Sunday, February 23, 2020

Stackable Two Name Rings are Personable @centimegift #mothersday

There are key times to get jewelry: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas. Valentine's Day just got over with, and the next jewelry giving holiday is Mother's Day.

I'm super excited to share with you Stackable Name Rings

Picking it Out:

I knew what ring I wanted as soon as I spotted it. They have initial rings, name rings where the whole name is cut out, and the one I picked out. I really love the way Mica and Isaak both look, so I wanted them both on a ring spelled out.

If you have more kids, you do need to buy more rings. I suppose they could give options for different kids 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. They are stackable. So people like my sister that has tons of kids, does have options to buy more rings. It would be hard if you have an odd number of kids. You can stack different colors, which is cool.

Finishing Colors:

They have Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold. I went with what I wear the most: Sterling Sliver.


They range from 3-14. They even have 1/2 sizes. I actually have a pretty small ring size, normally. I went up, for a different finger. The one I got was slightly too big (my own fault), but what's great is with the kind of ring I picked, I can squeeze it slightly to get a better fit.


I just got it on Friday. Boy am I in love with it! It came in a cute Centime package. Perfect for a Mom gift, on Mother's Day!

The ring I got was $28.05, so if you have to get more because you or your Mom has more kids it's not super expensive.

If I got my Mom one, I'd get her two rings. I had a sister pass away before I was born, so it would be Lisa, Angela, Alissa and Terra.

The ring its self had a plastic protector on it. It was super easy to take off.


I always worry about places spelling the boy's names wrong. They didn't! Mica gets Micah and Isaak gets Isaac. I even get Alyssa for Alissa. It's understandable. I kind of take pride that my boys names just look cool spelled out. 

They did a great job! The names are pretty small, but I can read them.

I have them on the same hand as I do their birthstones: Emerald and Paridot. 

Would you choose to get stackable initials or names?

Centime Personalized Jewelry has other rings to choose from. They even have gifts for guys to check out! 

Disclaimer: I got this ring for free, in exchange for an honest review. Centime Personalized Jewelry and Gifts did not tell me what to say. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, February 21, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. All day yesterday I had a PMS headache. I so wanted to sneak a Ibuprofen, but I'd be thrown into an asthma attack + a sneezing fit. No can take! I do have to say that it's great I haven't had a headache in a long time. Something I used to live with daily. 

  2. I've been getting a kick out of looking up Garbage Pail Kids + People's names I know. I never found humor in this when I was a kid, but now I do.

    Of course they spelled my name wrong, but oh well.

    Travis had two that I found, and they both had to do with poop. Personally I like, "Tracking Travis" the best!

    Top commenter goes to Theresa! Sorry also spelled wrong.

  3. I've been worried about my nephew Emerson. He has a brand new type of seizure. I feel for my sister. She's the one that takes care of him the most. I took the photo off her facebook page. He has mittens because he constantly chews on his hands, which isn't good.

  4. Mica wanted to watch Super Size Me 2. Now none of us are craving chicken. I had to remind my boys that Super Size Me (the original) had them not wanting beef, for awhile. Milk kind of goes with that as well. Also all kinds of crap is sprayed on our veggies and fruit. Before too long we won't have anything to eat. Are there certain foods you won't eat?

  5. Isaak's mouth has been sore all week. He had braces added to his molars. It's worse than when he got braces to begin with. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Homework Assignment #violin

Isaak was saying something about creating a video last week, for Strings class.

The trouble was...his teacher didn't exactly explain how to upload the video. Isaak logged into where he thought he was supposed to put it. It didn't work. His Home Room | Social Studies teacher tried to help him. She couldn't figure it out either.

On Tuesday I mentioned he should stay after to figure it out. If that teacher wasn't able to help, he got behind in Social Studies, so he could pay that teacher a visit.

He got his answers in class. He found out he had to go somewhere entirely different, than where he was at in Office365.

I recorded him last night. I put the video in, only to find out that it was too big of a file, and needed to be compressed. I don't do a whole lot of video editing. I was trying to compress it in iMovie, which I'm sure one can do. I just don't know how. Finally I just opened it in Quicktime, and it had the option to save down in file size. I was thinking it would have been easier to import it in YouTube, if they didn't have to make an account, and all the privacy stuff to work around.

