Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. 

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

This week I'm covering a group named Radical Face. They have another group called Electric President that has a slightly different style. Ben Cooper is the common links between the bands. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida; not too far from where I went to grad school in Savannah, Georgia. The name Radical Face was chosen after seeing it on a flyer. Later he found out the flyer was for Radical Face-Lift. He took the word "Lift" off and had the band name.

The first song is about two brothers. One always cleans up and covers up for the other one. The video was made for just under $50.
Always Gold

Welcome Home

Then this song was created by their other band called Electric President. Why do people have two bands or artist names? Because they have different styles. This song was made to help raise money for the 2011 earthquakes in Japan.

The City and the Machines

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Preschool Graduation 2

If you missed Isaak's first preschool graduation, you can read about it here. He had two because he went to two preschools. The best picture I'm saving for my next WW. You'll need to come back to see that one.

When we got to the church Isaak said, "Why are we here?" I told him that we were there for his graduation.

He wasn't too happy about it. I'm not sure if he was sad he wasn't going to see his teachers any more, upset that he wouldn't go to school with his cousin Elijah any longer, or confused because we were at a different church than his preschool is held at {they have sister churches}.

It lasted most of the evening. There are multiple preschools put into one ceremony. I think Isaak was happy once he knew he didn't have to stand in front of a crowd.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preschool Graduation One

Since Isaak's in two preschools, we have had to go to double the field trips. Today we have 2 graduations. Luckily not at the same time! One was this morning. The other one is this evening.

I'm glad he went to two preschools for the fact that they were both so different.

One focused on:
  • Academics
  • Was small, so they got worked with more and developed friendships
  • Structure
  • Really into their programs, we're talking costumes and graduation robes
The other focused on:
  • Having fun with playing
  • Exercise
  • They were larger, so it's more grade school sized, but Isaak didn't form close friendships
  • Has relaxed events
I think Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa are ready for all the field trips to be done. Daddy and I are glad that all the paperwork is going to lessen. Isaak just loves to keep everything.

Here's how Isaak's graduation went for the less formal preschool.

Isaak trying to hide his face from me taking a picture.

They all got to throw water balloons against the outside wall. Isaak's popped midair twice.

Here Isaak is trying out the hula hoop.

Here Isaak is with his teachers.

Tonight we'll have the hats and gowns; yep the whole 9 yards.

If you'd like to throw out your comments about what you think of preschool graduations I'd love to hear it!

I'm not really a fan. Sure they look cute in their hats and robes, but I think it's overboard. Graduation is supposed to be a time in which you've worked hard to get to that level. An end of the year party is just fine in my book. I don't side with elementary graduations, or middle school graduations either. To me it should be reserved for high school, college, masters and doctorate degrees.

I side with the preschool I attended earlier today on this matter. The one I'm about to attend I'm thinking is going to take ALL EVENING LONG. The kids will get restless. Sure They will look cute.

Just something to think about, not all the kids graduate. Some go two years, Mica went three years. The ones that don't graduate, don't get why they don't get to wear a hat and robe. They are 3, 4 and 5. It's not fair in their minds. They don't want to be left out. In my mind I think: What happened to cookies and drinks as a special treat for leaving preschool? Why do we make such a big deal of things now a days?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Too Close

Daddy thought it was funny to take pictures of all of us super close. Mica was cracking up over every shot. Really the most funny one taken is Daddy's own picture.

Mommy AKA Me

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WW: A Box Apartment {Linky}

I made it clear that I wanted a big box construction for Isaak's first friend party. Kids love boxes! At Mica's first friend party Daddy made a Box Rocket.

What I didn't realize is how hard big boxes are to get now a days. For a week Daddy and I called Nebraska Furniture Mart AKA the biggest furniture store in town. The guy in charge of the boxes wouldn't answer, or call back. It's odd to me that one guy is in charge of boxes! They shred them right away everywhere.

Finally I asked Target. The lady at the counter said, "Just call at 6 AM and tell them to save one for you." I did. They saved more then one. My boss gave me another. We were set! 

