Tuesday, October 20, 2020

WW: Special Origami {Linky}

My last day at work I handed this kid (probably 7 or 8 years old) a bunch of stickers. Might as well of, the store was closing. He was so excited he handed me a homemade origami piece he made. I looked at his mom, and asked if it was really ok that I was taking his creation in? She said he had a whole box full of ones just like this at home.  

What's great is that it moves!

I felt so sentimental about this origami piece. It made me think of my own son Isaak when he was little. He used to make me paper things all the time! He two had a box filled with his creations. 

Plus it was the last day that the store was open. I kept looking around at blank shelves, where things used to be. Somehow this small act of kindness, a kid handing me a carefully folded paper made it all ok, in a good way. 

What's something that made you feel sentimental in the past?

Random Tid Bits

It's been awhile, since I've done a "Random Tid Bits" post. What can I say? I've been busy applying for jobs. Fingers crossed I get the one I have a 2nd interview with tomorrow. 

  1. My 1st grader nephew Edison wants to marry his sister Margaret. He got a bit annoyed when my sister told him that he has to marry someone he's not related to. 

    I finally got to meet Miss Margaret, and actually took the photo above. I called her Miss. Margareet, and Edison corrected me right away. I'm a huge fan of nicknames. It's better than what Mica called her...Maggot.

  2. Isaak and my conversation:

    Me: PMS is so annoying! 
    Isaak: What's that?
    Me: Premenstrual Syndrome.
    Issak: Who that that?
    Me: I do.
    Isaak: Really?! I didn't know you were sick with something serious. What is it? *Insert a concerned look on his face. 
    Me: A period.
    Isaak: Oh...silence! 

  3. Mica just started in person high school this week. They are only taking 1/2 students at a time, and it's on a system where they go 2 days, then remote 3, then go 3 days, then remote 2... The boy did his hair 4 times over again on the first day.

    How's school going where you live? Does it seem smooth, or rough all around?
  4. It took Mica awhile to come home by bus.

    Me: What took so long, for you to get home? 
    Mica: They combined two busses, so my bus went all the way out to Western Omaha. You know where all the houses look alike. 
    Me: It's usually referred to West Omaha. I get you. 

  5. Isaak didn't know who Steve Jobs is. 

    Mica: Isaak you don't know who Steve Jobs is! You need to use the dictionary more! 
    Travis: Because Steve Jobs is in the dictionary. What does one look up, "Steve" or "Jobs"? 
    We all laughed! 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

#TecEssence 3D Moon Light Review

Christmas is coming up!

It's sooner than I anticipated. It’s going to be an odd one. 

We can’t get together as a big family because of COVID. It’s hard because my sister has two kids with trisomy 18. Their immune systems are fragile. Instead we'll take turns having my parents over to each house.

I’m still looking for jobs. I have two in the fire, but still looking out there. So many things are seasonal, or part time. It’s harder work to look for jobs, then it is to work I think. I've been looking for a few years now. It's exhausting. I just want to work, come home, and blog, paint, design, or hold Sunny. Money is tighter. 

The boys are getting older, so buying for them is more challenging. They just got their rooms done. What do I get the that they need or want? I thought about rugs and new overhead lights. They could always use another remote, or headset, for their PS4, that we have them play on only once a week. I got the boys and some of my nephews KEEN insulated thermoses 30% off at work, then 15% off from my discount. I did the same with honey sticks, pistachios, and chapstick. How exciting! *Insert sarcasm here. Holidays are different when they are older. 

I'd love to give them a trip, but again...COVID strikes. Let's be honest...they could care less about clothes these days.

One Holiday Idea: 

I found Mica a little light to go in his room. It will fit well with his space theme. This 3D #TecEssence Moon Light changes colors. It’s smaller than I thought. Just big enough to fit in ones hands. 

You can get it here: https://tecessence.com/collections/all-lights/products/nebula-galaxy-lamp%E2%84%A2, for $39.99. I think that's way too high of a price, for this lamp. I'd be willing to pay $15, for it. It took awhile to ship, wasn't big, the base didn't come put together, it's 3D printed plastic, and I still haven't been able to get the remote battery section to come off without breaking it. It's stubborn. 

It lights up with a USB cord. It has different modes. I like the top picture mode best.

There's a purple mode.

There's a blue mode.

Then there's a red mode.

I did have trouble with getting the remote to work, and open it. 

I actually changed the colors by touching the lamp its self when it was on the USB cord. 

I just can't get it apart! I feel like I'm going to break it. I've pressed on the release, and pulled, I pulled, after doing the a few times I gave up. Travis hasn't tried. It would be best to get it to work, for all the options. 

What are you getting for your kids, or grandkids for Christmas?

Disclaimer: I got this product for a discounted price, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

A New Cut #haircut

We have back to school part two. So far the boys have been strictly virtual learning. Now they are starting to go back part time. Isaak starts tomorrow, and Mica will start in a few weeks. 

