Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy's Boy

  • There are certain times when kids like their mommies better then their daddies and visa versa. Mica likes to wrestle and play outside with Travis more then with me. When playing with his Nerf guns and cars, he goes to Daddy. Pillow fights are more of a guy thing. He likes to cuddle with me because Travis hates being fidgeted with. I'm the one who reads to him the most. I'm more patient with him in the kitchen.
  • Isaak like's women more then men right now. Maybe it's because they have built in pillows, I'm not sure. He sleeps laying on Grandma Spiehs in a heart beat. I have his milk supply; he knows that when I walk in the room it's feeding time. He has an angry cry if I don't pick him up right away after being gone all day. He loves his Daddy too, but prefers me right now. It's this new found realization that girl's equal milk and comfort. Mica used to be the same way at Isaak's age.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog Giveaways

  • These blogs have giveaways every month for baby/kid things: and
  • Now What Baby has a whole bunch of giveaways put up all month and Mom 4 Life has a new giveaway every week. It's worth checking out. One of my favorites was a giveaway for a knit mohawk hat. Of course I'd never buy one of these hats on my own, they are $65 - Crazy! But if I win one, that would be cool!

Isaak Bear Hug

  • I wish everyone could experience an Isaak bear hug. He hugs so tight, and pats your back. It's so cute, and feels so nice!

I Love Her

  • Mica is into telling us stories. He makes up some, and others he tells from movies. He knows the story of Spiderman. He told me the story in the car ride home last night. Always at the beginning he says, "Once upon a time" and at the end he concludes the story somehow. When Travis was watching Spiderman, Mica said, "I love her"!; he was referring to Kirsten Dunst. He's done the same thing with Daisy, from The Dukes of Hazard. Funny kid.

Delirious in the Crib

  • Travis went to go get Isaak in the middle of the night; he was sitting up with his legs between the bars of his crib. Crazy baby!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Isaak in Photoshop

  • Travis' Uncle Chris, Isaak's Great Uncle made this Photoshop image of Isaak. It looks very interesting!

To Eat or Not to Eat

  • Isaak has been a pig this weekend. He's hungry all the time lately. Probably he's making up for his little appetite from last week (from teething). That second tooth finally popped all the way through. He woke up 4 times last night wanting to eat. Stinker!
  • Then there's Mica who won't eat anything lately.
  • They eat when they grow.

Pulling Himself Up

  • This weekend I caught Isaak pulling himself up to things twice. I had him sitting in his crib, and he kept grabbing his crib bars to stand. Then I had him sitting a ways away from his Exersaucer, and he managed to get over there to stand and play with the things on it. No crawling, but he knows somewhat how to get from place to place. He gets stuck from time to time though.

I Like to Move It, Move It

  • We had a scene this weekend at Target. Mica saw the Madagascar movie on an end cap. He was dancing up a storm, and singing, "I like to move it move it. I like to move it move it". There were 3 people that walked by and laughed at him. He's heard it on commercials promoting the movie. Then of course he wanted the movie. I wouldn't get it, so he kept asking the checkout person, "Can I please have the, "Move It, Move It movie?" She paid no attention to him. He was fine, but really thought she'd put it in one of our bags. I'll probably get it for him for Valentines day. I don't just get him things for no reason though.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Odor Free

  • Last night, Alissa and I went to bed around 8:30. This is real early for us. Anyway, at 11 o'clock, Isaak wakes up. I sat up looking at the clock thinking, "X%#@&*!! What the hell does this kid need now!" When I entered his room, he was pissed because his head was pinned in the corner of the headboard and the side. Perhaps he wasn't clever enough to back up a bit then turn. I picked him up, tried to give him a pacifier. Finally he took it and I set him on the changing table. Already, he was asleep. His diaper is usually soaked over night so I was going to change him. Slowly I slipped his legs out of his 'jammies' and unstrapped his diaper. He was poopie; yet, it didn't stink at all! Wow, I was amazed. So, I gave him a fresh diaper all while he was asleep. I zipped him up and rest him in the crib thinking he would wake up. NO, not a peep. He rolled on his front with his knees tucked under him and I walked out of a peaceful room. I went to bed amazed that he wasn't too fussy and his diaper was odor free.


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