Tuesday, February 22, 2022

WW: Accident | PSA | New Car

A month ago I was in a car crash. I was driving my 13 year old Isaak to school. I was going the speed limit. Out of no where this car was driving all crazy like through a red light, when mine was very green. It was dark, airbags went off in my face. My car wouldn't do anything. The next thing I knew the car I hit just started driving away. 

The crazy thing...he left behind his in transit sticker along with some glass. So I have a name, 3 witnesses that were on my side, but the cops can't do anything because it's not enough to get a search warrant. He of course went into hiding. I looked the guy up online and he has tons of videos of him drinking hard alcohol and smoking pot, while driving. Get this he's a proud lover of Jesus Christ though. He wears a cross around his neck like it means something to him. 

We had taken our 16 year old car off accident insurance, so it was a loss. I actually was ready to buy a new car, but was waiting for the pandemic and shortages to come to a stop. Travis said it looked like I lost a baby or something when he came to get Isaak from the scene. It felt surreal sitting in a cop car in the middle of a busy intersection. I couldn't get out to take pictures, There was bars separating us like I was the one that did something wrong.  

I was lucky I was wearing my seatbelt, and the Isaak was in the backseat. My chest hurt for weeks. Then it itched inside for a few more weeks. My knee was really bruised up. 

I've tried to find the car that hit me, but the guy has like 4 addresses online. If I find it they can have a cop meet me, or do a search warrant. I wouldn't find him for me. He has no insurance. His car isn't even registered. It would be to get him off the streets. 

I spent a few weeks just with my husband's car. I drove him to work, Isaak to school, and repeated that at the end of the day.

My husband finally said, "No more." I said, "How do we do this with the pandemic?" We went to Subaru, and bought this Crosstrek. It's a brand new 2021. I guess it wasn't bought because people didn't like the color. I was just glad it wasn't ultramarine blue. There's nothing wrong with the color, but my Civic was that color, Travis' Outback is that color, and he had a truck that color. I was just done with that color for us. Green it is. 

It took a bit to get used to driving without putting a key in. I couldn't stand the engine shut off feature, so for now that's off. I felt odd driving after the accident for awhile. Isaak felt the same as a passenger. Switching insurance was a pain in the ass. I had to go to the DMV a few times because the one I used to go to isn't there anymore and the one I went to didn't have plates as a feature to get. DMV's are something! I'm glad I have a car that runs. 


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