Friday, September 20, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. My older sister stopped by to give Mica a bag of clothes from my oldest nephew. Get this Mica's taller than him. The bag went to Isaak. He took in most of the pants. The shirts that my sister raved about were from J. Crew. I thought maybe Isaak wouldn't like them because they had pink on them. Not the case. He didn't like them because they are button down. "Mom that's just too much work!" He has a lot of clothes already, so I didn't push the issue. 

  2. Travis is taking a class where he has art critiques on his work. It's pretty hard because his work takes so long to produce. He's been trying quicker things. He's making things out of found materials more and more. I guess the class is good in the fact that it's pushing him to use different materials other than bronze or steel.

    He has to read gobs of pages, for the class. Much of it is very abstract, and hard to retain. Then they discuss it. That gets hard with having kids. 

  3. We had flash flood warnings on Thursday. If this is going to be another year like last year, I don't know how the farmers are going to last. :(

  4. We've had some turn around with Admissions Reps. This isn't a bad thing. I actually like the person in charge way more than the other guy that was in charge before. Someone was hired under her. I don't know him at all. We were sitting in a staff meeting. I had my mug that says, I survived another meeting that should have been an email. No one has said anything about it the last 2 or 3 meetings. A few people saw it, and laughed. New Guy pointing at it, "So what do you mean by that?" I replied with, "It just means I'm silly. I even make fun of myself." He didn't respond. I don't think he approved. 

  5. I decided I'd spend an evening entering giveaways. I hadn't purged in doing that for awhile. Many are multi blog giveaways. Ones where you have to like 15 blogs Instagram posts, some comments, then they send you to 15 FB pages, on to 15 Twitter pages, and it just kept going...Do you like these types of giveaways? I just about had carpal tunnel after entering a few. When you look at the entries it's 1,000's of people. My chance of winning is like 0 to none. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Open House

I just went to his Open House last night. His teachers have nothing to say bad about him. He's able to joke around with them. Except for his Math teacher. She's all about just teaching ONLY. Isaak saw her name in Scrabble letters on her desk. He pointed to it and said, "That would be invalid. It's not a word." She said, "Stop. Ok I have to see another parent now." I was thinking, Geez lady lighten up! He calls his homeroom teacher, "Mama Stone" because she has a Family Tree up of all her homeroom students. She calls them things like, "Son Isaak". It's a joke, but fun. He's happy to play along.

His favorite teacher is his Piano teacher. I so wish he could continue Piano lessons! Maybe he will. His teacher is from Ecuador. Not that it matters where he's from. He has a slight accent. When Isaak first got him, he's like, "I can't always understand him!" He must understand him now. Isaak lit up when he went into the room, and the teacher had an energy about him. Isaak said that he tells stories. He bought a horse for his wife. When he was training it, he jerked on the horse, and shouldn't of done that. He treats his students much like training a horse. Gentle and firm.

He writes his own music, and has the kids play along. When Isaak was playing his teacher came up to me and said, "I really think Isaak is a joy. He loves music, and I can tell." I wanted to hug him.

Isaak seemed ok at school, when he was showing me around.

He actually seemed to enjoy showing me around his school.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ice for Anxiety

Isaak still has anxiety issues. I have yet to find a Therapist. The one the Pediatrician gave us has daytime hours. There's no way I'm taking Isaak out of school to see someone. That's like adding stress to stress.

I do plan on sending Boys Town a long message about Isaak this weekend. They have people that will give feedback, for free. It's a non profit. Doesn't hurt to get more opinions.

If you missed it he started crying during homework time last year, which was a bad year for Isaak. This year he likes his teachers, but starting middle school is hard! It doesn't help that Mica hardly has homework, and Isaak always does. I remember myself being socially unable to talk to all these groups of people that already seemed to know each other. I was like a deer in headlights. Moving to each class, but unable to talk.

As soon as we got in the car, after his school's Open House happened, anxiety happened as well. He said some kids call him annoying. I never know where some of this comes from. Maybe he's annoying. He's charming, funny, and sometimes shy too. We all can be annoying. No matter what I said, it didn't seem to make a difference. He knew he had homework to do, and two tests the next day. It was already dark out, so he was feeling the pressure. I never understand why teachers give kids homework on days when there's an Open House at school. It is what it is.

