Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a Cold

  • After Mica ate dinner last night, he all the sudden had a low voice. It sounds sort of like he went through puberty at a young age. The boy has a stinking head cold! We're trying to get him to conserve on his voice, but he thinks it's funny that his voice is so low. He's chatty more then normal. We went from the stomach flu to a head cold, fun times. I'm supposed to have my high school friends over Sat. night. I haven't gotten together with them for a long time, now this. I even bought the food and apple cider. I'm kind of bummed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flu Shot's

  • We all got our flu shot's last night (except for Isaak, he's too young). Mica kept asking what we were doing? I just told him we were going to get stung by a needle. Travis and I went first, then it was Mica's turn. I wanted him to go last because if he did start wigging out, we could get the heck out of there. He flinched, so the guy had to stick him twice. Tears were rolling down, but he wasn't too loud. He got a sucker, and while crying said, "Thank you". He was a little trooper.
  • He wanted his sucker right away, but we made him wait until today. He woke up this morning asking for it. That boy has too good of a memory. He gets it this afternoon.
  • There were two older people talking to us before we got the shots. They were talking to us like they never get to talk to anyone. I feel bad because I just wanted to get the paper work filled out, get the shots and get out of there because it was close to bed time. They were asking if we were giving Mica the flu mist, instead of the shot? I'm not sure if he can have the mist, so the shot is what he got. I must be a mean mom because my kids getting shots doesn't much phase me. I've seen them both get really sick, and if a shot prevents that, then I'm all for it. I still comfort them, but I don't feel too bad for them. I think getting allergy shots for years, and giving the boys home IV antibiotics made me toughen up a little on pain.


  • The cute little baby below has been nothing but trouble for us Mon and Tues nights. Until last night. He changed his colors. Mon and Tues he was up 4 or 5 times. Last night I caved and gave him cereal for the first time. I wanted to wait until he is closer to 6 months, he's only 5 months. They say it's better to wait, but I got the ok from the doctor the last time we went in, he has been eyeing us at supper time, getting fussy at supper time and not sleeping at night. I figured there were enough signs there to go ahead and start him. Plus maybe it will help with his spitting. HE LOVED IT! He ate all his cereal and wanted more, Travis gave him more, he still wanted more, but we called him DONE. He got some milk to wash it down. He sort of lunged into the spoon, as if to say, "I want more damn it"!
  • We had a pretty good night sleep. When he woke up I gave him his pacifier to sooth him instead of nursing him. I read that it's better to do that because babies start to associate night time with eating when it should be a day time thing. It just seemed so natural to feed him because I have built in bottles and work full time during the day. But soothing him with the paci was nice because he went back to sleep so fast. I wish I would of tried this with Mica.

Recent Picts

  • We got Isaak's pictures taken at 41/2 months. He's now almost 5 months. He was too darn cute! I love his smiles. We had troubles keeping his hands out of his mouth.

Big Boy

  • Isaak likes to bat, sit up and play! He's a busy boy now. Even when eating he doesn't hold still. I get kicked in the ribs a lot. He's getting his exercise though. He's always chewing on something now to. His hands are always in his mouth. I think his hands are toys to him. I don't see any bumps on his gums from teething, but I know the cutting of teeth takes months sometimes, so who knows.

Bath Time

  • Isaak loves diaper changing and bath time the best! I get the most smiles out of him when he's naked. The boy found his penis. He tugs on it when I give him baths. I always fear he's going to scratch himself, or while changing him - he'll get poop on his hands. So far we've been safe from all that.

Baby Eczema

  • Isaak got baby eczema pretty bad on his head after he had meningitis. It's come and go twice. I've been giving him probiotics, and putting oil or lotion on his head and that seems to help. Mica got it a little bit. I think what triggered it really for my kids was all the antibiotics they had. That's why I gave them the probiotics. Mica's went away as he got older, I'm hoping Isaak's does too. His case is worse then Mica's.


  • Mica and I have had back to back stomach viruses twice for two and a half weeks. We finally feel better. I was thinking it was stress, but it left as fast as it came.
  • He threw up for the first time (with food). It went right on his dinner plate. He said, "Oh no, I spit up all my food"! He didn't cry at all, just was concerned that he spit up all his food. I explained to him that he threw up and was sick. The crazy thing is that he just got done going to the doctor earlier that day. He's off milk for a week. he seems all better. I'm still going to follow doctor's orders.


  • One thing that Mica does at stores that is cute, is that he goes up and hugs all the mannequin's. He told me that one looked like me. The funny thing was is that it had no face or toes. It still is pretty cute.

Run Run as Fast as You Can!

