Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Would Not Could Not Eat a Radish

  • I know a radish is a strange thing for a kid to eat, but we try new foods at our house often. Our rule for Mica is: That he needs to at least try a bite (a slice of radish in this case). He tried a bite, and said, "It is hot daddy, can you blow on it?" Daddy blew on it, and then Mica ate most of the radish. It was like daddy actually cooled it down for him. Silly kid.

Bull Dog

  • Isaak is the happiest bull dog I've ever seen!


  • Most of the time Mica plays little attention to Isaak, but deep down inside he really loves him. Mica tells Isaak he's his best friend (although lots of people are). They are cute together.

Locked Up

  • I bought these foam puzzle pieces because we have hard wood floors. I thought the little ones would have fun with them. Mica was having a blast with the pieces, but here he looks like he's locked up.

Daddy and Isaak

  • I think Isaak looks like Daddy (minus the hams on his legs), and Mica looks like Mommy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


  • I was selfish and ordered myself two mommy products. The moonstone necklace is a teether. I'm addicted to the site

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sitting Up Now

  • Here's Mica at the same age Isaak is now.
  • Early last week Isaak (6 months) started sitting up on his own. He still slouches in the Bumbo seat, but when he's on the floor he sits up for awhile on his own.
  • His cousin Elijah (8 months) is almost crawling. He rolls around to get where he wants to go.
  • I love this age because they are always doing new things.


  • Our trip went well. Mica cried off and on in the car on the way down. He had trouble sleeping, and could not get comfortable. Really they both did better than expected in the ride to and back.
  • Mica asked when we were going home after we got to Grandma and Grandpa Apel's, but then turned around and asked when we were going back to Grandma and Grandpa Apel's after we left.
  • Isaak was all smiles most of the time, unless he was fighting sleep.
  • We loved the turkey dinner. Yummy!
  • I can't forget, Isaak experienced his first snow.


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