything in your garden this year?


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