  • Mica has started running from me at stores again. It's not safe, and he thinks it's a game. One day at a store I had to put him in a football hold and just walked around with him like that because he kept running away. He yelled out, "Mom don't spank me"! I got a lot of people staring at me, or at least I felt like I did. He deserved to get a pop on the butt. I've tried to give time outs, but in stores when I do that he starts laying down and rubbing his hands on the nasty ground. I so miss shopping with one child vs. two. It doesn't help Travis and I work opposite schedules.
  • I recently bought something I never thought I'd buy. I bought a leash for Mica. It's a cute one, not like a dog leash. It's a little monkey backpack with a tail I hang onto. It works ok, but he's a little strong for it. I think I'll use it more for Isaak when he gets to be a rascal.

both Boys

  • Both boys were taken that same day. Mica's getting hard to deal with, for the camera.

First Professional Photo's

  • These photo's were of Isaak at 2 months. They were taken right before he got meningitis. He gave us one nice smile that day.


  • Mica just started preschool this year. He hid behind the door with his hands over his eyes for the first day. We just had his conferences. It was pretty interesting to hear what they had to say. He talks about all these girls from preschool, and they told me that he really only plays with Evan his cousin. They couldn't believe he knows all his colors, numbers and letters. I can thank Wheel of Fortune, Word World and Super Why for that. I also read to him a lot, and did flash cards. He's known that stuff for about a year.
  • We do need to work on cutting and gluing. I guess he lacks in those departments. He also doesn't participate in groups well. That will just come with time. I guess the first day he got up and started playing with toys during a group activity, and now he sits in the group, but looks around. I told the teachers that he's bound to be a little off with two artists as parents. He doesn't get into art at preschool. He's more into the puzzles and blocks. He likes music a lot I noticed. I bought him a toy guitar for Christmas because that is what he asked for. So maybe he'll be a different kind of artist.
  • They also mentioned his love for peacocks. He went on and on about how there is peacocks on the farm when they went on their field trip. My sister had to, "Shhh" him because there were no peacocks on the farm. He's always liked them, not sure why. They are pretty. I got him this puppet for Christmas because he likes peacocks so much.

Mica is 3 Years Old!

  • Mica is three years old. We had a Little People birthday party for him. He loves all the characters and knows all their names. We mostly just had family to his party. When people told him, "Happy Birthday", he would tell them, "Happy Birthday to you to".

Dukes of Hazzard

  • Mica has been "crashing" his General Lee at home, "Yehaw". So...Dukes of Hazzard is banned at our house for awhile. I wonder if kid's did this in the 70's?

Isaak Spitting

  • Isaak's said, "Spitting on the Status Quo". He is known for spitting up all the stinking time. Especially on me since I don't have valves that tell me how much he's drank.

Mica Crashing

  • I went home and Travis had balloons that had Sharpie drawn on them all over the house. Mica's said, "Mica for President Crashing the Dominion of Big Government". He is known for getting in trouble for crashing his toys, so it was very fitting. I think I'd rather vote for Mica then either candidate running.

Isaak - Meningitis

  • Isaak had meningitis when he was 2 months old. To this day we do not know if it was bacterial or viral. All his numbers indicated bacterial, but no bacteria grew in the samples. So once again my second kid stumped the doctors. He too had that sick cry, which was all too similar to Mica's sick cry. His white blood cell count was high too. He had to get a spinal tap, an EEG, 2 IV's put in and a lot of blood drawn. He went home on home IV antibiotics. I guess we caught it early, so we're lucky, but at the time I didn't feel so lucky. I felt unlucky to have 2 major things happen to my babies. Now I feel lucky to have my healthy baby back again. We now know all the Infectious Disease Doctors in Omaha (there are only 3).

Mica - Staph Infection

  • Mica had a staph infection when he was 7 months old. His neck kept getting bigger and bigger, so my parents took him to the doctor (they were taking care of him). I went in later that day because he was so sick! He looked like the Incredible Hulk, except not green. He was one sick baby! His white blood cell count was high, we didn't know what was wrong with him, he had a hurt cry and there were no hospital beds open in Omaha. Finally we got into Bergan Hospital. We were there a lot longer than expected. He had a lot of blood work drawn, and an IV put in. He went home on home IV antibiotics. But...he got better. I believe he got it through an ear infection that was on the same side as the staph. He stumped the doctors for awhile.

Isaak's Birth

  • Isaak Jaxon Apel was born May 19, 08 via C-section. He was a repeat c-section. Nothing major happened with him after birth. Everything went fairly smooth. He had a little problems with gaining weight after birth, but was smooth sailing compared to Mica.

Mica's Birth

  • Mica Zachary Apel was born on Aug. 10, 05. He was born via c-section because the stubborn boy wouldn't turn from the outside. By the way, having them try and turn him from the outside hurt worse then the c-section! He had a cyst under his tongue, which made his tongue funky shaped. That cost us a lot of money, with doctor appointment's. The boy has had more CT and MRI scans then his parents. never got in his way. He talks up a storm!

Stupidest Idiot Ever

  • I did the stupidest thing I've done for a long long time. I deleted my whole blog, instead of just one that I typed! I feel like such an idiot! I'll be typing what I remember and it will all have todays date on them.


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