Friday, May 10, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak cracks me up. He said, “Mom it looks like your necklace that was Great Grandma’s is a bunch of cherry tomatoes. I just want to gobble them all up.”

  2. I remember I was so excited to get the boys umbrellas at Hatley. I think one of them I won. It's the best quality kid's umbrella I've ever seen!

    I'm not promoting this. It's just the same umbrella Mica has. It's out of stock. I got the image here.
    In fact it still works very well! They aren't cheap, but they won't break like others do.

    Mica texted me, "We might soon want to go out and buy a bigger umbrella. - It did look a little funny watching him walk away to the bus stop with a kid’s umbrella ☂. He’s way taller than me now! I noticed the site is for ages 12 and under. Mica's almost 14! I personally like a good rain jacket, so much more than umbrellas! 

  3. Travis' parents moved back to Missouri. This is their 3rd time living there I think. My sister in law's ex was staying at the house, and totally trashed it. He took all major appliance with him. Ya annoying! I don't care for people that thrive on revenge.

  4. I had a student that was moving out of her Step Dad's house. She said, "I'm not leaving it looking nice. None of us like him." She was mad that he didn't let her stay there rent free, and he didn't pay for all her college. Her Mom passed away last year. Not everyone's parents help them get through college, rent free no less. He did help her for awhile. It's sad she felt she needed to trash the place.

  5. I texted Mica a picture of this...

  6. Saying, "This is what I'm making for dinner tonight."

    Oh he believed me. He went to Travis to show him a picture. Travis told him I was messing with him. He then said, "At least we know she's in a good mood. When she's goofy like that it means she's happy.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Health Care Academy

I know I've been hanging low for blogging lately. It's the end of the semester where I teach, Travis has been working long hours on his chair design that should be finished as of this morning, Isaak has homework he needs help with most nights, the boys have had a lot of evening events for school, and I've been looking for freelance design work. Travis has yet to mow the lawn. He won't let Mica or I do it because it's the first time it will be mowed. With my allergies it's not a great idea I mow anyhow.

Moving on...

Last weekend Mica had his first Health Care Academy Expo. 

I have to be honest...I didn't know what to expect with this academy. I do know a few years ago Mica wanted to be a Pediatrician. He's since changed his mind, after he had Astronomy class. I told him it's not as easy to have a career in Astronomy. He said, "I can be an Astrophysicist." I said, "That means you have to have a lot of math, which you don't care for. You can't live in Omaha, Nebraska for a career like that. That's ok you can move." He didn't say anything. I wanted him to try out the Health Care Academy because it's free. If he doesn't like it, he isn't paying for college classes to realize that. I convinced him to join up with the Health Care Academy at school. They have a one week camp during the summer, and lots of classes and activities during the school year. He was hesitant, but decided to apply because I asked him too. He had an interview, and had to fill out an application. Mica got in. If he hates it, it will be my fault. Ha!

Good Vibes:

The Health Care Academy is ran by his homeroom and science teacher he had last year. She was great for both. Good vibes going in!

What the Health Care Academy Expo was About:

They were slow to get started. Lots of speakers, pharmaceutical booths and food.

I found out that the King Science students will be working with patients that have Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, and Dementia. I've known people that have had each of those.

One speaker has Multiple Sclerosis, another is a Neurosurgeon, there were Pharmaceutical Reps., and Mica's teacher.

Pharmaceutical Reps:

They weren't big Pharma! They are in support of therapies and research, for all these diseases. They had ice packs, neck wraps, pens, and other things to hand out.

Other Speakers:

We got to hear a lot about how the students at King Science helped with the patients this school year. Both the patients and the students that participated in the program this year were happy to have each other.

One thing that the patients need to do is laugh every day. That can be hard when you're depressed. 

They have to work on coordination. Another challenging thing. If your body is giving out, how do you control it? The students had to play ball with the patients. There's a lot of communication skills that have to happen to play catch with someone that may not be able to see, can't react as fast as someone that doesn't have a disease.


I was feeling inspired by all the speakers.

I was thinking...I hope Mica gets a lot out of this! I want him to be inspired, and feel more empathy than he currently does.

While I was thinking all this Mica leans towards me and whispers, "Mom I think I know what I want to do with my science fair project next year. I want to change graphite into a diamond. I've seen a video on how you can do that. That would be cool right?" Here I was thinking he was going to have something health care related to say, or how he's learning so much about MS, but nope. Maybe he'll be more empathetic and inspired next year.


They called up all the people that participated this school year, then the ones that will participate next school year.

It's odd that there are Spiehs' at most all of Mica's school events. I don't know them personally, but that's my maiden name. Not a lot of Spiehs' in the US. So a Spiehs was called up.

Mica got called up to. He does this thing where he dances in place, while he's up on stage. Maybe he's trying to be cool? It's too hard to get a photo of someone giggling all around. Ha!

Did you take any health care classes in school?


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