Saturday, November 28, 2009

Night Out With My High School Friends

  • It was a pretty good night. I was a little worried about taking the boys over to my high school friend, Rae's Dad's house. He has a big house with lots of expensive things in it! Not to mention steps that I knew Isaak would be drawn to.
  • But...the boys were pretty good! Much better then the last few nights!
  • We gave Isaak Motrin before we left because he does have a tooth about to pop through.
  • We got to see Madison, Rae's new baby. Isaak kept pointing and saying, "Baby". She was asleep the majority of the time.
  • My other high school friends, Mark and Jen were there too. Sarah and Debbie couldn't make it.


  • The boys have been trying our patience the last few days!
  • Mica has been telling us he's full after he eats only his fruit for all his meals. I was thinking at first that he just isn't growing. Then all the sudden he says he has to go poop, and he comes back hungry. Today I made him go to the bathroom before he started eating even though he said he didn't have to go.
  • With Isaak I've been laying him down for a nap. He's been throwing out his pillow, blanket and glow worm. I hear a giant thud sound when the glow worm hits the ground. I go to check if it's Isaak that fell, and there he is standing up in his crib, his stuff is on the ground, he has an evil smile on his face like he's thinking "Ha Ha I got you to come in here" and his room smells like poop. I change his poopy diaper, and he tries kicking me the whole time.
  • At lunch time today Mica and Isaak kept pushing their sleeves back down after I just got done pushing them up. Both of them ran their sleeves through their food. Isaak's been chewing his food then he lets all his food fall out of his mouth. I handed him his milk that he wanted after he said he was done, and he threw it across the table. I picked him up and put him in bed.
  • They are so trying our patience!

Another Maukilo $50 Gift Card Giveaway

  • Go Graham Go is giving away a $50 gift card to oneto Maukilo toy company.
  • Crocodile Creek is one of my favorite brands they carry. They have such cute lunch boxes, puzzle's in cute cases (Target carries the puzzles too) and fun backpacks for kids.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Meeting of the Young Minds

  • Isaak was jealous of Mommy holding Kensley (cousin Brad's daughter). He gets jealous when I hold Mica. Such a little punk! LOL
  • When they were on the floor together, and did fine.
  • In the wipe box is all kinds of toy cars. Isaak put his hand in there, and his hand got stuck.


  • Grandma Spiehs, Great Grandma Kent, and Great Aunts sitting around the table after our Thanksgiving meal.
  • The food was great per usual!
  • My Grandma just couldn't wait to get home. Once she eats she thinks it is time to go home. It didn't help that cousin Stacy came in with her coat on because she was going home.
  • Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent love watching the kids play!

Tree is Up

  • Daddy was so nice and put the tree up today.
  • Mica drove us batty because he was bouncing off the walls. He was so excited to go to Great Aunt Marsha's and excited for Christmas to come since the tree went up.
  • The tree stands alone. There is nothing on it. I'm not sure what to do with it...Isaak thinks everything is a ball and I can just see him picking ornaments off the tree and pitching them across the room.
  • I have to admit that I favor beautiful traditional glass ornaments. I'm not into cutesy plastic ones.
  • I do have a few Hallmark Christmas things like the singing, dancing snowmen for the kids to enjoy.

Another Blog Giving Away $100 Gift Certificate to Borders

  • Go Graham Go is giving away to two lucky readers a gift certificate to Borders.
  • I like for Isaak's age See Through Stories, featured above.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Folkmanis Turkey

  • I simply love Fokmanis puppets!
  • This one is a bit pricey $43.99, but it does soooooo much. It's a 2 handed puppet. You can make the head move and the feathers go up and down.
  • I thought it would be appropriate to put their turkey puppet on here since it's almost turkey day.
  • Mica has their peacock one.

First Somersault

  • Isaak's first somersault.
  • He was really excited about his new trick, and kept wanting to do more of them.
  • I think he was a little dizzy when I recorded this. LOL

The Things Mica is Thankful For This Year

  • On Mica's school paper this week it said he was thankful for pie, pumpkin pie (yes, pie is on there twice), turkey, his mom, his dad and girls!
  • "Girls" is what I thought was funny!

