Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shoe Assistance

  • Since Isaak's been wearing the orthopedic boots up to this point for months now, he's kind of new to sandals for the season.
  • He kicked one off tonight. I asked Mica to help his brother put back on his shoe.
  • Isaak thought Mica was playing, so he was running from him.
  • I had to go put Isaak's shoe back on anyhow because he was being too wiggly for Mica to get it on.

Daddy Makes Me LOL

  • I got this shirt for Isaak at Target. It says, "Daddy Make Me LOL."
  • I thought it was perfect to wear for this fathers day weekend.
  • Isaak's newest phrase is, "That tickles!" He giggles after he says, "That tickles." It's a perfect shirt for him.

Uncle Tyson Getting the Boys

Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3

  • Two nights ago we watched the first Toy Story movie.
  • Last night we watched Toy Story 2.
  • Tonight we surprised Mica by going to Toy Story 3.
  • Mica didn't ask where we were going like he usually does, nor did he ask what movie we were seeing when we got into the theater. I thought that was a little strange. Usually he's Mr. Inquisitive.
  • Mica loved the movie.
  • Isaak was bouncing from one parent to another.
  • He said a few times that he had to go potty. Daddy took him once and Mommy took him another time. Both times he didn't have to go. I think he just liked watching the toilet flush on its own.
  • Mommy and Daddy both liked the movie. We're sometimes annoyed with sequels, but this is one series that did a good job from start to finish.

Conjoined Twins: A Medical Wonder

  • I thought this is pretty fascinating!
  • Especially how they can see and feel what each other is seeing and feeling.
  • I think they are really cute.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nose Sucker

  • I've been spraying Isaak's nose with saline and sucking it out with a nasal aspirator. He's been a snot bucket since he started cutting this new tooth.
  • The funny thing about this kid is that he LOVES to get his nose sucked out.
  • Most kid's HATE it.
  • Not Isaak! He points to the diaper bag and says, "Nose suck please."
  • After I suck his nose he'll say, "Again."
  • Sometimes he'll say, "Dat (that) tickles!" He's got a cute laugh.
  • Such a funny kid!

Happy Birthday!

  • Today is Grandma Apel's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Remembering how old people are, and when their birthday's are is definitely not my strong suit. So please do not be offended if I forget your birthday along the way.
  • For right now I'm feeling pretty good about remembering this one.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A CD Giveaway!

  • One2One Network is giving one of J. Leigh Designz readers a Sarah McLachlan just released CD!
  • It's been seven years since she's released a CD! It's called 'Laws Of Illusion'. I can't wait to hear it!
Tracks: 1. Awakenings 2. Illusion Of Bliss 3. Loving You Is Easy 4. Changes 5. Forgiveness 6. Rivers Of Love 7. Love Come 8. Out Of Tune 9. Heartbreak 10. Don't Give Up On Us 11. U Want Me 2 12. Bring On The Wonder

Wordless Wednesday - Hanging Out With a Lot of Kids Today!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All the Kids I Watched Today

Cousin Elijah
Cousin Evan
My Friend's Daughter Rachel
My Friend's Daughter Claire

Sleepy Isaak

  • Isaak was so tired at 10 AM this morning. He's having such a problem sleeping.
  • We laid him down to go to sleep at 7 PM, but it's almost 8 PM and he's still not asleep.

I Got Bit in the Butt!

  • Isaak woke up 5 or 6 times last night.
  • Today he was snotty, both in the nose and attitude.
  • I was in the kitchen making dinner, and he came up and bit my butt!
  • It kind of took me off guard.


  • It took me awhile to tell what was going on here:
  • Once I looked closer...I noticed Isaak's underwear was stuck on the handle.
  • Wait a minute son, while I get the camera and laugh at you before I get you off your toy.

Hop on Board the Kitchen Chair Train

  • I needed to clean the kitchen floor, so I set up a kitchen chair train for the boys.
  • All was good until the end when Mica knocked over the dirty water on the floor, and it went under the refrigerator. I had to clean up the water mess, and behind the refrigerator.
  • Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing he knocked the water over because behind the refrigerator was pretty dusty, and needed to be cleaned.
Cousin Elijah, Isaak with his finger in his nose, Cousin Evan and Mica