I started thinking: 

How would the average parent help their kid with this? What if they don't know how to get a video from their phone or camera into Office365? What if a kid/parent doesn't have a phone, or camera to record on? What if they don't know how to compress a video, if it's too large? What if a kid doesn't have a parent that's there, for them? 

I know it's not my problem, but I keep thinking about it.

It took 5 runs, but here's Isaak's video:

All said and done, I think it's a cool assignment. Kids and adult should record what they are doing, to watch themselves. That helps them to improve. I was trying to work the kinks out in my mind, to help with technical errors. Maybe a side teacher could take them one by one out to an office room where they record their thing. Then they could show the student how to upload it. At least for the first time. 

Isaak's really looking forward to being done with Strings. He enjoyed it in Elementary School. The teacher he has now basically started them over, for any new kid that is just starting Strings. Isaak's like, "I know how to play the scale, and we've been doing that for 1/2 a semester!" He enjoyed Piano so much more because it was new, and moved along. I'm not so sure his current Piano teacher enjoys how he started learning. She doesn't like the idea of memorizing songs, but instead learning the notes. I get it, but Piano class in school was a short class. In school he was just giving them a flavor of playing the piano, to see if they'd like it. Isaak did, that's why we moved him to lessons. Now he's learning how to read notes more. 

Isaak has to pick one of the following to focus on next year in school: Drama, Art, Strings, Band, Chorus, or World Studies. He's picking Art, but staying in private Piano Lessons. 

Did you play an instrument in school? Do you still play it?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

WW: Tape Portrait {Linky}

Do you ever wonder what it would take to get facebook to not recognize you?

Maybe some tape? Ok...maybe lots of tape.

It didn't work. It still recognized me. It wanted to tag me, or the friend that comments the most on my photos - my friend from Kansas City Monica. 

Truth be told this happened on Valentines Day. A student was doing the same. I couldn't be a party pooper, and joined in. 

I shot a selfie, and sent it to my husband saying, "Are you ready for a hawt date?" Then I sent it to my sisters, and mom, which all responded with, "Why?" I responded back with, "Why not?" I'm my Father's daughter. He's much more crazy, but guess what? He knows how to have fun! 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak switched over to his new Math teacher. It seems like a great fit. His old teacher did end up getting fired. I have no clue what will happen with the rest of that class. He hasn't looked clueless, for a good week. His old teacher taught the kids like they were in 7th grade. She was a 7th grade teacher, for the most part. Isaak has always been pretty good at math. He wasn't ready for an honors course that he didn't sign up for.

  2. I was worried about Isaak loosing friends, and having a hard time making friends in this new Math class. I guess it's not a big deal. He knows some of the kids. Some kids wanted to sit next to him because they love his drawing skills. His new teacher told Isaak she loves his drawings as well. Confident boosting has helped!

  3. I have a few student in my senior class that have jobs. I'm feeling a bit like they have senioritis bad. They are a great class, but done.

  4. In all the classes I have there's drama that I'd love to disappear.

    One girl complains about her teachers to other teachers. She even complains about her Mom to her teachers. She had my sympathy, but lately I don't know if I can trust anything she says. Her Mom might be a great Mom. The teachers she's complaining about are great teachers.

    On Friday she was telling me that some teachers are so subjective in what they like. She was referring to an assignment she has with a different instructor. I said, "With each assignment we have objectives. They are clearly laid out. In the assignment you are showing me, I'm assuming the objective was to use as little points in the paths that you are making as possible. Then it can be a smooth line, and not a big file in size. I'm not the instructor for that class. If you want the exact objectives, refer to the video the instructor left for you on the server. Your teacher has taught here, for years. I know he wants certain things to come out of the assignment. If you don't like what he has to say, duplicate the assignment, create one how you'd like it to be, and the other how he'd like it to be." She walked away. Then started complaining that her computer didn't work.

    One other girl has gone to administration about me twice. It's over silly things. The first time it was about 3 questions on a 121 question test. This time it was because we were talking about current events in class. The discussion was healthy. We weren't picking sides in our conversation. No one was mad, but apparently her. She wasn't even part of the discussion. Instead of standing up and saying, "Can you guys keep it down.", or "I don't like this conversation." she went to administration to tell them. I've been feeling a bit like I can't say anything. My tongue is tied. If I said I was going to rest room, that might be too much information, for her. I don't know what I'll do in a few weeks when I'm supposed to talk about Health Insurance. How does one talk about that, and not bring up the government? It's in regards to freelancers; getting their own insurance. It comes down to...this is college, not elementary, middle or high school. It's important to have dialogue.

