Saturday, April 23, 2022

#cleanup With #multisurfacecleaner TriNova

TriNova Natural sent me two cleaner bottles with sprayers and a cleaning rag to review. So far I've used it to clean my whole kitchen, and a pre cleaning for my gecko Warhol's tank. 

I like that the bottles came without the sprayers. It's so much easier on the company TirNova to package and send. No one uses all the cleaner at once, or possibly they aren't ready to use it at all when they've gotten it.

Crazy, but my last job made these sprayers for most places. They probably made these too. 

Cleaning the Kitchen:

I forgot and didn't take photos of my before and after cleaning when I cleaned the kitchen last week. We cleaned so much! Some of it I used TriNova, and other parts I used vinegar and water. Both cleaners did a good job. 

My family hates when I use vinegar though. They say it smells funny. TriNova had a much better smell to them. I can’t smell after an invasive nose surgery, so I'll take their word for it. 

Cleaning Warhol's Tank:

I'm a bit scared to use many cleaners on the gecko’s tank. They are sensitive, and lick everything. I used TriNova to start with, then cleaned it with plain water twice after that. My gecko loves to step in his drinking water, then his calcium powder, and throws moss parties at night. 


During x 3 (Seriously Warhol! He had moss everywhere!)


All Natural:

The cleaner is all natural, plant based. I'm careful about what I use to clean with. My geckos are sensitive, yet so am I. With having allergies and asthma I do not like to use toxic anything in my life. 


I love the rag that came with it! It picked up the moss and powders in Warhol's tank easily. It's soft, so won't scratch furniture.  The rag and cleaner work on any surface, but I've only used it on formica, wood, shelf liner (Warhol's tank), and metal in the sink. 

Where to Get it: 

You can pick up TriNova Multi Surface Cleaner at Lowes. It's our preferred hardware type store to go. 

It costs $17.97. 

What is something in your house that you need to clean?

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