Travis was telling him to calm down when we got home. No one calms down when they are told to. I've been guilty of telling him the same thing. Isaak called Travis, "A Jerk" many times. I tried to apply techniques I got from a video on anxiety.

I got out an icepack, and applied it to Isaak's face. Soon after he kept applying to his own face.

I didn't think the icepack trick would work. In my mind I thought it was rubbish. It worked amazingly well. 

I said, "Isaak I'm not going to do your homework, but I am going to sit her with you. I can read things to you, if that helps you process things better." I found out that he did the Science reading, and answered the questions. He only answered what he could remember, and didn't think to go back to the reading for other answers. He finished his homework with minimal tears. When he was done I said, "You might want to check with Dad on this one. He's better with Science than I am. Before you do that please apologize about calling him a jerk. He's not really a jerk." It took some coaxing, but he did apologize. 

I think that was a winner of a night. Even with a break down. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

WW: Grandpa {Linky}

Last Tuesday I didn't post a WW because I was miles away at a funeral. I thought about not posting this, but death is part of life. I wrote about my Grandpa passing away, but never wrote about his funeral. I say - he lived to 93 years young. I have nothing, but happy memories from my Grandparents on my Mom's side. My Grandma died many years ago from Alzheimer's. My Grandpa just like most people at 93 was really forgetful. The brain has to age just like the rest of your body.

Just this year I taught Grandpa how to take Selfies.

A few months back he went to the hospital, and lost 1/2 his blood. Even the doctors were surprised he made it through that.

This time he fell really bad. He was all bruised up, but didn't break anything. They did find a tear in his vertebrae by his neck, that was from an old fall. He was doing well, sitting up, and eating, had a massive seizure, and that was it. I'm so glad he went that way. They wouldn't have operated on his neck. Living with pain isn't the way to go.

I felt like I was doing ok at the funeral. Mica was a Paul Bearer for the first time.

My cousin asked if they should line up in age order, or height order? Mica at age 14 is 6 foot.

Isaak wasn't a Paul Bearer, but sure was cute. 

He's with his youngest cousin Edison in this photo.

I saw my Great Uncles and lost it. I know they are so close! One lost his wife, his daughter, and now his best friend and brother, my Grandpa. The other had just gotten out of the hospital two days prior to the funeral. On all there were seven of them.

To top it off, when we went to go to the graveyard one of my Great Uncles was using a cane my Grandpa had made for him. The cane broke, he fell, and had to be rushed off to the hospital. He's ok. Just a big egg on his head!

We had a military service. My Grandpa went into the Navy.

Kind of random, but my Grandpa always had a stash of hard candy in hidden in his car. He loved Root Beers, Butterscotch, and Coffee. I passed a few out to people I was around.

Each Paul Bearer left their boutonniere on the casket. I have no idea if that's a tradition, or not.

We left roses on our family member's graves. My Grandma was Dorothy.

So much of me thinks of life being like a circle. One person dies, another is born. Just like seasons, and our calendar revolve in a circle. 

Who is the closest person to you that's passed away? 

I'd have to say my Grandma Dorothy was to me.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Random Tid Bits

I know I've been pretty absent. I'll try and pick up the blogging speed here soon. I missed Tuesday because I was at my Grandpa's funeral 2 1/2 hours away. It's been a week of getting caught back up.

  1. I learned to not miss work if at all possible. Obviously I had to miss. On Friday I left perfect instructions with another co-worker about what to cover. I had a PowerPoint on two famous designers. I also left a link to a full length movie that's on Prime (which she has), and bought microwave popcorn and kettle corn for the students. She had plenty of time to review the stuff ready for her.

    From a student I heard, "Ya she just went through that PowerPoint really fast, and didn't know what anything was." I left notes in the PowerPoint, so there really wasn't any reason to not understand some of the slides.

    With the movie I said they could work, while they watched it. I even bought boxes of microwave popcorn and kettle corn for them. She told me later, "No one watched it." Guess what? I wouldn't of given the students popcorn or kettle corn then. I must be a hard ass I suppose. I was/am annoyed.


