Friday, June 29, 2018

Fruit Pizza #recipe

I love desserts. So I may have a sugar tooth! I have gone on diets just to eliminate sugar for awhile. Kind of detoxing off of it is good to do.

We had Emerson's 7th Birthday and my 42 Birthday Party last weekend. 

My sister was making a sorbet desert. I love sorbet, but I hate graham cracker crust things. I don't mind graham crackers. I just don't like them all crushed up.

So I made a fruit pizza!

I have the recipe below, but I'll explain it as well.

First off I made a batch of ice cream cone sugar cookies for Travis' work and my work. The cookies had different flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon and Vanilla. All that was good, but it left me with left over frosting. I just used the vanilla to make the strawberry and lemon. Now I have lemon and strawberry extracts.

I wanted to use the left over frosting on the Fruit Pizza - as much as I could.

1. I rolled out a batch of homemade cookie dough onto a round pan.

2. I used the ice cream cone cookie cutter - backside to imprint the dough, not to cut it. They are part of the big circle, not separated.

3. Then I painted the cones with blended egg yolk, and sprinkled them with brown sugar.

4. Then I baked it on 350 degrees for 9 minutes, or until light brown.

5. I let the crust cool.

6. I frosted the cones with some frosting I had left from the cookies I made.

7. I put plain cream down in the middle.

8. Isaak topped it with fruit that Travis and I cut.

9. The fruit in odd spots like the cherries on the cones, and grapes on the edges were cut in 1/2. I spread cream cheese on them to act as a glue. It worked really well!

It tasted great too! What's your favorite desert? I think I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting the most!

Random Tid Bits

  1. Do you ever have times where you wish you could burry your head in the sand?

    I got in a disagreement with my aunt on FB, and then the post blew up. I can see just about all sides to a situation, but like to present the other side to make people think. Kind of like how Picasso could see all sides of a face when he painted it. All the sudden I was the only person that was on the outside of things. 

  2. She was saying that it was Clinton's fault for setting up the immigration laws that are in place, and now liberals are mad at Trump. I was saying, It doesn't matter who's fault it is. We need to stop pointing fingers, and calling people names. I don't have all the answers, except that when we point fingers we piss each other off. We should start thinking of solutions, rather than pointing blame. Not all Republicans and Democrats feel the same way.

    All the sudden I was a liberal Democrat to everyone in the thread. I actually detest most politicians, and don't really put myself in one category. I have friends that are both Democrats and other friends that are Republicans. By trying to be neutral I was the enemy.

    I'm for keeping families together. I'm against the crime that happens on the edge of the borders. I know it's hard to solve both problems. I feel like something can be done. So a small thread turned into a few calling me unpatriotic, against our leader, what's wrong with our country and more. I'm still annoyed. I try my best not to comment on political posts, but dang it I was just trying to be neutral.

    I should just be glad that my co-worker that liked to get into political talks quit a few years ago. It was horrible every single day!

  3. Right after all that happened I went to see the movie, Won't You Be My Neighbor? I wish all the people in that post were with me. Maybe we could have talked about all that afterwards. 

  4. I never realized how much Fred Roger's tried to tackle. I was just a kid, watching his show. The baby pool you see below in the preview for the video was all about blacks not sharing a swimming pool with whites. He invited his neighbor over to cool his feet with him. Then he ended with, "I like you just the way you are!"

    Fred Rogers would be so disgusted with how things are today. The fighting, name calling, pointing fingers and more. My goodness I think I know where Isaak gets his sensitive side, and wanting everyone to get along, it's me. Yikes! I feel crushed lately.

  5. I keep thinking about the Sydney Loofe case. Long story shorter she went on a date, was killed and dismembered. Two people were arrested and charged with scamming a couple out of more than $400,000. Prior to that they posted a live video on facebook saying they went on a date with Sydney Loofe. They didn't know what happened to her. After a long time they were charged in her death. They actually have footage of them buying things used in her death before they went on the date. The 20 something girl Bailey Boswell - one charged in the crime was a star athlete in her town, got A's in school, and had a 2 year old. She got into drugs and went down a spiraling downward path. The 40 something guy Aubrey Trail has been in trouble with the law for years.

    I feel for Sydney Loofe and Bailey Boswell's families. Could you imagine the pain they are in? Bailey's family looks so supportive. Heck they are raising her 2 year old for her. They have to grieve over their child that took someone else's life. What big case is going on in your home town? 

  6. My Grandpa - almost 92 fell a bit ago. He didn't break anything, but his toe. He had blood in his urine. It was yet another bladder infection. Off to the hospital he went, now he's in rehab and what he doesn't know is that he's moving into an assisted living home afterwards. I don't know why they are waiting to tell him. I think they just want him to get better first.

    They asked him 25 questions, and he only got 1/2 right, he forgets to take his meds or takes 2 sets a day, he forgets to heat up food, then doesn't know how long food has been in his refrigerator, and he forgets to drink water. It's time. :( 

  7. I had such a busy last weekend. 2 family get togethers, 1 painting class I did at a church, and the list went on. What did you do last weekend?

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Night Light | Lantern for Kids Review

This Night Light | Lantern for kids is so cute! 