Daddy made a box apartment for Isaak's birthday party. It was a huge hit at the party. On Mothers Day I had to have all 3 of us get in it.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Today and Every Day!

Isaak must have had a long day at his birthday party. He was grouchy this morning. Mica showered me with an art piece he made and a poem. Isaak cried because he had nothing to give me. I reminded him that he gave me a lot two days ago. He insisted on giving my gifts right away; after he made them. I told him that he is all I need. He cried all the more.

I asked the boys to go get ready to go out to breakfast. I won a GC to I Hop from A Nut in a Nutshell. Isaak said, "Mom I don't want to go out to eat! I want you to make breakfast. I thought Mothers Day was all about you doing what I ask for you to do." Like I said he was grumpy.

Mica came out looking like this:

Fancy pinned striped hat, plaid shirt, too short of a tie for my long torso boy, gym shorts and socks with sandals.
I always think of Mica as a good dresser. That's probably because I get their clothes out the night; to help with our busy morning.

Mica changed. Isaak finally got ready, so we were off to I Hop.

We've been to I Hop before and it was just ok. This time we had a waitress that was in training. That could have been bad. NOPE she was great! She had that new employee, I want to do my best glow! Get this...Isaak ordered an omelet. He's never had one. He gobbled it up, plus had some of my food!

The best part of my day though was in the evening. I said, "Mica why don't you go to bed early. Don't go to sleep; just read for awhile." Mica said, "You are the BEST Mom ever!" He loves to read.

Isaak's First Friend Birthday Party

Isaak had his first friend birthday party this last Saturday. There were 5 boys and 2 girls all together. Two parents stayed. One acted like he was going to, but didn't.

I had games planned, but I read on the internet that between the ages of 5-7 they just want to play. I decided to play it by ear. The games I thought about were easy, common and I had the stuff. Like drop the clothes pin in a jar, walk across the room with a spoon and a bean to see who drops it first.

No games were played. They played, played and played some more.

I was huge about getting a big box construction built for his party. Daddy made a rocket out of boxes for Mica's first party, and it was such a hit! It was hard getting them, but we did. Daddy made a box apartment for Isaak's party. It to was a hit!

Daddy making the box apartment. Isaak and Cousin Elijah in the box apartment.

Mica was a downer that day. He was sad because all the kids have birthdays before him. He went to a birthday party for his cousin Evan, while Isaak's was going on. I kept trying to tell him that his birthday is first, not last. He didn't buy into that. Three people in our family have had birthdays in the last few months. Mica's birthday is when school starts.

I was so glad that Mica went away for Evan's party. It's not that I don't like my son, it's just that he's into wanting a lot of attention. Plus he wasn't too great about helping with the prep work before Isaak's party. I couldn't really blame him. But I was upset that he kept saying his room was clean, but it wasn't.

Mica had fun at Evan's party. He only knew Evan, so I was worried about that. Evan had people donate canned goods instead of bring presents. One of the kids said, "I'm hungry! When are we going to eat all the canned goods we brought?" LOL

Back to Isaak's party. I didn't take a lot of pictures due to parents not wanting their kids pictures splashed on the internet. Plus I was busy!

Here's what they did:
  • They played in the box apartment a lot. 
  • They played outside a lot. It was a nice day!
  • Isaak had to have a piñata, so we did have that. 
  • We had brownies and ice cream. Isaak's not big into liking cake right now.
  • I printed off free coloring sheets with the kid's names on them at Frecklebox.
  • We opened presents.
Here's one photo I got:

We attempted to spin the boys and have them bat at the piñata, but it wouldn't break. They beat the thing silly on the ground.

I did have giveaway bags. I never know if I should do this. I think in my mind, Here's a present for the present you gave me. I entertained you for a few hours. Then I have to write you a thank you note for your gift. Even though I gave you a thank you bag. That's all so odd for me. It is what it is.

I found the cutest things though. Each were $1. Wooly Willy was at Michaels Craft Store and the Greenhouses were in Target's cheep section. Then the kids got a handful of piñata candy:

Mica got home and wanted to claim ownership of Isaak's presents. Usually I don't let that happen, but Isaak wanted him to play with him. It worked out.


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