Friday, June 3, 2011

Cartoon Eyes

Isaak's always had big eye's and eyelashes. Grandma Apel calls them, "Soulful eyes." I've heard other people say that he has, "Cartoon eyes." Even Daddy and I have called his eyes, "Cartoon eyes" before. We didn't say that to be mean. He just has big pretty eyes.

We have another nick name for Isaak besides Zeek. Daddy's always called him Baby I's or Baby Eye's.

The other night I was tucking Isaak into bed and he said to me, "Mommy I have cartoon in my eyes." I said, "Isaak you don't have cartoon in your eyes. You just have big eyes, which are like the eyes in cartoon characters." Probably a little much for a three year old to understand.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Things I Like and Don't Like

I started thinking about the odd things I like and don't like today at work. If you've seen the movie Amalie, my thoughts were kind of like that. They introduce each character with odd quarks that they have. By the way, that has to be one of my most favorite movies ever! I'm going to list four of each.


  • A blanket thrown on me that just came out of the dryer! I love that! I threw a blanket on Isaak just this week and he said, "Mommy that feels nice!"
  • Clean baby booty's. I'm not a pedophile, I just think baby butts are the cutest thing ever! Last night we had an incident with Isaak. He was outside playing. All the sudden Mica yells, "Isaak has to poop!" I looked over at Isaak and he had brown dripping down his legs. Poor kid! We didn't know what to do, so we stripped him down and hosed him off. I got a cute photo of Daddy hosing him off from the backside. Of course he was clean by then. I can't share it on here, but he has the cutest little butt! 
  • Baby fine hair. It feels like peach fuzz! It took me forever to cut my boy's hair. Isaak still has somewhat soft hair.
  • Soft touches. Isaak and Mica both touch us with soft touches on our arm when we're reading to them. I like it, Daddy hates it.


  • This is what made me think of my likes and dislikes - I sneezed today and no one around me said, "Bless you" or "Gesundheit." If I sneeze more then once in my mind you don't have to keep saying it. My co-workers around me never say it. When they sneeze I always say it. Silly, but it annoys me.
  • Repetitive sound effects. Mica's the worst with this!
  • Students that don't care. I just think that's sad to spend all their money, or their parent's money on an education and not care. Luckily I have more that care then don't care.
  • When people treat other people unfairly. I think that is part of why I like the movie Amalie so much. There's a boss that talks down to one of his workers that is mentally challenged. Amalie puts revenge on the boss man. I have to say that I think he deserved it! It's one thing when someone is joking and another when it's constant ridicule.

Wordless Wednesday - Bear Family

I forgot it is Wednesday! I'm so thrown off with Memorial Day stuck in there.

I took photo's of our bear family {except Daddy who wouldn't try the bear hat on}. Such a poor sport! I needed a Papa Bear to make this post complete!

Mica Bear - He poses so good for me. An ideal model!

 Isaak Bear - He didn't want to participate. He was too busy running around the backyard, playing tag. I did get one photo out of him.

Momma Bear

You can get these hats and more on Spirit Hoods! I think they are so fun and cute! They can be used for Halloween, dress-up and winter time!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gummylump Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart and Slice and Bake Cookies Review

I was really excited that Gumpylump gave me a Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart and Slice and Bake Cookies to review!

Isaak tested these products out. He got the Shopping Cart for his birthday from us. Gummylump has the Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart on sale for $55.99 right now. It's original price is $69.99.

It literally took Daddy only 7 minutes to set up! He had no problems.

Isaak wanted to get a doll and play food to put in it right away.

We took him to Whole Foods a few days later. Isaak did much of our shopping! He was so entertained with having his own cart. Usually I'm saying, "Isaak stay with me!" or "Isaak if you can't stop running, I'll have to put you in the cart {my cart}." He also offers to help me push my cart, which takes forever. I love that he now has his own cart. He kept up with us. Most importantly he was happy the whole time. This cart made our shopping experience much more enjoyable!

Here he just stopped off for a cheese sample.

Isaak got the Slice and Bake Cookies Play Food Set by Melissa and Doug for his birthday from Aunt Terra. Gummylump has the Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookies Play Food Set on sale for $15.99 right now. It's original price is $19.99.

I had to take a picture of the set all packaged up! It super cute!

It comes with the works. Maybe it could come with some Olive Oil spray ;). It has a pan, 12 cookies, cookie dough container, spatula, knife and oven mit. 

What the boy's and I like is that the cookies are attached with Velcro. It makes them easy to pull up with the spatula. Also the top of the cookies are attached with Velcro as well. This is where the knife comes in handy! Mica calls these cookies, "Donuts." They look a little like both. ;)

I'm super excited about Isaak's new toy's from Gummylump! Please visit their site. Like Gummylump  on Facebook!