Color Modes:

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Purple
  4. Red
  5. Blue
  6. Green
  7. Yellow-Green

It does have a rechargeable cord for the light.


It plays Happy Birthday. I kind of wish it played just as many song sections as it does colors. I can see where kids will like it though.


I haven't taken the plastic off the inside just yet, but did on the outside. I was kind of nervous to take it off. You have to tear the thing apart to remove it.


This makes a great gift. I'm actually going to give it to my nephew Edison with some kid's play camping gear. I think it will make a good gift. Although I feel like I need to give it to him for his birthday, since that's what it plays.

It has cute little birds inside it.

Where to Get it:

On Amazon for $21.99

What animals would you put inside this? Or would you put something entirely different? I could see red mushrooms and gnomes. 

Disclaimer: I got this in exchange for review. The opinions in this post are my own. 

The Case of the Missing Restaurant @kccaboose

The previous post wasn't the only thing that made me think I was loosing my mind this week.

I swear when I was 4 my mom took me to a restaurant called Chartroose Caboose

My Mom: I don't remember that place. I don't think I ever took you there.

Me: You did.

My Older Sister: Alissa we never went out to eat when we were little. She didn't take you there.

Me: I'm a few years younger than you are. I remember going there. Maybe you were in school.

My Older Sister: You didn't go there.

Me Thinking: Don't question my memory! I have a freaking great long term memory! My short term memory isn't as good. That's part of why I typically do not so well on tests.

Further investigation showed that there is a Chartroose Caboose in Overland Park, Kansas. There was one in Omaha, Nebraska in the 80s. We were near Overland Park on Father's Day. 

I told Travis, "How about I pick where we go on Father's Day, and you can pick were we go for my Birthday?" So it was a deal.

They had gourmet burgers, philly steaks, rice bowls, and tons of desserts to choose from. I wasn't super hungry because we stayed in a hotel the night before and got a huge breakfast. But...everything looked good!

My only regret is getting the kids adult meals when they had $1 kids meals on Sundays. I totally missed that until after I ordered.

When I was a kid I remembered sitting in a plastic caboose to eat. Of course this was a different building and a different time. They didn't have that. They did have cool trains here and there though.

The food was freaking good!

Do you remember all the way back to the time you were 4? 

I remember bits of preschool, breaking my collar bone on the metal poll of our swing set and not being able to reach up, having a sling, having a strawberry patch. My mom forgot about the strawberry patch too. Having a jean dress with a  strawberry on it. Having knickerbockers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Case of the Missing Banana Bread

Once upon a time my Grandmother passed away of Dementia. Shhh...don't tell, but she was my favorite Grandparent. I know it's not right to have favorites, but she played games with me, took me to the movies, cooked for me, had small sugar cookies waiting for me, and taught me a lot of things.

Isaak with Grandma. I think she died a few years after this photo was taken. Rest in peace!

Fast forward: 

Me, "Get out the banana bread I made this weekend."

Travis, "You didn't make any banana bread."

Mica, "Ya you didn't. I haven't had that, since Christmas time."

Isaak, "Yes she did. We had it this weekend! What's wrong with you guys?"

Me, "It's here somewhere! I had a kid put it away. I made it before I made the dessert pizza for the family get together. Remember I got everyone another piece and we watched Under the Dome, while we ate it? Mica do you remember I showed you how the bread was done by putting a toothpick in the center?"

Mica sat there with a puzzled look on his face.

Isaak, "Mom I remember. I don't know what's wrong with these people!"

Me, "Here's the recipe card. Still out! It's evidence."

Travis, "Drop it. It's no where to be found. You didn't make the bread!"

Our freezer is packed from berry picking, but I found it!

Travis said, "Well your Grandma died of Alzheimer's. I'm thinking it's going to happen to you."

I think he's the one that's going to get Alzheimer's.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

WW: My Little Creator {Linky}

I had Isaak shake the house rugs. Then I didn't know where he was.

He was outside drawing our Civic.

I took Mica on a errand, and came back to Dad and son working away on some sculptures.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Lego Masks

My next craft post is up on ParentSavvy

My Almost Teen Mica has 3 Things He Likes: 

  1. Reading
  2. Listening to Music
  3. Building with Legos
I decided to take what he likes to do, and bond with him. At first there was resistance. It's not that he doesn't like spending time with me, nor does he dislike building with Legos. He just wants to build what he wants to build. I like trying to get him to think outside the box a bit.

Building Lego Masks:

We used to make Duplo Masks, but never jumped over to making them with Legos.

First I had him separate Legos out by color. He was resistant to the sorting process, but it did get done.

I laid down on one of his pillows and said, "Ok start."

Here's Mask 1:

I said, "Ok, so now build one with more volume. Think about where my cheeks are. Add something on my forehead.

Here's Mask 2:

I said, "Ok, so now build one with even more volume. Do something with a beard. That would be funny."

Here's Mask 3:

That was the winner. I just had him add a bit more. Like a nose, and hair.

We both liked it when I stuck my tongue out.

Have you ever liked masks? I do I have a few in my house. I love the ones on Novica's website. African masks are my favorite I think.  


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