Saturday, August 22, 2009


  • Isaak's being a frog for Halloween because that's what fits.
  • I wonder if I kiss him...if he'll turn into a prince?
  • Mica will have a choice, the dinosaur from last year, or all his fireman get up. Maybe he can be both for different events.

Look-alike Meter

  • I don't know if I buy this, but this website has a Look-alike Meter.
  • Of course I think it just depends on what picture's you use. Kids looks change all the time too.
  • According to the Look-alike Meter Isaak looks more like me by 3% and Mica looks more like me by 5%. I thought it would lean towards Daddy for at least one of the kids. Maybe it's Daddies beard that threw it off.

PBS Clothing

  • We don't have cable, so PBS is our channel of choice.
  • Mica and my nephew Evan love Caillou and Super Why. I have to say that I think Word World and Super Why really helped the boys learn their letters. Those shows and Wheel of Fortune. Oh...I read to him a lot too! Mica's known all his letters for quite awhile.
  • I got all the young boys in our family for Christmas Caillou long sleeve big wheel T-shirts at Ty's Toybox for $16.99 with free shipping since I spent over a certain amount. I didn't put the one I bought on here, just in case Mica would see it. I of course liked the one I got the best! :)
  • The long sleeve, short sleeve, ringer t's all cost the same. They have baby, toddler, youth and adult sizes! You can pick the type of shirt, color, color of the font, name on the top or bottom of the design and sometimes the font selection too!
  • What I love about this site is that you can personalize the shirts. They actually have Mica and Isaak's names in their data base!

Upside Down Cakes

  • It's pretty cute. If you ask Isaak to go upside down, he'll do this.
  • Kids are smarter then we think some times.
  • I wonder if Isaak learned this from his big brother or just by himself? I remember when Mica learned how to do this, he was about Isaak's age.

Friday, August 21, 2009


  • Both boys liked seeing the cats, goats, pigs, chickens, horses and cows.
  • Isaak was sort of fascinated by the clucking of the chickens. He kept pointing at everything saying, "Dat! Dat! Dat!" Translation "That! That! That!" I think Isaak said, "Cat" tonight too.
  • Mica wore Travis out and Isaak wore me out.
  • We probably had about 2 min of adult talk. The rest was following our boys around.
  • was fun!


  • Mica talked to just about everyone tonight I think. He went up to a girl and asked what those things are in her mouth? They were braces. He also heard a cow in the distance, and called the girl a cow. Travis got after him for that.
  • Mica got to meet another kid named Micah (my co-worker's son). They hit it off pretty well. Micah told Mica that he's a pretty funny kid.

Night of Mishaps

  • We got into the surprise party house. I smelled poop. I took Isaak into there hall bathroom. Poop was running all down his leg. I kept wondering, "What in the hell am I going to do with this diaper?" I had a plastic bag to put it in. :) I'm so lucky they had a sink with enough counter space to lay Isaak out on!
  • We went to go outside. As I went to shut the siding screen door, the door came off! I was thinking, "Oh crap!" Travis tried to help. He got it back on. Later I found that it really just falls off all the time.
  • Then I went to set Isaak on a stool, when I picked him up off the stool, the stool fell over onto their brick floor and made a loud sound. I wanted to hide. Nothing broke.
  • Isaak tried to pull their cat's fur. I caught him before he got to the cat too much.
  • But even with all the mishaps no one seemed to care. Everyone was sort of in their own worlds.


  • We went to a surprise party tonight. We got there, and there were cars everywhere. I was trying to hurry things along because I knew my co-worker (whom it was for) would be there any moment. Guess what? He drove up right as we were getting out of the car! :( I was thinking crap we ruined it!
  • But...I think he would of figured it out anyhow because of all the cars.
  • He did look confused and asked why we were there? I just sort of shrugged my shoulders.
  • It was a ways away. Past the city part of Bennington, NE. Mica took forever to finish his food before we left. But...I hated that we were one of the last people to get there! Usually I'm early. Well we were by 5 min.

Fit For Some Kings

  • We're going to a surprise party where there will be a hog roast. We made a pit stop to Burger King first because the dinner for the party won't be until 8 pm. I didn't think the kids would last that long.

Crazy 8

  • There is another great site that was sent to me from the blog: Pour Some Sugar on Me. This site has great boys clothing: Only this one has girls clothing too!
  • T-shirts for as low as $6.
  • I'd say their clothing is in-between Children's place and Gymboree. All the photo's above are from their site.
  • Use the code: C8EMAIL for free shipping from 8/20 to 8/23.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally Another New Word

  • Sometimes it seems like babies/toddlers do a whole bunch of things at once. Other times it seems like it takes a long time before they do something new.
  • It's been awhile since Isaak has said a new word. Finally tonight he said the word, "Shoe".
  • I love it when they do or say something new!


  • I kind of wish Underoos would come back. I had the Wonderwoman ones LOL!
  • Travis noticed that the same font that is used in the last part of this clip is the same font they used for Hooters. Wonder what that means?


  • Of course the big train display is always a BIG hit!
  • Mica wants this train set for his Christmas list. Ya right!
  • This is only a little section of it.

On the Top of the Asian Garden

  • My sister Angie with Mica and nephew Evan.

