Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm Postponing Life Right Now

Usually I post a Sing, Sing a Song Saturday. Isaak threw up 3 times last night. I have whatever he has. I'm achy big time. I haven't thrown up, but also have been eating very little.

I called Isaak's doctor office because I know they are open on Saturdays. Usually I wouldn't call for stomach issues. Cousins Evan and Elijah both had strep throat and had to miss Thanksgiving all together. Emerson's port came out of his vein, so he had to have surgery once again to put in a different kind. Then he spiked a fever and was admitted to the hospital for a few days. Isaak was around Evan and Elijah when they had strep. I figured if the culture came back negative; I wouldn't mess with going to Urgent Care myself. Luckily his culture came back negative.

The boy's doctor's office is a ways away. There's no way I'd switch doctors. Dr. Harrison has won awards on being the best pediatrician in our area for a few years now. That pretty much took all morning. Did I mention that they are great and have Saturday appointments?

Isaak fell asleep on my bed 30 minutes before we had to leave to go to the doctor. I hated waking him up!

We got home and cuddled all afternoon. We both slept a lot.

Poor Mica didn't get a whole lot of attention. He was grumpy because of that.

  • Isaak hit the toilet each time he vomited. I was really proud of him for that! 
  • I loved that Isaak and I got to cuddle much of the day. Since we're both sick, I figured why not?
  • Isaak's now feeling better. He's his chatty self again. 
  • I haven't thrown up like Isaak did. 

  • Being sick stopped me in my tracks. I really didn't do anything all day long.
  • I hope Daddy and Mica don't get it.
  • I still am achy, have no appetite and have a fever. No recovery for me yet.
  • It seems like someone in this house gets sick during Thanksgiving time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Family Pictures

Tonight we got pictures taken at Picture People. They own the rights to the shots, but I still wanted to share.

This is the one we got:

I like this one, but Isaak was chewing his lip:

We almost got this one:

I liked this one, but Daddy didn't. He said, "It's not me. I felt so awkward doing that."

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

"It's My Mamma!"

When Mica and Cousin Evan were just itty bitty they would argue as soon as the commercial for Sunmaid Raisins would come on PBS kids.

Evan started this argument. Mica quickly joined in. Whenever they saw this commercial they'd argue.

Evan would run up to the TV screen and say, "That's my Mamma!"

Mica would run up after and say, "No that's my Mamma!"

They continued this until they were cut off. Aunt Terra thought it was funny, then she was annoyed because her TV screen would get all spotted up with finger prints. Not only that, but listening to fighting...well enough is enough!

Yesterday Mica sat at our table and a package of Sunmaid Raisins were sitting there. He pointed to it and said, "I just love that lady!"

I told him about Evan and his fights when they were younger. He had no recollection of those fights.

Here she is, the lady two cousins fought over being their Mother. The image is what she looks like on the packaging; the photo is the model the illustrator used to do the illustration. It's the lady Mica loves.


Mini Micro Scooters


I just love products for kids that come in bright colors! The Mini Micro Scooters at Kickboard USA come in all different colors. If you are still shopping for the holidays, you have to check this product out! 38


Here is all the colors they come in:
  • Mini Green
  • Mini Red
  • Mini Aqua
  • Mini Yellow
  • Mini Orange
  • Mini Pink
  • Limited Edition Blue Mini Micro Kickboard
  • Limited Edition Orange Mini Micro Kickboard
  • Mini Blue 34

The Mini Micro Scooter is award winning and has a unique Swiss design. It is a perfect toy for a preschooler or Kindergartener. It's for ages 3 to 5. 29

Micro Scooters teach kids to develop balance; much like a balance beam does. They use the weight of their body to curve left or right. Soon you will find that your kids will be going up and down the driveway. If they go too fast there is a break at the back of the deck.56

What I like about the Mini Micro Scooter is that it is light weight. Often times we take bikes to the park because we do not have sidewalks in our neighborhood. Micro Scooters only weigh 3.3 lbs. It even hangs on the back of a stroller if needed.

Now go outside and get some exercise. :)

Like Kickboard USA on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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Gift Baskets Plus

'Tis the season for online shopping. I do a lot of local small store shopping and the rest of my shopping is done online. It's much easier. I have time to search for what I need.

One thing that is popular during the holiday season is gift baskets. I've found with flowers, food and drinks you just can't go wrong.

Gift Baskets Plus has been around since 1998. That shows you that they are a very good company. They have baskets to choose for just about any occasion.

They would like to offer you, my readers a gift code that you can use to get 15% off: 15OFF.

These are my top four baskets: 

Green Gardener's Organic Delight is something I love because the basket its self will be used over and over again.

It comes with:
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Milk chocolate bar
  • Dried mangos
  • Soothing tea
  • Refreshing rosemary and mint hand wash

 Holiday Sensations is great because it has fruit in it. We have so many sweet treats during the holiday season it's good to get something that has healthy things included in it.