    One other girl hates life. She hates her computer. She hates work that's done on the computer. God hates her. I've heard all those things. She's a great illustrator. When it comes to creating things on the computer, she puts her head down, and doesn't even want to try. We put all our videos on a server, for them to watch. It's hard because she hasn't been showing up. She's so negative. I wish I could reach her. I kept her behind last class to show her a demo in baby steps. If she looked at the videos, it would be the same thing. Watch it fast, or watch it slow.

    One other girl is always left out. She stays late just so she doesn't have to go home. I want to wrap her up, take her home, and tell her it's all going to be ok.

  5.  Mica's great. Minus his bus not showing up a lot lately. He just picked out high schools. He was torn between two. 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Living With Dementia

My Grandma got Dementia in the late 90s. That's when she started sending me duplicate cards, for birthdays and other holidays.

Before that time she was really with it! She gardened, sewed, did cross-stitching, played games, swam at the Y and more.

When I had Mica and Isaak, she loved them so much! Her face would light up, when she saw them. She always called them "girls". Probably because she had girls of her own. Her oldest grandchildren were girls. Mica used to say, "She has bubbles in her hair!" Referring to her silver white curls.

There were two times that really scared me: 

1. When she ran away, while my Grandpa was in the shower. They had an alarm system that would go off if she tried to leave. It did. BUT he was in the buff, and she took one of his shoes.

An immigrate from Mexico found her hurt. He didn't speak any English, but helped her up, and called 911. She had a broken wrist. It was then, that they decided to put her in a home. Something My Grandpa and her promised each other would never happen.

Looking back - I wish I would have thought to do something. I envisioned putting a vinyl up of a book shelf on the door. Then she wouldn't think of it as a door. I was about to do it, but it was too late. They decided it was best to move her.

2. Towards the end she would get agitated being around a lot of people. Family gatherings were hard. It's best to have small gatherings, during the day time. When the sun goes down, they have more confusion. This is called, "Sundowning". She would gather all the paper plates to wash by hand. Then she'd try and leave out the garage door, which is where my Uncle had his Wood Shop. Not a great place, for Grandma to have been.

Why I'm bringing all this up: 

Mica was supposed to work with patients that have Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Dementia this semester for his Healthcare Academy class.

The M.S. Forward group is amazing. They really try to be there for the students. They helped set up Goalball, play catch with the students (kind of a challenge when some of them can't see), plan cook outs and more.

People that have Parkinson's work with M.S. Forward.

Working with Dementia patients is a newish thing. It's been in the works all year. They just went on their first field trip to the home. After permission slips were signed, lunches were gotten, and the bus was called. Get this...the class gets there, and only 2 patients came out. The rest were too busy in the game room to come out. They were playing Solitaire and BINGO. I totally blame the Director of the home, not the patients, and not the teacher. It kind of makes me sad. I was so looking forward to Mica working with them. He started his life out with my Grandma, that probably seemed a bit crazy to him. When really she was a totally great person, who's brain was being attacked.

His teacher was so disappointed. She planned for it all year. The poor lady has had a difficult class anyhow. This not to happening field trip didn't help.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

WW: Poetry Slam {Linky}

I've had this photo on my desktop for awhile, and never posted it. Isaak has been super into Poetry Slam. He's the only boy in it. His teacher said, "Some of the best poets are males." He enjoys it. He was picked to go to a field trip, that had speakers, and groups where college students worked with the middle school students. When I saw that our local library had a Poetry Slam Contest, I signed Isaak up.

I asked my husband why Isaak didn't have his coat off? He said, "That's just who Isaak is." Truth be told Isaak typically tries to wear his coat everywhere. Mica barely wears his.

Travis said he is a great public speaker. He was the youngest poet. He didn't win, but I'm glad he put forth the effort.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I decided to email Isaak's Councilor at school, in regards to his Math teacher not being there. The change of substitute teachers everyday has been having a toll on him.

    She called me back. Of course I was in class, and didn't get the call. We managed to connect a call right before I started afternoon lecture.

    She couldn't answer me in regards to when his teacher would be back. She's on Administrative Leave. She of course couldn't tell me what caused the leave. I don't know that it matters. Her suggestion: Let Isaak switch classes.