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Birthday Party

Who's Birthday: 

Yesterday we celebrated Isaak {3 years} and cousin Evan's {6 years} birthdays.

Mica made sure that we hung a birthday banner up. Luckily I had one stuffed up with the party stuff. I had no time to make one! It's funny how kid's priorities are different from our's. I was all about clean and prepare. Mica was all about, decorating. ;)

The Guest's:

The boy's were both super excited the moment our first guest's Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Kent walked through the door. They both had to show off their rooms and favorite toys. Poor Grandma just didn't understand where they were leading her. She has Alzheimer's disease. I was actually surprised that Grandpa brought her over. I guess she was trying to follow Grandpa out of her home. He decided to take her over. She did pretty good! Isaak was like, "Come on Grandma!" He took his little hand, grabbed her's bigger hand and he lead her off to his bedroom. If I wasn't so busy, I would have thought about snapping a picture of Isaak holding her hand. It happened so quick, but was super cute!

More and more guests arrived. We had 9 adults, 2 older kiddo's and 4 little kiddo's.

The Eat's:

Dinner went by really smooth. I had as much prep work done as possible, which was great! I made hamburgers: I add feta cheese, chopped green onions, chopped white onions, chopped tomato, ground oat meal, Worcestershire sauce and an egg to help hold it all together. I think I added too much Worcestershire sauce, but everyone seemed to like it! Aunt Angela even took one home to Uncle Eric who was unable to attend. Aunt Terra brought sausages, which were yummy too! For sides Grandma Spiehs made baked beans that I love, Aunt Angela brought different types of dip and chips {yummy}, we had watermelon, cantaloupe, fresh green beans and Couscous Salad.

The little boy's ate in Mica's room. I made sure they got a little of everything. When I went to check on them it was comical! There was splatters of lemonade on the floor. What I was laughing at the most was how one single plate had a big pile of green beans on it. They must have all decided that the green beans were not their top choice of things to eat, so they piled them on one plate. Later on I was teasing them that they couldn't have cake because of how they all decided to waste their green beans! They sort of looked at each other trying to decide if I was serious or not!


Big brother Mica helping Isaak get a ribbon off his present.
Isaak's favorite? The Hot Wheel track Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs got for him! We didn't get it set up at the party, so I thought Grandma and Grandpa would like to see a video. Try to not pay attention to the Mica Man picking his nose!

At the end of the video was Isaak's head bumping into the camera. He didn't even flinch. Almost every time the track got done Isaak would say, "That's cool!" Every time I video tapes it, Isaak wouldn't say it. :( One time a car got stuck and Mica said, "Well that was lame." We were laughing. They played with the Hot Wheel track until 9 pm, an hour past their bedtime.

Isaak was really confused how the whole method of unwrapping gifts went. Here's he's asking Daddy, "Why is Evan opening a gift? I thought it was my turn?" We kept flip flopping to give them each a turn. Some people gave the boy's more then one thing to unwrap.  Isaak looked concerned. Like he was being gypped.

Isaak also got a Melissa and Doug cookie and ice cream cone set from Aunt Terra, more Hot Wheels cars and extra track from Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs, sweet Play-Doh sets from Aunt Angela and money from Great Aunt Becky that was unable to attend and Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent. I used some money to buy a Slip 'n Slide that the boy's love!

I gave Evan a puzzle from Melissa and Doug that said the capitals as you put the pieces in. For the record I felt bad because their was two Wyoming's! Not something I would have even thought to check!


Aunt Terra brought some, we made some, so we had a lot of dessert. 

I made a gigantic chocolate chip cookie on a flat pan, and a sphere cake that we decided to leave in two halves. You can see more pictures of this cake on my Cookie Art blogOur theme was space, so I wanted to make a planet cake. We decided on earth. I made the cake, frosted the blue and Daddy frosted the details in. He's much better with 3D and geography then I am!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

I wanted to wish all of my readers a very happy Memorial Day.

I have one student that is in Afghanistan. I hope he returns safely, along with many other troops.

Plans for today: We're celebrating our nephew Evan's 6th birthday! I bought him a Melissa and Doug puzzle of the United States. How fitting for today. It says the state and capital as you put each piece in. Then we're also celebrating Isaak's 3rd birthday with my side of the family.

We're grilling out and I have to work on the cake. Whole Foods had a major sale on all their Santa Cruz organic 32 ounce lemonade's - 5 for $5! Then I made a Couscous Salad, friend's recipe I wrote down here. I'm making a cake that looks like a globe. Finger's crossed that it works out ok!


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