Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Friends

Mom: "Pick up your toy's please!"
Isaak: "But I don't want to pick up all my friends!"


Today I went to do laundry. Guess what I found in Isaak's laundry basket?

Sir topham Hatt's Car from Thomas the Tank Engine

That's not all. I also found a pair of his underwear with stickers on it. I was thinking?!?!?!?

A Soon to be 6 Years Old Birthday Ideas

This post is mainly for family members who ask me, "What should we get Mica for his birthday?"

At Target he wants some things from Cars 2:

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissle This has been pointed out to me more then once.
Disney Pixar Cars 2 Mcmissile Spy Jet

LEGO Cars 2 Escape at Sea 8426
LEGO Cars 2 Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen 8484

At Walmart:

He wants some of the Safari gear. He'd tell you he wants it all. I like the vest, lantern, compass and binoculars. He says he wants the walking stick. I think that the walking stick might turn into a fighting toy sward. Please do not get the walking stick.

He's asked for this Toy Story Lego set more then once:

Toy Story 3: Alien Trash Compactor

At a site called Fun Sleepwear:
Superman Muscles Pajamas for Boys with Cape Size 7

Some type of bug habitat:

Does not need to be this one.

Playtime / School Time on 99th and Fort I also saw it on Target's website, but not sure if it's in the store:
Thinkfun Railroad Rush Hour - It's the advanced version of Rushour
They also have a Lady Bug Land
He could always use paper! That boy goes through lots of paper!

Magic Cabin Online:

Firefly Lantern

Fat Brain Toys by Village Point:

Magic Science kit

Perplexus Maze Game

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Cute Kids


I've felt like screaming lately. My kids took care of that for me at the lunch table. They were not screaming out of frustration; they were making a game out of screaming. I was about to tell them to stop it. Then I thought, maybe we all just need to scream sometimes. As long as it ends in laughter.

The scream off!
Finish in laughter!

Emerson is 3 Weeks Old Today

Although this little guy has caused some major life changes, he is so cute! Emerson has had a major upswing this week. He's gained weight, is awake more often, has better strength and is able to breastfeed more often.

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hair Cuts

Isaak's hair is getting closer to looking like this (J Crew model):

Isaak's hair just wasn't thick enough to get there. Now it seems to be thickening up. We got it cut pretty short, only to have it grow more. Both boy's got hair cuts today.

Mica wanted his hair on the shorter end of the spectrum. I like his hair short because his head sweats so bad. He plays so hard in the heat. Mica told the lady he wanted a super hero hair cut. That's what he thinks he got. He also told her that he was handsome for the girls he's going to meet in kindergarten. ;)

Then we went to Kohl's to get new shoes for Mica. He needed tie ones in a bad way. We have to work with him on tying his shoes. I got Mica socks and a few pair of shorts too. Daddy informed me that the boy's socks are too small. They went to go to a bounce house, where they needed socks. Mica's jean shorts were looking pretty tight. Yep he's growing.

I'll put up photo's of the boy's hair cuts soon. Right now they are both taking a nap! ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Offical Freak Out Time for Me!

I can't breath. Really I'm freaking out! Fall time is right around the corner, and I have no care for my children two days a week. Aunt Terra in the past has always watched them. Well she has a new baby that is sick. Emerson is actually doing very good. Terra's in no situation to watch my kids.

I brought this up to my Daddy and he says, "Oh I've never thought about that."

Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs offered to help, but lets face it, they can't do it all. They are not Super Grandparents.

Aunt Terra alone can't even watch her own three children. She has to have help. I tried talking about the fall with her, and she said that she can only think about today and tomorrow. I just want to brainstorm what to do with her own kids.

I'm freaking out, and I don't know what to do! I don't want my children living in daycare. I know a lot of kids do, and maybe we'll have to. YIKES!

So there I said it, I'm freaking out!


Can you call it a souvenir if it's from your hometown? Not sure. Well the boy's got to pick out one thing from Cabela's while we were on our Staycation.

So what did Mica pick?

A Moose for the Mica Moose. I have a story I tell Mica about how he's going to get full sized horns that grow out of his head when he gets older. I think he believes me.

Here's Mica at home playing with his Moose. I did not dress him like that. I think he was role playing Indiana Jones. ;)

So what did Isaak pick?

A Davy Crockett hat that he had to wear in the heat all the way to eat lunch, then to the antique mall and on the way home.

He loves the Davy Crockett song. He only knows the They Might Be Giants version.

Here's Isaak's new hat:

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

So I always thought I'd have girl's that were into cute little dolls! Boy was I wrong! I guess Isaak likes baby's. Why did I think that I'd have girls? I'm not sure. I just was raised with all sister's, my mom had all sister's. I was a girly, girl that liked dolls and Barbies.

I never thought I'd let my kid's play with guns. Well my boy's have two Nerf guns and a pop gun. I've changed my ways I guess.

We went to Cabela's. It was across the street from our hotel on our Staycation. The boy's saw a shooting range. They wanted to give it a try. Daddy looked over at me with puppy dog eyes, as if to ask if it was ok to give it a whirl. I said, "Sure! It's Staycation afterall."

Drunk? No! Just Plain Tired!

The end of day 2 on our Staycation was wearing on Isaak. He actually fell asleep in his car seat! This rarely happens!

In the hotel we went swimming and laid in bed. One of the later Indiana Jones movies was on and Daddy and I fell asleep. Guess who stayed up to watch it? Our 2 boy's. Daddy woke up and they were glued to the TV. We hope that it wasn't too scary!

In the morning the boy's looked like this:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Paddle Boat

As part of our Staycation we rented a paddle boat at Mahoney State Park.

Isaak in his cool shades. In the second photo he's waving to the geese.

Mica was wanting us to paddle right up to the geese. He wanted to pet them. It didn't happen.

Daddy and I.



See more of our Staycation, Pony Ride, Walter Scott Jr Observation Tower, Safari Zoo, Hiking and Nature's Floor.

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