Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back on Milk

  • I've had Mica back on cow's milk after he had the tummy flew around Christmas. Knock on wood, he hasn't had hardly any problems. His doctor did tell me about toddler diarrhea. Mica could of had that. I've read about it, and I guess it's pretty common for toddlers to get. This wouldn't explain my tummy issues, but I've always had a sensitive tummy.

Two Teeth

  • Little Zeek has two teeth now. Mommy will have to watch out for biting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Click, Click, Click

  • Isaak just learned how to click his tongue. It's pretty cute when he does it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Weekend

  • We had a busy weekend! My sister Terra threw a surprise party Saturday for her husband Tyson (who is turning 30). I went early to help set up decorations. It was fun! Mica almost ruined the surprise when he asked really loud, "Where is Tyson at?" Tyson didn't hear him. We were there really late (10:30 before we got home). My boys generally go to bed around, Isaak 7:30 or 8 and Mica 8 or 8:30. Mica fell asleep in his car seat, and when it was time to get him out, I had to set him down to take his shoes off (it's been snowy here). He walked right into a wall that was right in front of him. I did my best not to laugh (I have a strange since of humor).
  • The next day, Mica woke up at 7:30 like usual, but feel back asleep on our bed, and slept until 10 AM. This is unheard of for Mica.
  • We had a brunch party for my niece and nephew Kailey and Ethan Sunday morning. I can't believe Kailey is in 8th grade, and Ethan is in 3rd. They are both so tall, and grew up fast. I remember when I was in collage, Kailey was our little baby. We all treated her like she was ours.
  • In the photo's above they are playing some Wii boxing game. Mica's back is to the camera. He can't keep his pants up (no hips). I've tried everything (belts, adjustable waist pants), nothing works. Well...suspenders work, but he looks kind of dorky in them. Travis hates that Mica will someday ask for a Wii. He's not a lover of video games.

Cuddle Time

  • I try and have cuddle time with my boys at night before they go to bed. I read stories, during this time. Isaak makes it pretty hard for Mica. He likes to pull his hair. Then he wants to grab at the book we're reading the whole time. He stays pretty happy, but constantly grabs at things. Mica is always like, "Isaak stop grabbing my hair!" He says it nice; I have to remind Mica that he's just a baby, and babies don't know any better. I think I may have to move to our bed for cuddle time instead of the couch. That way Isaak can be further away from Mica.
  • Isaak really likes Mica. He stops whatever he's doing when Mica comes in the room just to look at him, and has a big smile on his face.


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