Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today Was Full

Most days are. Some more than others. Today was a good full day. The boys were so good! Last week I was complaining that they were so crazy.

It started out with swimming lessons at the Y. While one kid has his lessons, I read to the other one. With Mica I read him one book and he reads me another. With Isaak I read two books. I really wish they'd get their family bathroom working again! The shower is broken! :( Having two boys, that room is so nice!

Then we went to to the bank and off to Kohl's. I bought Isaak a few Tony Hawk shirts. He's getting pictures taken tomorrow. Just him this time. He'll be 4 on the 19th. I won't post his picture until closer to his birthday. I know Tony Hawk is more expensive. I sure do LOVE their shirts! At least they were on sale and I have 20% off on top of that! Mica kept asking why I wasn't buying him ANYTHING. I said, "Mica I buy for you WAY MORE then your brother! He hardly gets anything new because he gets all of your clothes."

Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I got a set of glass storage containers with snap on lids. I'm getting kind of sick of the BPA stuff, not knowing what plastic containers are BPA free and which ones are not. I put my containers in the microwave a lot because I work full-time. We rarely go out to eat during lunch, while at work. Yes glass is heavy to carry around, but at least it's better for us.

Then we went home. We ate lunch. Then hooked up the slip n' slide for some true fun!

It's funny how water is going down the slide, waters in the pool and they still have the desire to fill up buckets to splash each other with water as they go down.

They had fun slipping and sliding. I think that plastic slide at the top is for 2 and 3 year olds. My boys still use it to extend the slip n' slide experience more. I have to hold it to make sure it doesn't slide right down the hill. Pictures are harder to take, while I'm up there holding the slide.

Then we went to get gas and grocery shopping.

I think when they say not to go to the grocery store when you are hungry is right. I bought way more then what I needed.

Then I went home and made two dinners. I don't every make two dinners. Daddy and I wanted chicken enchiladas. The boys always say, "It's too spicy!" I took part of the chicken and put it into our enchiladas and the other part to make the boys chicken alfredo. I made our dish with greek yogurt and lemon juice instead of sour cream. Shhh...don't tell Daddy. He said he liked it, but has told me in the past that he can tell the difference.

Mica was gobbling up EVERYTHING last week. Today he wanted so little to eat. It's Isaak that's gobbling up EVERYTHING today! There's always one child growth spurting. One of my co-workers that has 5 boys told me that boys are expensive to eat. I'm thinking he's right. At least my boys will eat veggies as a snack. They ask for surgery things to. Some kids will not touch veggies. Mica and Isaak like them.

Since I make two meals there were lots of dishes to do. Now I'm debating if I should unload the dishwasher, or save that for the AM hours.

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started three weeks ago doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. I'll see how long I can keep it up.

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. It may or may not include words. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

This week I'm focusing on my own, Mica. He made a phonograph with Daddy for his science fair.

It is pretty disposable. It's made out of a Graco car seat box, wooden gears, dowel rods, plastic cup, needle, a few other wooden pieces and coins to weight the needle arm.

The sound was like listening to the Chipmunks. They never could get the sound perfect. After the science fair, the sound is horrible. Yep too many kids played with it. The box warped and the gears striped. Again it's made to be disposable. I just wish I would have caught a video of it while it sounded like the Chipmunks.

Even thought it wasn't perfect, it was pretty cool. I loved seeing Mica get all excited with it as it progressed. Now he knows what a phonograph is.

Here's his writing about it.

Here are the inside parts:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Business Card Giveaway From PrintRunner!

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Isaak's Drawings

Isaak's really improved on his fine motor skills lately.

He started to make recognizable drawings! His preschool teachers wrote in the names of the people he drew.

Here's a self portrait. I love the messy hair. That's how he looks in the mornings. 

Here's his drawing of Daddy. The green stuff on the bottom of his face is his beard. He usually always has a beard.

Isaak will be 4 May 19!

Smoothie Party

The other day we had Cousin Elijah over. The Y was having a smoothie party. I decided I'd take the boys over to make smoothies.

Elijah is only 2 months older then Isaak. They play really well together. That's when they are alone! When Mica or Cousin Evan (both age 6) get in the picture, Isaak's immediately the odd boy out. :(

Elijah thinks he's one of the big kids. He throws a ball and bats a ball better then Mica can. Cousin Evan has always included his brother in everything. Mica doesn't always include Isaak.

For a long time Mica and Evan called Isaak "A Baby." Mica wouldn't eat Cherrios because they were, "Baby Food." When in fact it was Isaak that liked them for a snack. It's taken awhile to break the older boys from the, "Baby" thing! Isaak really just acts his age.

Isaak and Elijah were playing well together. Mica got home from school. All the sudden Mica and Elijah were playing. Isaak was left out. :(

Elijah and Mica ran to the Y, while Isaak walked with me. Elijah and Mica played tag at the Y, while I bounced a basket ball with Isaak. Finally it happened; Elijah decided to sit with Isaak in circle time, while Mica sat with me. :) I'm not saying I want Mica to be left out. It's just that Isaak seems to be the one that's the odd boy out most the time. It makes me sad for him.

Mica raised his hand after the instructor started talking. He had his hand up for two to three minutes. She called on him. Mica said, "I didn't know if anyone noticed that that little boy over there (he pointed to Elijah) is new. He's my cousin Elijah. He's here to have fun. His little brother, my other cousin is in the hospital. He had surgery today." It was pretty sweet of Mica to introduce his cousin and make him feel welcomed. We went downstairs to make different samples of smoothies. Elijah got to help with the blender. We all got samples. I didn't get any good pictures of Isaak. I really wasn't trying to leave him out! ;)

After the smoothie party we walked home. I then took Elijah to the hospital. He got to see his mom, dad, Evan and Emerson.

