Friday, January 12, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Classes started back up this week. My students and my kids had a snow day. They called it the day before it snowed.

    Some were like, "It's great schools called it. Those kids shouldn't be walking to their bus stops with ice and snow on the ground."

    Others said, "There's no sign of snow yet, and they already called it?"

    It ended up icy, but barely snowing.

    What it looked like this morning. It snowed afterwards, but not a lot.

    I had a mix of thoughts. It is hard as a teacher to change my syllabus. It's like planning everything all over again. At Mica's school they were to have a Science Fair. They are still having it, but parents won't be invited to view everything. I was looking forward to that. 

  2. My Mom was all worried that I went in to work. Again there wasn't a lot of snow! I don't live that far from a main street, and I don't have a big hill to go up or down. She hates the snow, but also hates the summer heat.  I thought, Geez my mom is talking to me like I'm 16. I think I know how to drive in the snow at 41 years old!

  3. Did anyone watch the Tonya Harding special? What were your thoughts on it? Do you believe her? Do you think there's more lies that she's hiding? Travis doesn't believe her. I have more empathy with the abuse she's gone through. I don't know how or why she'd lie about more.

  4. I never got a full blown cold. I just got a bit stuffy, but man I've been tired! 

  5. I sinned and bought some Keebler cookies. I caved from Mica's begging. They went untouched until their day off. I found out the boys ate all the cookies, except for 2. I That's 16 cookies they ate. If they split them than 8 cookies each! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Messing With the Weather Man

Our weather man Bill Randby loves to say the word, "Spectacular!" Someone from a radio station wrote in to say that he says the word too much. The next day I wrote on facebook live, "Bill you look spectacular!" He read it, and giggled.

Later on he said it was sunny. I wrote, "I've got that sunshine in my pocket." He read it out loud, and giggled again.

I like him, maybe that's why I mess with him. I don't do it out of spite. No I don't have the hots for him either.

Here was one of his recent posts:

I wrote all these. I think the fact that he reads my comments live makes it all that more funny to me.

I get my humor from my Dad. My kids have a good sense of humor as well. I love those moments where I laugh so hard I cry. Are you a silly person?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

WW: Monica {Linky}

Isaak plays this a lot. He calls it his, "Monica". It's actually his harmonica. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Queen Shirt

Mica's obsessed with the band Queen. I'm not sure how he became obsessed with the bad. I like Queen, but it's never been a band I listen to over and over again.

Kids in his grade make fun of him because he likes old bands.

I decided to make Mica a Queen shirt. 

Picking out colors can be hard, or easy. The shirt was grey, so I decided Freddy Mercury's face would be purple. I chose black for the text.

I went with an iron on vinyl. I don't find vinyl to always be super permanent. I've had some edges come up in the past. If that happens I just re iron it down. Kid's obsessions change. I didn't want to spend a lot on a t-shirt.

I cut out Mercury's face.

It was simple I just ironed it on.

Then I found one of Mica's favorite lyrics, typed it on my computer, put the t-shirt over the screen of my laptop, and used the laptop as a light box to fabric paint in the words.

It's not perfect, but Mica loved it!

If you could choose any band to have on a t-shirt what band would it be? 

Pink Eye?

Mica woke up with pinkish eyes on Saturday. He looked like he had stoner eyes.

I didn't think too much of it. He's been battling a slight cold. We all have. I just figured his eyes were probably irritated.

When we were out and about it dawned on me...possibly he had/has pink eye.

That's one thing we've never had at our house. 

I didn't want to take him to Urgent Care. I don't want yet another bill, and I really don't want to catch anything that is there. It's like a breeding ground for germs. The big Influenza has started; I've read about people having Strep Throat too. 

I decided we'd let his eyes be for a day. We had a talk about washing his hands a lot, and we cleaned all the handles and switches with disinfectant wipes. 

On Sunday Travis called the doctor's office. Thankfully they have a nurse on call. He informed them about not wanting to go to Urgent Care. Mica just had surgery a little more than a week ago. We didn't want him bringing another thing home. Travis explained how his eyes were matted shut. 

This is after Mica cleaned his goopy eyes:

The doctor's office called Mica in some eye drops for Pink Eye. The nurse explained that it's best to clean his eyes out with warm cotton balls. Then we could just throw them away. I'm glad she told us that because I was using warm baby washcloths. I learn something new all the time. That totally made sense to me. 

Thankfully the boys still didn't have school today. It's a teacher's day. I was thinking they started back today. It's Monday. I start school back today. I saw a friend post that her son has an extra day to get better. That's when I looked on the school's calendar. One more day for recovery + he won't be a carrier of Pink Eye if that is in fact what he had. 

Have you or your kids (if you have them) ever had Pink Eye? I remember having it as a child, but that's it.

Mica never complained about his eyes feeling sore. He never complained about being sore after his surgery. He has a high pain tolerance. The only thing that I've notice that has bothered him in the past is hangnails. Yep you read that right. If Mica gets a hangnail it messes up his whole day. 

I would say I'm like Mica. I have a high pain tolerance level. I went through having messed up sinuses for years. I just lived with it. Isaak and Travis are more alike. If they get sick, they are out. Do you have a high pain tolerance?


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