Saturday, April 23, 2022

#cleanup With #multisurfacecleaner TriNova

TriNova Natural sent me two cleaner bottles with sprayers and a cleaning rag to review. So far I've used it to clean my whole kitchen, and a pre cleaning for my gecko Warhol's tank. 

I like that the bottles came without the sprayers. It's so much easier on the company TirNova to package and send. No one uses all the cleaner at once, or possibly they aren't ready to use it at all when they've gotten it.

Crazy, but my last job made these sprayers for most places. They probably made these too. 

Cleaning the Kitchen:

I forgot and didn't take photos of my before and after cleaning when I cleaned the kitchen last week. We cleaned so much! Some of it I used TriNova, and other parts I used vinegar and water. Both cleaners did a good job. 

My family hates when I use vinegar though. They say it smells funny. TriNova had a much better smell to them. I can’t smell after an invasive nose surgery, so I'll take their word for it. 

Cleaning Warhol's Tank:

I'm a bit scared to use many cleaners on the gecko’s tank. They are sensitive, and lick everything. I used TriNova to start with, then cleaned it with plain water twice after that. My gecko loves to step in his drinking water, then his calcium powder, and throws moss parties at night. 


During x 3 (Seriously Warhol! He had moss everywhere!)


All Natural:

The cleaner is all natural, plant based. I'm careful about what I use to clean with. My geckos are sensitive, yet so am I. With having allergies and asthma I do not like to use toxic anything in my life. 


I love the rag that came with it! It picked up the moss and powders in Warhol's tank easily. It's soft, so won't scratch furniture.  The rag and cleaner work on any surface, but I've only used it on formica, wood, shelf liner (Warhol's tank), and metal in the sink. 

Where to Get it: 

You can pick up TriNova Multi Surface Cleaner at Lowes. It's our preferred hardware type store to go. 

It costs $17.97. 

What is something in your house that you need to clean?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and are not written my the company. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

WW Benson Shoe Repair {Linky}


The 16 year old – Mica went out of the house with the family. He amused me when we passed this shop. 

“Mom that place has two kinds of customers… 

The WWII VET that is a traditionalist. They feel the need to go there because they only have one pair of shoes, and want to support businesses that do things the hard way. They tell the owner the same story every time they go in. 

 Their other type of clients are 25 year olds. They like retro things, are purest's, don’t like to fill the landfills with more crap us Americans buy, and know businesses like this will close down, so they go there.” 

 Ok then!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

WW: Dressed Up {Linky}

Isaak had a workshop at school called Think Tank. A handful of students get to go from each middle school. In the past they mixed those students up to form groups. They get to name a business, come up with a business model and logo. 

Isaak hasn't had much to do with the honors club (his school calls it GATE). He's not a reader, doesn't really like Quiz Bowl like Mica did. If his cards align, he's a great student, a strategic thinker, understands process, creative, and has a keen since of detail. 

The staff member that's in charge of GATE came to Isaak before spring break to ask if this would be something he would want to do. Isaak jumped in with a big YES. After spring break Isaak went up to this same guy asking for the paper work. He said, "Are you sure you can handle this?" He acted like he didn't remember asking Isaak to be a part of Think Tank. Some people are so odd! I hate when teachers, councilors and so on lack faith in young people. Here is this kid that wants to be involved. Let him be. 

Since he's artsy I got him a Keith Haring button down shirt at H&M. Doesn't he look handsome!?

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

WW: Rotary Honor Roll {Linky}

Isaak has struggled for a few years. In 5th grade he had a horrible teacher, in 6th grade he started a middle school where he only knew one person, and in 7th grade the pandemic hit. When the pandemic hit he went from an A | B student to a D | F student. He went back to school and pulled his grades up to being a B student. 

He was loosing his confidence. I’m not sure he’s totally gotten it back. 

BUT now he’s an all A student. 

He was nominated for the Rotary Honor Roll. 40 kids were picked by the teachers, He had to write a paper, teachers read all of them and voted for who they felt had the most leadership. Isaak was one they voted up. He was one of the 16 chosen. He’s up for scholarships. 

He also got into his school of choice for high schools. A new school, a new slate. 

Here he is with his Rotary Honor Roll Letter:

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

WW: Warhol {Linky}

I am glad I got my gecko Warhol. He used to stand at his tank like he wanted to come out to play, then fall and winter happed. A lot of times geckos like to just chill in their tank, and eat less when it is colder. He comes out to hang out with us sometimes. 

It's a good thing they are like a cat, and poop in the same spot in their tank. Otherwise my poor husband's head may have gotten a surprise. 