Emerson looked like the above picture that Aunt Terra took. He was sleeping most of the time that I was there. The net hat was just there to hold on his dressing. He did so good and got to home sooner than we thought he would! He went home yesterday! His adenoids were so big that they were blocking his airway in his nose. I'm pretty sure that when the swelling goes down that he'll be able to breathe a lot better than before!

A Touch of Magic and Science

Mica got this magic set at Christmas time:

It was great because I got it for 1/2 off! It was one of those presents that got kind of shoved aside. It's not that we didn't want to play with it. I think we were just saving it for a rainy day.

Last week Mica had Friday off of school. This week he had Monday off of school. I got the kit out and Mica started making some magic happen, or should I say Science happen? Daddy thinks it's funny because magic and science are kind of opposite things, but they are placed into one sometimes.

First we made a paper hat. Every Magician's has to have a hat. 

Then we made crystals to put in a magic wand.

Then Daddy helped him make foam. Isaak loves watching Mica's magic or science tricks. When he made the foam, Mica wore his magic cape from BeanSoup.

Mica's been having fun making magic or science happen!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WW: Pile of Books {Linky}

I saw a photo of my co-worker's kids reading to one another. I decided I wanted the boy's next shot to be somewhat like that.

I brought to Picture People 2 big totes filled with books and one outfit change. Yes I have a lot of books! It was raining like cats and dogs. I was so worried everything would get wet.

I knew when the photographer got out the ladder, that I'd probably like a pose from that setting best.

You don't see tons of books, but you get the idea. There were tons of them! The ones seen are Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, In the Night Kitchen, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and Tessa the Teacher.

Mica's now reading full children's books to us. Isaak loves to get read to!

I got their outfits at Gymboree. Isaak's hair is so fussy! Mica's supporting his cool hat!

It can be hung different ways. This is the way I decided to hang it. It's not matted with these colors, although I wish it was. That was done in Photoshop.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Yesterday I Was Grumpy!

I'll admit that I was in fact grumpy yesterday.

Daddy's been working like mad to get a ring done. The wax part of the ring was done, got sent away to be cast specially and when the foundry got it, it was crushed. Everything was rushed like crazy after that. Not rushed as in looking bad, just rushed to get it done in time for the big proposal. It's for no one we know. The ring will be posted on his blog sometime soon. He was still finishing it up this morning. Since he's been working crazy hours, I've had the kids all to myself.

It was raining and cold all weekend. Going outside to play wasn't really in the cards. Mica was full of sound effects and Isaak was full of ball throwing.

Swimming lessons were on Saturday.

I had pictures scheduled on Sunday. Taking two boys to the mall to get photos is exhausting to say the least. I had two gigantic totes full of children's books with me to be a backdrop, I had their one change of clothes in a bag and two energetic boys. Since it was down pouring rain, the clothes that I ironed had to be bagged. I was so worried they would be wrinkled! They were boys and decided it would be fun to stomp in rain puddles. I shot them an evil mom look. They were just having fun, but they were in nice shoes; about to get pictures taken. I ran to Gymboree before they got their pictures taken to get Isaak a matching button down shirt, to match Mica's shirt I love so much. They didn't have any shirts to go under the button down shirt that I liked. I walked FAST to Picture People to see if they were ready for us. NOPE! I rushed to Crazy 8 next door to try and get a solid shirt. All they had was a solid blue shirt with skulls down the side. Solid shirts for boys are hard to come by! I decided it would do because the skulls would be hidden by the button down shirt.

After a crazy photo shoot with Mica's fake smile and Isaak's jumping around, the photographer actually did get some really nice shots. The one I picked will be shown tomorrow at 4 pm!

I turned my animal children loose in a play in their play area. They ran, Mica hid, Isaak cried because he couldn't find Mica and I wanted to cry because I couldn't find my receipts to return the shirts Isaak would never again wear. Isaak found Mica over and over again. I found my receipts.

We ventured away from the play area to return what I bought.

All the way home I listened to, "I'm hungry! I'm thirsty!" I made snacks. Mica pouted because I wouldn't make him more.

Luckily Isaak's all over with tummy issues. Probiotics helped him big time! He wouldn't take the powder kind we had. I found some chewable ones that worked great! Now he's back to being hungry all the time!

Off to sleepyland they went. Yes, I made Mica take a nap yesterday. I needed a break from the kids.

Was it a bad day, no. Was I grumpy, yes.

Surgery Again

Cousin Emerson (nephew to me) has surgery tomorrow. He's getting the hardware taken out from his jaw surgery he had a few months ago. That will take a few hours. Then he's getting his adenoids taken out. Thankfully this time he will not have to go on a ventilator. He will be sedated for a few hours.

I'm hoping that when his adenoids come out that he will not get sick as often. I wonder if some of his stuffy nose issues are part teething? It's possible. Babies with Trisomy 18 tend to get sick more often then babies with no chromosome problems. The doctor that is taking his adenoids out really wants that done. His are enlarged.

Here's a picture Aunt Terra (sister to me) took of Emerson:

Little guy loves to eat. It does take awhile. He goes through one 1 little jar every 2 days. He opens his mouth like he wants food. He likes veggies and cereal best. Fruit is not on his list of loves. Terra thinks it's because he has acid reflex.

He loves getting back rubs and head rubs. I was rubbing his head last night and he looks like he was enjoying it. He even shot me a few smiles. Then when I stopped he glared at me.

Terra also gave him a hair cut.

He smiles and will stand up with help.

We'll be taking care of cousin Elijah (nephew to me) during Emerson's surgery. Cousin Evan has a play date and a sports event.

Hang in there little Emerson!


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