    I've covered for many other teachers on the spot, and feel like I did all I could when I was need. I hardly miss class. I expected the same treatment as I give others. 

  2. I bought these towels at World Market. I had a GC I won, so it went towards the towels. I only use them when company comes over. Red-Orange is my favorite color, and Blue-Green is Travis' favorite color. I have plain grey ones, for all other times. 

  3. I offered to go through the remainder of my Grandpa's things last weekend. I was told, "Nope. We have it paid until the end of September, so we're taking our time getting stuff out of there." Now they decided to move that stuff on Thursday night. Wait for a weekend, when we all have more time! Travis models, and the boys more than likely will have homework, and Mica won't get home until after 6 because of Quiz Bowl practice. Now I feel guilty, for not helping. I'm getting group texts about the move. (Writing this on Thursday)

  4. I had a friend come to interview me, for a grad paper he's working on. He wanted to interview people that have had drug/alcoholism in their family. My parents drink maybe once a year, just a single glass. My older sister, who I shared a room with growing up had a lot of issues with drugs and alcohol. I covered up a lot of shit, just to not be the crappy younger sister. Kind of brought back a lot of not so pleasant memories. She's much better as an adult. Do you have/had family members with drugs and alcohol abuse?

  5. Isaak's taking Piano Lessons as a class at school. He likes his teacher. He was getting ready to play a song he wrote on his keyboard. The teacher said, "Wait a minute!" He put an app up that had a curtain draw open, and there was clapping. Then he encourage the rest of the class to clap. Hearing this made me smile.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Isaak's Getting Braces Soon

In October Isaak gets braces. Ekk!

I did what the Orthodontist said, and got him a toothbrush that brushed in circles. Then I turned around and did what I thought was logical, and got him a water pick to review.

I did have to wait a bit, for it to come in the mail. It wasn't like Amazon's 2 day shipping. It did come. We weren't in a hurry, for it, so yay.

I've never used one. At first I was thinking it needed batteries. No it doesn't need batteries!

You just take the bottom off, and fill it with water until it hits the Max line. It squirts much like a spray bottle does.



Food Trap

If Teeth are Close to Each Other

Sensitive Gums

If You Don't Like Flossing

I bleed when flossing, and it's not because I don't ever floss. It's from being on Aspirin. I may have to get my own Water Pick! It looks handy! 

The only things I could see being a problem is that if you don't use it a lot it, you may have to change the water out each time you use it. Just like some spray bottles stop working, this could to. Right now it works great!

Where to Get it:

Have you used a water pick before?

Disclaimer: I got this for free, or a discounted price in order to help with this review. All opinions are my own. 

So Long Grandpa

My Grandpa made it to 93 years old. Mica wishes he would have made it to 100 years old.

It's crazy how not too long ago he was in the hospital, loosing a ton of blood, and made it when he probably shouldn't of. This time he fell. He had a black eye, and skin tears, but certainly no one thought he would die. They did find that a vertebrae in his was fractured from a previous fall. He was living with that pain. Ouch!

On Labor Day we had lots of family over for August and September birthdays. Grandpa was there.

We giggled when he couldn't get out of the chair, and I had to push his butt to help him. The old man could help, but to fart when he got up. We all laughed. It is what it is.

He got up twice to get food. The next day is when he fell hard. 

I got a text from my mom saying that he was having a seizure, which he's never had that we're aware of. The next text said, "TOD 1:41." Non medical me looked up "TOD" thinking it was a medical term. There are a lot of nurses in the family, so they talk in medical lingo a lot. After about 5 minutes I did a face palm, "Time of Death". 

After things cooled down, I told my mom my face palm moment. I could giggle and cry at the same time. 

These photos were taken this year:

What my Grandpa was like:

He loved to drive around after church on Sundays.

On drives he always had butterscotch, or coffee hard candies.

He'd drive around a fountain that changed colors and say, "Oh there's blue Kool-Aid, look now there's orange Kool-Aid"... Kool-aid was first made in Hastings, Nebraska where he's from.

He liked Johnny Carson, Dallas, Dynasty, Days of Our Lives, Football, Wrestling, and Baseball. I just remember because my parents didn't like any of those shows. Days of Our Lives wasn't a show he'd admit to liking. It was "Grandma's show", yet he sat there and watched it everyday with her. 