I'm sort of nervous, but it is what it is. Mainly nervous because Nebraska's cases keep going up. Another part of me is thinking...how long should be halt life? This whole pandemic has been tug of war in my brain, since it started. 

As it is, my oldest two nephews had to take COVID tests recently. Do they have it? They haven't gotten the results back. Now my oldest sister has whatever my nephew has. It's horrible to not know if something is allergies, a cold, or COVID. 

My youngest sister never has her kids go anywhere. They are more like mine. Home bodies. I don't blame them - having two kids with special needs. One being a brand new baby. 

There's talk about our boy's district going back to online learning only, with the cases on the rise. So far it's a go. 

Isaak's hair was looking pretty shaggy. I don't mind shag, but he hates it.

HavenJanny Hair Clippers:

Luckily I got a clipper set to review. Boom...one less place to go. Travis isn't bad at cutting hair, but he dropped his last cutter, so it was totally not working. 

First off the set had a lot of extras, which was nice. BUT they only had a few blades. Travis is used to more. Blade from his other set fit though. YAY! If you want a lot of blade options there isn't a lot in this set.

There were English and Chinese directions, but the English seemed broken up.

It came charged at 100%, but to be honest it kept shorting out. It was pretty much useless, due to the shorting out. A motor has to work. YO! One positive thing...it was quiet. Travis is used to a noisy clipper. 

Where to get it:

Isaak was super excited about his hair. He would have wanted some major fancy lines put in it. Travis was like, "Um no. I'm just not doing all that." For a pandemic cut, it looks just fine. 

Have you gone to get your haircut, since the pandemic started? I haven't. 

Disclaimer: I got this product, for a discount to help with this review. All opinions are mine. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Jobless Again

Last week I found out that Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, where I work is closing. They called us in, for a “mandatory” meeting to tell us. Here I was thinking the mandatory meeting had something to do with my comments I made in an employee opinion matters survey. I have a track record of sharing positives and things to work on in surveys. At the last place I worked I was called in to the owner’s office to talk about if I liked my job or not. Truth be told there’s just as many things to say positive, as there is to say what to work on with any person, place or thing. Sure one might say I’m critical, but I find it helpful. Anyhow the meeting up being nothing about that. My manager told me that he wanted us to say exactly what we thought. 

We as managers/supervisors were told first because we’re leaders. As it turns out I’m feeling more like a leader than ever before. I listened to the cashiers vent, handed out my business cards to have them use me as a reference, and made them cookies.

What really bothered me is the people that come into the store every week to shop. One older man looked lost and said, “I don’t know where to shop now.” I wanted to hug him! I’ve helped him countless times with the card reader. I think he finally has it down. Another guy comes in with his kids, and gets them one piece of candy from the bulk section each and every time. 

Here’s Their Website:

I don’t feel like they’re here when I need them most.

They decided to close all Nebraska stores because it’s too hard to get to us. We’re kind of in the middle of no where. Omaha’s a want to be big city. It had nothing to do with our stores performance. They left us all to find jobs in the middle of a pandemic. 

Here’s my question: Why build Fresh Thyme Farmers Market if it is hard to make deliveries to? 

I closed both nights, when the sales started. It was crazy busy! It took me two extra hours to close. 

Night one of closing I was supposed to close with a manager. Instead the manager dropped a shelf in the safe, rolls of coins went everywhere, she had a fight with her husband on the phone, and I closed myself. 

Night two of closing my last customer had a cart full of candy and baby food. I had to count everything. The register wigged out, and the whole order disappeared. I had to do it all again. All that candy I counted twice, they decided they didn’t want it. 

Today my manager never showed up, and my fellow supervisor wanted to go work in grocery, where he wasn’t needed. 

I have this horrible habit of wanting the best out of a given situation. I want to do good, have others be positive, and feel the love. Isn’t that what life should be about? 

Any Time to Say #thanks

Out of all the holidays, what’s your favorite one? I enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter all about the same. Of course things will be different with social distancing, and mask wearing. We don’t even know how these holidays will work. We’ve talked about my parents just visiting each family. 

Now that it’s cool outside I’m feeling like pumpkin pie, and all the foods that go along with Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays that usually bring families together. How are you changing your plans, for the holidays with COVID here?

I got this cute Thanksgiving outfit, for my new niece to wear. She just came home from the hospital yesterday - finally. 


The outfit only comes in two sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. Kind of small, but she was small to begin with. It will work well. 

I love that it’s a onesie instead of a t-shirt. Much more apt to stay tucked in!


There’s two designs. I happen to like this one because the triangles remind me of tepees. 


“Fresh Out of the Oven” is what it says. My niece isn’t super fresh out of the oven, but close enough. She just got home. Her brothers were all happy to hold her. Well except for Emerson, he looked annoyed with her. Lol!


I think the bow is cute. It’s not gigantic, like some are. 

Where to Get it:

You can get this cute Thanksgiving outfit on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08FC7D3JV, for $10.98 to $11.98. I kind of feel like there’s not enough difference to make the price change from one outfit to the next. 