Before anyone says, "Oh gross!" I can't have very many pets. I have allergies and asthma. When I was little my parents had to give up their short haired dogs because I kept getting sick. Geckos it is. They are cute, like to cuddle (sometimes), and each have their own personalities (we have two). 

Do you have any pets?

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

WW: Accident | PSA | New Car

A month ago I was in a car crash. I was driving my 13 year old Isaak to school. I was going the speed limit. Out of no where this car was driving all crazy like through a red light, when mine was very green. It was dark, airbags went off in my face. My car wouldn't do anything. The next thing I knew the car I hit just started driving away. 

The crazy thing...he left behind his in transit sticker along with some glass. So I have a name, 3 witnesses that were on my side, but the cops can't do anything because it's not enough to get a search warrant. He of course went into hiding. I looked the guy up online and he has tons of videos of him drinking hard alcohol and smoking pot, while driving. Get this he's a proud lover of Jesus Christ though. He wears a cross around his neck like it means something to him. 

We had taken our 16 year old car off accident insurance, so it was a loss. I actually was ready to buy a new car, but was waiting for the pandemic and shortages to come to a stop. Travis said it looked like I lost a baby or something when he came to get Isaak from the scene. It felt surreal sitting in a cop car in the middle of a busy intersection. I couldn't get out to take pictures, There was bars separating us like I was the one that did something wrong.  

I was lucky I was wearing my seatbelt, and the Isaak was in the backseat. My chest hurt for weeks. Then it itched inside for a few more weeks. My knee was really bruised up. 

I've tried to find the car that hit me, but the guy has like 4 addresses online. If I find it they can have a cop meet me, or do a search warrant. I wouldn't find him for me. He has no insurance. His car isn't even registered. It would be to get him off the streets. 

I spent a few weeks just with my husband's car. I drove him to work, Isaak to school, and repeated that at the end of the day.

My husband finally said, "No more." I said, "How do we do this with the pandemic?" We went to Subaru, and bought this Crosstrek. It's a brand new 2021. I guess it wasn't bought because people didn't like the color. I was just glad it wasn't ultramarine blue. There's nothing wrong with the color, but my Civic was that color, Travis' Outback is that color, and he had a truck that color. I was just done with that color for us. Green it is. 

It took a bit to get used to driving without putting a key in. I couldn't stand the engine shut off feature, so for now that's off. I felt odd driving after the accident for awhile. Isaak felt the same as a passenger. Switching insurance was a pain in the ass. I had to go to the DMV a few times because the one I used to go to isn't there anymore and the one I went to didn't have plates as a feature to get. DMV's are something! I'm glad I have a car that runs. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

I Heart My New Shirt

I love my new shirt! 


It comes in 5 colors.

  1. Wine Red (what I chose)
  2. Green (what I almost chose to wear on St Patty’s Day)
  3. Black
  4. Blue
  5. Dark Grey and Light Grey (which are kind of like 2 more colors)


  1. Small
  2. Med
  3. Large (what I got)
  4. XL

I feel like it fits true to size. They do pride themselves on it being a tunic. I feel like it’s just a short. A tunic to me is a long shirt that can be paired with tights. This is regular shirt length. I’d only wear it with jeans or black pants. Never tights. 

I do like how the sleeves fit me. I have ape-l arms. Sleeves tend to be too short. I want sleeves that fit me, or are meant to be 3 quarter sleeves. 

  1. 96% Polyester
  2. 4% Spandex

It is super soft and skin-friendly fabric. It’s stretchy. I like that it’s not see through. No one needs to see my bra. It’s comfortable to wear. 


I did see one place to wash in cold, and hang dry and another place to hand wash only. Consistency in their description would be helpful. I will say the I’m not about to hand wash anything right now in my life. 

You can pick up this shirt on Amazon:

I’d get this shirt again. It’s more sporty than most of my things. That’s maybe a good thing. 

Have you gotten any new shirts lately?

Disclaimer: I got this product to review, with a discount. All opinions are my own. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Stay Healthy #immune_support_supplement #immune_supplement #immune_booster

I hope all is well. Our family is good. I actually like the job where I work. Sure there are hiccups. But they are normal hiccups, not toxic ones. I felt like when the pandemic happened there was only toxic leadership jobs at first. Seriously! 

Isaak is in a better place in school than he ever has been. Straight A’s, nominated for The Rotary Honor Roll, his science fair project he did all on his own got sent to the district, and he mentor other kids! Let’s just hope he gets into the high school he wants to go to!

Mica is a working boy. He took the pre-ACTs and got a 27! He is in mostly honors courses. He had a group in one class that did nothing. He talked to his teacher, and did his part. 