It comes with:
  • Scrumptious California fruit
  • Crackers, Cheese
  • Mint Ghirardelli chocolate bar
  • Milk chocolate presents
  • Holiday themed chocolate cookie
Gourmet Cheese Artisan just looks so yummy! My tummy started rumbling when I saw it!

It comes with:
  • Fiscalini Purple Moon
  • Sierra Nevada organic creamy jack cheese
  • Bellwether Farms Carmody 
  • Cypress Grove chevre
  • Olives
  • Napa Valley mustard
  • Salami
  • Crackers 

Gourmet Cheese Artisan
Crazy for Coffee is perfect because it comes with cocoa, tea and coffee! If one person in your family doesn't care for coffee, they can have the tea or cocoa. My boys love cocoa!

It comes with:
  • Ernest Hemingway tea
  • 2 Starbucks chocolate hot cocoas
  • Cafe latte mix
  • Dolcetto chocolate wafer rolls
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Pecan caramels
  • Tiramisu cream wafer fingers
  • Too Good Gourmet cookies
  • Ceramic marbelized coffee mug
Crazy for Coffee

Disclaimer: The opinions on the post are my personal take on the product and company. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out. Gift Baskets Plus provided to me a free gift basket in exchange for this post.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WW: Have a Happy Thanksgiving! {Linky}

What do you plan on doing for Thanksgiving? Usually we go to the Apel side of the family in Missouri, but this year it didn't work out. We'll go to my aunt's house. There will be lots of football and food.

Daddy just got done setting up an art show. He sold two pieces! Then around the New Year he has to go take the art show down.

Speaking of art, Mica brought this painting home from school:

I thought for 1st grade there was a lot of detail! It's watercolor and crayon.

Then Mica helped me make turkey cookies this weekend. We didn't make very many of them. I thought they'd look good on a plate for Thanksgiving.

What I'm making for Thanksgiving:
  • Cranberries with a twist. I'm adding pomegranate in with the cranberries. Here's the recipe. Only I'm not adding all the spices. For some reason cinnamon doesn't sound good to me in that mixture.
  •  I'm making a Pumpkin Pie Crisp because my oldest sister says I have to. ;) 
  • I'm making acorn squash turkey. Kind of like my apple turkey. Only it will be a squash. I'll probably core out most of it and have the squash turkey resting on the squash. Then I'll add wooden skewers with grapes and chunks of cheese on them. (I'm thinking).
  • Then Daddy is making Brussels sprout dish.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

His Dream Diarrhea

Mica decided last week that he's going to keep a dream journal. He was excited because he woke up with two or three scary dreams and wanted to write them down. Daddy suggested they make a dream journal. So they did.

This morning Mica wanted to share his dream journal with us. Daddy said, "It's up to you. Some dream diaries are kept to yourself. Mica asked, "Why?" Daddy said, "Some people just like to keep their diaries to themselves. You can share it if you want to."

Mica gobbled up his breakfast and said, "Can I share my dream diarrhea now?" Daddy looked at him like he was thinking, What the ??????????? I stepped in and said, "He means that he wants to share his dream diary." Mica said, "Ya that. Not the kind that can happen when I go number 2." I guess diary and diarrhea do sound alike.

Mica rattled off a dream about his cousin Evan and him being in a car racing. He said, "He died and I cried."  was thinking, What kind of morbid dreams are you having kid? I know we have no control over our dreams. Then I found out it was the car that died, not Evan. Daddy said, "When there are three he's in your story, you may want to be specific Mica."

Have you ever kept a diary? I think having a blog is a modern day one. You can choose to lock it up for only you to see, or share it with the world.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

He's "Busy"

Isaak loves to spin around in circles and says, "I'm busy Mom! I'm busy!" What he means to say is, "I'm dizzy!"

He also loves to involve people in his play. I'm up for that sometimes, but other times I'm busy. Today he said, "Ok Mom come and play with me. You'll be the Eeny, meeny, miny, moer."

11 great Family themed product designs at

I wonder if John Lennon would have worn the t-shirt below?

The t-shirt below is funny.

The jewelery below reminds me of the SHEDD Aquarium in Chicago.

I've never been to NJ. I love Milton Glaser's logo that he created. His was the I heart NY.

My boys would love the robots below!

The t-shirt below reminded me of the Lion King. Did I mention that we are going to see the Julie Taymor version in the spring of this year?! Our whole family is going to go!

Spiders aren't really my thing, but this would be fun for Halloween. It would be nice to spook out all the people afraid of spiders. I know a few.

Daddy needs the Clean and Dirty Dishwasher magnet! He starts to load dirty dishes in a clean washer about once every few months. He tries to tell me it's my fault. Every time I tell him it's clean and I just haven't had a chance to unload it all yet.

I have no clue what the SPQR stands for, but I like the font.

Disclaimer: The opinions on the post are my personal take on the product. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out. Zazzle has provided to me a gift certificate to help with this post.

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