Ethan - The Man

  • My nephew Ethan pushed Isaak most of the time in the stroller.
  • Most of the photo's I got were of these two. The others moved way to fast to shoot.


  • This tree reminded us of Snuffleupagus!

Garden Last Monday

  • It's too bad this one is dark and my nephew Elijah is not in it!
  • I wish my niece Kailey would of been over a notch too.
  • Many of my family members headed off to Lorentzen Garden this last Monday.
  • It was for our dad's father's day present. We all went on vacations right around father's day, my sister Angie was in school, and school started. So...we just now got to it. This is not to say that my dad is on our back burner. He's the best dad ever!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arabian Grocery Store

  • Travis took the kids yesterday to the Arabian grocery store down the street.
  • They have unusual things to buy, so we'll go there sometimes.
  • The guy that was behind the counter said to Mica, "What's your name?"
  • Mica said, "My name is Mica. What's your name?"
  • The guy said some really long name that many people here could not pronounce.
  • Mica said, "WHAT?" The guy just started laughing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Slap in the Face

  • Isaak has been weaned during the day, he is starting to self wean in the evening, but still is nursing morning and right before bed. I think the hardest one to give up will be the morning one. That's our cuddle time.
  • Isaak was nursing while I was reading Mica a bedtime story. Isaak took himself off the latch, slapped Mica in the face, then started nursing again. This little boy of mine has been a punk lately!
  • He hates when I'm giving Mica attention when he thinks it's his turn for attention. I love both of my boys, so sometimes it's nice to do something for both of them at once.


  • I just hope Mica uses the stuff we just got. I want him to get more into the craft things this year.
  • The teacher last year said that he'd get upset when she tried to get him to do the crafts. Sometimes with Mica we just give him no choice. He just has to practice writing letters before he can play with trains. I know his teachers are not his parents, but I kind of wish they'd push him more. That is my only complaint.
  • Usually Mica is very excited once he is done with a project. It just takes some coaxing to get him to start a project he's never done before.

Trip to Walmart

  • We went to Walmart to get school supplies for Mica. A lot more on his list this year to get. Last year all they had to get was wet wipes and a backpack; this year we had to get 2 sizes of paper plates, 2 kinds of wipes, a box of tissues and 2 sets of washable markers.
  • I'm not complaining by the way. I was kind of surprised that, that's all he had to take last year.
  • I was annoyed in the Walmart parking lot. A guy drove up and was yelling cuss words at whom ever else was in the car. I just don't understand why people have to be that way. Do they really think no one can hear them? Is it really all that necessary to be that way? I'm not a potty mouth police, but when people use F**K word out of anger and loud it's just not right! I kept telling Mica that that guy isn't being appropriate and is not nice. Mica didn't really say anything.
  • Being a teacher, I have to tell college students to watch their mouth's sometimes. I used to not think it was a big deal, but tours with families walk though the school. It's not right to have them hear a student say cuss words.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Older Dolls That Did Something

  • I kind of wish that dolls would just go back to just plain old dolls. When I was a kid I didn't need my dolls to do anything. I enjoyed them just as much as my dolls that did something.
  • The first doll that I remember doing something was Woopsie. I have to admit that as a child her flipping pigtails were fun!
  • I can't forget about Tiny Tears. She's really old. My sister Terra had a newer version of her.
  • Controversial Doll

    • This doll is so controversial that they won't sell it in the United States.
    • The only thing that disturbs me is possibly the pull on halter top. Not the nursing doll.
    • A little girl who has a breastfeeding mother would love this doll though.
    • Too me it isn't any worse then buying a doll that pees, poops, or takes a bottle.
    • Figures that the land of the free makes a big deal about a doll that nurses. At least breast milk is BPA free! LOL Funny how hospital's call it "Liquid Gold" and it's still frowned upon in society.
    • Some people say this doll is too sexual. Not any more sexual in my mind then Bratz Dolls. At least with this doll, everything the doll does is implicating a natural activity.
    • Kids love to imitate their parents. Including my son Mica who pretended to shave his legs in the shower. My sister Terra used to pretend to nurse her dolls and stuffed animals. Mica hasn't pretended to breastfeed any of his stuffed animals. I think Daddy would correct him really fast on that one.
    • I found the original post about the controversial doll on a dad's blog:

    The Case of the Bow Legged Kid

    • Isaak is bow legged. I read that it takes usally until 15-18 months to get through this.
    • He's almost 15 months and it doesn't look like he's getting through it anytime soon.
    • I read that it can possibly take up to age 3 to get over it. I hope he gets through it sooner then later!
    • More questions for the doctor on September 3rd.
    • I remember being so worried about how Mica walked. He had a funky crawl. He tucked one leg under himself when he crawled. So...when he went to walk his one leg was weak because he never exercised it. He walked with a limp for awhile. This was added to Mica's medical chart along with his tongue issues. Doctors thought maybe one whole side of his body was sluffing down. Not the case. Mica is fine. He walks perfectly fine now.

    Sunday, August 16, 2009


    • Isaak's first sherbet cone.
    • He ate most of it with his finger, but got the hang of it after awhile.
    • Mica loves sherbet, but wanted his in a dish this time.


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