We'd eat popcorn out of wooden bowls whenever it was time to watch evening T.V.

He loved to start fires on cold nights. 

He'd rock the baby grandkids to sleep and sing, I've been working on the railroad.

Going to garage sales, looking for tools was a favorite pastime.

He built many things for us. Including a shelf for my doll clothes to hang, bucket seats for my sister Terra and cousin Brad, and wooden puzzle rocking chairs for my younger cousins. 

He played football and baseball. 

He was in the Navy and served in the Korean War. 

He enjoyed traveling to Texas for the winter months. 

He had friends he'd get together with to play cards and drink coffee.

I'll miss his smile! He's always been there, so it will be odd not having him around. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. On Thursday I couldn't stop crying. I guess it was just my time to cry. I haven't cried, for a really long time prior to Thursday. Sometimes one just needs to let it all out. 

  2. The school I worked at got broken into on Monday night. My bosses got dings on their phones that there was activity. They looked, and called 911. It was 5 punk kids that realized the back doors didn't get shut all the way. Possibly the cleaning lady. It doesn't matter. Anyhow all they stole was zucchini I gave my 3rd year students, and candy on someone else's desk. I had a chuckle about the zucchini. Since they were young punk kids, I can only imagine that they were being goofy with the zucchini like it's male's 3rd leg. 4 were arrested.

  3. We had a garage sale, and made over $100. After we had it we sold just about as much on Facebook Marketplace.
  4. I just wish we could sell this stove! It's an antique, and in great condition! We've used it, but it needs a new flue. With my asthma, it's not great to breathe in any smoke, even if it is limited. We really could use the room. It's in our living room. One of Travis' sculptures would look great there, so would a Christmas tree. Online it's selling for $600, and that's a beat up stove. I put ours on FB Marketplace for $500, then $400, then $300, and now $200. No one wants it.

  5. I questioned weather to blog about this, or not. I just won't, for it's own post. Isaak has a kid at school telling him that his hair is ugly. It's crazy to me because Sports Clips posted his hair on their facebook page. Two people worked on it. Isaak loved it!

    I want to scream at this punk ass kid that's making fun of Isaak. Seriously! Isaak doesn't even know his name. I can't do anything about it, even if I wanted to. This punk doesn't know all the crap he went through last year. Isaak's an empathetic one! The one friend he's made sat down with the punk kid at lunch. Isaak sat by himself. He's like me, social around people he knows, and shy around people he doesn't know. I said, "Honey you should just sit with people you have classes with."

    He took that as me being mad at him, ran off into his room and sobbed.

    We tried to comfort him, but left him be for 20 minutes. I said I was sorry, that I'm not at all mad at him. He proceeded to cry and talk to himself in the 3rd person. Things like, "Isaak stop crying!" and "Isaak you need to quit!" I just wanted to yell, "STOP! You are a good looking boy!" or cry right along with him.

    The next night math homework was what he cried about. He knew how to do it, but kept saying he didn't know.

    These crying episodes started last year. They took a break over the summer, and now they are back again.

    What freaks me out is that he doesn't know how to talk to us. He says he doesn't know what's bothering him. I know. The talking to himself in 3rd person bothers me a lot!

    I did ask his friend Daniel to come over. They had problems over the summer, but they have each have each other's back at the school where they know no one. It just sucks that Daniel doesn't have lunch at the same time as Isaak does.

    I contacted his doctor. Isaak may be seeing a Therapist soon. I at least want the school councilor to help him. It's horrible that everything is happening at once. We have the crappiest of insurance. Isaak needs braces, Travis messed up his elbow, and probably needs a scan and surgery, and now Isaak needs help with his feelings. I wish there was a video to watch, where I could snap my fingers to know how to deal with this! Worrying about him is part of why I was crying non stop! Why say anything on here? I think mental health isn't talked about enough. If someone has a medical problem it's no biggy, you talk about it. If someone has a mental health issue it's frowned upon, with talking about it. We all have lows in our life, our struggles, and we should talk about them.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Caring for Baby’s Bedding

Parenting can be fun. But it’s never easy, especially for new moms. Babies are known to sleep anywhere between 10 to 18 hours, making it all-important to have the perfect baby bedding for their survival. But even the highest quality bedding will never last if you don’t know how to handle them. Without much ado, here are the top 6 tips for caring for your baby’s bedding.