Borders Gift Certificate Giveaway

  • Jolly Mom is also giving away 2 $100 gift certificate to Borders.
  • In this post, I had to mention toys they sell that Daddy would get into as a kid. That is Science toys!
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$100 Gift Certificate to Borders

  • On Amanda's site, she is giving away $100 gift certificate to Borders.
  • In order to be in the pool for winning I had to explain what my top toy was as a child that they sell.
  • I love Kirsten their Mini Doll (American Girl). Except I have the full sized doll. I’m so sad that they will not be selling her anymore! :( At least they have the mini. :)
  • I thought...why do kids today get into this doll, and all their other dolls…because they are so pretty, full of history and have books that go along with them. Kirsten was the reason why I started enjoying reading bigger books. I didn’t want to make that transition to bigger books because they didn’t have pictures. Pictures were and still are my favorite part of reading! Their books do have beautiful illustrations, and have the dolls to go with them.
  • I love this particular doll because my Great Grandma on my Mom's, Mom side came from Sweden.
  • Enter your favorite toy on Amanda's site and you could win the gift certificate to Borders.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Angela's Birthday

  • Today is my sister Angela's birthday, Aunt Angela to the boy's.
  • I bought both my sister's and mom a Mom4Life thermal last spring. I really love that site! It's so great that they do not add shipping and tax! Plus I love the owner's blog.
  • Then I threw in something I won from Pour Some Sugar on Me - that site no longer exists. :(
  • It was a tea/coffee fabric cozy. You slip it on instead of the cardboard one. I won it from a shop at Etsy.
  • Angela got some cool gifts. I'm glad I went shopping with her not too long ago, so I could tell my mom and sister Terra what to get her. Angela likes a lot of things, but hardly tells you what she wants. She's one of those people that expects lists from other people, but doesn't ever give you one. LOL
  • Oh...and my sister Terra made the BEST cake. She made a chocolate cake with Andie's mints mixed in the batter. Then she put mint shavings on top of the chocolate frosting! Yummy!

Reading Books With Grandma Spiehs

  • Isaak loved this Biscuit book. It has a puppy and balls throughout out the book. Two things he loves!
  • Every page Isaak yelled out, "Ball" and would woof like a puppy.

Evan's Armpit Hair

  • My nephew Evan took off his sweater and lifted up his arm, and this is how his armpit's looked.
  • It's just fuzz from his sweater, but it looks like he's hairy! LOL

Stride Rite

  • My Wee View is giving away the winner's choice of shoes from Stride Rite.
  • If I win...I'm picking the red and grey tennis shoes for Mica in a bigger size for next year.
  • Enter to win!

Classic Toys Make a Comeback This Holiday with Babalu

  • I just love these felt boards at Balbalu Inc.
  • There are also these Do Re Me stacking blocks that are xylophones as well at WJ Fantasy.
  • Jolly Mom is giving away your choice of toy from either site.
  • Now What Baby is also giving away your choice of toy from either site.

Holiday Memories

  • Two holiday memories stand out to me when we come to the season of Christmas.
  • The first memory is when we were in Hastings, Nebraska visiting Grandma and Grandpa Kent. We usually went there for Thanksgiving and not Christmas.
  • One year that we did go there for Christmas, I remember as a child laying on the floor with my sister's trying to go to sleep because I knew Santa wouldn't come if I didn't.
  • I had a hard time falling asleep because I was soooooo excited for the next morning.
  • I swore that while I was laying there, I heard reindeer footsteps on their roof top.
  • Being in a different place makes every unusual sound amplify.
  • The second memory is when my mom knew someone from work that didn't have enough money to buy anything for Christmas. We went out as a family and picked up toys for her kids. I think we got a gift card for a grocery store too. It seemed like we had the works.
  • We drove a block away from the house, my dad ran up to the house with the gifts, rang the doorbell and ran away back to the car. I felt so excited for them and glad that they would have a good Christmas after all.
  • Still to this day I don't think the family ever found out who left them the Christmas gifts.
  • We did the same thing when we were adults for a different family.
  • Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom are having a Christmas party going on right now. If you are in the spirit, you can enter the giveaways. If you win you can keep the giveaway items, or send them to someone that isn't fortunate enough to have a Christmas.