What do you look forward to, as far as eating goes on Thanksgiving? 

Disclaimer: I got this product to review Free of cost in exchange, for my honest opinion. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

WW: Nature Walk {Linky}


Seeing areas like this reminds me of The Little House on the Prairie

Nebraska’s state flower - Goldenrod

Grover’s NEAR! And FAR!

Like all good things, our hike ended. Actually husband got us lost, so we walked and walked along a highway for a long time. Ha!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Face Covering Review

Do you think masks and face coverings help fight the spread of covid? 

I think it helps. I have both asthma and allergies, and need my lungs to be as healthy as possible. 

Recently when I went to get my allergy shots, I asked my nurse if he knew anyone with this invisible beast of a virus. He told me his son’s best friend has it. He’s needing lung support, is near death, is young, and had no other health conditions.

I do have issues with breathing at times, so things tight against my face can be a problem. I do have some solutions:

• Coconut Oil with a Q-Tip in the Nose - ok via my ENT Doctor

• More Ginger Intake - Ginger Helps With Inflammation 

• Face Shields, for People that Can Breathe Well

• Face Coverings VS Only Masks

This face covering is more breathable, then most masks. There’s over 40 designs to choose from. I chose this thinking Mica would like it. He said he feels like he’s wearing a hijab. Had I known he didn’t like it, I may of picked a different design. 

I did have trouble with it being loose on my face. A few things to try with this: 

• Wash any mask or face covering. Many shrink slightly, making them fit better on skinny faces. 

• You can twist the ear piece. 

• Knot the ear loops.

Where to buy it:


It’s $11.99 with a 10% click coupon + free shipping. 

Do you have a favorite mask, or face covering? Have you tried a face shield?

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Fall Clothes for a Baby

I just got this cute baby girl outfit to review, for my niece Margaret. 

She has Trisomy 18 like her big brother Emerson does. She's still in the hospital. Only my mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law have been able able to see her. That's not counting the numerous doctors and nurses that have helped her. 

She's had a MRI, EEG, and a sleep study done. She's for the most part doing well. We've known that she needed jaw surgery, but after the sleep study that doctor wants to make that happen ASAP. Lots going on, for them. It's a good thing my parents are retired, and can help out.  

When I get the opportunity to review clothes for Margaret, I jump on it! They've only had boys this far, so why not get neutral or girl clothes? All baby clothes are so cute. 

Recently I got a fall outfit to review. You can get it here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08G134KKM, for $10.98-$11.98.


  • Mustard Yellow
  • Pink
  • White

I thought with fall, the mustard color would be great. Plus we've been having this discussion - do baby girls have to wear pink? Some family members say, "Yes", while other family members say that color has no gender. I don't think pink always needs to be on girls. I watched an old video once that said pink used to be a boy color, and blue was for girls. Before that all babies wore white gowns to make it easier to change diapers, and bleach out stains. What do you think? Is pink a girl color, and blue a boy color? 

It Has a Hat, or Hair Tie

That's yet another thing we disagree on. Travis thinks big bows, flowers, and ties on babies look so dumb. I don't mind them. I just can't tie them all pretty like.  

Sizes, for This Outfit:

  • 0-3 Month
  • 3-6 Month
  • 6-12 Month
  • 12-18 Month

I love that it doesn’t have built in feet. Often times babies have smaller or longer legs that just don’t fit right in them. I like the snaps, that make diaper changing easier. 

Are you ready for fall?

Disclaimer: I got this product, for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I wasn’t ready, for the slap of cold. I guess I am thankful that we didn’t get hit with snow. Western Nebraska had snow. 

  2. Mica is going to be in a club at school called STEM Advisory Board, which I guess is like Student Council. 

  3. Travis said, “Hey Mica, since you’re in a smarty pants club at school, how about you open this dip the smart way. We all looked at him, and he was trying to stab the plastic film with a blunt carrot. The day and life with Mica. He said, “What?! I don’t want to use my finger. It will get messy.” Travis snapped, and told him to cut it.

  4. The other night, my last customer was this old lady. I said to the manager that she may not of heard the closing announcement on the intercom. She took like 10 min. looking through flowers. The manager looked annoyed.

    When checking out she told me that she has an MRI happening soon. She said, "I think the doctors think I'm crazy in the head. I think I just have a lot going on. My brain just needs a cleaning. They can do that ya know. Just like they do with hearts." I wanted to take her home. She shouldn't of been out that late, by herself. I wish brains could be cleaned like hearts.

    Have you ever had anyone in your life loose it mentally?

  5. Travis begged to go hiking on Labor Day. I really didn’t want to because my allergies and asthma have been so bad! I went anyhow. We got so twisted and turned around, that we had to walk for a long time on the highway to get back to our car. Travis has a habit of taking something quaint, and making it massive. < br />
    On his birthday he was going biking with friends. He was going to be back by lunch, but wasn’t back until dinner. He biked 23 miles.

    When we lived in Pine Lake, GA he wanted to take a “small walk” to Stone Mountain. It was midnight before we got back. 


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