    There are three problems with this: 1. The other classes are full. That's why Isaak's Math teacher had a sixth grade class, when she has always taught seventh grade. 2. The teacher he switches to may be in a different spot in Math. Currently all the substitute teachers are going off his previous teacher's lesson plans. 3. A few of Isaak's friends were in that Math class.

    I agreed to talk it over with Isaak. Isaak said really fast that he wanted to switch classes! I brought up all the cons, and he didn't seem to care. He still wanted to switch. 

  2. Isaak's councilor also told me that she was so excited Isaak won an award for his Piano class, two quarters ago. She said his face just lit up!

    Once a week Isaak goes to Piano lessons. Everything is going well, except that Isaak lost one of his Piano books. We have no clue what happened to it. We're going to check to see if he left it at the house, he takes lessons at before I buy it again.

    Their dog always lays there, and listens to Isaak pound away on the piano. He probably does that because allergic me doesn't give it any attention. Sorry doggie!

  3. I have a class on Monday and Friday in first year. I hate teaching both those days. One of those days is totally fine. It's just that the students slack in showing up Mondays and Fridays.

  4. I called a student out, for not being in class, and relying on others to help her through things. All handouts, videos of lectures, and PowerPoints are on the server. She'll listen to someone else talk about the assignment wrong, do it wrong, and blame them. Now I'm the bad guy, for calling her out. She's been complaining to other instructors and students about me.

  5. In my other class students were talking about what was on the TV the night before (Trump). I reminded them that there are two sides, but that it was good they were discussing current events. A girl went to administration said they were pissed there was a heated discussion about politics in the classroom. It's not elementary, middle or high school. I was not sharing my opinion(s). Regardless I'm typically in the middle. One person may have over reacted by tearing someone's speech up, one other person runs at the mouth way too much. I am not a happy camper about that. What is something that has upset you lately?

Thursday, February 6, 2020

How to Plan a Honeymoon in LA

There are many reasons to plan your honeymoon in Loa Angeles, it has everything from art and culture, amazing cuisines and cocktails and some of the best views in the world. There are some of the most gorgeous beaches in America and there’s Hollywood and Universal Studios too. Here is a guide to planning the best honeymoon in Los Angeles.

I've never been to Los Angeles, but it looks like a great place to go. Have you been?

Best Time for a Honeymoon in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is blessed with good weather for most of the year. However, it is suggested that you travel the windows between March-May and September-November for a better trip. This is because the crowds are smaller, and the weather is also amazing if you want to explore the out-doors. It is best to avoid the busier summer months as the rates are more expensive and it is difficult to have quiet romantic moments when there are huge crowds of people.

Ideal Duration

For a relaxed and fun-filled honeymoon, it is suggested that you have a 10-15-day break in Los Angeles. Not only does it give you enough time to relax and explore the full extent of what Los Angeles have to offer, it also gives you enough time to take a one- or two-day trip to another destination that is close by.

Best Honeymoon Experiences

The honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to wind down after the stress of organizing a wed-ding. The honeymoon gives you a chance to be together and a generous dose of culture. There are lots of places in Los Angeles that will suit anyone and everyone.
  1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

    This is the venue to go to if you want to watch some American sport in an outdoor stadium. It is home to the USC Trojans and the Los Angeles Rams. Even if you are not interested in sports, it is definitely something you must experience when you go to Los Angeles and can be the perfect surprise for your new husband. Go to for tickets.

  2. Griffith Observatory

    This is situated on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood and makes for a romantic and magical experience. It is one of the best honeymoon spots in Los Angeles. You can go in the late afternoon to experience a beautiful sunset, followed by an incredible view of the starry night sky using the public telescope. There is a café and a bookstore so you can spend some quiet moments amongst the beautiful scenery.

  3. Universal Studios Hollywood

    This is somewhere that you must experience when in Los Angeles. You cannot miss the chance to go behind the scenes of your favorite movies. There are also rides such as The Simpsons and Harry Potter ride which can be really fun too and will add a dose of adrenaline to your honeymoon. You can also visit Disneyland where you will meet Mickey & Minnie, fairytale princesses and also get a chance to witness the parade and the fireworks. It will add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your honeymoon as you meet the characters that shaped your childhood.


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