Friday, April 17, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I've had these sitting on my desktop, for awhile now. I've been amused by any meme that comes up for the Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. I don't know that much about her, other than the memes. They just crack me up! I'm right in line with her. A few things I had to look up.

    I didn't know what "Bugchasing" meant. It's seeking out sex with someone that has AIDS.

  2. I've had so many people here try to tell me COVID-19 is no big deal. With having blogger friends that live in places around the world, I knew otherwise. I'm not trying to be a person that's like, "I told you so!" It's more, "Please be safe, for yourself, and others around you! This is not a joke!"

  3. I finally started working from home on Monday. The Governor of Nebraska basically said, "If you can work from home, do so!" My boss listens to the Governor, so I emailed to get the ball rolling. It worked.

    It's gone ok, except for the boy's fighting, Isaak doing nothing/being lazy, and them playing on the PS4 for their cousins. They forget how loud they talk.

  4. Isaak's getting his with puberty. I remember Mica just being an ass when he was about to turn 12. Isaak turns 12 on May 19. The moods are strong with this one. Isaak's a different than Mica. He's slightly ass like, but very entitled baby like. They all go through it, so I'm not trying to pick on him. It's just hormones.

    Who knows before too long the family will have to put up with my hormones. I'm sure I'll go through menopause before too long. I'm mid 40's.

  5. Isaak had a some days of waking up with his eyes all crazy like. Last night it was his lip that swelled. Say what?! I was thinking the eye was just environmental allergies. Now I'm wondering if he's allergic to Sunny - the Gecko. He washes his hands frequently, but sometimes not right away. I don't really know. What's something odd that you're allergic to?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dandelion Flower Muffins

I've pinned so many recipes, for Dandelions. Last year I made Dandelion Salve, it smells a bit funny according to the boys, but works on Travis' muscles and Isaak's dry skin. I also made Dandelion Flower Muffins, but I couldn't find my recipe on here at all. I must of only posted it on facebook, and not on here. They are really good, and easy too!

It's so wonderful to have 1 free ingredient from what most people consider a weed. I'm all about cheap or free right now; being in the middle of a pandemic.

I gave Mica the responsibility to make them. He said, "Eww gross!" when he made them. When it was time to eat them, he wanted two, and asked for a third. I said, "Two is enough." Isaak asked for two as well.

I tried almond milk last year, it worked just as well as cows milk did this year. I used 1 cup all purpose flour, and 1/2 cup gluten free all purpose flour - Costco's mix. What I'm trying to say is that this recipe can be altered to your needs.

Have you ever made anything with dandelions? Every part of them can be consumed. I love Dandelion Root Tea!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

WW: Fools {Linky}

April Fools Day came and went. I always do something harmless, that doesn't cost a lot of money. Usually I give my students a fake assignment. Art students do not like papers, so that's what I flock to. I have a handout, and sometimes a PowerPoint to give them. I blame it on Administration.

Since COVID-19 is stressing people out, I decided a fake assignment would be too much for them, and me.

Instead I showed up on their Zoom video like this:

I didn't say anything. One girl didn't even notice. Ha! I must me that funky looking all the time. 

We didn't do much for our own boys. Well I did tell Isaak that he had to clean the bathroom floor with an old toothbrush. He bought it because we do use an old toothbrush to clean small, in the crack things. Before he got to the task I said, "April Fools!"

My husband brought up a floppy silicone thing that looked like the boy's plastic snack plates. It was from a mold he was making. I said, "Stick it in with their snack plates. We'll see if they say anything." They kept shoving it aside. Around April 3rd I put part of Mica's breakfast on it. Most of the way through his meal he finally said something. 

Did you skip April Fools Day this year? What's the best trick you've ever played on someone?

Feeling Happier and Healthier With FeelinGirl

Stress is something that I think everyone has right now. It's hard to not feel it when many people's lives have been altered. A simple hiccup in your and my routine has an impact in how we feel. If you watch the news it's both good and bad. Good because you know more of what's going on. Bad because much of it is negative. Then people disagree. It's good to find ways to combat those negative vibes.

How do you stay feeling more positive? 
  1. Exercise - Even if it's as simple as going for a walk

  2. Read - Something short and motivating

  3. Clean - It helps to get just one medium to big project done a day

  4. Create - Paint, craft, make up the words to a preexisting song

  5. Relax - Take a shower, or take a bath

  6. Drink - Up your intake of water, find a relaxing tea you like, and have one small glass of wine a day if it's something you can drink

  7. Routine - If you used to get up at a certain time, still do that
I just started working from home. It's a transition, for sure. At lunch time I'm used to going for a half hour walk. When I'm at home I find that getting lunch ready for the family is my number one priority. It's important to take care of myself. My family is all old enough to take care of themselves. I need to keep going for a walk, wearing a shapewear panty. We all should break up our day with some form of exercise. 

As many of you know my sister Terra is pregnant. She's over half way through the pregnancy. So far she is really healthy. The girl does not go anywhere. I really like that FeelinGirl has Mama Maternity Pregnancy Shapewear Mid Thigh Shaper. She could wear this at home, to exercise. I think it is stylish, sexy, and comfortable looking. 

I do not wear leggings all the time. With exercise FeelingGirl has the best leggings for women! My husband likes ones that still show my belly button. I'm more of a fan of the high waist ones. They stay up! What type do you prefer?  

FeelinGirl also has add ons to help with weight loss. I simply love the red color. My mid section is where I need to loose weight the most. They have many others to choose from. 

What are some ways you combat stress?

Disclaimer: This may be a paid post, and has affiliate links. This was written and edited by me. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

We stayed home for Easter, which is where we belong right now.

My parents were nice, and brought cinnamon rolls over yesterday. They literally set them on our steps, texted Travis to come grab them. I didn't have to make the coffee cake I planned to make.

I did a scavenger hunt, despite Travis feeling done with such nonsense. I think as long as the boys enjoy things like that, I'll do it. Usually it's Mica that struggles with the clues. This year it was Isaak that struggled with them. The first was, "5 blue eggs are hidden where a spin cycle happens." Isaak's like, "A spin cycle?! I don't know what that is." Mica's like, "The washer has a spin cycle Isaak." I was vague with some clues on purpose. The last one ended with a pun, "You'll have to weight for your last clue." All the remainder eggs were hidden by the weights.

Truth be told I got 3 different types of M&Ms after Valentine's Day. At the time I felt cheap, now I feel it was really practical.

We spent the majority of the day watching Stranger Things 3. We don't have Netflix, and that's one show we love. I got it around Valentine's Day, for them to get it for Easter.

After we were all done watching Stranger Things 3, we had a quick make shift lunch/dinner. 1/2 a baked potato with cheese, fried ham, and a dollop of plain Greek Yogurt, green beans out of a can because I was out of fresh ones, Travis made a dip with chips. Poof the quickest meal made ever. 

We had a zoom meeting with my sisters and parents at 7. 

That was Easter. What did you do for Easter? Who did you spend the day with?


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