Busy Day tomorrow

  • I took the day off to help watch the kid's. My sister's two will be coming over all day. This is pretty typical.
  • Then I offered to watch my friends twins too. My friend is due to have a baby at the end of the month. Her sister just had a baby. Her mom went into the emergency room because her head and neck hurt for about 3 days. They found a brain aneurysm and she had to go in for an emergency surgery. Now her mom's in the ICU recovering. It's hard because her mom was going to help with the twins when my friend goes into have her baby girl. Plus it's difficult for her and her husband to go to the hospital to see her mom when they have their 3 year old girl's.
  • I'm adding the twins to the list of kids I'm watching tomorrow. I figured it was the least I could do.
  • It should be fun having girl's around the house. I feel so out numbered most of the time. Now I know what Grandpa Spiehs (my dad) felt like growing up with all daughters.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Win a $100 Giftcard to Borders

  • Two of a Kind is giving away a $100 gift card to Borders!
  • My kids love going to Borders to look at the books. Then we always check out the puppets they have there too.

Bye Bye Special Shoes

  • Isaak had his orthopedic appointment today. His left leg and foot point inward. The foot pointing in is called Metatarsus Adductus (Varus) and the leg pointing in is called Internal Tibial Torsion.
  • Both bowing issues are caused from his position in relation to the curvature of my belly while I was pregnant with him.
  • We've had mixed reviews with the family and doctors.
  • At first I wasn't worried about it, his pediatrician said it was fairly normal, and to just let it be.
  • Family kept pointing it out and he tripped because of his foot. He had to get stitches in his forehead.
  • Then I started getting worried.
  • His pediatrician wasn't in, so we took him to a different one to get his stitches out.
  • He recommended an orthopedic doctor.
  • The orthopedic doctor sent Isaak to get x-ray's. We had to get him ugly $90 shoes that insurance wouldn't cover.
  • He's outgrown the shoes, and his foot hasn't gotten any better.
  • I took him in to his pediatrician for a check up, and he said the shoes were unnecessary. Studies have shown that bowed feet/legs in time fix themselves if it's not too severe. I've read about these studies, but also read that if your kid starts tripping over their own feet, you should do something about it. Each doctor appointment I'm left with a big question mark over my head. His pediatrician is a great doctor that does his research.
  • Daddy took Isaak back to the orthopedic doctor today, and he said that we'll just let time tell. If he's wearing closed shoes we're supposed to put them on the wrong feet. He can wear sandals.
  • There is a surgery if it gets really bad that we can do, but that is extreme (they shave the bone). I highly doubt Isaak will have to get a surgery like that done. I sure hope not!

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs!

  • Today is my parents anniversary.
  • Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coloring Inside the Lines

  • Mica colored his best picture yet. He colored mostly inside the lines.
  • I think it's important to color inside the lines then later on he can choose weather he wants to break those rules or not.
  • Up until now Mica's been pretty sloppy with coloring and writing. I know you can't see the picture very well, but it looked pretty good, and is hanging on our refrigerator now.
  • I also overheard Mica saying, "Wow...when I put yellow over red it makes orange"! I've been thinking about bringing a color wheel home from work to show and explain how color mixing works.
  • Mica's been really into watching this video from They Might Be Giants:
  • It's funny hearing a kid sing about Roy G Biv.
  • There is one mistake in the video that Daddy caught. They mixed colors indigo and violet up on the rainbow. Just look at the video and think about the spectrum, and you'll see the mistake too.

Great Grandpa Kent

  • When I woke up Isaak from his nap he was not happy!
  • We had a special dinner to attend. My parent's wedding anniversary dinner.
  • Isaak was being a major mommy's boy. He wanted nothing to do with anyone...that is until we got to WheatFields.
  • Isaak was clinging onto Great Grandpa Kent.
  • When I tried taking Isaak away to sit him in his booster seat...this is what he looked like:
  • He wanted his Great Grandpa Kent!

Summer Plans

  • Daddy has a one man art show coming up in July.
  • We're not going on vacation until early August. Right before school starts up again.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska, which is one hour from here is where we are going. We're going to visit their Children's Museum and then onto another museum, Morrill Hall that is packed full of dinosaur bones.
  • After that we're spending one day at The Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City, MO. Then it's back home we go.
  • We wanted to go to South Dakota this year, but time is cut short. I'm kind of glad because Isaak's still pretty little to travel far.
  • Our long term goals for vacations are Colorado, so the kids can see some bigger mountains and maybe someday we can take the kids to a beach. I'd love to make my way back to Savannah, Georgia some year. Taking the kids to the beach would be fun! We live way to far from one. I'd like to wait until they can remember those trips.
  • Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom have some special summer giveaways coming up. Read about ways to receive extra entries here.


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