Saturday, May 8, 2021

Random Tid Bits

 1. Isaak’s been a swear word police. He keeps saying, “Language!” When I saw this t-toilet, I so wanted to get it. 

2. The kid’s school district sent an email saying they want all remote kids in class the last few weeks. Mica went back on Friday. 

One girl hasn’t seen Mica for a year. She said, “Mica what happened to your voice?” Yep he now sounds like his Dad. 

3. Isaak says he never wants an Adam’s apple, nor does he want his voice to drop like Mica’s did. Growing up is hard to do! 

4. I’m almost done with my Midland class. It was so easy. I’m not the biggest fan of Canvas though. It’s not super picture friendly. Considering it’s a visual class, it was a pain to not get pictures into the tests. It kept erroring out. 

Were you really judgy about anything when you were a teen? I remember being annoyed that my parents only listened to John Denver and Neil Diamond. 

5. Mica’s decided to be super judgmental when it comes to TV and movies.  

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Together and Apart

Has anyone become a recluse with this pandemic? 

The idea of going out of the house makes me shutter. I’ve even been vaccinated. I can still be a carrier to my kids, that haven’t been vaccinated. Isaak going to school is much more of a risk than me going out, with a mask on, and a good hand washing when I get home. 

My husband has been on me about leaving more. I even went to work to donate some envelopes, and set up parking - it seemed like a big step to leave the house to do that. 

Last weekend we went hiking. A simple thing, low contraction rate, but it seemed like such a big task in my mind. Travis was all about getting me to leave the house. When we hiked he was also all about leaving the trail. Being at one with nature is ok, but I don’t need to break an ankle in doing so. I don’t know when I got to be such a wimp. I just am not a fan of heights. Apparently I’m now a recluse. 

Has this pandemic turned you into a home body? 


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