Travis got a raise. He has a studio now, so it’s good to have some stuff out of the house. 

With these accomplishments I want to stay in a good place! 

It’s important to boost up your and my immunity during this pandemic and spring allergy season. So far-nock on wood we’ve only had two colds in the fall. Covid has managed to skip our house (that we know of) so far. I hope we don’t get it. We’re boosted, mask up, and don’t go very many places. 

Sickness can be out of one’s control. We take daily vitamins, try to eat right, and go on a lot of walks. 

Energy Immune Boost Formula has 10 boosters in it. Vitamin C, B6, E, zinc, elderberry, garlic, echinacea, glucosamine, probiotic, turmeric, ginger and more! 

Per usual I wish the bottle was filled to the rim to not waste so much packaging. I would even pay more if it was fuller. 

It does have a lot of good ingredients packed in each pill. A lot of the ingredients I take in the form of food. I have my family take this instead of their daily vitamin. 

Do you take vitamins, or do you feel like they are a waste of money? 

Stay well, stay happy! 

You can get this product on Amazon: 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.I got this product as a discount in exchange for an honest review. 

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Holiday Card

I didn't send cards to too many people this year. I did one though. It's a bit different. I capitalized on their likes: Isaak art and Mica listening to music. 

Did you send out cards this year?

Got That Holiday Feelin'?

The last few years have been difficult holiday wise. 

We used to get together with my aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's kids, siblings, grandparents, and so on. It's kind of come to an end sort of. Some of my family is careful, while some is not. When you have one relative that has 2 kids that have compromised immune systems, non careful families do not sit well with them. I now have a job that works with individuals that have compromised immune systems, so we talk daily in my team about restrictions. Yes, my sister chose to have five kids when she knew she had the chance of having Trisomy 18 individuals; I care about them so I'm more of an advocate for them than not. 


We used to have Christmas Eve at my parent's house. Packed in like sardines to eat a nice meal of soups, cheeses, crackers, dips, and shrimp, open gifts, and eat cookies. Now we're having a quiet evening to ourselves, where we're making New Orlean's meal and eating junk. The boys have never had jambalaya and that kind of food.

We used to have Christmas Day with the cousins, aunts... But now we're having a get together at my sisters, where we play games with masks on and eat snacks (with distancing). 

We haven't decided when we're opening our own presents. I suggested 1/2 on Christmas Eve and the other 1/2 Christmas Day. 

Mica didn't tell me what he wanted, and Isaak pretty much picked out all his gifts. Teenagers sure do change things. 

Gone are these days, where Mica rattles stuff off that he wants:

I got Mica a foot spa. He always gets ingrown toenails, and has to do food soaks. Why not enjoy those soaks a bit more? LOL I got him a book about deep thinking about life and another one on world religions. he also got clothes. 

Isaak picked out some things he wanted at World Market. A mini tool kit. I snagged that when he wasn't looking, so something would be a surprise. He's big into pineapples, last year it was lemons and limes. I got a pop fidget pineapple and pineapple shirt. He got mostly things for his room: Pillow, a lamp...


Mica got a job at Freddy's. It's walking distance. I am sort of bummed because when we went their food area was closed because of covid. They were one of the last places to open up. I was hoping it was still closed. Oh well. He gets paid a lot for just starting out. $11.50! Travis said, "WOW I need a raise!" 

Mosaic is still going well for me. Only two struggles: 

1. They throw vacay, sick and time-off all in one pot. So I only have 6 hours of PTO. I feel like I have to work on these holidays. It amounts to 3 weeks off, but is annoying right now. Especially when I started. If I started in August I'd have some PTO built up. Nope! I started right before Thanksgiving. It will get better. They are so willing to work with me on picking up Isaak from school...stuff like that. 

2. The other struggle is I got a project no one wanted. I thought I had a great idea, but nope it's sitting on neutral and not in drive. It's for a medical supplier. Their stuff is really dated. 

What they had Yuck!:

They want a fresh look. I did a lady in a wheel chair by the trees. Headline, "Go Places Do Things". My supervisor doesn't think it fits our market enough. They sell stuff to people that work for Mosaic Homes. DSP help their clients buy the stuff like wheel chairs, lifts, hospital beds, adult diapers and so on. I thought the catcher image could go on the front, and the noise (type) could go on the back. I'm not married to the type. I thought each background could fit with the location they serve. This is Colorado. They deliver right to the home, so that's something. I thought about maybe having an older person at the door with their product. But I want it to look pleasing, and have a story to it. Help! LOL

I don't disagree with my supervisor, but I also don't know what to do. I spent all day cutting out medical supplies in Photoshop knowing I'd use some. But now what...I'm stuck!  


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