Scarf, Gloves and Hat Giveaway Plus an Umbrella Giveaway

  • My Wee View is giving away an adorable set including a hat, gloves and scarf from Kidorable.
  • My Organized Chaos is giving away the winners choice of an umbrella.
  • Mica has their frog rain boots and they are just too cute for words!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kids Eat For Free

  • There is a website for Omaha, NE called Kids Eat For Free.
  • It has all kinds of places that tell you what days you can go to feed your kids for free.

Condiment Kid's

  • For some reason we have condiment kid's in our family. It started with our nephew Ethan when he was little. He LOVED Ranch dressing. But...there was a slight problem...his skin would turn bright red when he ate it.
  • Our nephew Elijah is the same way.
  • Isaak loves nacho's and pretzel's dipped in hummus. He dips, sucks hummus or cheese off, and tries to double dip.

Music Awards

  • Michael Jackson was going to make a come back.
  • Whitney Houston has made a come back.
  • When is Prince going to make his come back?

Not Impressed!

  • I took the boys out to get some candy corn. I need some candy corn to decorate cookies.
  • Mica's been kind of snotty today. I put him to bed a little late last night because we were watching a movie. My bad with that, his bad with being snotty.
  • He gets so snotty when he's tired. He's one of those kids that needs a lot of sleep. Sometimes he's just really a brat when he's tired!
  • Today was one of those days!
  • When he says something rude to me I'm mad at him; when he says something rude to someone we don't even know I'm down right boiling. This does not happen except for today. Sure sometimes he cuts people off in the grocery store because he's walking too fast, but he's usually pretty friendly. A good kid.
  • I'm almost embarrassed to say what he said. He asked a lady, "Why are you in that thing"? She was in a wheel chair. She explained that her legs just don't work. Mica said, "Ya whatever". I was boiling. I covered a little by saying, "Mica Grandma Spiehs has to get surgery on her ankle, and will have to wear a special shoe." Mica replied, "Ya whatever".
  • To be honest I wanted to slap him in the face. I didn't of course! The lady said, "Man he really knows how to bring a lady down". I was so embarrassed!
  • In the car we had a talk the whole way home about people that are different, being sensitive to other people's feelings, and his bad behavior.
  • I work with a couple people who think that you just can't talk to kids. Spanking is the only way. I don't believe that. Mica feels bad when I'm upset with him. My kids have always responded to time outs too.
  • He told me that he'd love to be in a wheel chair, so that he wouldn't have to walk. He said, "I can fly around in a chair with wheels". I just don't think he gets the severity of some people's problems.
  • I remember when my niece was about Mica's age. She said to my sister, "Look Mommy that man is fat"! My sister tried keeping her quiet. My niece repeated it over and over again. Then my niece said, "Mommy I love my Grandma and she's fat". They just don't get that line between fact and rude.

Straightened Hair

  • I straightened my hair this morning. I usually do not have time to do this in the mornings. It was a weekend, so I figured I'd try doing something with my hair.
  • I so wish I was blessed with my younger sister Terra's thick hair. Then I could cut it in all kinds of layers. Instead I have thin hair. It's going grey fast! The more kids I have the greyer and kinkier my hair gets!
  • Of course if I plunk any grey hairs that stand out, they grow back little and stick up.
  • I've thought about dying it, but Daddy wishes I go all natural. I guess I don't mind that much. But there are days where I feel like my hair is lifeless.

Dinner Last Night

  • I made bow tie pasta for the boys. I added spinach fetta sausage, white sauce, asparagus sauce and Parmesan cheese on top.
  • Mica loved it!
  • Isaak mostly ate his grapes and asparagus. He threw the pasta on the floor. This is pretty typical for him.
  • With the asparagus sauce I just steamed the tail end of the asparagus, and ran them through the mini food chopper. I saw this on a Rachel Ray show, except she used her's for a soup.


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