1. Use Baby-Safe Detergent

Every mother’s wish is to give their baby a sparkling sleeping space while maintaining their health and comfort. But unlike adults, your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive meaning, not every detergent is befitting.

Using strong cleaning agents with intense scents when cleaning your baby’s bedding is never the best option. With several detergents that are specifically designed for baby clothing and bedding readily available in the market, finding the most suitable option with low complications should be easy.

2. Use Warm Water

Using cold water to clean the baby’s crib sheets is the most common practice in many households. But is it really the best option? No. In fact, it is never recommended by health experts. Instead, you should use warm water because it disinfects the bedding besides removing the stains easily.

3. Cotton Bedding

Buying cotton bedding should be your priority as a caring mother. Why? Because cotton never holds odor like other materials. The ideal material for your baby’s bedding should be natural and durable to make it easy when it comes to stain removal during cleaning. Cotton has both characteristics. Stain removal has never been easy. But the cotton sheets can make it a lot more fun if not easier.

4. Get the Right Fit

That your crib sheet should have the proper fit cannot be stressed enough. Your chosen crib sheet should perfectly fit on the mattress with no excess fabric left. It's unsurprising that trusted bedding companies provide flexible crib sheets that cover all the edges of the sheet.

5. Always Read the Labels

Whether the pre-treaters or detergents, ensure they have enzymes. Most of the traditional fabric softeners have chemicals that soften your bedding and clothes but this doesn’t mean you will want such chemicals near your baby’s skin. Keeping that in mind, it’s all the more imperative to read the labels before making your purchase.

6. Have More Sheets

Let’s be honest here; you need more than one crib sheet for your toddler if you are going to maintain their comfort and health. Babies are known to soil the crib sheets when least expected so what happens when they do so in the middle of the night? Do you have a backup plan? The only known backup plan is to have more than one crib sheet.


Give your baby the quality treatment they deserve by safeguarding their health and comfort. Parenting has never been easy but the highlighted tips should make it a lot more fun and easier for you. Find quality queen bed frames Australia at competitive prices from reliable companies online for cheap to give your baby the best experience.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I had a past student pass away. It just breaks my heart. He wasn't ready for college when he went to school. That doesn't mean he was a bad guy. His sister went to the school as well. He left behind two very small children, a wife, his sister a young brother, and his mom. I don't know what happened, but I feel for their family! 

  2. Since school started 3 kids have died because they got hit by cars at crosswalks. One had no reason to be in the middle of the street by themselves (that one was a 1 year old). It breaks my heart!

    We had a close call. Travis is in a mini class. He got accepted into it through a grant. He had a critique of his work. He was at a stop light about to go. Someone went through a red light. Had Travis gone he would have gotten hit. With metal sculpture in his vehicle, that would have more than likely been really bad!

    Be safe! Drive safe! 

  3. I won these chocolate bars off Instagram. I wasn't expecting to get so many! For breakfast I give each of us 3 or 4 bars off a big bar. I started with Blood Orange. None of us tasted orange at all. It was still good though. 

  4. I had to break up some talkers in my first year class. It's hard because I don't like to tell my college students what to do. They are exploring adulthood. I want them to make friends. I don't want to treat them like children. But when they act like children...

    A group of 5 students were standing around shooting the breeze for an hour or more. I let it happen. Then when they got together in the afternoon I said something. I happened to notice that a girl behind them was trying to work. She had her headphones on, and looked annoyed. They just wouldn't shut up. A few of the people in the group didn't do all they could for my other class, and weren't far along in that class. I said, "Ok...enough chatting. Time to get to work." I do have progress grades. That whole group didn't get the full points for the day. 

  5. Travis decided he was going to shave his stache all strange.

    Get this...Mica's now the same height as Travis. He's 6 foot. He just turned 14. How tall is he going to get? My Dad was 6 foot 3 inches before he shrunk.


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