Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WW: Veggie House {Linky}

I saw a veggie house on Pinterest. I decided to tackle it. My husband decided he wanted to try it. 


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Wrapping it Up

Now that Christmas is done, I can sort of breathe. There's still random stuff laying about. It's a magical time, but I'm happy it's over to. I felt a bit overwhelmed with the Santa wrapping, a holiday concert, baking, last minute shopping (I try and get it all done long before the event, but there's always something I forgot about), getting my grades turned in, and taking photos of student artwork.

I decided to get a jump start on taking the Christmas decor down. I just want to feel like something is done! The tree is naked. All the beads, ribbon and ornaments are off of it. My mom gives me and the boys an ornament a year. We have tons of Hallmark boxes for ornaments. It takes some time tearing it all apart. I try and put like ornaments together, so that it's easy to put up the following year.

Travis hasn't been feeling the best, so he gives me eye rolls when I want to do something like tear all the stuff off the tree to put it away. I even said, "I want to do it. You don't have to!" He'll take the lights off, the tree down, so he'll do his part. ;)

I have 1 full class all ready to go for next semester. I mean I printed every test, changed PowerPoints, and printed every handout there is. I backed up my MacBook Pro, and updated the system.

I went shopping for our New Years dance party. We have this idea that parents can drop their kids off to dance the night away. Parents can go out if they want. They can even leave their kids at our house to spend the night. We're not getting very many RSVPs, so we don't know what to expect.

Snow is scooped. It snowed on Christmas Eve day, which was our garbage day. It turned around and snowed on Monday morning. I had tons of recycled stuff out on the curb. I saved boxes from reviews in case I needed them for Christmas gifts. Mica got a lesson on flattening boxes. ;) He also scooped for real. We have 2 gigantic retaining walls on the sides of our driveway that he couldn't reach prior to now.

The snow + a major holiday backed the garbage men up, and they finally came on Sunday evening. I had recyclable things that were starting to collect on our kitchen counter.

My car almost got stuck on the bottom of a hill that has a spot that dips up all the sudden. I left myself plenty of room to get a jump start to drive up that little spot, and a car in front of me nearly got stuck, then the light quickly turned red. There I was with no jump start room, at a red light. Thankfully I made it happen.

Everyone was happy with their gifts, each other, and the food. We had no family fights. Good times were had in Omaha, Nebraska. We just need to bring in the New Year!


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